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    Readers Comments:

    Description: We are well-past the maximum-sustainable level of 350 ppm CO2 - Sea level rise is accelerating - We are “seeding irreversible catastrophic effects”

    Geological data show that for more than 10,000 years of recent human history on Earth, atmospheric carbon dioxide was 275 ppm (+/- 10 ppm). 50 million years ago, when CO2 was over 450 ppm, Earth was nearly ice free, and SEA LEVEL WAS 300 FEET HIGHER.

    Accelerating Exponential Growth of Population and Greenhouse Gas
    More humans clearly means more man-made harmful emissions

    Earth's Atmospheric CO2 1958 to 2011

    Cars are more efficeint than pre-OPEC 1960's, but there are hundreds
    of millions more of them - especially in rapid-growth China and India

    The world is building dirty coal-fired power plants at a suicidal pace

    James E. Hansen (Head of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and world-famous climatologist) said that IF current trends continue, we will once again exceed 450 ppm . . . “within decades. If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed, and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 392 ppm to at most 350 ppm, but likely less than that. . . . If the present overshoot of this target CO2 is not brief, there is a possibility of seeding IRREVERSIBLE CATASTROPHIC EFFECTS.”

    Oil-corrupted Texas Governor Rick Perry (and most other Tea Party fools) contradict NASA scientist James Hansen and say that "Global Warming Is A Hoax." Texas has had extreme recent record-breaking droughts and forest fires, just as Hansen predicted for southern USA in the above video. (Droughts and floods are a Pendulum Swing Climate Change effect.) Perry's ineffective solution: Pray for a divine-intervention impossible miracle - which clearly did NOT happen. The Creator of the Universe is NOT capricious or arbitrary. The prayers of fools who exploit and destroy the Garden of Eden cannot alter the eternal immutable unchangeable Laws of Physics. Non-learning anti-science idiots cannot violate the Natural Laws of Sustainability forever. Radical sustainable-lifestyle change is long overdue. If we don't do it immediately - Nature WILL force the truth on us soon.

    The current level of worldwide Greenhouse Gas Tipping Point Overshoot has increased the inertia of man-made Global Warming / Climate Change. EVEN IF THE ENTIRE WORLD IMMEDIATELY STOPS BURNING FOSSIL FUEL AND KILLING 50,000-to-100,000 ACRES OF TREES EVERY DAY (which is NOT likely to happen) – Irreversible sea level rise will continue for a significant period of time.

    HOWEVER, the world continues to: (1) Build-and-buy inefficient oil-wasting highly-polluting internal combustion engines (cars, SUV’s, trucks, trains, airplanes, ships, and heavy equipment), which can NOT capture or sequester their tailpipe emissions, (2) Construct huge dirty conventional coal-fired power plants at a frenetic pace, and (3) Two billion people worldwide burn wood (and other biomass) to cook and heat their inefficient homes, increasing multiple greenhouse gases, polluting the unhealthy air we are forced to breathe, and depositing soot around the world, which accelerates the rate of ice-and-snow melting.

    Our only conclusion must be: We are well-past the greenhouse gas tipping point, AND our heavy foot is on the inefficient USA SUV gas pedal, as we accelerate toward IRREVERSIBLE CATASTROPHIC EFFECTS - One of which is relentless increasing sea level, which may soon inundate ALL at-risk low-lying coastal megacities worldwide (like deadly Global Warming Storm Surge did to New Orleans, except that 21ST Century megacity flooding will be PERMANENT, not temporary.)


    2011: Extreme Organized-Crime Congressional Climate-Change Corruption
    (The worst example in American history?)


    February 2011, the fossil-fuel-corrupted Republican House of Representatives voted to prohibit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from doing its legal obligation and setting limits on greenhouse gas pollution from dirty power plants, factories and refineries, which are among the most-significant sources of deadly toxins and greenhouse gas pollution in the world (and then the House proudly took a one-week vacation).


    The George W. Bush / Dick Cheney Administration lost a Supreme Court trial in 2007. The high court stated that Bush was in criminal violation of the Clean Air Act. The court REQUIRED the Bush / Cheney administration to set and enforce greenhouse gas emission limits, but the CRIMINAL administration never complied with the legal demands of our Supreme Court!


    On September 29, 2000, while campaigning against Al Gore, George Bush LIED when he said: “We will require all power plants to meet clean-air standards in order to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide within a reasonable period of time.” Bush made absolutely NO Progress over the next 8 years toward his CO2 campaign promise LIE.


    Bush and Cheney were clearly badly corrupted by American Big Oil and Coal Interests. On March 13, 2001 Bush wrote: “I do not believe that the government should impose on power plants mandatory emissions reductions for carbon dioxide” - This documented beyond any shadow of a doubt his Bald-Faced, Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire Campaign Lies, and blatant disregard for our posterity's health, future, and environment. George W. Bush even attempted to eliminate clean air standards that his father George H. W. Bush had signed into law.


    On April 2, 2007, many states filed a lawsuit against the Bush Administration for repeated criminal failure to enforce the Clean Air Act legal obligation. The U.S. Supreme Court (with a Republican bias that brought Bush into office over the popular vote of our nation) RULED AGAINST Bush / Cheney criminal behavior. But, Bush illegally REFUSED to do what our highest court demanded – George W. Bush was clearly our POLLUTION President who Failed To Uphold His Promises and Constitutional Oath Of Office, increasing our serious ever-worsening environmental problems.


    Bush’s failure to comply with our Supreme Court judgment against him was the documented basis of Article XXXII of the Unconstitutional Abuse of Power IMPEACHMENT Proceedings filed in Congress against Bush / Cheney for “Misleading Congress and the American People, Systematically Undermining Efforts to Address Global Climate Change.”


    Our spineless fossil-fuel-corrupted Congress refused to impeach the convicted-criminal Bush administration. And in February 2011, criminal Republicans tried to make this destructive Bush / Cheney crime against our global posterity a future MANDATE.


    The 2011 House voted to prohibit the EPA from even collecting information about the sources where greenhouse gas pollution is coming from. Republicans obviously do not want negative attention drawn to their “owners” who continually bribe them and pay for their reelection campaigns.


    The House tried to eliminate 2011 funding for the Climate Service at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This program would efficiently supply scientific data and information about climate change, and its impacts on the U.S. and entire Earth. Criminals want to cover up the scientific truth about our current unsustainability, and thus pass an immoral legacy of habitat destruction on to our innocent grandchildren.


    Where is the public outrage? Is this YOUR vision of what our rapidly-declining environmental future should be?


    The fossil-fuel-owned do-nothing Republicans want to aggressively slash the EPA’s total budget by almost one third, and thus return USA to the catastrophic lack of environmental regulations before the first Earth Day precipitated the creation of the EPA.


    The cost of doing this is predictably far greater than problem prevention in the first place. Powerful profiteering fossil fuel lobbyists have clearly had their way with corrupt Republican legislators. Our environment has been repeatedly raped, and evil Congressmen want to make it even worse. Tea Party candidates funded by the Koch Brothers strongly support deregulated “Drill Baby Drill” and “Burn Baby Burn”, to the great detriment of all earthly mankind.

    The battle lines have been clearly drawn - Earth's most-treacherous environmental enemies are in Washington D.C.

    The big-oil Koch brothers are a primary funding source for Tea Party rallies and candidates
    A prerequisite for their support is that each candidate must deny the science of
    man-made climate change and the need to regulate greenhouse gas emissions

    Patriots must be prepared to defend our nation and world against our organized-crime Congress

    The Zero Energy Design® proven position is: Zero Emissions – Never Burn Anything

    We must STOP SUBSIDIZING more-expensive environment-damaging fossil fuels and deregulating criminals

    According to the current U.S. Department Of Energy Buildings Energy Data Book , from 1990 to 2005 (when we exceeded the critical 350 ppm CO2 tipping point), carbon dioxide emissions increased 1.9% per year. The report also says that from 2005 through 2010, CO2 emissions are increasing at a suicidal .6% per year! We have NOT YET PUT ON THE BRAKES - our deadly heavy foot is still on the SUV gas pedal in our corrupt suicidal Fossil Fuel Inferno "BURN BABY BURN" mode:

    If we continue (or accelerate) the well-documented suicidal .6% increase in CO2 emissions per year,
    Earth will be hotter, most polar a glacial ice will melt, sea level will be higher, major coastal cities will begin to flood.

    What kind of legacy are YOU leaving for your posterity?

    Melting polar ice caused sea level to rise over 300 feet, since Earth’s last Glacial Age
    only 20,000 years ago (when New York was covered with ice):

    Post Glacial Sea Level Rise

    Land water boundaries are now very different since Neanderthal man died out, and was replaced by modern inventive industrial fossil-fuel energy-addicted homo sapiens.

    Even if man was not contributing to Global Warming, there was already a natural trend in place for sea level to rise hundreds of feet higher than it is today. BUT, when we add:
    (1) the huge explosion in human population in the last 30 years,
    (2) the recent accelerating rate of burning all carbon-based fuels,
    (3) devastation of huge forests of CO2-sequestering trees,
    (4) the unprecedented speed that we shot past Earth’s greenhouse-gas Tipping Point in 2005
    (with our foot on the inefficient SUV gas pedal), and
    (5) the .6% annual rate of greenhouse-gas emissions increase, SEA LEVEL WILL NOW SURELY RISE
    in the near future.

    A ten-foot rise in sea level will soon be catastrophic for worldwide at-risk coastal megacities, but a 300 foot sea level rise is possible in the foreseeable future (and certainly NOT unprecedented in Earth’s recent history). It is extremely unlikely that global politics can reverse the current CO2 ppm trend by FORCING ZERO EMISSIONS – Never Burn Anything. Will YOU burn anything tomorrow? Will China and India? What will it take to change our worldwide growing unsustainable lifestyle addictions?

    The U.S. Geological Survey 2009 Update now predicts that if (when) the Antarctic ice sheet melts, sea level will rise 240 feet (73 meters).

    Melting glaciers (like Glacier National Park) and snow-covered mountains around the world will make sea level even higher.

    Even a small fraction of that amount will inundate the homes of roughly a billion (previously wealthy) coastal city residents. Unlike New Orleans, man-made coastal flooding will NOT be temporary. Ignore the Scientific TRUTH at your own peril.

    Flooded Coastal City Streets

    What IF thousands of world-renowned climatologists are CORRECT?

    Can we believe the kind of NASA scientists who sent men to the moon?

    What IF Earth’s rising oceans cover ALL of our low-lying coastal cities?


    All of our cities (including New Orleans, New York, London, Tokyo, Miami, Dubai, etc.) that are within 300 feet of sea level are potentially “at risk” for 21ST Century Storm Surge Damage, as sea level rise accelerates at a previously-unexpected alarming rate.

    WHEN coastal cities flood, it will NOT be a “random act of God”, but rather due to the pervasive inevitable stupidity of non-learning humanity that continues to ignore overwhelming scientific facts and six decades of clear environmental warning signals, since worldwide human population exploded over 2.5 billion in 1950. See Urbanization

    Coastal City Storm Surgeneap and spring tides

    ALL of our coastal megacities (including New York City) are “at risk.” The IRREVERSIBLE CATASTROPHIC EFFECTS of Tipping-Point Overshoot are likely to happen around the globe at about the same time. The only question is exactly WHEN?
    Will it be 2015, 2025, or if we are “lucky” maybe later?

    Our unbelieving, myopic, mediocre-minded population is totally unprepared. “Wait some more and see” will only INCREASE THE MAGNITUDE OF THE INEVITABLE CATASTROPHE. We might have reversed Earth’s greenhouse gas explosion, IF we had been aggressive in 1973 when the OPEC Oil Crisis began. But now, we can no longer prevent CO2 from rising above 450 ppm, a 5-degree temperature increase, polar ice caps melting, and a dramatic sea level rise in the 21ST Century (perhaps as early as the mid-2010’s).

    WHAT WILL WE DO? And more importantly, WHEN? The sooner we wake up and believe the kind of NASA scientists that sent men to the moon, the less traumatic our unprecedented, predictable pervasive problem will be.

    The longer we wait to radically reinvent our obsolete, unsustainable energy infrastructure and inefficiency, the less likely it will be that most of humanity will be able to recover and rebuild.

    Will our flooded towering skyscrapers become The Tombstones of the Suicide of Humanity?

    New York Under Water

    If we wait until AFTER the coastal city lights go out in the 21ST Century, it will most certainly be FAR TOO LATE.

    Our grandchildren will surely ask: “Why did they ignore the Scientific Truth for so very long?”

    You may now use Free Online Digital Sea Level Mapping Software to zoom in on at-risk coast lines (using your own personal assumptions about 21ST Century man-made climate-change sea level rise), and see what the sea will do to the familiar places YOU love. . A LOT of the world’s-most-expensive real estate may soon become quite worthless (IF the kind of scientists who sent men to the moon are CORRECT, and we continue to overshoot the CO2 Tipping Point even farther). If you think Global Warming is a political hoax, ignore the following.

    Obama Set A Target Of 28% Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction for Federal Operations
    - Environmental Improvement, Energy Cost Reductions, Creating Clean Energy Jobs

    The Federal Government now has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution by 28 percent by 2020. It is intended that the U.S. Government will lead by example in building a prosperous cost-effective clean-energy economy.  Actions taken under Presidential Executive Order 13514 will spur investments that reduce U.S. dependence on imported foreign energy sources, create new private-sector jobs, drive long-term economic savings, build domestic energy market capacity, reduce man-made climate change, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging sustainable clean energy industries.

    As the single largest energy consumer in the U.S. economy, the Federal Government spent more than $24.5 billion on electricity and fuel under the Bush Administration in 2008.  Achieving Obama’s Federal GHG pollution reduction target will reduce Federal energy use by the equivalent of 646 trillion BTU's, equal to 205 million barrels of oil, and taking 17 million cars off the road for one year.  This is also equivalent to a cumulative total of $8 to $11 billion in avoided taxpayer energy costs through 2020, and even more thereafter.

    The European Union set a target of 30% GHG reduction below 1990 levels by 2020

    The United Kingdom’s legally-binding goal is 34% reduction by 2020, and 80% by 2050

    U.S. House of Representative Resolution 2454 “2009 Clean Energy Bill” states:

    “in 2020, the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions does not exceed 83% of the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions from such sources in 2005;

    “in 2030, the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions does not exceed 58% of the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions from such sources in 2005;

    “in 2050, the quantity of United States greenhouse gas emissions does not exceed 17% of the quantity of United States greenhouse gas emissions in 2005.”

    This is a reduction of 83% of the 2005 U.S. GHG emission levels by 2050! How is this possible?
    Will it ever become the law of the land? 100% of Oil-Industry-Corrupted Republican Senators said NO!

    According to the U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE), Energy Information Agency (EIA) 33.1% of U.S. man-made CO2 emissions were from Transportation (primarily petroleum), and 40.6% were from Electric Power Generation (primarily coal). Grossly-inefficient American buildings produce far more GHG than Transportation or Industry.

    In order to reduce U.S. GHG emissions by 73.7% (33.1% + 40.6%) we would have to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE petroleum, natural-gas, and biofuel-powered internal combustion engines, cars, SUV's, trucks, trains, ships and airplanes. AND, we would have to completely eliminate all coal, natural-gas, and petroleum electric power generation stations!

    AND, it still would NOT reduce GHG by H.R. 2454’s 83% by 2050.

    Do YOU think that America has the political will, intelligence and foresight to immediately start doing what is scientifically necessary? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    8 U.S. presidents since Nixon have promised independence from imported foreign oil, BUT, all have dropped the ball for 4 decades. Fossil-fuel political corruption will continue to prevent what is needed for us to avoid self-imposed GHG suicide.

    The Truth of the matter is that USA STILL subsidizes the production of grossly-inefficient, highly-polluting, internal combustion engines (which turn 86% of their fuel into useless waste heat, warming the Earth).

    We are still subsidizing deadly fossil-fuel production and use in electric power plants.

    How can we possibly achieve GHG emission reduction targets when we ENCOURAGE EVER-INCREASING GHG EMISSIONS?

    Political pandering to the weak minded, which promises a better tomorrow, is often a FALSE BIG LIE. Atmospheric CO2 is currently INCREASING AT .6% PER YEAR! Suicidal fossil-fuel idiots continue to ignore provable Scientific Truth.

    Change-resistant virulently-ignorant fools are likely going to continue to ignore significant GHG emission reductions until AFTER New York City and London subways and basements are filled with salt water. By then, IT WILL BE FAR TOO LATE to correct. CO2 remains in the atmosphere for 100 years, causing ever-increasing climate change.

    By ignoring prevention, we are guaranteeing lifestyle-imposed deadly disease. (Smoking, Drugs, GHG's, etc.)

    We know for certain the TOTAL elimination of fossil fuel use in Transportation AND Electric Power Generation can NOT meet an 83% GHG reduction target. How then does anyone think that increasing C.A.F.E. standards to only 36 mpg will be of any significant benefit at all? How can maniacs like Al Gore, Ed Begley Jr. and T. Boone Pickens recommend a significant INCREASE in the use of GHG-emitting natural gas? Why does anyone want us to subsidize carbon-based biofuels, which also emit deadly aldehydes?

    The only REASONABLE goal is Zero Emissions – Never Burn Anything. Even burning hydrogen in the air emits deadly nitrous oxide (NxOx) compounds. We must STOP subsidizing anything and everything that burns anything at all, and phase in GHG caps.

    GHG “Cap and Trade” is a deadly-detour foolish game. We must STOP emitting GHG’s and killing 50,000 to 100,000 acres of life-giving trees per day, or DIE. GHG emission penalties must exceed the expense to eliminate GHG’s altogether. Pollution-as-usual lazy arrogant fat cats should NOT be allowed to buy the right to damage our delicate precious environment in any way.

    There is almost no way remaining that myopic minds (who have ignored all fossil-fuel warnings since 1956) can now reverse
    the troubling populating-and-greenhouse-gas growth trends, at this PAST-TIPPING-POINT time (390+ ppm CO2 overshoot).
    “We ignored GHG decades ago and we are still alive, why don’t we just keep ignoring GHG emissions now?”

    Emerald Eco-City is a specific detailed plan to accelerate the recovery of self-destructive suicidal humanity, WHEN a billion (formerly wealthy) homeless people worldwide will suddenly need a 21ST Century new home that does NOT EXIST TODAY.

    Do NOT invest your lifetime retirement savings in coastal real estate (which may soon become worthless). Plan for a sea-level-rise future, and have money available to move somewhere else, if (WHEN) the need arises (perhaps in a few decades).

    A Believable Realistic Analogy

    Suppose that your family doctor has been telling you for thirty years that your unhealthy cholesterol has been getting worse every year. BUT, you like quarter-pound cheeseburgers with a lot of deep-fat French fires, fried doughnuts, corn dogs, and you smoke a pack every day.

    Deep Fry RisksDeath by Malboro Man

    Your dinner is often a 12-ounce steak, or a large helping of meaty lasagna – Yummy!

    Heart Attack Steak Heart Attack Lasagna

    You are only human, and everyone knows that the habits your parents taught you are very-hard to break. AND THEN, YOU HAVE YOUR FIRST MILD HEART ATTACK.

    Your hospital cardiologist demands that you exercise more, and make a radical change in your eating habits. When you get home, your sympathetic, supportive spouse prepares a healthy salad with egg whites, tofu, and alfalfa sprouts. You turn up your nose, and ask for a cigarette and coffee.

    As soon as you can drive, you clip a $2-off coupon for a half-pound cheeseburger and extra-large fries – Saving money is a GOOD thing, Right? On the way home, you pick up a carton of smokes, and a bucket of deep-fried chicken, just to snack on.

    Heart Attack Burger and Fries Heart Attack Fried Chicked

    The next day, your very-sad spouse hands you a Living Will to sign.

    Does this sound like outrageously-stupid behavior? Well, that is EXACTLY what our fossil-fuel-corrupted legislators are STILL doing when they continue to SUBSIDIZE fossil fuels. We have to help poor people pay for their heating oil – Right?   WRONG!

    We are way-past the greenhouse-gas tipping point. Catastrophe is almost inevitable, in a world run by non-learning narcissistic blind idiots.

    Human burning of fossil fuels is certainly not the only source of atmospheric CO2 and other potentially-damaging greenhouse gases like methane, etc. Normal respiration, metabolism, and decay of plant-and-animal cells all contribute to global warming.

    A variety of greenhouse-and-toxic gases are emitted continuously from oceans, soil, submarine-and-surface volcanoes, fumaroles, and various hydrothermal systems. Man-made greenhouse-gas sources have been estimated at up to 100 times these natural sources in a normal year. However, devastating mega-volcanoes have been observed by humans over recent centuries, and for thousands of years.

    We have not had a mega-volcanic super-eruption since human population exploded and we raced past Earth’s CO2 Tipping Point in the last few years.  It is merely a (predictable) matter of “when” the next large-or-super volcanic eruption will occur.
    The recent Iceland volcanoes are early warning signals that a multiple-month mega eruption (like 1783 Laki) may be soon.

    It is frightening to think what impact a huge volcanic release of ash and greenhouse gases may soon do to our past-tipping-point worldwide climate. Modern humans have never observed a mega-volcano when CO2 was already above 390 ppm. It certainly has the potential to be like a tsunami storm surge, on top of a record-high tide. Such an event (which we know for certain does happen periodically) COULD cause sea level to suddenly change in only a year or so, OR it could cause glaciers to once-again cover Manhattan Island (NYC). We have paleoclimatic documentation of both kind of extremes in the past. We just don’t know for sure how it will interact with today’s man-made climate change, yet.

    A Yellowstone-Park-sized super-eruption (as documented in Earth’s fossil record) could cover all skyscrapers in New York City with ash a mile deep. Most of the U.S. would be UNINHABITABLE for months or even years. Many millions (or billions) might rapidly die.

    We certainly saw what a “small eruption” at Mount Saint Helens did in 1980 . It was “tiny” compared to Taupo in New Zealand 26,500 years ago, or Toba in Sumatra 74,000 years ago.

    It is possible to design self-contained Emerald Eco-City to be able to survive such a cataclysmic event, and remain hermetically sealed for years (recycling all air and water, and growing our own food), as long as sunshine rises to at least 30% of maximum periodically, OR we tap into geothermal backup energy (which is abundantly available in some areas).

    Large volcanic eruptions can heat the Earth with greenhouse gases. Super-eruptions can have a temporary chilling winter effect by blocking out even the summer sun – polluting the water, killing most vegetation, and starving millions (Laki 1783).

    Even a more-frequent moderate volcanic eruption today could accelerate the melting of polar ice caps and make coastal cities around the world uninhabitable. It would be a real “kick” in the chaotic climate pendulum (one way or the other). Strange attractors would really rattle for quite a while.

    Humans would be MUCH safer from large greenhouse-gas eruptions IF CO2 was closer to the before-industrial-age well-balanced 275 ppm, instead of on top of a steep, tall mountain.

    Gradual Man-Made Climate Change, ice cap melting, and measurable sea level rise are all happening even faster than the increase from 275 ppm atmospheric CO2 to over 392 ppm of CO2 alone can explain. Methane, Nitrous Oxides, and Urban Heat Islands make climate change far worse than CO2 does by itself.

    Greenhouse Gas Contributions By Type
    Contribution Industrial-Age Increase Global Warming Greenhouse Gas

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Burning any fossil fuels / biofuels, deforestation, and organic decay - From 275 ppm to 392+ ppm in 150 years – Now increasing .6% per year - At only 1% CO2, all oxygen-breathing animals will die

    Chlorofluorocarbons (CFxClx) - Man-made refrigerants, aerosols, and chemical solvents
    Methane (CH4) Organic decay, oil, gas & coal extraction, biomass, cattle, growing rice, landfills
    Nitrous Oxides (NxOx) Burning ANYTHING in our 78%-Nitrogen atmosphere
    Tropospheric Ozone (O3) Produced by sunlight on oxygen and air-pollution / smog O3 varies with north / south latitude and atmospheric altitude

    Think about our food: Significant amounts of unsustainable expensive petroleum are involved in growing and transporting our worldwide food supply.

    As world population explodes exponentially, so does the production of food byproducts. For example, the world now produces over 784 million tons of corn (maize) per year, 651 million tons of rice, and 607 million tons of wheat (which is our largest source of vegetable protein).

    Corn, rice, and wheat grains are all forms of grass. The total mass of inedible byproducts (like stalks and straw) is much larger than the amount of grain produced (roughly 5 Trillion tons per year). These food-growth byproducts are often burned in the field, which emits huge amounts of global-warming greenhouse gas, toxic air pollutants, and black particulates (that settle on ice caps, absorb more sunlight, and make polar-and-glacial ice melt even faster - raising sea level).

    When we add two-billion-poor-people burning biomass (like wood for cooking and home heating) to other man-made atmospheric emissions, plus all fossil fuels and biofuels, we are already way past Earth's 350-ppm CO2 Tipping Point, which is increasing at a suicidal .6% per year. At that rate, our children will live in a very-different world with 450-ppm of CO2.

    Cellulosic Bioplastics: Instead of burning food byproduct cellulose, it can be used to make biodegradable, compostable, structural plastics. We need to invest in making this type of innovation much more cost effective than unsustainably burning food byproducts in the field. Emerald Eco-City will participate in such research.

    Global Warming: As our ocean temperature increases, the CO2 and CH4 that they store at high pressure at great depth is being released at an alarming rate, which accelerates the man-made Global Warming trend. When permafrost under ice and snow is exposed to rare sunlight, it releases large quantities of sequestered CH4 and CO2. Burning anything (even clean hydrogen) in our atmosphere emits huge quantities of climate-changing nitrous oxides (NxOx), which also create nitric acid (H2O + NxOx = HNO3) and Deadly Acid Rain, which in turn kills more trees and plants that sequester CO2, AND the increased acidity in rivers, lakes, and oceans kills fish and coral-reef habitats around the world. All of which contribute to the starvation of a billion people, and the pollution of previously-pristine fresh water and seafood.

    The lengthy 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon blowout released a huge amount of global-warming methane into the atmosphere. For the first 20 years in the atmosphere, methane is 75 times more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2. Over 100 years, methane is 25 times more powerful than CO2. Methane decays very slowly in sunlight. It impacts global warming for 200 years total.

    One thing leads to another. One problem makes the next problem even worse, in a CATACLYSMIC CATASTROPHIC CASCADE, which is MUCH worse than just CO2 alone. The unknown holistic full effect has not yet been included in atmospheric computer predictive models. Humanity is now in uncharted climate change territory.

    The number of worldwide tropical-storm hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones has remained about the same over time, (at roughly 90 per year), BUT man-made Global Warming has caused the energy released by the average tropical storm to increase about 70% in the past three decades, corresponding to approximately a 15% increase in the maximum wind speed, and a 60% increase in storm duration – doing far-more damage over much-larger areas than most of the smaller tropical storms of only 30-years ago.

    Cyclone Hitting Low-Lying Bangladesh Killed 140,000

    Cyclone Hitting Low-Lying Bangladesh


    Unprecedented Typhoon Morakot

    There was one particularly pertinent dramatic wake up call for Zero Energy Design® in 2009 - Fueled by man-made-Global-Warming elevated ocean water temperature, Typhoon Morakot became the deadliest Taiwan China typhoon in recorded history.

    Typhoon Morakot

    Morakot formed on August 2, 2009. The large system intensified as it tracked westward towards Taiwan. Due to the size of the typhoon, the barometric pressure steadily decreased. On August 9, unprecedented storm surge washed the foundation from under a Taiwan China Hotel, which then fell PAST THE TIPPING POINT into the river:

    Taiwan China Hotel

    For Zero Energy Design®, the many crises of 2008 / 2009 combined together as powerful symbology in our collective mind.
    Most of the world ignored this meaningful event, or quickly forgot it - WE DID NOT.
    For us, it was similar to the human errors that cost us 14 astronauts on Columbia and Challenger Space Shuttles.

    The searing mental image of the PAST TIPPING POINT HOTEL was a milestone for us about humanity’s nearly-irreversible suicidal path.


    For over thirty years, ZED has been demonstrating cost-effective practical ways to eliminate utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions. We once believed that the world would love the low-cost and luxury living provided by our registered trademark Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature ®.

    Consider our first 1979 low-cost-per-square-foot near-zero-energy indoor-swimming-pool home built in 1979 (with assistance from President Carter’s solar energy tax credits. Its winter solar energy was captured with nothing more than low-cost, high-emissivity tempered patio-door glass (gathering 2 million BTU’s of solar heat per day). With ten degree F. snow outside, we swam in a 90 degree clean indoor pool. Our greenhouse produced some of our own fresh organic fruits and veggies.

    ZED Swimming Pool in Winter


    Three decades ago we demonstrated inexpensive technology to solve America’s most significant energy problems today (buildings). In the 2010’s we do NOT need new technology – Off-the-shelf PROVEN DOE + ZED solutions would work just fine.

    What we DO need is to break down the resistance of greedy fossil-fuel profiteers, and the politicians that their huge bribes so easily corrupt.  “ZERO EMISSIONS – NEVER BURN ANYTHING” is a superior solution RIGHT NOW.

    The 2009 past-tipping-point hotel symbolizes what a non-learning world we live in, which ignores irrefutable proofs of concept, and endless scientific warnings.

    Or terrible 2009 realization of the now-inevitable near-term Worldwide Climate Catastrophe is precisely what led ZED to invest the time necessary to integrate our 30-years of proven success, into a realistic Emerald Eco-City vision for what to do (when it becomes clear to the non-learning myopic mediocre masses that our coastal cities WILL soon be flooded, and the lights WILL go out on Wall Street, and many other at-risk megacities around the world), It will make a billion pitiful people homeless at about the same time.

    We are far past the greenhouse gas tipping point. AND, still rapidly building new dirty, coal-fired power plants and millions-more petroleum-powered machines, which will continue to push us far past the tipping point.

    Essentially, we have already seeded IRREVERSIBLE CATASTROPHIC WORLDWIDE EFFECTS that no government is now capable of reversing.

    But, the greenhouse gas tipping point alone is NOT the only serious Global Warming problem that we face today.


    Urban Heat Islands

    After the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargo Crisis, President Carter’s new Department Of Energy scientifically investigated many ways to help make America Energy Independent.

    Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging had been used to analyze the thermal systems on the new U.S. Space Shuttle:

    Space ShuttleThermographic Space Shuttle

    Carter’s DOE flew over many cities and published thermographic images that quantitatively drew attention to the worst energy wasters. Terrible Architects and Builders hated Carter’s energy-saving program, which fully documented the source of the MAJORITY of energy being wasted in America, due to stupid conventional design, and very-poor energy construction.

    IF USA had paid attention to the early lessons from DOE, and Zero Energy Design® building demonstrations, America would be spending $250 BILLION LESS PER YEAR to heat and cool buildings today, and Global Warming would NOT be an issue. But alas, we are a Non-Learning Nation that hates clear documentation about the many totally-stupid business-as-usual bad-habits that we continue to do to this very day.

    City Thermal Image

    72 degrees F in the shade – 128 degrees F next to rooftop A/C condenser units

    Megacity infrared thermographic images document “Urban Heat Islands”, especially in the summer. Commercial buildings and their people-and-equipment contents are enormous heat radiators. Air conditioning extracts heat, but then exhausts it immediately outside, which increases the local temperature by half-a-dozen-or-more degrees, which increases the need for more air-conditioning, energy waste, and pollution, in a compounding cascade. A green forest only a few miles away will be significantly cooler than an Urban Heat Island.

    Foolish human have destroyed billions of trees, and replaced them with asphalt roads, parking lots, and dark roofs – All of which absorb huge amounts of solar radiation, and greatly increase local urban (and worldwide) temperature America has now destroyed 95% of its natural old-growth forests!

    We have paved paradise, and put up black parking lot hot spots:

    Parking Lot Solar Radiator

    Surprise Announcement: Urban Heat Islands heat the air, making the world warmer!

    Highway Thermograpghic Image

    Joni Mitchell 1970 hit song lyrics:

    “They paved paradise, And put up a parking lot
    With a pink hotel, a boutique - And a swinging hot spot”

    “Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got - Till it's gone”

    “They paved paradise, And put up a parking lot”

    “They took all the trees - Put 'em in a tree museum
    And they charged the people A dollar and a half just to see 'em

    “They paved paradise, And put up a parking lot”



    Tree Museum

    Non-Learning Idiots Who Are Funded By Fossil-Fuel Corruption Disagree:

    “Nothing That Humans Do Changes Earth Temperature” – Rush Limbaugh


    “Global Warming Is A Hoax” – STUPID, Corrupt, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, who is clearly bought and paid for
    by Oklahoma Big Oil Companies. Non-learning Jim thinks that we should NOT trust those “dumb” NASA scientists
    who sent men to the moon. Those who keep re-electing dishonest Jim trust his political bias more than NASA experts.

    Republican Senator Jim Inhofe

    Have you heard any other oil-corrupted fools say that global warming is a hoax?

    Inhofe preaches that HE knows more and any scientist does about EVERYTHING. He was voted the number-one ultra conservative obstructionist in the U.S. Senate. The majority of Inhofe’s constituents, (with no critical thinking skills or powers of observation whatsoever), accept everything that comes from his political pulpit. Jim endlessly pontificates as if he is the Fountain Of All Truth and Knowledge, flowing from the front of the forum. Oklahomans keep reelecting Jim, AND they gave corrupt ex-oil-men like Bush and Cheney a second term.

    GW Bush admitts Global Warming

    September 28, 2007 at the International Conference on Energy Security & Climate Change, George Bush FINALLY admitted that Global Warming was caused by human activities that must be reversed: “We must lead the world to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.” BUT, of course the Bush Administration did nothing, and GHG's continued to INCREASE at .6% per year.

    Both non-learning deeply-entrenched Inhofe and Limbaugh CONTRADICTED the leader of the Republican party, and continued to preach that "Global Warming Is A Hoax" and that there is no reason for us to reduce fossil fuel GHG emissions at all.

    ZED wrote Senator Inhofe about his departure from the 2007 Republican leadership position on man-made Climate Change.
    Inhofe's illogical intransigent reply was based on the false unscientific talking points he had made so very many times before.

    Politics-as-usual seems to justify even MORE stupid politics-as-usual. It is a self-supporting cascade of insanity.

    Once partisan politicians head down the wrong path, they refuse to accept overwhelming provable Scientific Facts:

    Albert Einstein’s Big Joke: “If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.”
    Albert Einsteins Big Joke

    Bush / Cheney’s Big Lie: If science contradicts our STUPID POLITICS, Shoot The Scientist
    Cheney’s Big Lie

    Innovation seems to only take place one retirement, or death, at a time. We can NOT afford to wait so long to fix our past-tipping-point Global Warming near-term cascading catastrophe. Yesterday was already too late. Tomorrow will be even more traumatic.

    The ONLY reason the world has not already solved Global Warming (with technology that was proven three decades ago) is arrogant obvious partisan corruption from fossil-fuel companies funding people like Bush, Cheney, Inhofe and Limbaugh.

    There is almost no chance that today’s ongoing political corruption can now prevent our coastal megacities from flooding. WHAT WILL WE DO WHEN NON-BELIEVING NEW YORKERS’ FEET START GETTING WET? What will those who doubt Global Warming say then? How long will they just "Wait and see?"

    We are pleased that Rush Limbaugh lives on Ocean Blvd in Palm Beach, FL. But, Jim Inhofe lives well-above sea level in OK (too bad – karma must find another way to eventually reward him for the environmental damage he has already done).

    It would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so very sad. Consider what happened to America’s energy situation while Jim Inhofe was the CHAIRMAN of the SENATE ENVIRONMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE! How can anyone be dumb enough to listen to ANYONE who denies overwhelming NASA scientific evidence, and loudly preaches that Global Warming Is A Political Hoax?

    Global Warming Point of No Return

    Inefficient buildings that are almost-entirely powered by fossil-fuel electricity are a PRIMARY SOURCE OF GLOBAL WARMING, and Man-Made Climate Change.

    Our second critical CO2 - reduction priority is transportation emissions – From grossly-inefficient Internal Combustion Engines, which turn 86% of the BTU’s of energy that consume into nothing but WASTED GLOBAL-WARMING HEAT, NOT MOTION.

    Emerald Eco-City’s “Zero Emissions – NEVER BURN ANYTHING” policy will eliminate 100% of all Internal Combustion Engines on day one – EVERYTHING will be electric, running on clean, green, safe, abundant, free-fuel energy in harmony with Nature.

    NO PETROLEUM-POWERED VEHICLES EVER ALLOWED WITHIN OUR ECO-CITY (or rapid-transit 300 mph magnetic-levitation trains between nearby future Eco-Cities).

    All computer-controlled electric transportation pods will be push-button operation, like very-reliable elevators, but optimally operating in 3D.

    No conventional roads. No vehicles owned-or-operated by residents inside Eco-City. No driver’s license, or driving skills required inside Emerald Eco-City. No private get away cars for criminals. No car bombs possible with no private cars.

    All transit will be artificially-intelligent-computer-optimized in THREE DIMENSIONS on elevators, inclinators, escalators, moving sidewalks, 3D transit pods / trams, and automated-delivery robot messengers –Securely deliver anyone or anything, anywhere within our Eco-City of over one-million people, in only minutes – with NO traffic jams, traffic accidents, or harmful emissions of any kind ever even possible – NO greenhouse gases or toxic pollutants from anything in Emerald Eco-City. Biometric security identification and continual video monitors will ensure authorized transportation only of a million people and things.

    The space required for our 3D rapid-transit system will be one fiftieth ( 1 / 50 ) of the space required by the total of all modern megacity transportation systems put together. There will be NO conventional roads, NO conventional cars or trucks – NO expensive, abusive taxi drivers – All transportation has NO incremental usage fee (like most elevators today). The floor space taken up by elevator shafts will be drastically reduced, greatly lowering the cost of usable square footage.

    The cost of this unprecedented rapid-transit integrated-and-optimized 3D solution will be a small fraction of a megacity like New York is spending today. The huge cost savings and our improved speed and convenience will be extremely valuable.

    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities TM

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