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    Description: Since the beginning of life, Earth has been filled with biodiversity. Humans are now driving species to extinction at an alarming rate.

    Species That May Soon Become Extinct
    Up to 1,000 times faster than natural extinction rate


    # Species

    # Species

    Percent of Species





























    Modern biodiversity has taken billions of years to evolve and adapt to Earth's changing environment.

    Speculative History Of Our 4.5-Billion-Year-Old Earth
    4.2 billion years of liquid water & simple single-cell life (prokaryotes)
    3 billion years of photosynthesis (cells began to emit O2 for animals)
    2 billion years of complex cells (eukaryotes)
    1 billion years of multi-cellular life forms
    600 million years of simple animals
    550 million years of complex animals
    500 million years of fish and proto-amphibians
    475 million years of land-based plants (10.5% of Earth’s history)
    400 million years of insects and seeds
    360 million years of amphibians
    300 million years of reptiles
    251 million years ago Permian-Triassic Extinction Event  - The Great Dying
    200 million years of mammals (4.4% of Earth’s history) 
    150 million years of birds
    130 million years of flowers
    75 million years of grass
    65 million years since the non-avian dinosaurs died out (1.4% of Earth’s history)
    50 million years of marine mammals (from land back to the sea)
    2.5 million years since the appearance of the genus Homo (0.0005 of history)
    800,000 years since human ancestors learned how to make fire
    200,000 years since humans began looking similar to today
    25,000 years since the Neanderthals died out (0.000005 of Earth’s history)
    200 years since human population reached one billion people (0.00000004)
    150 years of industrialization damaging Earth’s biologic diversity
    21ST Century – Will Humanity Commit Suicide Soon?

    A 10-year study of nine oceanic and four continental shelf systems published in the international journal "Nature" showed that SINCE 1960, 90% OF ALL LARGE FISHES HAVE DISAPPEARED. The world's cradle-of-life marine food supply is now very insecure. Worldwide devastating damage is becoming irreparable. Events like the 3-month-long 2010 deadly BP gusher, and their use of toxic oil dispersants, are making the rate of man-made biodiversity destruction even worse than ever before.

    A century ago there were 100,000 tigers in the wild. Now there are roughly 3,000. In only a few years wild tigers may be gone.

    "We can only rescue the earth by starting with its smallest inhabitants."
    - Pulitzer-prize-winning biologist E.O. Wilson "The Creation - An appeal to save life on Earth"

    Dead Bees around hiveKilling Our Friendly Economically-Valuable Bees
    Insects began to appear on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, during the age of dinosaurs. Bees appear to have been on Earth in a form similar to modern honey bees for 25 million years. They evolved to thrive in the same environment that enabled mammals to flourish. After the last great Ice Age, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans raised bees for their honey, wax and dyes. Europeans brought honey bees to America, where bees now play a very-critical role in pollinating our massive U.S. production of many food crops.

    All that bees need to be happy is clean air, water and flowering plants.
    Bad experiments by moronic humans introduced aggressive African bees
    to the Americas. Africanized "killer bees" are now spreading rapidly across the United States, where they have even painfully killed terrified humans.

    We are unintentionally exterminating the source of our food pollination at a high rate. It is unBEElievable self-destructive stupidity. in 2008, 36% of American bee hives died. There were only about 900 migrating U.S. beekeepers. Many have lost
    their lifetime BEESness investment, and are going bankrupt. This is a deadly UNSUSTAINABLE difficult-to-stop trend for
    all of humanity worldwide.

    Toxic air pollution from industrial processes, electricity production, and burning petroleum settles on the flowers that bees love and greatly shortens their lives. Unnatural pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers made from petroleum also rapidly kill bees.

    When bees find a source of nectar, they fly back to the hive and do a little dance that guides other bees to their discovery.

    Bees have complex specialized social BEEhaviors that efficiently fit into their tiny brains, using very-few neurons. Their BEEhaviors are almost entirely inherited genetically. They do not have the intellectual capacity to learn from modern world experiences. Humans have huge excess-neuron lifetime-learning CAPACITY, but 98% of humans fail to develop the full potential of their powers of scientific observation, critical thinking skills, the ability to reason, and creative solution capacity.

    Bees evolved long before they encountered thoughtless human beings, who cannot live in harmony with Nature. Pollution in the nectar that bees gather is brought back to the hive, where it poisons their honey, other workers, and kills the queen. Sick bees often fly away to die, so they will not spread disease to their sisters. When workers are gone, the entire hive dies.

    One interesting thing that humans are now doing that kills billions of bees is the use of modern cell phones and exploding use of computerized wireless devices. Cell phone towers must be very close together, to receive feeble signals from held-held devices with tiny batteries. These radio transmitters emit a form of electromagnetic radiation that scrambles bee's multi-million-year-old highly-evolved direction navigation system - Bees can't find food, or the way back to the hive, and they starve to death.

    Bees do what they do for humanity for FREE. IF we kill almost all bees, it will cost farmers Trillions of dollars to pollinate crops.
    Billions of additional humans will soon starve to death. 90% of the world may not be able to afford food. A Guillotine-like Revolution will be unstoppable. Imagine if YOUR supermarket Produce section closes, and most fruits, vegetables and nuts are not available in bags, cans, or frozen. What will YOU eat? Where will you get it? Will you watch the rest of the world starve?

    Bees are just one of ten thousand human-threatened, biologically-diverse, ecologically-valuable, soon-to-be-dead species.

    Grasses: Wheat, Rice and Corn (Maize) - Life-Critical "Frankenplants"

    The fossil record documents the fact that grasses did not exist during the age of the dinosaurs. Grasses only evolved in roughly the last 1% of earth's history. There are about 10,000 species of grass today. The blades of grass leaves grow from the ground up. If you cut off the top, it continues to grow. Some grasses can grow an inch, or a foot, a day. Millions of years ago, this new type of plant created the environment that was required for mammals to evolve from small underground rodents to grazing animals like cattle, horses, etc. - to replace dinosaurs on earth.

    Most of our delicate human food supply now foolishly relies on the seeds of only three grasses: wheat, rice, and corn (and a few others to a much-lesser degree).

    In the last three decades, recombinate-DNA-gene-splicing "genetic engineering" has created unnatural food grasses that have NOT yet withstood the test of time.

    Just suppose that the pollen from some of these man-made "frankenplants" is picked up by the trade winds and jet streams and distributed around the world. These plants are engineered to grow very fast, and they can wipe out other older, natural, organic food crops. This is already becoming documented scientific fact. The majority of today's pervasive global corn supply now contains human-altered DNA. Many cultures object to what genetic engineers have done WITHOUT adequate testing or control. Organic farmers have no way to protect their native time-proven plants from the thoughtless hand of profiteering man.

    Many of the new frankenplants were designed to be resistant to petroleum-based herbicides and pesticides. The supremely-evil Monsanto once was a death-dealing chemical company (Agent Orange, Roundup, Aspartame, etc.), now they have gained control of most American seed companies. They have engineered "suicide seeds" that kill themselves after one year, forcing farmers to buy new seeds (from Monsanto) next year (instead of replanting the farmer's own seeds). Corporate greed has made our food supply fragile and vulnerable to worldwide disaster! Government corruption supports and subsidizes this greedy suicidal behavior.

    Man-made oil-based plant biocides (like Monsanto's Roundup) are not only harmful to food consumers, they are also kind of like feeding antibiotics to humans and animals - they kill the majority of good-and-bad microorganisms, leaving only the chemically-resistant dreaded "superbugs", which then grow explosively and can NOT be stopped by the chemicals that they are resistant to. This is one of many huge dangers in unproven (potentially unsafe) food-supply genetic engineering.

    Suppose a few new man-created superbugs wipe out our worldwide suicide-seed, frankenplant food supply. Billions of innocent humans may very-well starve to death, because of our insane addiction to only three grasses, created by thoughtless, selfish, greedy profiteers, like Monsanto.

    There are over 50,000 species of diverse, nutritious, natural, organic food that humans could / should be eating today. As humans insanely destroy our biologically-diverse food options at an accelerating pace, and wipe out 50,000-to-100,000 acres of forests a DAY, our chance for long-term survival becomes tenuous at best. Untested, unproven, life-critical, unsustainable behavior is suicidal.

    Starvation By Exploding Gross Overpopulation

    In 1960, world population was only 3 billion people. Today it is about 7 billion. You do not have to be a math wizard to realize that the current trends of (1) increasing population and (2) destruction of biodiversity are UNSUSTAINABLE and INSANELY SUICIDAL. Loss of biodiversity causes poverty, which quickly leads to the death of non-learning humans who ignore Nature.

    World Human Population Explosion

    A billion humans are now starving on less than one cup of low-nutrition food per day. Over 5,000 precious children die every day, due to lack of clean water. As we wipe out our sources of food and water, and population continues to explode, we will have no choice but for the death rate to begin to significantly exceed our out-of-control birth rate. We are killing ourselves. We are killing our future. We must become much-better stewards of our scarce, declining, biological / land / water resources.

    For over 10,000 years, China and India have studied the use of naturally-occurring, biologically-diverse herbs as medicines. They want their food to be their medicine. They strive to use advanced-knowledge of biodiversity to prevent and mitigate disease. In some ways, western medicine is far behind understanding the health care benefits of biodiversity. Consider how the United States seems have the world’s least concern about thoughtless irreversible destruction of precious biodiversity.
    Our actions kill our very source of life.

    Countries vs Species Extinctions

    In stark contrast to China and India’s use of herbal medicine to prevent and mitigate disease, American pharmaceutical companies to NOT want to prevent or cure any disease. Their primary stated goal in their corporate charter is TO MAKE PROFIT.

    If a pharmaceutical company comes out with a vaccine that PREVENTS disease (as Jonas Salk did for Polio), and they give it away freely to the world (as Salk did) the company would make Zero Profit. They ONLY care about increasing profits, NOT the good of their fellow humans. Executives receive huge bonuses for Increasing Profits, NOT for making the world a better place for humans. If they develop a one-time drug that CURES a disease like diabetes, there would be very-little profit in it, so they don't even try. If someone demonstrates a cure for terrible chronic disease, they would surly purchase it, and HIDE IT FROM HUMANITY. Unlike Salk's once-in-a-lifetime polio vaccine, the modern flu vaccine is designed so it must be renewed every year. It keeps their profitable production lines busy year-after-year with subsidies from overburdened taxpayers.

    Like the criminal dealers of illegal drugs, American pharmaceutical companies want to develop EXPENSIVE drugs that are very addictive, and that you have to take for the rest of your life. The spirit of Jonas Salk in America died long ago, and has been replaced by corporate-and-government corruption, and unmitigated selfish greed. Young profiteering capitalists do not even recognize who Jonas Salk was, or why anyone would want to do what Salk did for humanity out of the generosity of his soul.

    Our current governmental drug policies and self-centered leadership behaviors are deadly. We now provide powerful incentives, subsidies, and motivation for the worst-possible profiteering capitalistic human behavior. Unobservant, uncritical, easily-manipulated conservative obstructionists think that this suicidal folly is normal, and even desirable. Business schools teach young people to be greedy and enrich themselves at the expense of others, and our posterity.

    In American law, a company cannot patent a substance that occurs naturally (which is the basis of Chinese and Indian herbal medicine). American Medical Doctors do NOT like products that do not require a prescription, so unlike more-compassionate nations, they RESIST natural herbal medicines, and have almost no training in the use of food as an effective medicine. They insanely rely on clueless dietitians, who know nothing about modern, proven, safe, effective, international herbal treatments.

    When a profiteering pharmaceutical company discovers a natural substance that is ADDICTIVE and it helps reduce the impact of a devastating disease (but not cure it), they take it into their chemical lab, and modify it so that it becomes an UNNATURAL, Patentable, Profitable Product. Unlike herbal medicine that has been studied by others for hundreds or thousands of years, unnatural pharmaceuticals are never studied exhaustively as to their many deadly side effects and
    drug / food interactions, until AFTER they have been prescribed as profit-making drugs.

    Consider this example: Americans eat far-too-much deadly red meat. President Bill Clinton loved the $1 McDonald's double cheeseburger (super-cholesterol inexpensive death bomb). It caused his heart to fail. In Japan, beef is much more expensive, which is a good thing - they eat much less beef, and thus they have much less problem with deadly hypercholesterolemia.

    In Asia, "red yeast rice" has been a tasty food / medicine for 1200 years. It gives other foods a subtle pleasant taste, and is commonly used in the cuisine of Fujian regions of China.

    In addition to its culinary use, red yeast rice is also used in traditional Chinese herbology and traditional Chinese medicine, since the Chinese Tang Dynasty 800 A.D. It invigorates the body. The yeast aids in digestion, and revitalizes the blood.

    America's profiteering pharmaceutical companies could not patent naturally-occurring red yeast rice, so they took it into their chemical laboratories, altered it slightly to create profitable, widely-used proprietary "statin" drugs for high cholesterol. THEN they (temporarily) were able to get corrupt legislators to ban the sale of natural red yeast rice in America - PURE GREED.

    Instead of changing their deadly hamburger diet, Americans would rather trust drug maker's unnatural chemicals with their life. Statin drugs can cause irreversible scarring (sclerosis) of the critical liver, which can rob twenty years off of life expectancy. Statin's also damage your kidneys, cause portal hypertension, enlarged spleen, ascites and edema fluid build up in tissues.

    Common patented unnatural statin drug brand names include: Altocor, Atorvastatin, Crestor, Fluvastatin, Lescol, Lipitor, Lovastatin, Mevacor, Pravachol, Pravastatin, Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin, and Zocor. Some are widely advertised on television, to enhance perceived value and corporate profits. says very plainly: "Do not take Lipitor if you have liver problems." What this really means is if you take unnatural Lipitor, it will probably irreversibly damage your liver ! Patented prescription drugs can be far worse for health, quality of life, and longevity than heavy drinking (which also damages the liver). Drug-company-corrupted legislators have protected statin drug dealers from equitable large-liability lawsuits.

    Pharmaceutical company executives seek legalistic "plausible deniability" that they didn't know their unnatural laboratory-produced expensive drug was deadly. Again, corporate profit is far more important to them than customer safety. It is extremely important to their profitability that consumers THINK each drug's risks are low, and that these drugs are worth a very-high price. When you are marketing moronic madness, PERCEPTION IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN SCIENTIFIC TRUTH.

    For new unnatural chemical drugs, profiteers publish inaccurate biased studies of the drug’s safety and effectiveness (leaving out damning evidence about related risks). They bribe the FDA to approve it, and begin making profit (until the truth comes out and the product is finally removed from the market, AFTER killing multitudes and making many millions in obscene profits).

    American profiteering pharmaceutical companies now spend many millions of dollars on congressional "BRIBES" to get evil lawmakers to limit their liability for the sinister products that they sell. Corrupt, deceptive Republicans call it "TORT REFORM." They fight hard to limit the liability of killers, and thereby increase drug company profits (so they will increase their bribes to the wicked politicians who subsidize deadly unnatural drug producers). George Bush even wrote into law that USA could NOT negotiate with drug companies for lower Medicare prescription-drug prices. Would any uncorrupted leader do such a thing?

    Americans pay far more for the exact same drugs than any other country in the world. U.S. taxpayers subsidize this stupidity.

    When the patent expires on one of their unsafe, unnatural products, drug company pill pushers publish a report about what was wrong with their drug (in the first place). And then, they immediately introduce a slightly-altered patented new version to replace it, with an even-more-expensive addictive unnatural (less tested) new drug. They want to defeat low-profit generic drug sales.

    This repetitive cycle has been documented many times. It should be a FELONY, but our revolving-door government agencies subsidize immoral American pharmaceutical company profits, and then they leave the government and go to work for high salaries for the companies that they were previously supposed to regulate. (as if) - A BALD-FACED CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

    What we need is much-more research and development of NATURAL herbal medicine / foods that help prevent and mitigate many human diseases. Naturally-occurring vitamin C in fruits like oranges and limes clearly prevents rickets. Sailors have known this for centuries. Europeans planted lime trees in the Florida Keys, to prevent this painful disease. Vitamin C is not a cure-all. It does not do much for the common cold, but nutrition is significantly linked to human health and happiness.

    Would you rather eat fresh fruit, or die a slow painful death by USA cheeseburgers, while taking unnatural prescription drugs?

    Half of the U.S. Medicare budget is spent on the last six months of life - Many unnatural drugs accelerate your rate of decline. The more chemicals you ingest, the more unpredictable complex toxic metabolites there will be to damage your tissues.

    Johnny Appleseed taught pioneers to plant fruit trees for their grandchildren - "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." (smile)
    Which foods are best for you? Who will help you answer your many questions? Must we move to China to be enlightened?
    America spends far more on unnatural health care than any rational nation, and yet our health is worse than many others.

    Doctors used to preach that: “Anyone selling vitamins is a quack.” Now pharmaceutical companies have developed a mega-dose form of vitamin D that sells for $10 each pill, but it is okay, since it requires a prescription (and ongoing doctor visits).

    Is the profit pattern becoming obvious to you yet? Drug companies want to sell profitable pills. Doctors want to see you in their office. Neither one wants you to solve your problems with proper education, natural nutrition, or over-the-counter things.

    Has a prescription-writing medical doctor ever told you about foods that have been scientifically proven to prevent the diseases your family has suffered in the past? If they have, they did NOT learn it in a traditional western-medicine school.

    Medical doctors are far too busy (or lazy) to study underlying medical science. They learn what to prescribe from biased pharmaceutical sales people who give them "Free Samples" (the way illegal drug dealers do), or take them out to dinner, drinks, or a game of golf. Have you ever been waiting in a doctor's office and seen a pretty saleswoman in a sexy dress dragging a wheeled suitcase into a male doctor's office, while you wait patiently outside, long after your appointment was scheduled? Self-serving medical doctors treat their unnatural-chemical drug-dealing sales people much better than they treat you (for obvious profit-motivated reasons). They call it "professional courtesy." I call it a crying shame when I see it.

    Has a doctor ever offered you a "Free Sample" of a relatively-unknown unnatural chemical drug to get YOU addicted to it? (Do you waste your time installing the first beta-test version of new buggy Microsoft code?)

    Did you carefully study all of the published risks and contraindications, or just trust your misinformed doctor with your life?
    Iatrogenic malpractice errors made by hospitals and medical doctors kill hundreds of thousand of Americans EVERY YEAR.

    It is extremely rare in America for a doctor to tell you everything you should know. They do NOT understand it themselves.
    If you take more than one drug, that "Free Sample" in your hand may very-well be an uncontrolled experiment with your life.
    You can be assured that some of the risks of new unnatural chemical drugs have yet to be published - Be VERY critical indeed.

    Do profit-motivated wealthy pharmaceutical companies sponsor healthy-eating training programs? NO! There's no profit in it.

    Do USA health insurance companies teach good nutrition, or provide healthy exercise facilities or education programs?
    There would be profit in that, BUT they are controlled by companies who profit from peddling pills. More use of expensive drugs allows them to charge higher premiums, which immediately translate into higher insurance company profits.

    One problem is that holistic naturopathic physicians are also in business to make profit. Food supplements are not regulated.
    The quality of American food is declining. Imported foods may be low-quality, largely untested, unmonitored, and uncontrolled.

    The biodiversity that the Creator of the Universe gave us on Earth (long before we were born) has many secrets that other cultures have studied for millennia, but not the USA. Blind profiteers do NOT like unprofitable natural things. America is the Number 1 killer of biodiversity, ignoring Nature to our own peril. 70% of Earth’s plants are now considered “Threatened.” We are clearly KILLING OUR MOTHER, and the very Cradle of Life.

    “There is no green on their dying world because THEY HAVE KILLED THEIR MOTHER” – Jake Sully – Avatar (2009)

    One definition of "Nature" is that which would exist on its own, if not for the damage being caused by man's hand. Nature regulates, and eventually brings into balance, everything in the universe. Nature's Laws of sustainability cannot be violated or repealed. They will ALWAYS prevail in the long run. Man cannot exist for long without learning how to live in harmony with Nature, which will not tolerate unsustainable abuse by thoughtless humans.

    Ignoring the Scientific Truth has consequences. If man destroys his own habitat, Nature will destroy man, and in time restore biological balance. Ignored facts do not cease to be facts. The whole set of Physics (like the Law of Gravity) cannot be voted on by a democracy. Nature's Laws cannot be changed by corporate greed or political corruption. Unsustainable behavior is suicidal.

    A decline in biodiversity is directly related to an increase in poverty. The United Nations says that biodiversity loss will soon cost the world $4.5 Trillion a year. Spending a tiny fraction of that amount on conservation and biodiversity proliferation can help prevent much of this predictable loss, or reduce it greatly.

    Investment in biodiversity has the potential to greatly benefit the whole world.
    See “Banking On Biodiversity – a natural way out of poverty”"

    The Ongoing Biodiversity Battle For Life

    For billions of years, Earth’s individual life forms have struggled to survive and replicate themselves abundantly. Genetic DNA mutations, and sexual-reproduction statistical combination patterns, have produced minor characteristic changes in siblings and generations. The ones most suited to their environmental niche survive to reproduce, whereas the weakest became extinct. Life apparently began in the sea as single cells, became more complex, and some life forms migrated to the land as plants and animals, while Earth’s environment changed significantly over many millions of years.

    Extinction Graph

    The fossil record suggests that there have been at least half-a-dozen massive life-extinction events, which wiped out many of Earth's life forms (like the dinosaurs) and created exciting new opportunities for many others (like mammals and humans).

    Wild dolphins know how to live in harmony with Nature, but humans care not and do not. Changes that are now being forced on Earth by humans have us on the verge of Earth’s Seventh Life Extinction Event, including the Suicide Of Humanity. Our nuclear arsenals alone can now destroy all humans hundreds of times over. The other things we are doing to our planet today are nearly as bad. They are just happening incrementally “on the installment plan.”

    Foolish immediate-gratification humans are now in the current process of slowly killing our own Mother and grandchildren.

    505-million-year-old Opabinia Before the age of dinosaurs, many extremely-strange biodiversity “experiments” were common. One fossil record example was the 505-million-year-old Opabinia – a marine animal with paddles on its sides, a cluster of five eyes on stalks above its head, and a muscular trunk (like an elephant), with a big claw on the end. The environment that enabled Opabinia to exist changed radically, creating a niche for dinosaurs to rule from 230 million years ago until 65 million years ago.

    The entire dinosaur dynasty was less than 800 known species. Humans are now wiping out that many species every decade or so – 1,000 times faster than the historical normal average rate of species extinction - Killing what has taken billions of years to evolve,
    in a few human lifetimes – which is a mere blip on Earth’s geologic history time scale.

    The rate of man-made species extinction is about to undergo an additional acceleration cascade.
    We are about to be overwhelmed by an avalanche of valuable species extinction of our own foolish invention.

    Evolution of new species, and the extinction of the obsolete, is a natural process, BUT, Humans are becoming obsolete and very-detrimental to Earth’s balanced biodiversity.

    Genesis 2: 7-9, 15 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; ... And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden TO DRESS IT AND TO KEEP IT.” Is our purpose clear? It is not for the benefit of God or Nature. Our assignment to be good stewards of Earth's biodiversity is for our own longevity.

    Are humans being the good stewards of the Garden of Eden that we were placed on Earth to be?
    Will the creators of the atomic bomb be allowed to continue damaging the precious Earth much longer?

    Ever-Evolving Biodiversity

    Scientists now believe that well-adapted species remain relatively evolutionarily stable for extended periods of history. Sharks similar to modern ones were common 200 million years BEFORE the first dinosaurs. They were already well-adapted ancient predatory killing machines that have had no need to undergo significant evolutionary changes since then. Sharks will most likely still be pervasive on Earth, long after non-learning dinosaurs died, AND The Suicide of Humanity.

    Periodically, something huge happens on Earth, which ends the age of some species, and enables the rapid expansion of others that are able to rapidly adapt to the new environment. This evolutionary concept is called “Punctuated Equilibrium.” Human changes to Earth’s delicate biodiversity balance are becoming a huge turning-point exclamation mark !

    Species are fairly stable, until the environment undergoes a significant change. Humans are now changing Earth’s environment at an alarming accelerating deadly pace – ending highly-evolved biodiversity, increasing worldwide poverty, and slamming the door on our children's future biodiversity discovery opportunities.

    An intelligent, evolved, well-adapted species would preserve biodiversity and help encourage it.
    We can directly measure human stupidity by the things around us that we are killing every day.

    Intolerant, egotistical, selfish fools see no economic value in any kind of diversity (biologically or otherwise).
    Myopic morons think that Earth should be exploited for their short-sighted personal gain – Ignoring Posterity.

    This stupidity is NOT scalable with our accelerating exponential population growth. It is NOT sustainable for much longer.

    The ignored sustainability lessons of 2008 cost America $15 Trillion dollars in direct immediate economic damage.
    How much will the destruction of biodiversity and The Suicide of All Humanity cost us in the 21st century?

    How long will we disregard the indefensible path we are now on?

    What will be the alarm signal that causes us to finally wake up?
    Will we wait until there is no food or medicine anywhere?

    Will it be far too late to take any corrective action to reverse irreparable man-made damage?

    What will the more-intelligent species that replace humans be like in a few decades?
    They most certainly will have to understand how to live in harmony with Nature.
    DO YOU TODAY, or is your current lifestyle UNSUSTAINABLE SUICIDE?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities TM

    We invite constructive suggestions and collaboration from our new friends
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