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    Description: Energy is the Essence of Everything – Nothing can exist without it –
    Our ONLY sustainable future is Abundant, Clean, Emerald-Green, Free-Fuel Energy

    Abundant Energy in Harmony with Nature

    The Immutable Unbreakable Universal Laws of Energy Prosperity

    Energy is the most-critical, profitable and politically-powerful business in the world

    A growing supply of abundant inexpensive energy is the Foundation of Prosperity
    (as in America BEFORE we hit Peak Oil in 1971, and in oil-rich Arab nations since 1973 OPEC)

    Insufficient energy is the indisputable Path to Poverty (as in under-developed nations around the world)
    One out of seven Americans now live in poverty, in part due to the rising cost of Imported Past-Peak Energy

    Addiction to a declining supply of unsustainable, increasingly-expensive energy triggers Economic Collapse
    (as in America in 2008 - $4 per gallon gasoline blew a $15 Trillion hole in our economy)

    It is impossible to prosper for very long, while addicted to any unsustainable energy source that Peaks and Declines

    The only way to end the world's suicidal addiction to unsustainable, highly-polluting sources of Past-Peak Energy is a
    No Compromise, Zero-Emissions – Never Burn Anything - Large-scale cost-effective working solution in Harmony with Nature

    Sunshine Is Abundant, Clean and Free

    By design, our first Emerald Eco-City will be located where skies are clear most of the year, and solar energy availability
    is "Excellent." This means that there is typically 12 inches or less of rainfall per year. The farther south we are in the USA,
    the longer the winter days are, and the more solar radiation we will receive. The higher our elevation, the less atmosphere
    there is to block the sun (but the cooler the winter nights). More solar radiation means less capital investment is required
    to capture the energy we need from the sun. It also means the lower the amortized cost of the energy that we produce.

    When we produce more energy than we consume, we will sell it profitably, to defray our living expenses

    Proposed New U.S. Solar "Smart Grid" Power Transmission Lines - Share The Sunshine

    Proposed New Solar Power Grid Transmission Lines

    It is estimated that a one-time investment of roughly $400 Billion could generate more Clean, Emerald-Green, Free-Fuel
    than the sum total of all electricity generated in America today. That is a fraction of what we wasted to bailout
    Wall Street banks so 700 executives could make $5 to $20+ million in undeserved compensation at taxpayer expense!

    After making a one-time $400 Billion investment in our children's future, there would be very-little ongoing cost for over
    25 years of Abundant Free-Fuel Electricity.
    While constructing our sustainable-energy future infrastructure, we should
    immediately STOP building new expensive dirty-energy plants, and eventually begin to phase old ones out over time.

    Our nation could do it by covering only a small portion of the useless, barren, Nevada, Arizona or New Mexico desert with
    solar power generation systems. It would only take a square of land that is about 96 miles on a side to totally eliminate
    the need for all other expensive-fuel electricity sources.
    Why does America spend Trillions of dollars on UNSUSTAINABLE,
    Past-Peak, Declining, Unstable, Imported Foreign Energy Sources?
    We are transferring unprecedented much-needed
    wealth to countries that want to do us great harm, while paving our own undeniable Path to Poverty.

    It is Absolutely INSANE for a non-learning nation starved for energy to NOT invest in off-the-shelf Free-Fuel Clean Energy.
    The ONLY reason USA did not already do it decades ago is CORRUPT, DEADLY, FOSSIL-FUEL and NUCLEAR POLITICS.

    We know HOW to cost-effectively use free sunlight to generate all of the electricity we now need. We can IMMEDIATELY
    STOP building any more high-cost dirty energy plants TODAY. In only 8 years, we could generate at least 20% of America's
    electricity from free wind. U.S. coastal ocean-currents and tidal currents can easily generate all of the electricity used in the
    USA today. Geothermal energy offers cost-effective electricity in some special areas. There is NO reason to ever build even
    one more dirty fossil fuel, biofuel, or nuclear-energy power plant ever again,

    The first thing that America MUST do is to immediately STOP subsidizing the construction of all new fossil-fuel, biofuel
    and nuclear power plants TODAY.
    Obama told the G20 that the word should STOP subsiding fossil fuels "mid-term."
    His 2011 budget calls for eliminating $40 Billion in terrible subsides (which he voted FOR when he was a U.S. Senator).
    Why should USA wait for many more years to do what was immediately required decades ago?

    All taxpayer money to be invested in any future power plants should be only for Clean, Safe, FREE-FUEL Power Production.
    We must NOT borrow one more penny from our children to build dead-end unsustainable expensive-fuel energy systems.

    Many people strongly object (for good reason) to using taxpayer money for abortions. Why do American's allow corrupt
    legislators to use our scarce public funds to subsidize suicidal addiction to unsustainable, deadly energy sources ? ? ?
    Fossil fuels kill thousands of more innocent lives than abortion doctors do. "You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel."

    We do not have to invest $400 Billion in only one year to phase out dirty, expensive, power plants, but we do need to STOP making new 50-year commitments to them, and start investing wisely in our children's future Free-Fuel Clean Energy Sources.

    Just the threat of Cap and Trade legislation (passed by the U.S. House of Representative in 2009, but blocked by the corrupt
    U.S. Senate) caused banks to resist investing in new highly-polluting future power plant construction. YEA !

    Since the fossil-fuel industry has bribed the self-serving Senate to NOT pass legislation to restrict greenhouse gas emissions,
    the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking up the CO2 emissions problem under the Clean Air Act (which the Supreme
    Court ordered Bush / Cheney to do in 2007). New York Times- EPA TO Regulate CO2

    In the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, both Obama and McCain said that they supported Cap and Trade legislation to tax,
    regulate and reduce harmful carbon emissions. Even Senator McCain flip flopped and voted AGAINST Cap and Trade
    legislation in 2009 (after supporting it in 2008). OK Senator McCain, let us see YOUR Republican Cap and Trade proposal
    (that you promised America in 2008).

    Instead of taxing terrible dirty fossil-fuel power plants out of existence (with a very-regressive tax that harms poor people
    much more than the rich), what we must do is to clearly demonstrate that Emerald-Green Energy is not only much better
    for our environment, but Free-Fuel Energy COSTS LESS than fossil fuels, or nuclear energy power plant construction !

    For many more specific details, see our 1,840-slide U.S. DOE / ORNL Workshop
    presentation titled "Superior Future Energy" on our Zero Energy Design CD ROM

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