Emerald Eco-City - Zero Energy Design's
specific plan for a New Beginning

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Emerald Eco-City is our “NO COMPROMISE” Zero Energy Design®
Objective Zero (OZ) Compelling Vision of the Future, to in all things:
Live a Sustainable Abundant Life in HARMONY with Nature

Based on our three decades of proven elimination of energy bills, operating expense reductions, and preservation of Earth's delicate environment,
we are convinced that cities and societies based on ZED OZ will have:
(1) The lowest overall cost of luxury living in the history of humanity, and
(2) The highest standard of living for ALL that is possible on God's Green Earth

To accomplish our challenging Emerald Eco-City radical-reinvention goals,
we must:
(1) First recognize the many UNSUSTAINABLE policies we currently have today,
(2) REJECT the mistakes made by myopic mediocre misinformed mere mortals,
(3) Realize that the shortsighted self-centered decision criteria, which created
our countless current crises, can NOT possibly be used to solve them.

Most people today clearly lack Universal Consciousness and Appreciation
of Abundant Sustainable Living in HARMONY with Nature.

Drastically-different future solutions will at first sound WACKO to
“business-as-usual” greedy, profiteering, mediocre, misguided minds.
They have always been on the wrong side of history, and resisted
essential innovations that are long overdue.

To Live in Harmony with Nature, we must continually strive to understand the absolute, scientifically-provable, Universal Laws of Nature, as Einstein did.
Lifelong Learning in an Ever-Expanding Universe of Endless Possibilities TM

If we tap into the timeless, limitless, eternal energy that created the very fabric of Space and Time, which has tuned and balanced Creation over billions of years, AND, we are Compelled to make every decision based on Living in Harmony with Nature, then who in the world can possibly stand against us for very long?

Not my will, but Thy Will Be Done

We thank everyone who has sent feedback to help us refine our vision and plans, and those who have purchased our Zero Energy Design® eBook.

Please continue to tell your friends and government representatives.
We freely publish this website as our Emerald Green legacy to the world.

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Our statistics show how many long hours you've spent studying our materials.
Please tell your representatives and friends about our happy abundant-life plan.

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It is sufficient motivation for us to know that so many scholars from around the world are actively seeking solutions to the specific problems we've been working on for over three decades. We do not need more money to continue our development. The Creator of the Universe has blessed us with sufficient funds to retire comfortably, but a life of leisure is not what compels us to fulfill our destiny.

When you no longer have to work for a living, only then will you discover what you really want to be when you grow up (self actualization). (smile)

We wish this blessing on everyone who thoughtfully reads our many words.

Larry Hartweg ZEDmaster@ZeroEnergyDesign.com

Hello and Welcome

Our name comes from the dreamy image of Emerald City combined with our 3 decades of eliminating emissions and energy bills, PLUS Sustainable Community Planning

There is no modern city today that should be imitated in the future

We need a radical reinvention
of almost everything

Imagine a sunny city that looks

(on the north, east and west sides)

Emerald Eco-City

Zero Energy Design® (ZED)
did not invent solar-or-wind
energy, or sustainable
community planning
( that happened 2400 years ago )
but what we have done is to HOLISTICALLY INTEGRATE
and OPTIMIZE more
Zero Energy Design ® + Ecocity
concepts than ever before

We've added our own 30 years
of ZED real-world experience
to the best-and-brightest
creative imagination of many
others, to help move the ball
forward as fast as possible

We synergistically stand on the shoulders of many intellectual giants

We Invite Collaboration With
Our Motivated New Friends

For three decades, we at ZED
have demonstrated cost-effective examples of Abundant Energy in
Harmony with Nature ®
to try to convince the world to live a
healthy, sustainable lifestyle

The multiple crises of 2008
made it very clear that we have
Failed To Reach The Majority:

- The World Is Past Peak Oil
Our children will have no cheap oil

- We have exceeded the worldwide greenhouse gas tipping point
Still increasing .6% per year

- We are killing 50,000-to-100,000 acres of life-giving trees EVERY DAY, as population explodes

- A billion humans are starving

- Humanity is on a Suicidal Path

Sea level WILL rise and the
lights WILL go out in many
coastal megacities worldwide


"With man this is impossible, but
with God all things are possible"

Our nation must return to its roots
and Live in Harmony with Nature

In God We Trust

We would love to hear from you.

Your ideas and constructive suggestions will be posted on this website on the appropriate page.