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    Description: Burn Baby Burn: Fiery Fatal Futility and Criminally-Corrupt Profiteering of Unsustainable, Highly-Polluting, Past-Peak, Pervasive Petroleum

    If you already have a strong belief that petroleum is an unsustainable, corrupt energy policy, and that we must immediately do everything we can to STOP burning oil within ten years, then you may want to skip this section and go on to the specific detailed solutions that we have proposed for many years.

    If however, you think that oil-business-as-usual is working well, and we should teach our children to build, buy, and use many things that burn deadly carbon-based fuels, THEN PLEASE open your mind as you read this material about scientific facts you are obviously ignoring.

    You may also find this very useful as overwhelming ammunition against oil-addicted mediocre minds.

    Suicide by Gas Pump                    Oil Addict

    ADDICTION is a Compulsive Craving Condition Characterized By
    Dependence On Substances That Progressively DESTROY THE ADDICT

    The United States is only about 4.5% of the world's population, but we inefficiently squander over 25% of the entire world's energy supply, and we directly produce over 25% of the Earth's pollution and man-made climate-changing greenhouse gas.

    Our terrible buildings waste the most energy, followed by industry and transportation. Over 80% of the energy we purchase is wasted by non-learning design of some of the world's most inefficient houses, vehicles, and obsolete industrial processes.

    Having outsourced most of our manufacturing jobs overseas, we must consider the energy consumed by other countries that make the goods that we import from them, when we calculate the total energy consumed by greedy, gluttonous, obese USA.

    One reason that America is in recession is our relatively-low Energy Productivity, which is the ratio of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) output, divided by the energy we consume to produce it. USA produces about $112 billion of GDP for each Quadrillion British Thermal Units (QBTU) of energy consumed. In contrast, Western Europe produces $138 billion of GDP per QBTU, and Japan more-efficiently produces $229 billion / QBTU. USA labor productivity is high, but energy productivity is low. Inefficiently-produced goods and services cost way too much, so we import them, which is a huge transfer of wealth to others.

    In a highly-competitive global marketplace, Inefficiency and Low Energy Productivity are the path toward Decline and Defeat.
    We must also add our lack of competitive innovation, and the fact that most of our energy is imported at an escalating price. We are paying way too much for all imports and energy, which creates a decline in American jobs, wages, benefits and services. Our self-serving, greedy, shortsighted energy corporations corrupt our legislators, sending USA on a suicidal path to extinction.

    Black Gold StrangleholdEnergy is the Essence of Existence - Nothing can exist without energy.
    We MUST have a sustainable abundant-energy strategy in Harmony with Nature.
    Anything less is simply UNSUSTAINABLE SUICIDE – There is no middle ground.

    The Evil Politics of Unsustainable Petroleum: Manipulation of world economies by greedy profiteering petroleum corporations, oil-rich nations, rogue terrorist regimes, and the short-sighted, self-destructive myopathy of all those who are suicidally addicted to endless burning of oil.

    USA is long overdue to declare Energy Independence and take strong, decisive, high-priority radical actions to completely eliminate our Black Gold Stranglehold. This critical idea is NOT NEW - It has been ignored since the first 1973 OPEC Oil Embargoes.


    Congress For Sale- Welcome LobbyistsLobbyist Corruption Buys Subsidies

    Communicating The Documented Truth - The reason we have NOT responded correctly to the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargoes

    This tracks the source and the corrupt receivers of reported congressional political bribes for the 110th Congress (at the end of the fossil-fuel-corrupted Bush / Cheney Administration). This list does not include the unreported illegal scandalous supply of prostitutes and illegal drugs to the now-publicized Bush / Cheney U.S. Department of Interior Minerals Management Service, which led to unenforced regulations that contributed to the BP Oil Gushers in the Gulf of Mexico. It also does not include the billions of dollars that they spend on advertising for each election to manipulate the mediocre minds of millions of voters.

    These are the most-powerful monetary manipulators of our very-corrupt U.S. Congress:

    Source: Southern Co (Coal) $344,615, Koch Industries (Oil) $339,400, Exxon / Mobil (Oil) $264,286, Chevron Corp. (Oil) $212,650, Duke Energy (Coal) $187,650, Anadarko Petroleum (Oil) $171,700, American Electric Power (Coal) $163,500, Peabody Energy (Coal) $161,800, Occidental Petroleum (Oil) $160,900, Marathon Oil (Oil) $160,375, Entergy Corp (Coal) $156,979, Valero Energy (Oil) $156,850, Murray Energy (Coal) $149,260, Dominion Resources (Coal) $148,099, Pilot Corp (Oil) $146,700, Conoco / Phillips (Oil) $145,950, Pinnacle West Capital (Coal) $128,800, Foundation Coal (Coal) $113,450, Scana Corp (Coal) $112,105, Sunoco Inc (Oil) $105,800, FirstEnergy Corp (Coal) $102,495, Independent Petroleum Assn of America (Oil) $102,000, BP (Oil) $91,800, DTE Energy (Coal) $91,500, American Gas Assn (Oil) $89,500, Devon Energy (Oil) $88,800, Chesapeake Energy (Oil) $86,200, Constellation Energy (Coal) $85,050, Arch Coal (Coal) $78,250, Williams Companies (Oil) $77,500, Halliburton Co (Oil) $70,750, PPL Corp (Coal) $65,042, Progress Energy (Coal) $59,750, Edison International (Coal) $56,800, Royal Dutch Shell (Oil) $56,400, CONSOL Energy (Coal) $54,800, Bass Brothers Enterprises (Oil) $53,700, Tesoro Petroleum (Oil) $52,500, Ameren Corp (Coal) $51,000, TECO Energy (Coal) $49,400, AGL Resources (Oil) $47,600, NiSource Inc (Coal) $46,800, Murphy Oil (Oil) $45,450, Allegheny Energy (Coal) $43,250, Petroleum Marketers Assn (Oil) $42,000, Drummond Co (Coal) $41,300, Mirant Corp (Coal) $38,800, American Petroleum Institute (Oil) $38,550, National Propane Gas Assn (Oil) $34,500, Alliance Resource Partners (Coal) $34,000, and NRG Energy (Coal) $31,600.

    The largest receivers of fossil-fuel industry corrupt bribes, who fight the hardest against sustainable clean energy laws, are:
    Cornyn, John (R-TX) $734,300, McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) $659,550, Inhofe, Jim (R-OK) $538,000, Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA) $398,050, Landrieu, Mary (D-LA) $391,458, Dole, Elizabeth (R-NC) $289,267, Coleman, Norm (R-MN) $270,720, Wicker, Roger (R-MS) $253,300, Barrasso, John (R-WY) $244,350, Roberts, Pat (R-KS) $235,245, Sessions, Jeff (R-AL) $228,115, Rockefeller, Jay (D-WV) $220,750, Voinovich, George (R-OH) $186,647, Baucus, Max (D-MT) $183,342, Domenici, Pete (R-NM) $175,600, Alexander, Lamar (R-TN) $172,150, Smith, Gordon (R-OR) $164,900, Stevens, Ted (R-AK) $157,300, Enzi, Michael (R-WY) $156,400, Sununu, John (R-NH) $156,050, Pryor, Mark (D-AR) $139,150, Specter, Arlen (D-PA) $130,650, and Hutchison, Kay (R-TX) $122,750. This list is made up of mostly Republicans, plus a few Democrats from fossil-fuel producing states.

    Ancient Wisdom: "Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise" - Deuteronomy 16:19

    When wicked politicians speak, you must understand who "owns" them, and why they fight so hard against sustainability.


    America's Extremely-Corrupt Big Oil Subsidies

    The February 28, 2011 NBC / Wall Street Journal scientific poll documented that 3 out of 4 Americans want to end corporate welfare for the world’s largest, most-profitable business in history, and Terminate Big Oil Subsidies. Ask your friends if they agree. The 22% of Americans polled by NBC / WSJ who LIKE paying taxes and interest to support oil companies probably receive their paycheck, pension, or speculative profit in some way from $4 / gallon petroleum pump price.

    Senate Bill S940 Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act is summarized on “… deny to oil companies with gross receipts in excess of $1 billion in a taxable year and an average daily worldwide production of crude oil of at least 500,000 barrels a year: (1) a foreign tax credit if such company is a dual capacity taxpayer, as defined by this Act; (2) the tax deduction for income attributable to domestic production of oil, natural gas, or primary products thereof; (3) the tax deduction for intangible drilling and development costs; (4) the percentage depletion allowance for oil and gas wells; and (5) the tax deduction for qualified tertiary injectant expenses.”

    The $21 Billion of tax revenue generated by S940 would be used to reduce U.S. deficit spending. It would only reduce Big Oil profits from $125 billion down to $123 billion per year, on oil revenue of $1.5 trillion per year.

    CBO stated that S940 would NOT significantly impact petroleum pump price or net jobs. But, S940 would help (a little bit) to fund things like Pell Grants for higher education and Medicare, which the (poorly named) Republican-controlled House of “Representatives” voted to slash (voting - AGAINST the opinion of two thirds of Americans that were polled).

    Senator Orin Hatch video: Support of Big Oil Subsidies - Against the desire of 3 / 4 of Americans

    Senator Robert Menendez video: Against Big oil Subsidies - Supports the desire of 3 / 4 of Americans


    May 17, 2011 Senate Roll Call Vote Results on "Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act"

    48 Oil-Corrupted Sinister Senators Voted To KEEP Big Oil Subsidies
    (Their unpopular partisan minority filibuster prevented passage of S940)

    Americans absolutely do NOT live in a majority-rules democracy
    The U.S. Congress is beyond any shadow of a doubt a hypocrisy

    Big oil corruption of the U.S. government is no hidden secret. These 48 Senators publish
    the hard fact that they have received $21Million in campaign donations from the
    largest oil companies
    , which they repay with $21 Billion in direct oil company subsidies.

    This is a 1,000 to 1 return on investment for the very-profitable oil company lobbyists.
    Would you spend one dollar if it would buy you a one-thousand-fold return on "investment"?
    Why do American voters tolerate such a sinister system of blatant oil company corruption?
    Oil company executives can do whatever they want, knowing that they "own" the Senate.

    The actual cost to taxpayers (and their grandchildren) is MUCH higher than $21 Billion,
    because America is borrowing over 40% of every dollar we spend, and paying interest on it.
    That borrowed $21 Billion of unpayable debt is adding to the rapid collapse of the U.S. dollar,
    which in turn reduces the net worth of posterity, and everyone who owns any U.S. dollars.

    Big oil subsidy corruption is an obvious form of Selfish Generational Theft.
    It destroys the planet and future for our children, and leaves them addicted to oil.

    The $21 Million "investment" is most likely only a small fraction of the hidden compensation,
    perks, parties, plane trips, and salaries of lobbyists that heavily influence government opinion
    and DEMAND that they VOTE AGAINST the opinion and best interest of their constituents.

    These 48 bought-and-paid-for Senators violate their constitutional solemn oath of office.
    These sinister Senators do NOT have the moral right to hold any public office.
    Profit and re-election are their highest-priority goals, no matter what other big lies they tell.
    Their obvious corruption demonstrates the worst aspect of USA's evil form of governance.

    What gives USA the moral authority to use deadly military force to impose our form of oil-corrupted
    (non-democratic, ignore-the-majority) government on any other nation in the world, when our own
    internal government and corporations are in such total corruption? Physician heal thyself !

    S940 and slashing Medicare WILL be issues in the next election campaign.
    Senators who voted against the vast majority of Americans will have to answer.
    Advertising paid for by oil companies will try to cover up the documented truth.

    Any citizen who votes for any of these 48 Senators encourages oil corruption.

    Below are the names of Sinister Senators who voted against 3 / 4 of U.S. citizens
    - The source of deeply-entrenched oil-industry political corruption is clear:

















































































































































    The majority of the above (like sinister Jim Inhofe) are rock solid and consistent in their big oil corruption

    But, some of the above are two-faced, forked-tongue, lying flip floppers like Senators:
    Coats, Graham, Grassley, Hatch, Kirk, Lugar, Murkowski, and Thune
    They spoke out to their constituents AGAINST big oil subsidies, but when it came time
    to vote, they did exactly what their oil company "owners" made them do - Outrageous !


    It is no measure of morality that you are accustomed to living in a den of thieves

    Mediocre minds with no critical thinking skills become accustomed to supremely-evil politics-as-usual

    Those voters who tolerate obvious corruption perpetuate the worst form of political thievery

    Where is the public outcry against those Sinister Senators who are "owned" by big oil bribery?


    In contrast, the following 52 Senators Voted To End Oil Subsidies

    They Accurately Represented Their Constituents by Voting "Yes" on S940






























































































































































    History: Vice President Dick Cheney's $34 Million Big Oil Bribe
    (More than the $21 million that the Sinister Senators received)

    In 1999 when he was CEO of Halliburton, Cheney gave a speech stating that the solution to America’s growing energy problem was to gain control of Middle Eastern Oil. When Dick Cheney became Vice President of the United States, Halliburton wrote him a $34 Million personal check as a “signing bonus.” Also see “Assault On Reason” beginning on page 117.

    January 2001, V.P. Cheney created his corrupt secret energy task force, began planning war on Iraq to gain control of Middle Eastern Oil (BEFORE 9/11/2001), relaxed safety regulations on the oil industry and subsequently gave Halliburton many billions of dollars in Iraq “NO BID” contracts.

    Dick Cheney’s Original Name for his unjustified OIL-related attack on Iraq was:Operation: Iraqi Liberation - He openly advertised that it was his O.I.L. WAR.

    Dick’s Halliburton stock options soared in value - Greatly increasing his net worth! He planned his deceptive O.I.L. War against Iraq, and skillfully positioned himself to profit from it.

    Dick (The Doer Of Dastardly Demonic Deeds) got his 1999 Halliburton-CEO wish. BUT, after significant political public relations pressure, the Bush / Cheney Administration was forced to change Cheney’s name for O.I.L. War to: Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

    War begins with W (as in George W. Bush), but Dick Cheney and Big Oil selfishly made it happen in Iraq, to the great detriment of all Americans. AND, a million deaths, friendly-fire mistakes, life-altering sad injuries, mutilations, amputations, and casualties to innocent non-combatant Iraq women and children. The Bush / Cheney so-called “War On Terror” has made a billion people around the world angry with the USA – Greatly DIMINISHING our national security. All things considered, OIL IS UNBELIEVABLY EXPENSIVE ! ! ! Cheney’s O.I.L. War alone has done Trillions of dollars of long-term irreparable damage to America.

    Dick Cheney Lord of WAR

    “He who is ever desiring profit is a cause of fighting” - Proverbs 28:25

    The serious U.S. strategic blunder to invade Iraq was NOT because of 9 / 11 / 2001, or non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction – Iraq O.I.L. War was exclusively because of Dick Cheney’s desire for profits and ill-conceived, ineffective control of Middle Eastern OIL, which Cheney clearly announced in 1999, and non-learning voters ignored TWICE.

    Imagine a Field of Flags in every town in America. Suppose that each flag represents the life of one patriotic young soldier who died in Iraq, because Cheney LIED about non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, which made Bush and Congress declare an Unprecedented UNJUSTIFIED Preemptive O.I.L.-Related War To Prevent War.


    Flags of Heroes

    Take an imaginary walk through Dick Cheney’s profound field, and try not to cry

    Documentation of the Supreme Sinister Evil of Oil-Related Lies, Death and Destruction:

    BUSHs WAR Bush - The War is Good for the Economy


    Alan Greenspan is a Republican that was appointed by Ronald Reagan as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1987 through 2006. In his 2007 book "The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World", Alan wrote: "I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil. Thus, projections of world oil supply and demand that do not note the highly precarious environment of the Middle East are avoiding the eight-hundred-pound gorilla that could bring world economic growth to a halt. I do not pretend to know how or whether the turmoil in the Middle East will be resolved. I do know that the future of the Middle East is a most important consideration in any long-term energy forecast." Greenspan's prediction came true with the 2008 oil crisis that caused worldwide economic collapse.

    Beatle John Lennon Give Peace A Chance

    Hundreds of millions of short-sighted mediocre-minded maniacal Americans think there is nothing wrong with Burning Past-Peak Petroleum, such as filling their SUV's with gas, heating their homes by burning fuel oil, generating electricity with diesel fuel, depending on trucks, trains, ships and airplanes that burn nearly 20 million barrels of declining, dirty, unreliable imported oil a day. This creates the largest transfer of wealth in human history. It is the source of O.I.L. War. $4 per gallon gasoline began to Bankrupt America in 2008. The worst is yet to come. It is society-wide suicide. Could anything be more insane?

    For the most part, Republican politicians have almost always been badly corrupted by big-oil lobbyist bribes, but apparently not California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. On September 27, 2010, he blasted the out-of-state oil companies that are tried to undermine California's 2006 global warming law, saying they are motivated purely by greed.

    Valero Energy Corp., Tesoro Corp. and Koch Industries (California’s three worst polluters) spent millions of dollars to manipulate Californians and "buy votes." Their deadly petroleum pollution motivation was clearly "self-serving greed."

    The big oil companies sponsored California Proposition 23 on the November 2, 2010 ballot, which would indefinitely suspend California's 2006 law that calls for a reasonable 30% reduction in climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

    Opponents of the 2006 law, AB32, said it will place a financial burden on businesses and cost California jobs. They proposed delaying its implementation until the state's unemployment rate falls to only 5.5 percent and stays there for a year.

    Schwarzenegger said that AB32 will more than make up for pollution-industry job losses by significantly boosting the new clean-technology industry. He questioned the true motivation behind the oil companies' support for air-pollution-increasing Prop 23. "They really don't just want to suspend it, they want to kill this initiative, kill our laws," the governor said. "Does anyone really believe that these companies, out of the goodness of their black oil hearts, are spending millions and millions of dollars to protect our jobs?"

    Two thirds of Californians strongly support AB32 clean air legislation. Schwarzenegger's address came on the four-year anniversary of AB32. California’s Air Resources Board is currently developing regulations to implement AN32 requirements on a timely schedule. The governor warned that the passage of Proposition 23 would have repercussions far beyond California: "This is not just about California; it is about America's economic prosperity and leadership in the years ahead," he said of the climate law. "California is America's last hope for energy change." The very-worst polluters are trying to block it.


    The life-or-death air pollution industry battle lines are clearly drawn.
    Who will ultimately win? Will it be too little, too late?

    Off-the-shelf superior energy technology solutions are available today, BUT IGNORED by insane people who run our society.

    NASA developed and deploys huge numbers of photovoltaic solar panels for use on USA satellites and the self-sustaining International Space Station. As PV prices have plummeted in recent years, NASA understands solar electricity economics better than almost anyone else in the entire world. Google runs their Mountain View California headquarters on a huge array of PV's. BUT, what about the NASA Kennedy Space Center in sunny Florida? All of the Space Center electricity still comes from burning imported OPEC diesel fuel ! ? ! ? ! We are truly a non-learning nation that does NOT use the technology we invented long ago !

    OPEC Diesel-Powered Electricity for Nasa Kennedy Space Center in sunny Florida

    August 2010, this Florida Power and Light diesel-fired power plant was finally torn down, to make room for a billion-dollar
    new, less-cost-effective IGCC coal-fired power plant that is only 33% less polluting than the 46-year-old diesel plant.
    The expensive coal for the new plant will have to be imported from far outside of Florida AT HIGH PETROLEUM EXPENSE.
    New coal mines will rip the top off of more ancient mountains, destroy precious trees, topsoil, and badly pollute the water.

    We can do MUCH better, but FPL and our government that subsidizes them, are both WITHOUT A CLUE.
    Why replace one fossil fuel with another? The new IGCC coal plant will emit as much MERCURY as conventional coal.
    This will INCREASE the deadly local air-and-water mercury MORE THAN THE DIESEL-FIRED POWER PLANT DID !
    Neurotoxic mercury will damage the health of animals, birds, marine life and humans that are hundreds of miles away.

    All of this is being foolishly done in SUNNY Florida, next to the Atlantic Ocean, where sun, wind energy and
    powerful ocean currents are clean, green, safe, abundant, and THE FUEL IS FREE - in Harmony with Nature.
    The reason that Florida is building multiple coal-fired power plants is political corruption, NOT GOOD SCIENCE.

    We need to STOP doing short-sighted incremental fixes, and elect leaders with foresight and environmental sensitivity.

    The following presentation focuses on the futility of the Stupid Path toward the Suicide of All Humanity. Our other presentations discuss in detail many energy-related problems, AND how we can use cost-effective off-the-shelf proven technology to rapidly replace burning all deadly carbon-based fuels with Sustainable Solutions like: all-electric transportation, solar heating and Clean, Green, Safe, DOMESTIC, Free-Fuel “Abundant Energy In Harmony with Nature” ®. This can happen near term. We do NOT have to wait decades from now, as our ineffective corrupt energy leaders would have us believe. Get Started TODAY.

    Simple Energy Problem Summary: Inefficient buildings, inefficient cars, long drive to work, only one person per heavy vehicle, lack of use of familiar cost-effective technology like telecommuting and mass transit, failure to use FREE sunshine that can heat a house with nothing more than equator-facing glass, ignoring wind where it is abundant, lobbyist-controlled corrupt politicians who are “owned” by the fossil fuel industry, greedy speculators driving up prices, NON-LEARNING CONSUMERS WHO IGNORE THE LESSONS WE SHOULD HAVE LEARNED FROM OPEC IN 1973!

    Save Our Precious Planet From Peril
    Save our air, and the birds that fly there
    Save our forests that clean our atmosphere
    Save our oceans, with fish and whales
    Save the land where we live, our food,
    water, and the animals around us

    Do no harm to the entire Earth, and
    leave it better for our grandchildren
    Invest in sustainable future infrastructure
    Phase out unsustainable unhealthy things
    Do NOT allow greedy short-sighted idiots
    to destroy the only planet that we have

    “There are dark times ahead. Soon we will all have to chose between what is right, and what is easy.”
    - Hogwarts' Headmaster Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter in "The Goblet of Fire"


    Insanely-Inefficient Internal Combustion Engines

    It’s easy to make the same mistakes today that our uninformed parents did yesteryear. Inefficient internal combustion engines waste 86% of the energy they consume making useless heat. In this Thermographic Image, note the expensive useless global-warming heat that is pouring off of every internal combustion engine’s radiator:

    Thermographic Image: WHITE IS THE HIGHEST TEMPERATURE / 86% Wasted Energy from imported deadly oil

    Wasted Car Heat Energy

    Nearly a billion carbon-fuel internal combustion engines significantly heat up cities around the world - both directly and by the gigatons of greenhouse gases that they emit. Electric cars that are recharged from green energy sources do not. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration "State of the Climate" report documents the fact that the last decade has been the hottest in human record keeping, and that June 2010 was the hottest in human history. October 2010, mild Los Angeles broke all previous records with 113 degrees F. For the last five years, Southern California rainfall has been 48% below the historical average. These are NOT a simple natural weather cycles. Man's hand is clearly involved.

    Increased ocean temperatures will drive more-intense deadly windstorms. Internal combustion engines play a significant role in global warming, which may soon melt polar-and-glacial ice, and flood coastal cities around the world, leaving a billion (once wealthy) people homeless. CO2 continues to relentlessly increase .6% / year - The worst is yet to come.

    Global Warming Rate

    Stand in front of your car. You can still feel intense radiant heat long after the engine is turned off. Even idling gasoline motors do this – Electric motors do NOT! Electric motors have maximum torque at only one RPM – They do NOT need to idle and waste energy when they stop. Electric motors are MORE POWERFUL and ACCELERATE FASTER than same-size gasoline motors.

    Unlike obsolete air-breathing engines, electric motors do NOT lose power when they climb tall mountains. Electric motor drive is FIVE TIMES MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT THAN GASOLINE OR DIESEL ENGINES. In high-volume production, rechargeable electric cars should soon cost LESS than petrol cars with far fewer parts to wear out, and much-lower maintenance costs. Electric motors can last hundreds of thousands of miles, and make gas guzzlers look like a worn down old horse-and-buggy. Most of the infrastructure to recharge electric cars is already in place. We do need to rapidly develop green electricity sources. The first thing to do is to become 80% more efficient with the energy we are inefficiently wasting today.

    It’s easy to thoughtlessly buy carbon-powered vehicles. Houses that pollute our air by burning dirty fossil fuels are commonly available in USA. Most of our electric power comes from burning expensive, deadly, fossil fuels. Some houses and power plants still insanely burn expensive fuel oil – transferring great wealth to multiple nations that fund deadly terrorism against us.

    All of this is UNSUSTAINABLE INSANE STUPIDITY. It Takes EFFORT and INTELLIGENCE To Undo Stinking Status Quo

    Marion King Hubbert accurately predicted U.S. Peak Oil in 1956. But, the myopic majority or Americans ignored him for HALF A CENTURY. In the 1960’s, USA was the world’s largest EXPORTER OF OIL. A decade after Peak Oil, we became the world’s largest Oil IMPORTER. The rising cost of imported energy greatly impacted our entire economy, BUT we failed to take action to eliminate our terrible addiction to dirty oil.

    USA Peak Oil Production

    America can NOT drill our way out of our energy crisis. Drilling only increases the risk of highly-predictable ecological and economic disasters. Why are ANY insane politicians even considering unsafe drilling in ecologically sensitive areas? Unsustainable oil is declining. It is rapidly costing way too much for any economy to afford for long.


    Our Outrageous Sell-Low, Buy-High Nation

    When America was the 1960’s world’s largest EXPORTER of oil, greedy oil companies (and the criminally-corrupt politicians that they have purchased with lobbyist campaign bribes), demonstrated Total IGNORE-ance of the Very-Accurate 1956 Hubbert PEAK OIL Prediction.

    America’s Big Oil Companies unbelievably SOLD our finite petroleum lifeblood, for A SMALL FRACTION

    Can we trust moronic maniacal oil executives to SOLVE the energy crises that THEY create? NO!

    Can we expect oil-funded al Qaeda to rebuild our World Trade Centers? Hell NO!

    We Must STOP Ignoring The Predictable Science of Unsustainable Burning Of ALL Carbon-Based Fuels

    In the 1960’s, American oil companies exported our finite supply of domestically-produced oil for about $5 per barrel. In 2008, they bought it back for as much as $147 per barrelOver 2900% more: SELL LOW, BUY HIGH - OUTRAGEOUS AMERICAN BIG OIL EXECUTIVE STUPIDITY. Would YOU sell anything for $5 and predictably buy it back for $147? Oil executives are paid million-dollar bonuses to produce immoral profits TODAY - TO HELL WITH THE FUTURE OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN.

    In 1956, Marion King Hubbert clearly-and-accurately predicted that this exact thing would happen with Past-Peak Oil.
    His own insane oil industry leaders obviously ignored his incontrovertible conclusions! Focus on today, forget tomorrow.

    Predicting and planning for the foreseeable future is a measure of mature intelligence

    The desire for immediate gratification is characteristic of immature infantile children

    Why pay mega-bonuses to myopic moronic big oil executives who behave like babies in diapers ? ! ? ! ?

    No one can refute the well-documented FACT that Oil Executives Are Greedy Profiteers. Their formally-stated primary corporate objective is to make PROFIT. The more profit they make TODAY, the more the executives are paid. Profit and Greed are very-powerful capitalistic motivations that override environmental-and-worker safety, the future of their own corporation AND grandchildren. The Legacy Of Shortsighted, Selfish, Immediate-Gratification, Infantile Behavior Is Deadly Decline.

    AFTER the devastating Exxon Valdez oil spill that irreparably damaged Prince William Sound for decades in the future, CEO Lee Raymond made $190,000 PER DAY, with new subsidies from the extremely-corrupt U.S. Congress. Oil-bribed Bush / Cheney also gave CEO's huge tax cuts. Is this rational behavior toward the world’s most-profitable, unsustainable industry ? ! ? ! ?

     EXON CEO -Make Me Richer

    Oil company executives are Paid To Be Greedy and Make Shortsighted PROFIT Today

    Nothing else is as important to them as PURE PROFIT CORRUPTION

    They KNOW that their industry is unsustainable - They must make their money before it collapses (very soon)

    Greed and Selfish Shortsighted Profit are designed into their compensation incentives

    Is this the way to run a rapidly-declining oil-addicted infantile covetous country?

    Dastardly Dick Cheney's corrupt energy task force deregulation of the U.S. oil industry created the unsafe environment for the BP / Transocean / Halliburton Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Toxic Dispersant Disaster - The largest such catastrophe in all of American history. BP (formerly British Petroleum needs no introduction. Headquartered in London, its subsidiary BP America was responsible for the deadly Gulf of Mexico biodiversity disaster. BP America used to be named Amoco - a base member of the convicted criminal Standard Oil monopoly. April and September 2010, the BP oil-and-gas conglomerate spent more than $93 million on public relations advertising, in response to worldwide plummeting public opinion. They also spent $20 million over the last two years lobbying and bribing our corrupt Congress for special-interest favorable subsidies for profitable operations.

    BP CEO Tony Hayward drove their profits up by obviously-deadly cost cutting. BUT, even at making selfish profit, oil executives are clearly EXTREMELY SHORTSIGHTED, and Unbelievably STUPID! BP’s corporate-charter goal is to make profit. In order to save a few million dollars in operating costs, Hayward created the gigantic BP volcanic gushing geyser in the Gulf, which will cost them an estimated $20 Billion of profit, and any former good will (when they were only worth $150 Billion in total assets).

    Short-sighted focus on today's bottom line profits is the proven path to destroy long-term profitability!
    Ignoring SUSTAINABILITY in harmony with Nature is clearly UNSUSTANABLE (unless you profit from oil)

    BP had to sell off profitable family-jewel assets to raise cash to cover their ongoing predictable disaster liabilities. BP employees will suffer; their stockholders will suffer; the entire Gulf Coast will suffer, WE WILL ALL SUFFER, some much more than others.

    Any shortsighted profit-motivated industry is simply TOO DUMB TO SELF REGULATE
    - They thoughtlessly damage the future potential for all of us - Leading Toward SUICIDE

    The 1960's export of U.S. domestic oil for $5 per barrel, which was predictably followed by buying it back for over $75 per barrel (FIFTEEN TIMES MORE), is Condemning PROOF POSITIVE of exactly how focused myopic oil executives are on today’s bottom line, to the exclusion of their own future success. Their insane compensation scheme is based on today’s profit, NOT Tomorrow’s Sustainability. This IMMEDIATE-GRATIFICATION MENTALITY is characteristic of immature 4-year-olds.

    One measure of mature intelligence is the ability to plan-and-prepare for the predictable future

    Peak Petrol Pyrotechnics

    Kiss You Gas Goodby

    Many of Richard Heinberg’s full-length lecture videos about sustainability are available through your favorite Internet Search Engine. America’s Past-Peak Oil Problem is one of his most-popular topics among people concerned about our future. Heinberg concisely describes the issues on this 70 minute video:


    Are Humans as Smart as Bacteria

    World Wide Oil Demand Graph

    All Gas-Oil Fields Peak and Decline

    Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar Oil Field is the largest reservoir ever discovered anywhere

    America’s Big Oil Companies developed Ghawar for the Saudi’s, and transferred unprecedented wealth to them

    What did we get in return?

    Al Qaeda funded by SUVs

    Ghawar’s oil extraction process began in 1951. They reached Peak Production of 5.7 million barrels per day in 1981. Ghawar’s oil production has declined below 4.5 million bpd since then. It began producing light sweet (high quality) shallow cheap oil, but now it is producing heavy, much-deeper, expensive oil, which characterizes Past-Peak Oil.

    Ghawar’s decline is very critical to all OIL ADDICTS around the world. Ghawar oil is over half gone, and increasing worldwide demand for petroleum is ACCELERATING THE DEPLETION OF GHAWAR (which may happen around 2025, depending on their foolish myopic extraction rate).

    Ghawar Oil is Running Out

    May 16, 2008, President George W. Bush BEGGED Saudi King Abdullah For More Oil. Our oil-industry-corrupted president flew to Saudi Arabia to plead with Abdullah to increase oil exports to our stupid country, which would have Surely INCREASED Our Bad ADDICTION To Deadly Oil. One hour after Bush landed in Saudi Arabia, greedy U.S. petroleum speculators suddenly drove the price of oil to an all time record high.

    Addition to Oil Makes Strange Bedfellows

    How humiliating it is that our foolish, shortsighted, Non-Learning Nation is the SERVANT to Saudi, BEGGING to send them Trillions of dollars to buy their precious petroleum. WE HAVE INCREMENTALLY BECOME WORSE THAN INSANE ADDICTS.

    A Nation of Addicted Beggars

    Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar Oil Reservoir capacity has been unequaled by other recent oil fields.
    Only 3 other in the world are 1-to-2 million bpd. Since 1965, no new oil discovery anywhere
    has even come close to replacing Ghawar. Declining Oil Is Unsustainable!

    Declining World Wide Oil Discoveries

    IRAN OIL Reservoirs Declining


    Worldwide Oil Prices Must Increase Greatly Very Soon

    $4 per gallon gasoline began bankrupting America In 2008
    What will $6 per gallon gasoline do, WHEN (not if) it unavoidably happens?

    More Oil Needed

    The worldwide demand for oil increases as the finite supply is being used up by extremely-inefficient overpopulation.
    The worldwide demand for seafood increases faster, as we are rapidly destroying our sources of food and clean water.
    Is the inevitable futility of overpopulation and unsustainable lifestyle behaviors becoming obvious to you yet?

    China's Growing Demand for OIL

    Oil Supply and Demand and $$$$$A CRUDE Awakening


    Peak Oil Decline Implies Peak Globalization Decline - Does it imply Peak GDP?

    Globalization outsourcing is based on low-cost long-distance international transportation. We catch salmon in Norway, ship them to China for low-cost labor processing, and then ship them to America to be sold as "fresh fish."

    When the price of oil increases, this international long-distance shipping must come to an abrupt end.

    It will cost less to produce things locally than to ship them half way around the world.

    High-priced oil will make domestic labor more cost effective.
    This will likely result in the re-industrialization of America.

    In 2008, we saw what happened with $4 / gallon gasoline. We saw it again in 2011.

    The upper limit seems to be around $4 gas before recession begins.

    Peak globalization probably occurred in 2007. Globalization is as unsustainable as is petroleum.

    Jeff Rubin Interview about the price of oil and the end of globalization
    We must produce everything that we need domestically, or do without



    It took all of human history to reach a Billion people in 1800 – By 1900 there were only 1.65 Billion crowded onto planet Earth. By 2010, Earth’s population was 6.9 Billion. We are adding about 80 million net new humans per year (roughly the size of Germany). A billion new people may take only about 12 years, as we rush toward TEN TIMES THE POPULATION OF 1800.

    Studies show that population growth is THE NUMBER ONE SOURCE OF MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE / GLOBAL WARMING and rapid depletion of all of Mother Earth’s scarce finite natural resources like oil, food and water.

    Earth can only comfortably support a population of about 2.5 million, which is where we were in 1950.

    As the number of humans explodes, worldwide spending for contraceptive devices FELL by more than one half in 12 years. We need increased education about voluntary population-growth limits. General education of women (which we strongly support) has been the most effective way to reduce population growth rate in poor stupid countries. Some despicable religions and governments refuse to educate women equally with men. Women that are treated like sexual servants have too many babies. Intellectual gender equality is a critical element of controlling worldwide extreme overpopulation and finite resource depletion.

    World Wide Population Explosion

    1973 – 1979 OPEC Oil Embargoes - American Peak Oil Production Decline combined with Increased Oil Imports. When the OPEC oil cartel embargoed shipments to America (for competitive geopolitical reasons), the pump price of gasoline shot up 600% in only six years from $0.20 to $1.20 per gallon. The price of everything exploded. Inflation ran rampant – The value of U.S.-dollar-based assets plummeted as the Fed printed worthless paper money. Our crisis was caused by unsustainable oil addiction.

    OPEC Impact on American Families: Before OPEC 1973, a family of four could live comfortably in a nice 3-bedroom house with good food, two cars in the garage (and an RV such as a boat or camper) on ONE moderate income. Mom could stay home and lovingly raise the kids after school. It was the way that many baby boomers grew up with their nurturing mother at home.

    By the end of the 1970's, 600% energy price increase meant that the same standard of living required TWO moderate incomes. Mom had to work. Mom and dad both came home stressed out with no time to cook a healthy meal. Junk food profiteers used small toy incentives to pedal their poison to our posterity. Obesity and diabetes became a uniquely-American epidemics. Kids had to entertain themselves after school with TV, violent video games, and later risky Internet social networking. Child crime increased, as did the terrible American divorce rate. Did you recognize that these problems are linked to our bad oil addiction?

    The last decade (since Dick Cheney's 2001 covert oil-industry profit-enhancement task force) has resulted in an average reduction of income by over $2,000 per year. The value of many stock market savings investments have also declined, at a time when the cost of energy, food, utility bills, cars and appliances have greatly increased. In a desperate attempt to reduce manufacturing costs, we shipped our jobs, technology and money overseas. Our bad balance of trade contributed to the immoral $14 Trillion debt we are passing on to our children and to our Great Recession unemployment woes.

    Does anyone understand imported-oil cause and effect? America prospered on cheap domestic oil, but now it is gone !

    The true total cost of our bad American OPEC oil addiction is far more than most people want to admit

    OPEC Wakeup Call

    Ineffective Presidential Rhetoric – Weak leaders who did NOT do what they promised

    Nixon 1/30/74: (After 1970 Peak Oil & 73 OPEC Oil Embargoes): "We will break the back of the energy crisis. We will lay the foundation for our future capacity to meet America's energy needs from America's own resources."  (Independent by 1980)

    Ford 1/15/75: “emergency energy programs to achieve the independence we want” (Independent by 1985)

    Carter 7/15/79: “This intolerable dependence on foreign oil...” (Independent by 1988)

    Reagan 2/18/81: “We will continue supportive research leading to development of new technologies and more independence from foreign oil.” (BUT, Reagan Ended Carter’s Energy Independence Plan)

    Bush 8/18/88: “There is no security for the United States in further dependence on foreign oil.” (America’s oil-addiction infrastructure insecurity is rapidly increasing, making us far less safe than ever before)

    Clinton 6/28/00: “We need a long-term energy strategy to maximize conservation and maximize the development of alternative sources of energy.” (Clinton and Gore set ineffective goals for advanced clean technology cars)

    Bush 1/31/06: “This country can dramatically improve our environment, move beyond a petroleum-based economy, and make our dependence on Middle Eastern oil a thing of the past.” (He proposed only a 75% reduction in Mideast oil imports by 2025 – Far Too Little, Far Too Late)

    Obama 6/15/10: “For decades, we have known the days of cheap and accessible oil were numbered ...  NOW is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash America's innovation & seize control of our own destiny.” (as if)

    Will USA ever make any progress toward our life-critical goals that were set in 1974, with leaders that tell us one thing and then do what the fossil-fuel-paid lobbyists want for a few dollars ? ? ? We are now a NON-LEARNING NATION led by DO-NOTHING, Uncommitted, Untrustworthy, Morally-Bankrupt LIARS. Status-quo fools keep voting for "CHANGE" and for re-change in an endless pendulum-swing from bad to bad. - Until we solve our underlying energy crisis, our economy can only get worse.

    Can we expect the crooks that created this crisis to correct it?

    Would YOU expect an arsonist to put out the fires that he starts?

    If politicians clearly will not or cannot do it, then who? Will you? If not NOW, then when?

    For four decades, 8 Presidents and 18 Congresses have ignored our bad imported-oil addiction – THE Number One, Most-Important U.S. Economic and Security Issue. PRESIDENTS AND CONGRESS SEND OUR BRAVE YOUNG SOLDIERS TO FIGHT AND DIE FOR OUR OIL-ADDICTED WAY OF LIFE. EACH TIME YOU FILL YOUR INEFFICIENT SUV GAS TANK, REMEMBER!

    8 Presidents- 8 Lies

    Watch The Daily Show Video

    Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign Promise: “For the sake of our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, I will set a clear goal as president: In 10 years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East.” (as if)

    Following the Endless Energy Independence LIES of presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush, Obama has been president since January 2009 and WE HAVE NOT TAKEN ONE SIGNIFICANT MEASURABLE STEP toward his promised 10-year goal. Do you think America will ever have a clear, rational, achievable Energy Independence plan in place?
    The most-sinister-evil, capitalistic, shortsighted, big oil profiteers are doing everything they can to guarantee that we do NOT!

    For four decades, we have ignored all OPEC warning signs. Our collective lead foot has our gas pedal all the way to the floor,
    as we rapidly accelerate toward the deadly energy drop off, and most of our neighbors do not seem at all concerned. We build
    and buy more things that burn carbon fuels. Our lifestyle is clearly unsustainable. We are without question killing our children.

    More than 2 / 3 of the U.S. money that we spend on Renewable Energy equipment went OVERSEAS to support other-country renewable energy manufacturing expansion.  Obama’s very-necessary (but unimplemented) 10-year (2019) Energy-Independence goal, and a measurable plan to accomplish it, STILL DO NOT EXIST. The window of opportunity is closing.

    Would Obama implement a realistic Energy Independence plan, even IF he was elected to a second term in office? (We doubt it)
    Will he campaign on more false Energy-Independence promises in 2012? (Of course - It has been a popular LIE for 4 decades)

    We are clearly a nation of Non-Learning Idiots, led by fossil-fuel-corrupted politicians with NO Courage to do what they promised we MUST do (for 40 years) to prevent Predictable Worldwide Energy-and-Economic Collapse. Voters are gullible fools.

    President Obama September 26, 2009 (after signing new fossil-fuel subsidies into law): “I am proud that the G-20 nations agreed to PHASE OUT $300 BILLION WORTH OF FOSSIL-FUEL SUBSIDIES – This will  increase our energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, combat the threat of climate change, and help create the new jobs and industries of the future”

    It makes no sense at all for USA to continue to SUBSIDIZE the very things that our presidential rhetoric promised we needed to PHASE OUT 4 DECADES AGO. We are addicted to leadership by insane maniacs. Over a year after Obama took office, there has been NO SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS toward his dishonest Energy Independence presidential promises. Is anyone surprised?

    Petroleum politics has ALWAYS corrupted all of our politicians. It will continue to do so, as long as America highly rewards the oil lobbyists who bribe our elected officials with immoral contributions. The 2008 MMS scandal proved that our government is literally in bed with big oil companies. The overlooked plain truth is that our U.S. government is owned and run by big oil.

    Stupid Support For Our Pervasive Problem: Worldwide Fossil Fuel Subsidies (USA, Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran ...) have ARTIFICIALLY LOWERED unsustainable, deadly-energy-source prices, which encourages ongoing very-bad energy usage decisions. Ending bad oil subsidy has the potential to begin to level the playing field, but much more is required.

    Our most serious problem is that
    Shortsighted Stupidity Is NOT Immediately Painful

    Fossil Fuel vs Solar

     Subsidizing Unsustainable Stupid Status Quo
    * Retards Creative Solution Innovation
    * Encourages Non-Learning Brain Death
    * Makes Addictive Dependency Much Worse
    * Accelerates Ignorance and Poverty
    * Creates An Un-Level Playing Field
    AGAINST Superior Alternatives
    * Encourages Bad Business As Usual
    * Lines The Pockets Of The Most Corrupt
    * Reelects Those Who Create Crises
    * Rewards Evil Selfish Greedy Lobbyists

    1) Conservative Non-Learning Obstructionists Cling To Stinking Status Quo The human brain has a uniquely-large prefrontal cortex - Intelligent mature adults can develop the ability to Observe, Predict, and Plan for the Obvious Future. However, FORESIGHT IS DYSFUNCTIONAL among Ultra-Conservative, Wake-Watching, Infantile, Myopic Mediocre Maniacal Morons.

    2) Progressives Do NOT Have A Clue How To Manage Long-Overdue Innovation  In a perverse way, the Flawed Politics of Progress Perpetuates Declining Status Quo.

    For many decades, Do-Nothing Partisan Politicians Ignore the Obvious, and Continue To Drive Society Farther Down Our Predictably-Suicidal Pathway - Each party blaming the other for our many recessionary woes – Perhaps BOTH are correct.

    POWER CORRUPTS - POWER CHANGES PEOPLE - Competitive PARTISAN Petroleum-Power Politics Corrupts Completely

    Those in power often give up most of their previous promises and rational behavior in order to retain power. The only goal of our elected leadership seems to be to Maintain or Regain Political Power, To The Great Long-Term Detriment Of Our Entire Nation (and World). They are more concerned about their personal job security than the security of our nation.

    "I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office."
    - Andrew Jackson - Seventh President of USA - On our $20 bill - Corruption is built into America's flawed form of democracy.

    Small, incremental, easy, political changes are NOT enough - We are long overdue for Radical Reinvention of MANY things.
    We MUST reject declining status quo, AND learn how to mange innovation. We must Reinvent Invention, and Pilgrim-Pioneer Self-Preservation Cooperation (in stark contrast to today's pervasive petroleum-powered political corruption).

    USA energy subsidies are mostly BASED ON ENVIRONMENT-DAMAGING CARBON – We must “level the playing field” for CLEAN, GREEN, ABUNDANT, SUSTAINABLE, FREE-FUEL, ZERO-EMISSION ENERGY SOURCES (like 80%-improved energy efficiency, sunshine, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric / hydrokinetic energy from endless rain, ocean currents, tides, and waves).

    Clean, Green, Safe, Free-Fuel, Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature has little funding to fight our corrupt American Congress. It MUST be a grass roots effort. You and I need to take a patriotic stand. Oil company lobbyists can well afford to buy far more Senators than the majority of rational American energy consumers are able to do (especially now, more than ever, thanks to our Supreme Court allowing huge corporate campaign funding).

    Those Who Stand For Nothing Will Fall For Anything - Consumers and environmentalists must unite, or we will all die soon

    Greedy high-profit big oil companies (like Exxon / Mobile, Shell, and BP) provide more documented (and undocumented) political bribes to our extremely-corrupt legislators than any other source. In return, they have enjoyed deregulation, favorable treatment by government agencies (like the criminally-corrupt Bush / Cheney Department of Interior / Minerals Management Service), and $45 Billion / year of taxpayer-funded unnecessary, destructive, unsustainable SUBSIDIES (88% of all ongoing annual federal subsidies go to the oil industry).

    “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms (of government) those entrusted with power have,
    in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”
    – Thomas Jefferson – Third U.S. President

    SAY IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE SO: PLEASE Prove Jefferson Wrong!

    Reverse America’s 4-Decade-Long Suicidal Trend of UNFULFILLED ENERGY INDEPENDENCE PROMISES

    Do the world’s most-profitable companies need any type of subsidies at all? - Certainly NOT $46 Billion per year!

    Should they be given more-favorable treatment than Superior Sustainable Solutions?

    Simple Analogy: Keep Your Eyes on our Long-Term Life-Critical Sustainability Goal

    When people learn how to snow ski, they look down at the tips of their skis, trying to make a snow plow. This makes them fall forward between their skis, which can be very painful. A ski instructor can see this error and tell them to NOT look at their ski tips, but rather keep their eyes on the bottom of the ski run.

    Farsighted Focus becomes much more important the faster you want to go

    Since the first 1973 OPEC oil embargoes, all U.S. presidents and the Congress have focused on short-term, small, incremental improvements to existing grossly-inefficient internal combustion engines, etc. By setting trivial C.A.F.E. mpg goals, with low expectations about American creative ingenuity, we have performed far worse than our international competitors. In 20 / 20 hindsight retrospect, it is now clear that this myopic mediocrity approach has only served to INCREASE our use of expensive imported oil, and has had a terrible impact on pollution, climate change, national security, and our entire economy.

    $4 per gallon gasoline was one of the key triggers for the 2008 Beginning of Bankruptcy and Total Financial Collapse in America

    Our unwavering end goal must become Zero Emissions – Never Burn Anything

    Clean, Green, Safe, Free-Fuel, Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature ®

    Anything less is short-sighted staring at our ski tips – Guaranteeing a serious fall.
    We must NOT waste any more time or resources on dead-end short-term tactics.

    ALL Carbon-Based Fuels Are One-Way Narrowing Dead-End Dirt Road Detours to Inevitable Deadly Disaster

    Oil Dead End    Future Oil Pumps    SUV after Sale Cost

    President Obama proudly provided a significant loan to Ford Motor Company so they would expand the production of their
    heavy internal-combustion-engine Explorer SUV in his Chicago home. This was clearly a dead-end political pork project that
    takes America even farther from our ultimate Zero-Emissions necessary goal. Anything that burns ANY carbon fuel is deadly.

    2011 Internal-Combustion-Engine Ford Explorer - Full-Loaded V6 is about $48,000 - 86% of fuel burned produces useless heat

    2011 Heavy Ford Explorer SUV

    Should American's allow our elected officials to borrow from our children to subsidize DEAD END Carbon-Burning SUV's ?

    MOST of the time, big-pig American SUVs have only one person onboard ! (Average 1.1 persons per U.S. vehicle)
    The engine on large vehicles should NOT be allowed to operate with less than FOUR people onboard.

    Vehicle Occupants

    Why do shortsighted corrupt partisan politicians forever subsidize unsustainable society-wide suicide ? ! ? ! ?

    Minor improvement in C.A.F.E. mpg is FAR TOO LITTLE, FAR TOO LATE. We must STOP burning any carbon-based fuel.

    Farsighted Focus becomes much more important the faster you want to go

    Israel does NOT want to import oil from OPEC nations (that deny Israel's right to exist). Why transfer great wealth to your
    sworn enemy? Israel's rate of learning about unsustainable deadly imported petroleum is much faster than the USA.

    In January 2008, (before the summer 2008 international oil crisis), Israel wisely imposed a 72% sales tax on all new petroleum-powered cars. A few months later, Denmark imposed a 180% sales tax on petroleum cars, and ZERO sales tax on all-electric cars. Multiple intelligent nations have begun developing nationwide electric-car recharging infrastructure.

    Extremely-corrupt America is more than a decade behind superior international energy-policy thinking.

    Israel and Denmark sales tax on petroleum vehicles is Excellent Rational National Energy Policy in learning-countries with functional Powers of Observation, and Critical Thinking Skills, that are led by enlightened politicians with the ability to foresee the future and plan accordingly (unlike USA, which STILL subsidizes the production of Dead End Petroleum Cars like the Ford Explorer SUV, and the Totally UNSUSTAINABLE highly-polluting, geopolitically-unstable petroleum industry).

    High taxes on buying stupid things that must be quickly phased out does NOT require taxpayer funds - It generates revenue.
    Those who profit from business-as-usual claim that such taxes damage the economy. Israel and Denmark prove them LIARS.

    The double-dumb American companies that produce inefficient vehicles (like the 2011 Ford Explorer) should have to pay at least 80% federal income tax on everyone sold (to make them far less profitable). Purchasers of big-pig vehicles should pay at least a 100% sales tax on them, after electric cars become widely available, to greatly reduce demand for obsolete stupidity.
    The license fee for ALL inefficient internal combustion engine vehicles should ramp up to $12,000 per year in the near future.

    If Rush Limbaugh wants to continue preaching disregard for our future, he should have to pay for the impact HE is having on the world. For a non-learning nation that ignores science and rational environmental concern for Nature, our gluttonous energy habits should be taxed out of existence (in a rapid ramp up that takes no more than 10 years, which is about the life of a gas-guzzling, obsolete, stupid Detroit status-quo vehicle).

    Intelligent people who pay attention to the implications of rational national policy will see their net cost of transportation decline.

    Valuable Often-Ignored Wisdom From The Jedi Master:

    "If you choose the quick and easy path . . . you will become an Agent of EVIL"

    Wisdom From The Jedi Master

    For four decades, 8 U.S. Presidents and 18 Congresses have clearly been Agents of Carbon-Fuel EVIL
    They have all chosen the quick-and-easy political path that leads toward the unsustainable suicide of humanity
    All 8 EVIL Presidents have articulated what needed to be done, but then they all broke their promises to America

    Since 1973, America has known HOW to eliminate imported OPEC oil in only eight years, but for
    4 decades, our inept, quick-and-easy-path EVIL leaders have subsidized the importation of OPEC oil,
    which continues to increase every year that we keep ignoring obvious petroleum unsustainability.

    We could have eliminated the need for OPEC oil imports (including Taliban and al Qaeda funding) by 1981!

    Passing difficult problems on to our precious children is precisely what created our current crises.

    OIL Warning Signs

    How close to the very-predictable brink of OPEC petroleum disaster must we get,
    before we will take our foot off of the gas pedal, and SLAM ON OUR BRAKES ?

    Those who ignore the lessons of the past Condemn Our Children To Inevitable SUICIDE

    President Kennedy spent 6% of our U.S. national budget to walk on the Moon FIRST - the equivalent of $145 BILLION of today’s worth less dollars. If he had not, we might all be speaking Russian today. America’s current oil addiction energy threat is MUCH GREATER than Sputnik or Vietnam were decades ago. Why is this so difficult to see? Will we ever respond appropriately?

    About five years ago, China produced 2% of the world’s photovoltaic solar panels. They invested in the future, and now they produce half of worldwide PV – Some of their PV's are even used for Chinese electric-vehicle power. China is the world leader of electric-vehicle rechargeable battery technology. What an un-insightful, trailing-edge nation America has now become.

    In the 1960's America PROVED that a growing supply of low-cost energy is essential to worldwide competitive prosperity.
    Today, China has mastered this critical knowledge, which America abandoned when Reagan ended Carter's Energy program.

    China versus USA Real GDP Growth Since 1990

    The above chart is "Politically Incorrect" - It is based on solid scientific facts, NOT what Americans want to think is true. Ethnocentric fools want to believe that "We're Number 1". They reject anyone who proves that they are just flat wrong. Politicians lie and pander to popular misperceptions to get elected. Good scientists tell the Truth, and are often rejected.

    Is anyone surprised that America has lost international competitive advantage, and we must now borrow money from China? Clearly, the terrible trend of U.S. GDP declining, while China's GDP rises rapidly, is NOT good for the recession America is in. When we import nearly 70% of our oil, we transfer huge wealth overseas (to some of our sworn enemies). We've sent a Trillion dollars to those who want harm us. We can NOT compete globally by using expensive, declining, imported energy of any kind."Drill Baby Drill" can NOT possibly meet our current energy needs, much less those of our grandchildren.

    Unemployed Americans now stand in line to use government food stamps to buy cans of (low quality) food made in China. Since March of 2009, the top 1% have made significant money on Wall Street, but Main Street cannot find decent jobs any more. The rich get much richer. Our poor get poorer. And, the American middle class has been nearly eliminated from greedy USA. The taxpayer money we send China, Japan and OPEC for interest payments SHOULD be used to solve our domestic problems.

    America's current recession is NOT part of a simple economic cycle that we will soon recover from and return to "the good old days" of inefficient unsustainable carbon-fuel business-as-usual. We must radically reinvent our crumbling infrastructure, with clean, green, safe, FREE-FUEL, daily renewable, Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature: Zero Emissions - Never Burn Anything. Energy policy based on long-term use of carbon fuels or nuclear energy Is Clearly Suicidal.

    America's Failing Foolish Financial System

    As President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under Bush / Cheney, Timothy Geithner was partially responsible for allowing the complete collapse of Wall Street banks in September 2008, due to fiscally irresponsible borrowing and lending practices. We now know that Geithner also flagrantly evaded federal income taxes. Corrupt people in power have good reason to believe that they are above the law in America. Instead of prosecuting Geithner for multiple crimes, President Obama appointed him the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury ! ? ! ? !  (Would YOU ask a bloody fox to guard YOUR hen house?)

    Shortsighted, selfish, immediate-gratification America depends heavily on money borrowed from more-growth-oriented fiscally- responsible China, Japan, and OPEC to pay for our outrageously-stupid imported oil policies and O.I.L. War. We are passing $14 Trillion in debt on to our posterity, while leaving them a crumbling, unsustainable, oil-based economy and useless petroleum infrastructure, instead of practical planning for the predictable future - without burning ANY carbon-based fuels.

    Fools Have Forgotten The Frugal Foundation Of Our Nation

    American pilgrims knew that deficit spending was evil:

    “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”

    “Use it up; Wear it out; Make It Do; OR DO WITHOUT”

    Proverbs 22:7: “The borrower is servant to the lender”

    Benjamin Franklin (The face on the U.S. $100 bill):

    “Rather to go to bed supper less than rise in debt”

    “He that goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing”

    “He that is rich need not live sparingly, and
    he that can live sparingly need not be rich”

    “Spare and have is better than spend and crave”

    “He that is of the opinion that money will do everything
    may well be suspected of doing everything for money”

    “If you would be wealthy, think of SAVING as well as getting”

    “Content makes poor men rich, discontent makes rich men poor”

    “Beware of little expenses; A small leak will sink a great ship”

    American Debt versus Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    Interest on America’s growing debt burden is sending huge wealth overseas. It is stealing from our grandchildren’s future. It is a legacy of great economic evil. The interest we are now spending on unprecedented debt diverts funds away from education, health care, and maintaining our crumbling obsolete infrastructure, all of which make our unsustainable future far less secure.

    On 12/12/2009 John McCain said on the Senate floor that this is “the greatest act of generational theft that's been committed in the history of this country ...  In the last campaign, the president of the United States campaigned for change, change you can believe in. There's no change here. We're spending money like a drunken sailor, and the bar is still open ... People who vote for this kind of pork-barrel spending are going to be punished by the voters” (and so they were in November 2010, but America’s gross deficit spending problem is still not solved yet. All politicians spend taxpayer money like fools.)

    If you cannot afford to pay cash for something, borrowing money for it will make it LESS AFFORDABLE. Never borrow money on ANY depreciating item. Poorly-educated fools charge hamburgers and gasoline on their credit cards, and then pay interest on them for months. Since 2007, even houses have been depreciating items, and they still are.

    China threatened to stop buying U.S. Treasury bonds. Geithner rushed to China to BEG them to continue loaning us huge sums of money to support our terrible political policies, mushrooming debt, ultra-loose monetary policy, fiscal irresponsibility, weak dollar, growing oil imports, and O.I.L. War. By 3Q 2010, China was selling U.S. Treasury bonds. Who will buy our huge U.S. debt?

    On June 1, 2009, during a question-and-answer session following Geithner’s speech at Peking University, he was asked by a student whether ongoing Chinese investments in U.S. Treasury debt were safe. He replied that they were "very safe", which drew boisterous laughter from the well-informed audience, who knew Truth better than Tim. USA is becoming the laughing stock of the much-more-successful nations that we must borrow from to survive. "The borrower is servant to the lender."

    Stinking sinking stagnant status quo, and resistance to change, are killing our once-prosperous country. China’s GDP is rapidly expanding, while ours is in decline, due to obsolete energy policy. We can NOT compete internationally when we are addicted to expensive imported oil. Our future must be based on clean, green, safe, abundant, daily-renewable, FREE-FUEL ENERGY.

    We need a long-term PERMANENT Commitment to ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, similar to our Interstate Highway initiative.
    President Eisenhower allocated 925% of the U.S. annual budget for Interstate Highways, and they are still under funded,
    crumbling, and incomplete. Overall, abundant, reliable, low-cost DOMESTIC Energy is far more important than all of our roads
    or space program alone! Isn’t anyone concerned about our bleak future?
    We are behaving like immature babies in diapers.
    All of the above are absolutely essential to America’s future growth, AND survival.

    Clearly, our American government-and-private budgets, and our miserable oil-addiction energy policy, do NOT reflect this fact. That is why our nation is going bankrupt. Since the 1973 OPEC oil embargoes, the rapidly-rising cost of dirty unsustainable energy has had the largest single negative impact on our declining national economy, and our flaky floating financial system.

    Before 1973 OPEC, the pump price of gasoline was $.20 a gallon. 2008 $4 gas bankrupted millions of struggling American businesses and families. We are a non-learning nation - ignoring obvious cause-and-effect. We focus on placing blame, NOT corrective action. The result of near-future $4 and $5 gasoline (with USA incomes declining) is predictable bankruptcy SOON.
    We have ignored the obvious unsustainable nature of petroleum for far too long. This is like no other time in human history.

    Rebuilding our obsolete energy infrastructure will eventually cost A Hundred Trillion Dollars over time. BUT, we do NOT need more taxes or public funding for future lower-cost sustainable free-fuel energy solutions. Entrepreneurs and private venture capital will gladly pay for it all, IF our national policies give a clear, unambiguous, Compelling Vision of a Superior Energy Future

    Some people are recommending a major shift from coal and petroleum to domestic Natural Gas. It is less polluting
    than other fossil fuels, but burning gas still emits large volumes of greenhouse gas, lung-and-brain damaging particulates, and pollution. Growth of natural gas is a dead-end detour that takes us farther away from Zero Emissions - Never Burn Anything.

    Just like the Deepwater Horizon explosion (which involved a large quantity of natural gas / methane), The USA natural gas
    transportation network is also a source of potential death and community disaster. America already has enough natural gas
    pipelines to circle the entire Earth over eighty times. Some are probably near your home. Some of the oldest are made of wood!

    Natural gas poison-peddling profiteers say that we need many MORE natural gas pipelines across America. On September 10, 2010, an improperly-maintained Pacific Gas and Electric natural gas pipeline exploded in the dark in San Bruno (12 miles south of San Francisco), killing and injuring innocent adults and children in their sleep, without warning. We are a non-learning nation.

    In 2009, there were 163 significant natural gas pipeline "accidents" that killed and injured many Americans.

    There is no such thing as a "safe, clean, carbon fuel" - Carbon-fuels-as-usual are all potentially deadly

    San Bruno (San Francisco suburb) P G & E natural gas pipeline explosion

    Have YOU noticed the increasing number and severity of recent deadly fossil fuel "ACCIDENTS"?
    Dirty energy safety is getting worse, NOT better. The past is merely prologue. The worst is yet to come.
    Do YOU care? Do you ignore the temperature gauge or "Check Engine" light on your car?

    Our obsolete fossil fuel infrastructure is rapidly aging, and must be replaced with SUSTAINABLE Solutions.
    Why invest in obsolete "Drill Baby Drill", when Clean FREE-FUEL Energy can cost LESS in many locations?

    Bubble gum and bailing wire fixes, and cost-cutting greedy carbon corporations will NOT do what is required.
    Poor training / supervision of operators (who know little English, or who use alcohol and drugs) are deadly.
    Business-as-usual status quo is a path toward the predictable Suicide of Humanity. Doing what is easy is evil.

    There are hundreds of millions of lucrative new Green-Energy-Related Jobs yet to be created, and many motivated entrepreneurs who would love to create them NOW. All we need is a Compelling SHARED VISION.

    Our unbelievably-stupid U.S. Federal Reserve Banks loan commercial banks money for zero interest, trying to stimulate the
    economy with $5 Trillion dollars worth of new burdensome debt for our grandchildren, and worthless money that they print
    for FREE – devaluing ALL of our dollar-based assets.

    Banks use this FREE money from our inept government to buy U.S. Savings Bonds, so taxpayers can pay the big banks
    interest on the money that we gave them for free! Maybe we should all become banks. Loan ME money for free, and I will
    GLADLY loan it back to you for interest. (Chuckle - Outrageously-INSANE corrupt U.S. governance, but very-sadly true)

    America’s big banks have about $1.5 Trillion that they could immediately loan for many much-needed Green-Energy
    Retrofit Projects,
    but they do not. Stagnant status quo and "Hell NO You Can't" obstructionists prevent political progress.

    Why should banks take risks when our Fed is insanely giving them large no-risk profits for FREE?

    If you have an 800+ credit score, you may NOT get a bank to lend you money that our government gave them for zero interest.

    We desperately need to radically reinvent our buildings, transportation, and energy systems, but we're living in Insanityland.

    IF we had a rational government (which we do not), we could set energy efficiency goals to greatly reduce the $250 Billion that is currently being wasted unnecessarily each year by over a 100 million terrible existing American buildings. All that it would cost taxpayers is a small amount for energy-saving retrofit loan incentives - The banks could provide the necessary funds. This new policy would then provide low-risk motivation for profiteering banks to make new energy-retrofit loans. The ROI would be HIGH.


    Unemployment is over 25% in the failing American construction industry. I've seen good construction workers going from one job site to another looking for any kind of employment at all. With millions of foreclosed empty homes, why build any new ones? The current supply of foreclosed home bargains far exceeds the demand to purchase homes. Why build new ones in today's energy-related Great Recession? We need new, more-efficient Zero Energy buildings, but we are stuck with our bad inventory.

    We could almost immediately put a million construction workers back on the tax-paying payrolls, doing things like using SUNSHINE to eliminate the use of burning fuel oil to heat homes and water (in 25 foolish states in America). We could build many new systems to generate electricity from the sun, wind and hydrokinetic power.

    The energy-retrofit payroll tax revenues would be much more than the small amount we would invest to encourage banks to make energy-retrofit loans. It would be a MUCH better taxpayer Return On Investment than free money so banks buy our bonds!

    In only a few years, we could reduce inefficient building energy waste by 30% to 50% (as has already been demonstrated 6 million times by the DOE Low-Income Weatherization Program). Real estate retrofit loans could be paid back in only 5 years, but the energy-reduction benefits would go on for multiple decades. It would also establish new Zero Energy Building Codes for all future building construction, reducing the growing need for new-and-existing dirty fossil-fuel and nuclear electric-power generation plants.

    Does Zero Energy Design ® have a very-specific plan to accomplish this easily-achievable goal? YES!

    Is Zero Energy Design ® going to do all of the work by ourselves? NO, we can’t do it alone - No single company can.
    – WILL YOU HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN, OR will you ignore the predictable, and “wait and see” if suicide happens?
    Will our non-learning nation ever answer the 1973 OPEC Wake Up Call? OR, will we merely die in our stupid sleep?

    No previous human society has ever been in such a precarious position. We have the technology to eliminate poverty,
    OR eliminate the ENTIRE human race. Which do YOU choose for your grandchildren? Inaction guarantees rapid decline.

    Corrupt subsidizing the burning of ANY carbon-based fuel is the most counterproductive thing we are doing today.
    It SHOULD have stopped in 1973. It is OUTRAGEOUS, SUICIDAL, and MUST BE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED. Today’s unsustainable, carbon-burning energy policies will predictably ENSURE NEAR-TERM NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY.
    The 2008 $15 Trillion hole that $4-per-gallon gasoline blew in the American economy was merely a small peak at our future.

    Will the young generation recognize the futile foolish folly of profiteering short-sighted oil-addicted baby boom lunatics?
    Will our children finally answer the OPEC Wake Up Call that our greedy corporations and corrupt government have ignored?

    “Every generation needs a new revolution.” - Thomas Jefferson - Third American President (1801 to 1809)
    - Author of the U.S. Declaration of Independence - We are long overdue to declare and implement ENERGY INDEPENDENCE.

    America's young generation most certainly needs revolution NOW. The bad baby boomers who control corporations and our corrupt Congress have USA on an unsustainable suicidal path. Baby boomers most certainly refuse to solve the problems that they continue to create. Backward obstructionists strongly resist change for the better. Will Bernie Madoff make you rich?
    How much longer will the mindless mediocre majority continue to rely on big oil big lies, corruption, manipulation & deception?

    Baby boom flower children cried out for Peace and Love as they came of age. They created Earth Day to inspire a cleaner environment. And then, the outrageous hypocrites started the unjustified O.I.L. War in Iraq, and raped the only Earth we have.

    In the 1960's, the young baby boomers said "Never trust anyone over 35 years old." Perhaps it was a self-fulfilling prophesy.
    Does growing older have to imply entrenchment in greedy business-as-usual exploitation and destruction of the environment?

    The sooner we start Rebuilding Our Entire Energy Infrastructure, the LESS it will cost. Each time we build or buy ANYTHING that burns carbon-based fuel, THE MORE OUR FUTURE WILL COST, the more insecure tomorrow will become, and the larger the huge negative impact on our precious grandchildren's future will surely be. STOP BUYING THINGS THAT BURN ANY CARBON.

    Dunce of OILSince OPEC 1973, 8 presidents have said that our Unsustainable Stupid
    Imported-Energy Addiction could NOT possibly continue.

    It Didn’t – We are importing MORE OPEC oil today than ever before!

    How much longer can we delay the altogether obvious,
    before our worldwide oil-addicted economy totally collapses?

    OIL Point of NO Return

    I am a true patriot who loves what America has the POTENTIAL to become

    American Symbols

    I grew up in America. I am true red, white and blue through and through. I’ve prospered greatly from the many benefits provided to me through the countless sacrifices of many noble patriots. I’ve traveled the world and seen great POTENTIAL everywhere.

    It saddens me when I see greed, corruption, tyranny and gross inefficiency.

    I Offer Confrontational CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism to Improve All Of Our Lives.

    In this section, we discuss many unresolved ongoing issues. We have off-the-shelf solutions, but lack the wisdom to use them.

    Be assured that our other presentation sections provide very-specific detailed solutions to every problem we enumerate here.

    At a time when America is going Bankrupt because of Selfish Greed, instant-gratification consumerism, inept mismanagement of scarce natural resources, maniacal war over other nations’ oil, extreme corruption, and resistance to change, only NOBLE Patriots seem to care about a life of SUSTAINABLE CONSERVATION or the future of their precious grandchildren.

    The short-term cost of penalizing bad behavior and Subsidizing Sustainability will be high, but in only one generation the huge POTENTIAL benefits of Clean, Green, Safe, Abundant, DOMESTIC Free-Fuel Energy can become the SALVATION Of Our Nation.

    We all must take a noble patriotic stand, and be prepared to defend our nation against
    today’s ongoing rampant corporate-and-government suicidal oil-addiction corruption.

    We can succeed only by concert” “It is not ‘can any of us imagine better?’ but, ‘can we all DO better?’ The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.  We must disenthrall ourselves (break away from previous politics), and then we shall save our country. Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history.” - Abraham Lincoln 1862 (Time for CHANGE has come.)

    Zero Energy Design ®  ABUNDANT ENERGY In Harmony With Nature ®

    THE 11th Hour Viewing

    Zero Energy Design ® highly recommends that you view this 1.5 hour documentary about what man has done to the Earth
    in only a few decades. “The 11TH Hour” includes the observations of 50 top environmentalists.

    “The 11TH Hour” is generously available on cable TV, on DVD for $5, or online for free:
    Fuel Plane on Fire
    In 2008, America suddenly became aware that we have a huge energy crisis, environmental crisis, financial crisis, bank crisis, stock market crisis, retirement / pension-plan crisis, dollar devaluation crisis, balance-of-trade crisis, housing crisis, foreclosure crisis, jobs-and-employment crisis, education crisis, healthcare crisis, infrastructure crisis, automobile industry crisis, retail crisis, government-corruption crisis, morality / fraud crisis, unjustified-unprecedented-preemptive-war crisis based on lies, and ALMOST EVERYTHING-ELSE CRISIS. Inept, arrogant, overpaid, grossly-incompetent, massive mis-management, GREED, corruption, lies, business-and-politics-as-usual dominate mediocre minds who lack critical thinking skills.

    The source of all of these endless problems is our NON-LEARNING NATION WITH A CRISIS OF CREATIVITY.



    Chinese Symbols Wei Ji

    Americans almost never use “danger” and “opportunity” next to each other in the same sentence. In stark contrast, the
    prosperous Chinese cannot read, hear, or speak about a “crisis” without knowing that it is a “dangerous situation” (wei)
    with the “opportunity” (ji) of CHANGE FOR THE BETTER (wei ji -> zhuan ji).

    "We are continually faced with great opportunities, which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems" - Margaret Mead

    "If the future is to remain open and free, we need people who can tolerate the unknown, who will not need the support of completely worked out systems, or traditional blueprints from the past" - Margaret Mead (American Cultural Anthropologist)

    Americans are responding to our self-created, long-predicted, 2008 crises by focusing on the danger, and our decline. China on the other hand used the American-created worldwide crises for growing success - Culture and language impact behavior.

    Americans cannot see our wonderful “ji” (Opportunity) while we focus on our “wei” (Danger of the moment) -
    We all need to learn how to see the ji in our wei ji, so we can zhuan ji.

    Greedy business-as-usual profiteers do not seem to understand our wonderful opportunity for radical prosperous innovation.

    Terrible Terminal TACTICS: When times are tough and profits are down, American mismanagers SLASH SPENDING on Research and Development, innovation, investment in the future, reinvention and reeducation. This is maniacal myopic moronic mismanagement that reduces our future potential. USA’s 2008 track record:  6% GDP decline, bankruptcies, 8-million jobs lost, foreclosures and irreversible economic damage to our next generation.

    In contrast, the Chinese STRATEGY: When rest of the world is in a nose dive, increase R&D, education, and state-of-the-art infrastructure investment. Net measurable effect: 7% GDP RISE, new prosperity, millions coming out of poverty – New ZERO EMISSION cars and homes – Long-Term Strategic Wei Ji Thinking Makes A HUGE Zhuan Ji Difference.

    American government and short-sighted corporate “bean counters” Focus On Short-term Profits,
    INSTEAD Of Long-Term Research and Development Strategic Innovation Thinking.

    Don't any Americans understand predictable long-term cause and effect, or investment in the future during a decline?

    American mismanagers reward subordinates who bring them Good News, and they punish those who bring them Bad News. Compensation and bonuses are based on today’s bottom line, NOT tomorrow’s success. This teaches our myopic middle management morons to lie and cover up the TRUTH (until it is far too late to deal with the underlying problem sources). It also teaches their subordinates to be Risk Adverse – To avoid trying anything new or different – It is THE reason America has failed to deal with well-documented, serious tactical errors for so very long. This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what badly-declining nations and corporations should be doing today. The rapid growth of better-managed China, and the ongoing corruption and decline of America is proof positive. USA corporations and government do not seem to have a clue about consequences.

    The 1970’s OPEC Oil Embargoes Created A Wonderful Opportunity. Detroit ignored the oil crisis, and failed to use it as motivation to improve their poor quality, and extreme inefficiency. By 1980, Japan became the world’s largest manufacturer of automobiles - Detroit amazingly continued to NOT recognize the opportunity that they ignored after the crisis.

    General Motors (former world’s largest corporation) turned crisis into steady decline, bankruptcy, and ownership by UAW and the U.S. Government (taxpayers). Do you think GM will ever return to being the world’s largest corporation in the future? (not very likely) Rapid growth of Chinese all-electric car manufacturers is about to blow GM away.

    In May 2011, GM (Government Motors) announced that they are investing $130 million to develop the next generation of the deadly-speed gas-guzzling Corvette. Is this the best use of scarce taxpayer-bailout money, when we need to phase out the use of gasoline, and the U.S. government is borrowing 40% of every dollar it spends? ? ?

    Since the early 1970’s, America has ignored unsustainability and taken NO meaningful steps toward Sustainable Energy Independence. Our current path is clearly suicidal. The opportunity in front of us is outstanding. Will USA continue to ignore our wei ji? The Great Recession of 2008 was merely a small sample of what we have in store. The worst is yet to come.

    The 2010 Gulf Oil Crisis Environmental Catastrophe was a huge “wei ji.” Intelligent people can now more clearly see that the high cost of deepwater oil well drilling is NOT worth the huge economic and environmental risk. BUT, the insane “Drill Baby Drill” idiots think we should ignore the huge wei and the ji.

    BP Deep Water on Fire

    We live in a non-learning insane world

    Transocean was found to be largely responsible for their Deepwater Horizon drilling platform deadly disaster. Today, Transocean is contracted to drill half of the new offshore oil wells. An oil rig worker is 5 TIMES more likely to die in American waters than in any other country. The corrupt U.S. regulatory agencies have clearly been bribed to look the other way, and Republicans want even fewer regulations on high-risk dangerous deepwater oil operations. Do you and your neighbors agree?

    After the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill hit the sensitive USA Gulf Coast, and fishing was banned, Fox News conducted an opinion poll asking: Should the U.S. Scale Back Offshore Drilling?    Out of 147,400 replies:

    Only 11% said: “Oil spills like the recent one in the gulf are not worth the risk”

    82% of Non-Learning Idiots Replied: Drill Baby Drill! (Gas Guzzling Greed, ignoring the unsustainable future)

    More than any other reason, that is why we wrote this section on Suicidal Oil Addiction.


    Oil-company-corrupted "Drill Baby Drill" dishonest Republicans
    complain that Democrats are restricting domestic oil production

    The U.S. Department Of Energy - Energy Information Agency Proves Them To Be Liars

    U.S. Domestic Crude Oil Production


    It is not Democrats who limit U.S. Oil Production - America has depleted our unsustainable
    non-renewable petroleum resource,
    as was predicted by Hubbert's Peak Oil Model in 1956


    President Obama compromised his 2008 clean energy policy campaign promises
    He yielded to powerful business-as-usual energy lobbyists and partisan politicians,
    and embraced a costly "all of the above" short-term tactical approach to INCREASING
    our unsustainable addiction to oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear, and inefficient biofuel

    "All these actions can increase domestic oil production in the short and medium term.
    But let's be clear – it is not a long-term solution."
    - President Obama, March 11, 2010

    Obama also supports longer-term strategic development of solar, wind, and energy conservation
    However, he still refuses to pick sustainable winners and focus our scarce dollars on our future


    America cannot drill our way out of our unsustainable supply-and-demand petroleum crisis

    The DOE EIA estimates that USA has about 19,000 million barrels of proven oil reserves

    Suppose that is was possible for us to foolishly rush to produce the 19 million bpd that we
    waste every day from our domestic oil reserves (It is not feasible, but just suppose we could)

    We would use up ALL of our remaining non-renewable unsustainable oil in only 1,000 days !

    We would then have ZERO oil left for petrochemicals, plastics, clothes, packaging, lubricants, etc.

    We would have NO oil to fuel the transition to a non-fossil-fuel economy for our children

    We would not be able to transport anything to store shelves, without very-expensive imported oil


    Does Supply and Demand Alone Determine the Price at the Pump ?

    Absolutely NOT! Since Obama became President, our oil supply has increased, and
    demand has declined.
    In a rational world, that should have made the price come down,
    BUT, in oil-corrupted America, the profiteering pump price has nearly doubled

    When the price of oil reached $120 / barrel in May 2011, the CEO of Exxon Mobil testified
    to the Senate that if price was set by a sound economic model, it should be about $60 per barrel

    The high price that Americans pay for oil is as much as twice what it should be
    The difference is greedy profiteering parasitic speculators, who add no value at all !


    The laughable out-of-touch morally-bankrupt Newt Gingrich published his insane manifesto titled:
    "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less: A Handbook for Slashing Gas Prices and Solving Our Energy Crisis"
    Newt is merely a paid plump puppet for petroleum industry propaganda

    Do YOU think that Drill Baby Drill will solve our gluttonous energy crisis, OR make it many times worse?

    Do YOU think that Drill Here, Drill Now will make the pump price of gasoline lower or MUCH HIGHER?

    All of the shallow, cheap oil in America has been squandered on inefficient 20 mpg SUV foolishness
    The only remaining oil is deeper, in remote areas, and much-more-expensive to find and retrieve

    New oil from future more-expensive drilling will definitely make the price go significantly UP
    It will take at least seven years to deliver to the pump, which will be far too little, far too late

    Oil companies will sell their new oil to the highest bidder on the international market
    Only a total fool with a non-functional brain would believe Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin

    We must rapidly phase out our addiction to unreliable oil, NOT increase our addiction to it

    Silly Saint Sarah Palin

    Silly Saint Sarah Palin ATTACKED the minority of Americans who think that Offshore DEEPWATER
    DRILLING for Unsustainable Oil is NOT worth the risk. She called US Xtremist Greenies and used the
    opportunity to justify why she must continue to preach her suicidal Drill Baby Drill populist Virulent
    Ignorance. Many other oil-industry-corrupted politicians and news agencies argued that we should
    NOT do anything to delay or even slow down today’s obviously-unsafe offshore deepwater drilling
    for unsustainable declining oil, which will predictable make our near-term future much LESS secure.

    It is this type of outrageous Oil-Addiction STUPIDITY that inspires us to take a Noble Patriotic Stand.


    Extremist Greenie


    It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a nation’s economy that is badly addicted to
    UNSUSTAINABLE petroleum and avoid multiple predictable disasters

    Of the 11 U.S. recessions since WW II, 10 were triggered by oil price increases

    Is there no one in America with any foresight or critical thinking skills at all?

    CEO Tony Hayward lied when he promised that BP would “clean up every drop of oil.” The vast majority of the oil that covered roughly 100,000 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico is still underwater. Is BP going to send 10 million robot submarines with toothbrushes and vacuum sweepers to remove "every drop of oil" and toxic dispersants from coral reef marine habitats (which have taken many centuries to form)? That would cost roughly $40 Trillion – far more than the value of all oil companies combined today, AND, it would be Far Too Little, Far Too Late. Delicate coral growth polyps die within hours of exposure to oil & toxins – killing the reef and the delicate marine life that it supports.

    Our U.S. government is in collusion with BP to cover up the widespread extent of the environmental damage of 200 million barrels of crude oil and 2 million gallons of toxic chemical dispersants. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration repeatedly said that the Gulf of Mexico water was clean shortly after the BP well was capped, and that the Gulf seafood is safe to eat. (This same ineffective government agency said that U.S. chicken and eggs were safe to eat, etc.) Private testing laboratories FREQUENTLY FIND USA FDA STATEMENTS TO BE VERY FALSE. Truth is often inconvenient for corrupt agencies that try to deceive us all.

    Boston Chemical Data's Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) published their scientific sampling data about Gulf water and seafood. For weeks, LEAN research scientists Dr. William Sawyer and Marco Kaltofen have provided evidence CONTRARY to the federal government's false assertions that the oil from the BP DEEPWATER HORIZON catastrophe is gone, and that seafood from oil-impacted waters are not compromised.

    We can now examine data compiled by Gulf Oil Disaster Recovery and LEAN, at a public website maintained by Boston Chemical Data. "We are thrilled about this new resource," said Marylee Orr, Executive Director, LEAN. "This website allows anyone interested to see what chemicals were found, where they were found, and how much was found. We feel the public has the right to this information."

    The website, provides oil spill data. You can use Google Maps to compare where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, universities and independent labs have sampled Gulf water and delicate seafood.

    "This should be useful to environmental groups and the unified command," said Stuart Smith, who represents LEAN, public entities in the Gulf Coast, private property and business owners. "We've always believed there should be more transparency in this process." After the U.S. EPA said that most of the spilled BP oil had magically disappeared, Smith's team documented a large oil plume offshore of northwest Florida, which is still badly polluting and killing seafood. Samples have been sent to Canada for independent assessment and confirmation of what scientists have discovered to be the TRUTH.

    "As state and federal officials continue to open Gulf waters to fishing, we have to again point to evidence that the 'all clear' is being sounded way too early," said Smith, "One of the cautionary notes is that our experts have documented that toxic chemicals remain in the water and food chain - and pose a significant health risk. Those studies have shown that PAHs (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons) are present in shrimp from the impacted area. And the PAHs in off-shore Florida are at levels 43 times the levels of shrimp from inland, low-impact inland areas sampled in Louisiana."

    We Must Stop Killing our Coral

    When oil and dispersant toxins touch delicate marshland habits (of future marine life generations), they can NOT be removed by any known means today. Clumsy BP oil clean up crews indiscriminately stomped through pelican nesting grounds, crushing incubating eggs. BP's burning of thick surface oil criminally burned endangered sea turtles to death in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Cousteau and OILAgricultural Agalogy

    BP Gulf of Mexico Massive Fish and Whale Kill

    More than a month after the BP Gulf of Mexico oil gusher was capped, hundreds of thousands of dead fish of many varieties washed up along the Louisiana coast. Many bottom-dwelling starfish died and even whales. The irreversible damage to coral reef fish habitat is less obvious on the surface. The huge BP oil spill, 2 million gallons of toxic dispersants, environmental stress, and low oxygen levels resulted in the termination of future marine life generations for many decades to come. Recovery will take a long time. Some over-fished highly-endangered species may soon go extinct and never recover from the oil spill.

    More than two decades after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, there is still thick heavy oil around the edges of Prince William Sound, and the fishing industry has still not returned. The 3-month-long BP gigantic volcanic gushing geyser of gunk was many times larger. BP's century-long deadly impact can NOT be reversed by any means – Oil Profiteering Has Caused The End of an Era.

    The Gulf of Mexico Coast Used To Produce About Two Thirds of America’s Seafood.
    Our huge appetite for shrimp, crab, tuna, grouper, snapper, flounder, etc. means that we will now
    import much of our seafood supply from unregulated locations like Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.
    1. Negative impact on U.S. balance of trade
    2. More money and jobs sent overseas
    3. Increase development outside America
    4. Much less control over the quality of our food
    (U.S. food is inspected, most imported food is not)
    5. Accelerate depletion of their resources
    6. Demonstrates what a myopic non-learning
    oil-addicted suicidal nation USA has become

    Wild shrimp harvested from the Gulf of Mexico ate natural food, BUT, now it's badly contaminated with oil and toxic dispersants.

    Asian farmed shrimp is mostly raised in rice paddies. High-quality shrimp food is too expensive for poor Asians. To save money
    and avoid the need for sewage treatment plants, rice paddies are fertilized with human feces and water buffalo dung. Shrimp and other shellfish are bottom feeders. They scavenge whatever crap is on the bottom. You may assume that Asian shrimp are contaminated with every seriously-unhealthy mammalian microorganism. Is this what YOU want to eat, and feed your family?

    Local people eat the polluted food that they raise in filthy rice paddies. They return their waste to the place they raise shrimp, which progressively concentrates deadly toxins over time. The BP oil disaster increased the import of poisons into USA.

    Country Of Origin Labeling (C.O.O.L.)

    Before 2002 COOL law, much of the fish and shellfish imported into USA was raw (and frozen). Imported raw shellfish (sushi, sashimi) is extremely hazardous to your health. Since 2002, the country of origin had to be clearly labeled. Informed consumers want to avoid food from countries with heavy pollution and no health standard enforcement (just like informed consumers recently demanded that deadly transfat content was added to food product labels).

    A serious flaw in USA COOL law is that cooked foods do NOT have to show their bad country of origin, SO, the worst polluted
    shellfish suppliers started boiling their products, so they could hide their COO. Boiling food for a sufficient period of time does kill living deadly microorganisms, BUT it does NOT remove the metabolite toxins that the dead animals leave behind, or heavy metals like neurotoxic mercury (from local coal-fired power plants), PCB's and dumped industrial chemicals.

    We wish that U.S. labels were REQUIRED to show COOL for ALL foods, and the measured levels of deadly toxins that are found in much of our domestic (and especially imported) food. With the pollution of Gulf of Mexico seafood, the quality of what we now find in our grocery stores is rapidly getting much worse, with little hope for future improvement. Our government typically does almost nothing to protect us, until the health of many people has already been badly damaged by seriously contaminated food.

    All of the tuna from Mexico to Nova Scotia Canada breed in the Gulf of Mexico near the BP Deepwater Horizon oil gusher. This unprecedented environmental catastrophe happened at the worst possible time of year – Killing many future generations of marine life. Do you like tuna? It was already badly polluted with mercury and other toxins by our insane burning of fossil fuels.

    Gulf OIL Tuna Gone      BP Will not pay for Lost  Wages

    "To live on the land we must learn from the sea. ... Joyful and loving in letting it be." - John Denver "Calypso"

    Before the deadly BP oil gusher in the Gulf, a 10-year study of nine oceanic and four continental shelf systems published
    in the international journal "Nature" showed that in the last 50 years, 90% of all large fishes have disappeared.

    It is the devastating result of industrial fishing, water pollution, global warming, and widespread destruction of natural habitat.
    The world's cradle-of-life marine food supply is now very insecure. Damage is becoming irreparable.
    With 7 billion people, demand for seafood has far exceeded worldwide supply, and we are rapidly killing what little remains.

    The WorldOur Worldwide Environment Is An Intricately-Woven Biodiversity Tapestry

    Before the BP Gushing Geyser, American Airlines used to rush 10,000 pounds
    of Gulf Cost Blue Fin Tuna through Dallas to Japan every day for fresh sushi.
    Will BP compensate AA, their workers, and those who sell them food, clothes, homes, etc.?
    Will America now send PAH-polluted tuna to Japan to be eaten raw?

    What about the world's fresh fish markets, restaurants, and so on?


    “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web,
    we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”
    – Native American Indian Chief Seattle, 1854

    “Honor the sacred. Honor the Earth, our Mother. Honor the Elders. Honor all with whom we share the Earth:
    Four-leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones, swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people. Walk in balance and beauty.”
    - Native American Indian Elders - They intuitively understood living in harmony with Nature (The Great Spirit)

    Whatever We do to the least of us    Oil Slick Up Eastern Coast

    Dying Fish in the Gulf Oil Slick

    The intelligent Sperm Whale has the largest brain of any animal that has ever lived on Earth.
    Sperm Whales can remain submerged for an hour and dive to 10,000 feet deep, to find food.
    When BP used 2 millions of toxic dispersants to hide 200 million barrels of oil in the deepwater, their
    poisons killed living coral reef habitat, and the food chain from larvae to playful dolphins and great whales.

    Oil Killing Dolphin    Pensacola-Oil Kills Dolphin
    Brain Size Comparison

    From the elevated perspective of the Creator of the Universe, one measure of intelligence is the ability to live an Abundant Joyful Life in Harmony with Nature, and with each other.

    From this point of view, large-brain dolphins and whales
    are much more intelligent than murderous, environment-destroying, SUICIDAL HUMANS have become. Humans are BAD stewards of the delicate Earth for which we will surely pay a very-high price.

    Myopic fools are selfishly extinguishing our very source of life, and leaving a LEGACY OF DEATH








    Seal in Distress Humans Are Selfish Shortsighted Killers: When Baby Boomers were born, the once-abundant Caribbean Monk Seal was common in the Gulf of Mexico. Self-destructive maniacal self-centered fools have now killed them all.

    The populations of heavily-fished Gulf of Mexico species like tasty Grouper, Snapper, Flounder and Blue Fin Tuna have DECLINED BY AT LEAST 82% - The BP disaster made things much worse by killing the larvae of future generations.

    We need to rename the Gulf Coast to The Dead Coast.” Uncaring Gluttons are driven only by GREED for unsustainable immoral profit. They refuse to admit their behavior is accelerating our deadly path toward the Inevitable SUICIDE OF HUMANITY.

    BP published a very-biased 190-page report about the multiple human and mechanical errors that resulted in the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, in a weak attempt to transfer much of the tens-of-billions of dollars of blame to their subcontractors.

    One thing is very clear: deepwater drilling is extremely dangerous. Humans are without a doubt too dumb to manage it safely.

    BURNING PETROLEUM IS UNSUSTAINABLE - Addiction to any unsustainable lifestyle is self destructive


    Current U.S. Profit-Motivated Oil EXPORTS

    Are U.S. Oil companies in business to patriotically provide petroleum products for extremely-wasteful American SUV's? Absolutely NOT!

    Greedy oil company wealth-accumulation corporate charters clearly state that they are in business to make PROFIT (for their wealthy owners).

    When America is consuming over 19 million barrels of oil per day, why do U.S. companies EXPORT three million barrels of finite past-peak oil per day? PROFIT!

    Over two thirds of unpatriotic American oil exports leave the country from governor Rick Perry's Texas. The greedy oil industry owns low-I.Q. illiterate Rick Perry. He has received $12 million in direct political bribes from oil companies, PLUS several times more than that from anonymous super PAC's, as a result of the corrupt Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

    The American Petroleum Institute published a 2011 wish list of highly-profitable environmentally-damaging deregulation policy changes for the USA.

    Rick Perry re-published the API report as his energy plan for America. Tea Party politician total oil-industry corruption is transparently obvious.


    In 2009, the U.S. oil company profit from refining one gallon of diesel fuel was $.39 (about 10% of the retail price).

    In 2010, the profit it rose to $.64 per gallon (about 16%). Oil companies did not build new refineries.

    Did YOUR net income increase 64% on the same capital investment in only one year? Are oil company profits in any way fair or equitable?

    In contrast to big oil 16% profit margin, the profit for people who assemble the Apple iPhone is only 1%.

    Many high-volume successful large American businesses do quite well on less than 5% profit margin.

    WalMart is growing rapidly with less than a 4% profit margin. Why do greedy oil companies need 16% per gallon?

    Are oil company huge profits for the Top 1% of the American plutocracy in any way justified, when nationwide unemployment remains over 9%?

    The top 5 U.S. oil companies' profit for the first half of 2011 was $71 Billion.

    What earthly justification is there for ultra-corrupt Republicans to insist on paying them Billions of dollars in totally-unnecessary ongoing taxpayer subsidies?

    We tolerate a reverse "Robbing Hood" big-oil economy - Oil companies regressively steal from the poor to give to the Top 1% of wealth-accumulation oppressors.

    Is this at all fair? Is it competitive is today's world? Will unrealistic, unpatriotic, greedy profit margins destroy the American economy soon?

    Almost every product Americans buy is transported to us on petroleum-powered trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes. Outrageously-profitable big oil companies essentially have a difficult-to-change infrastructure monopoly. They own our government and our economy. People who vote for oil-corrupted politicians help accelerate America's rapid decline.

    The oil industry is the most profitable, greedy, wealth-accumulation business on the planet. They are the world's largest source of political corruption (especially the Koch brothers, Exxon, and BP USA). The U.S. Congress SUBSIDIZES their immoral oppressive regressive profits. Tea Party Republicans refuse to end the unnecessary Ronald Reagan oil company subsidies. Burning oil is shortsighted, unhealthy, and unsustainable, as is the entire U.S. failing economy.

    Should taxpayers borrow Trillions of dollars from our grandchildren to increase our addiction to rapidly-diminishing supplies of oil?

    74% of Americans polled (including a majority of Republican voters) want to end all subsidies for immorally-profitable oil companies.

    Should we STOP subsidizing our suicidal addiction to unsustainable fossil fuels, and divert that money toward building a sustainable future?

    Should we continue to subsidize fat-cat big-oil profiteers who insanely EXPORT finite, past-peak, nearly-exhausted, American oil ? ? ?


    Americans are used to paying well-below-worldwide-average prices for insanely-subsidized unsustainable gasoline.

    The global demand for petroleum products is growing rapidly every year. Many countries are used to paying $7 to $8 per gallon for gasoline and diesel fuel. They do NOT drive grossly-inefficient American SUV's. (They make much better energy conservation decisions than Americans do. Many countries now have strong tax incentives to phase out petroleum-based transportation.)

    In 2011, U.S. oil companies can transport three million barrels a day of American oil to other emerging prosperous countries and MAKE MORE PROFIT than they can by selling it in the USA. American oil company exports are rapidly accelerating (to the growing unpatriotic detriment of all U.S. oil consumers).

    U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu accurately stated that to solve the American energy crisis, we need to allow the price of oil to rise to be equal to the global fair market price. Oil-corrupted Republicans ridiculed that idea (since it would reduce the U.S. demand for oil, and reduce their bribes from big oil companies).

    If the price of gasoline and diesel in America rose to the worldwide average, oil companies would STOP EXPORTING AMERICAN OIL TO OTHER COUNTRIES.

    The insane Michele Bachmann promised that as president she would lower the pump price of gasoline to only $2 per gallon.

    If the U.S. price at the pump somehow fell to only $2 per gallon, OIL EXPORTS WOULD DRAMATICALLY INCREASE! Is that what USA needs?

    DRILL BABY DRILL IDIOTS, do NOT have the first clue how the real-world oil industry is based on PROFIT. You did NOT see any oil industry advertisements saying: "Elect Michele Bachmann and we will lower the price of gasoline to half of our production costs."

    The shortsighted Republican Keystone XL environmental-disaster pipeline project will increase U.S. oil exports and oil company profits, while badly damaging the Earth and the American economy.

    America's addiction to oil and oil-industry lies and political corruption is ongoing unsustainable suicidal insanity.


    CNN: Planet In Peril - The High Price of our Oil Addiction - The production of oil damages an entire nation's economy

    American Oil Addicts Still Have a Voracious Appetite for over 19 million barrels of oil per day - Most of it imported at a high price.

    With India and China oil demand on path to double soon, and Worldwide Petroleum Production Past Peak and Declining, America MUST Slash Oil Consumption In Half In Far Less Than 20 Years. This can be EASILY done by: doubling MPG, more electric-motor-drive vehicles, increasing average occupancy from 1.1 to 2 passengers per vehicle, more telecommuting, less travel, use the SUN to heat buildings instead of fuel oil, STOP generating any electricity with oil, shift inefficient long-haul diesel trucks to more-efficient (electric) rail service, drastically reduce flying, etc. We need a Compelling Vision of a Sustainable Future.

    Private funding economics will be glad to pay for it all, IF we clearly and unambiguously
    communicate a Compelling Sustainable Vision, and the life-critical justification for our survival

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