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    Readers Comments:

    Hi, I live in Australia and I am in agreement with your message, although I am curious as to how such a major paradigm shift can be negotiated given what the planet faces I. E. (those minions of stupidity), whom likely are closer to retirement and by the time the rest of us need to worry about it, or our kids, they'll be long dead and buried.

    As I come from the southern hemisphere, the tone of the document is very much limited to USA politics and culture, that is okay, but personally I feel to get your impact quotient up, by increasing , the 'international POV' may engage  your readers a little more effectively. That is your call, of course, I simply mention it as this is my stock in trade, to call a essay, story or article as I see it and try to offer any feedback that you and others might find helpful.

    Your articles are sound and though I am not a scientist, I hold to the notion that science is and ought to be our friend, and you are quite correct in your position on the mediocrity that places spin, lies and deceptive twists in the mix that adds up to a lemmings mentality being imposed upon us by peak bodies like governments, companies and institutions of all-sorts. I call this, "organized chaos"^_^ a paradox I know, but it is the workings of an insidious disease, virus, that is if you like, a thought form, a construct propelled by the so-called, 'free market' hell bent on self-service, greed, a mindless self-destructive force that uses a world-wide propaganda machine and interdependent cultural/sub-cultural 'delivery system' to engage the masses in that 'dumming down' of many people through masse media etc.

    That is basically a similar thing to what you've already said about the recalcitrant fossil fuel industry. 

    I suppose the problem is systemic, in short, if it be climate change to how we care, or rather fail to care for our elderly, young people, those sick people and those suffering hardship of one sort or other, the question is therefore, how to shift popular opinion.

     The issue of ethical and enriching global evolution of thought and of lifestyle to gain a foothold with the popular imagination is the challenge and key to harmony with nature that sadly seems so far off from where I stand ATM.

    I'm not saying that I or any of us ought to give up, far from it, we just need to tear off the lid to Pandora's Box and seek hope, to use a metaphor.

    I feel the effort will require a cross-platform -- to borrow one of those fashionable computer terms I heard the other day -- approaches.

    Well, I think I'll stop there, just wanted to say a good job, but with a little polish and such, it will shine even more than it does already, just my two cents worth. Maybe you could write a book, you've got enough material to work with, and a punchy journalistic style,try and reach out to those people caught in the middle, some people are wavering only because of the overwhelming weight of propaganda out there, and they need to be won over, made to feel, 'hey, this guy is onto something and I like what he says.

    Well, good luck and hope you don't mind this being so lengthy.

    regards from Australia - Down-Under,


    Thanks Steve, we will look more into the political happenings around the world, especially down under. As this earth gets smaller what happens to the aborigines will eventually have it's effect on the other side of the world. The short sighted myopic masses do need their eyes awakened to the heavily financed propaganda they are being told.

    We are glad to see other like minded intelligent people who care about this world.

    (see the rest of Steve's letter in Pendulum Swing.html )

    Description: Fossil Fuel and Nuclear-Energy Resistance to Emerald Eco-City's policy of Zero Emissions Never Burn Anything and No Nuclear Waste

    Status-Quo Deadly, Expensive-Energy Companies and Corrupt Energy Politics are the most-profitable and politically-powerful polluters on our planet. The entrenched vested-interests of past-peak, declining, fossil-fuel companies and the nuclear power industry will continue to fight with vicious unscrupulous terrible tactics to do everything they can to prevent FREE FUEL ENERGY, just as they have already been doing since the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargoes badly damaged our economy.

    In 2004, Exxon Mobil Corporation had a trademarked catch phrase: "Meeting the World's Toughest Energy Challenges." AFTER the 2008 crisis, they changed it to "Taking on the World's Toughest Energy Challenges." - See the subtle difference?

    Exxon refuses to reverse the deadly addiction to oil that THEY created, and which fills the pockets of their fat cat executives. Exxon has NO incentive to eliminate the deadly use of obsolete, unsustainable fossil fuels. The corrupt profitable oil-industry supports political idiots who endorse "Drill Baby Drill." Solving our current energy crisis challenge is NOT a tough problem. The U.S. Department Of Energy and Zero Energy Design® demonstrated precisely how to do it THREE DECADES AGO.

    The tough problem that Exxon Mobile is struggling to solve is how to maintain profit from oil, which is clearly unsustainable. They pay themselves huge salaries, knowing full well that their industry MUST collapse very soon, but fools still buy SUV's.

    In 2009, the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed Resolution 2454 American Clean Energy and Security Act with a wide margin. Only 40 extremely-oil-corrupted Senators blocked its implementation with an unconstitutional overused minority-party filibuster. One more Senator's vote and HR 2454 would have become law. We would be well on the way to a rational, sustainable, energy policy for the first time in U.S. history. HR 2454 wasn't perfect, but it was long overdue.

    Instead, climate-changing CO2greenhouse gas is now increasing annually at an unsustainable deadly pace of .6% per year. Climatologists warn us of irreversible impact to biodiversity and sea level - A billion coastal residents may become homeless.

    Gasoline pump prices are soon going to soar above the 2008 $4-per-gallon rate, which triggered the worst American Recession since the 1930's - It blew a $15 Trillion hole in our economy. Our current crisis is NOT a simple economic cycle downturn - No lasting American economic recovery is possible without sustainable, abundant, clean, green, free-fuel energy. We should be phasing out dirty, expensive, oil, coal, natural gas, biofuels, and all radioactive nuclear waste sources. One problem is: The world's most-profitable business (Big OIL), is also the world's most-powerful political corruption lobby.

    Economic-and-climate catastrophes are now likely to happen before 2020 - much worse than 2008 was. When the oil-corrupted "Drill Baby Drill" Republicans won control of the House in Nov. 2010, it almost guaranteed that the 2010's Great Oil Catastrophe is unavoidable, due to partisan gridlock about Clean Energy Security. And yet, the U.S. myopic majority are oblivious to it.

    They will probably not wake up until $4+ gasoline bankrupts their business, and coastal-city basements fill up with salt water. By then, there may not be enough time or money to reverse the self-imposed, man-made, suicidal trend. Do you agree with me?

    Opportunity is buried in a grave marked Procrastination - Humanity's grave will be marked "Drill Baby Drill"

    Give a fool a great idea, and nothing happens - A wise man listens closely to proven prophets

    Very soon, Emerald Eco-City could blow greedy polluters and evil energy politics out of the water

    When the ongoing cost of Emerald-Green Electricity drops to 2-cents per kWh, the global economy will greatly improve, while those who have profited from damaging our delicate environment will go bankrupt (which is something they will fight with every fiber of their greedy being). Do you think fossil-fuel companies will try to sabotage our effort? They certainly won't support it. Their ONLY chance for survival is to STOP being fossil fuel companies, and become Emerald-Green Energy Companies.

    How can we defeat the powerful enemies of Earth’s delicate environment, and Nature?

    The simple way to defeat our planet’s powerful polluters is not with logic, rational thinking, or even with the best modern science. The way Emerald Eco-City will ultimately win the minds of the entire world will be with a large-scale cost-effective demonstration of the LESS-EXPENSIVE way we will provide Abundant Luxury Living in Highly-Sustainable Harmony with Nature. Who would be stupid enough to buy 30-cent-per-kWh expensive-fuel energy, when Emerald-Green, clean, green, safe, daily-renewable, free-fuel abundant electricity costs less-than 3-cents-per-kWh to produce? - All things considered.

    The scientific-and-engineering foundation has already been laid. Everything we need is “off-the-shelf” readily-available today. Of course, technology will continue to improve in the future, BUT, no new technology miracles are required to get started NOW.

    All we need to do now is to holistically integrate all of today' component parts, and optimize them with Emerald Eco-City's unprecedented Economy Of Scale. Having worked our the details with our large budget, others can imitate our success with smaller out-of-pocket capital investments in the emerging Emerald Green Energy Future. We will lead the way.

    We are probably NOT going to ever convince fossil fuel CEO’s, the evil nuclear power industry, or the politicians that they have already corrupted to do the right thing - when their selfish status-quo business-as-usual livelihood is at stake.

    God Enlightened Saul to become Paul

    In human history, it is VERY RARE for a bright light to miraculously shine on an evil persecutor like Saul and enlighten him to become the Apostle Paul.

    Dick Cheney STILL says that he "did not do anything wrong", despite his well-documented lies about non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, which led America into an unjustified oil war against Iraq with over a million sad casualties.

    We cannot expect those who have subsidized fossil fuel addiction, and those who have fought for decades against free-fuel energy, to “convert” to Emerald Green.

    Since the first C-SPAN broadcast, there have been endless divisive partisan debates in Congress. Have you EVER seen a Representative or Senator make a good speech, and then a member of the opposing party stand up and say: "Excellent point - That has changed my mind." Of course NOT. Only intelligent unbiased people have an open mind. Corrupt government officials are almost without exception non-learning entities who ignore facts that disagree with them.

    American bombs never made Hitler repent, BUT Germany is no longer a genocidal Nazi state.

    Galileo could NOT convince the Evil Roman Catholic Inquisition that the Earth orbited around the Sun, but today's grade-school children are now taught what religious persecutors rejected for centuries. Galileo's No Compromise position brought humanity one critical step closer to Man on the Moon.

    The way for radical social and scientific change to take place is for the Absolute TRUTH to become known by a new generation, who then grow up believing the Truth from their youth

    That is why state-of-the-art world-class Natural Science Education is a Critical Success Factor for everything we will do.

    Emerald Eco-City is our demonstration of the cost-effective Scientific Truth for all of the world to clearly see. It will go far beyond what Walt Disney wanted to do with his unfulfilled 1966 Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow Dream. If Walt had lived to accomplish his EPCOT dream, the world would already be running on clean, free-fuel energy today.

    Morons will always ignore scientific facts, BUT they cannot argue with a large-scale cost-effective demonstration. We must accomplish what Walt Disney tried to do with his proposed Florida project in 1966, and also go far beyond.

    Free-Fuel Energy Already Costs LESS Than Any New Fossil-Fuel or Nuclear Energy Source

    TODAY, new utility-scale solar-electricity generation systems in the dry U.S. southwest already cost LESS than building new IGCC coal-fired plants. They can be up-and-running MUCH faster than hazardous nuclear power plants that pollute the Earth with radioactive waste for a thousand years.

    In the U.S. wind corridor, wind-powered electricity generation costs LESS than any new fossil-fuel plant. Those who profit greatly from fossil fuels and nuclear fission do NOT want the majority to know the Truth about free-fuel cost effectiveness. Like evil non-learning entities, they will continue to FALSELY state that “Solar and Wind are not ready for prime time.” DOE and ZED proved that free-fuel zero-emissions energy was cost-effective and ready-for-prime-time OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO.

    As long as fossil-fuel profiteers can prevent a large-scale demonstration of the Truth, they will win votes from the myopic mediocre-minded majority, who have no powers of observation, or critical thinking skills. It has worked well for fossil fuel for three decades, since the first demonstrations by the U.S. Department of Energy, and Zero Energy Design® in 1979.

    BUT, just like the Internet (which sat around largely unused for 25 years), the time for Emerald Eco-City has finally come. The world is now ready to see Zero Energy Design® demonstrate the Truth: “Abundant Energy in Harmony with Nature”®

    All we need is a million intelligent, caring people who want to share a more-prosperous, SUSTAINABLE future with us. If all of OUR decisions align with the Universal Laws of Nature, then who can possibly stand against us for very long?

    No one has ever defied the Universal Law of Gravity. Likewise, anyone who tries to defy the Law of Sustainability WILL FAIL. As Earth’s population expands, petroleum supplies continue to decline, and greenhouse gases continue to increase at an alarming .6% per year, the world's fossil-fuel-addicted economic infrastructure MUST collapse very soon. Clean free-fuel energy systems are not "alternative energy." They are the ONLY Sustainable PRIMARY source of energy-based prosperity.

    If YOU do not agree, just suicidally continue your unsustainability, and "wait and see" (until the predictable catastrophe). What will it take to change your mind? Does Wall Street have to fall below sea level in order to enlighten your point of view?

    Is "Politics" the correct answer to ANY serious problem that was created by politicians?

    If you ask Google to “Define: Politics”, the first definition is “social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power.” “Intrigue” is defined as “a crafty and involved plot to achieve your (usually sinister) ends” . . . “in an underhand manner.”

    Energy politics is an evil game of bald-faced intrigue involving making impossible promises and then compromising ethics and breaking campaign promises for selfish purposes, knowing full-well that after a politician has power in hand, it is extremely difficult to remove even the most corrupt criminals from office.

    Even when 80% of voters disapprove of our government’s actions, criminal politicians (and greedy profiteering CEO’s) retain absolute power and authority over the mediocre majority. Why do foolish people empower them to tell us what to do?

    Innovation usually only takes place one death or retirement at a time – which is far too long in today’s multiple-crisis world of unsustainable galloping suicidal stupidity. America has been playing knee-jerk, pendulum-swing, Republican / Democrat alternating divisive "get-reelected at all costs" do-nothing partisan politics for a over century. The trend that we are now seeing today is that the back-and-forth cycle time "majority disapproval of the party in power" is getting shorter with each new election.

    The majority of U.S. voters now strongly disapprove of BOTH politics-as-usual parties. We are headed for a serious anti- incumbent voter revolution, BUT what choice to voters have when both parties have been proven endlessly corrupt?

    We can only hope that extreme radicals do NOT feel the need to reinvent the French Revolution Guillotine. America was founded on the principle of non-violent continual reinvention of power. We MUST avoid violence, but be also must rapidly radically reinvent much of America's terrible economic and lifestyle bad habits, to avoid our path to the Suicide of Humanity.

    Our ticking time bombs of multiple unsustainability are about to explode chaotically. The number of viable suicide-avoidance strategies is rapidly diminishing. 40-mpg cars and changing our light bulbs are Far Too Little, Far Too Late.

    We MUST Radically Reinvent the way we generate and use Clean, Safe, Emerald-Green, Free-Fuel Energy with a No Compromise, Zero Emissions, Never Burn Anything, and No Nuclear Waste ENFORCED Strategic Energy Policy.

    Anyone who denies this plain Scientific Truth is either a moron or insanely suicidal. We have run out of time to pretend to be"politically correct" and thereby compromise the well-documented TRUTH. We MUST become Confrontational Innovators.

    In his 2010 State of the Union Address, Barack Obama said that he supported offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, coal technology development, biofuels, and new nuclear energy plant construction. As Confrontational Innovators, Zero Energy Design® STRONGLY DISAGREES! America can NO LONGER AFFORD any more dead-end dirt road detours to deadly disaster.

    We cannot allow the money we borrow from our grandchildren to be wasted ever again. We cannot allow powerful expensive-energy special interest lobbyists to convince our corrupt Congress to fund an addictive "All of the above" energy policy. Difficult energy strategy decisions MUST be made. We have no choice but to prioritize our scarce public-investment funds.

    We MUST ONLY support lower-cost long-term-sustainable Zero Emissions, Clean, Safe, Emerald-Green, Free-Fuel Energy Policy- NO EXCEPTIONS! - NO COMPROMISE!

    Why do Republicans and Democrats Resist FREE FUEL ENERGY?

    Emerald Eco-City is ready to implement our No Compromise Plan to overwhelm today’s evil energy political intrigue and corruption in very-few years, IF we can overcome deeply- entrenched corporate-and-government resistance to the well-documented Scientific TRUTH

    Republicans Resist Green Energy for Dollars

    Where do the biggest American political bribes come from? Conoco Phillips $16,803,807, Chevron Corp $10,000,000, Exxon Mobil $9,980,000, Royal Dutch Shell $8,070,000, Koch Industries $6,000,000, BP $5,180,000, American Petroleum Institute $4,840,000, Marathon Oil $4,200,000, Anadarko Petroleum $3,570,000, Williams Companies $3,570,000, America's Natural Gas Alliance $2,630,000, Chesapeake Energy $2,446,560, National Petrochemical & Refiners Assn $2,189,054, Murphy Oil $2,100,000, Occidental Petroleum $1,911,173, Devon Energy $1,070,000, Apache Corp $1,010,000, Interstate Natural Gas Assn of America $960,000, Independent Petroleum Assn of America $944,190, ... These are the "owners" of our extremely-corrupt Congress.

    Ancient Wisdom That Is Being Ignored By Modern Self-Centered Greedy Corrupt Leaders:“Thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise” - Deuteronomy 16:19 “Eyes of the wise” wisdom is often REJECTED by elected officials, (AND by those who frequently pass the plate). Some of our legislators have gone to prison for their most-flagrant violations, but many walk the fine line of crime. Our government totally ignores basic Godly morality principles. American campaign financing REQUIRES politicians to accept corrupting gifts and bribes in order to get elected, which makes them blind to America's needs.

    Bribes and corruption are not new - According to Andrew Jackson (America's 7th President on our $20 Bill): "I weep for the liberty of my country when I see . . . that CORRUPTION has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office" . . . "Unless you become more watchful in your states and check the spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges, you will in the end find that the control over your dearest interests has passed into the hands of these corporations" . . . "There are no necessary evils in government - Its evils exist only in its abuses."

    In 2009, fossil-fuel-corrupted U.S. Senators (representing only 20% of Americans) blocked legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. These Republican Senators, plus Democrats from fossil-fuel-pollution-producing states, will continue to control our dearest interests, and PREVENT a level playing field for FREE-FUEL, Clean, Safe, Emerald-Green Energy.

    Solar vs Fossil Fuel subsidies

    Corrupt Politicians Who Subsidize Stupid Status-Quo Fossil-Fuel and Nuclear-Fission Energy As Usual:
    * Retard Creative Emerald-Green Free-Fuel Innovations
    * Encourage Non-Learning Consumer Brain Death
    * Build Bad Addictive Dependency On Declining Scarce Resources
    * Badly Damage The Entire Earth's Environment
    * The Largest Transfer Of Wealth Outside Our Country In History
    * Provide Funds To Terrorists Who Want To Destroy Us
    * Accelerate Ignorance and Poverty
    * Rob Funds From Jobs, Education, Healthcare and Infrastructure
    * Create An Un-Level Playing Field AGAINST Superior Free Fuel
    * Encourage Bad Business-and-Politics As Usual
    * Line The Pockets Of Greedy Profiteers, Lobbyists, and The Corrupt
    * Reelect Those Who Create Our Countless Crises

    On January 21, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a truly-terrible campaign finance ruling, which eliminates restrictions on the amount of corporate funding for political candidates. President Obama responded:“With its ruling today, the Supreme Court has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics.
    It is a major victory for BIG OIL, Wall Street Banks, Health Insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans."

    Why do powerful profitable corporations spend billions of dollars on advertising? Do Americans need coercion to buy oil? Oil companies, special-interest political groups, and others advertise heavily BECAUSE they know for sure that the majority of the mediocre masses do NOT make intelligent decisions on what to buy, or who to vote for, based on Scientific Truth. Brainwashed people faithfully do what they are told to do. Advertisers know that perception is more important than reality.

    In America's environment of many endless hours each week in front of the Boob Tube, adults and children are hypnotized, bamboozled, and literally brainwashed to make most of their decisions based on what clever commercials tell them to do.

    The controversial Supreme Court 5-to-4 1/21/2010 campaign-financing decision opened the flood gates for the most-profitable corporations to further hoodwink voters to support UNSUSTAINABLE, suicidal, fossil-fuel business-as-usual, to the great detriment of the USA (and the entire world that imitates our fossil-fuel stupidity). Obama called for Congress to reverse it. (AS IF)

    It is now very predictable that fossil-fuel funding will provide strong support for politicians who SUBSIDIZE FOSSIL FUELS.

    We KNOW we have a huge uphill political battle ahead. Zero Energy Design® has watched the world foolishly reject PROVEN Scientific Truth about Free-Fuel Green Energy for three decades! The 2008 energy crisis was a long-overdue turning point.

    It is NOT just the corrupt bribes that make politicians subsidize the importation of petroleum from unreliable foreign sources. A significant portion of the money you spend at the pump provides tax revenue for a variety of pork barrel projects. Gasoline tax is a Terribly-Regressive Tax – It impacts the poor much more than the rich.

    Gasoline Cost Breakdown inc Tax

    Sunshine, Wind and Rain have NONE of these Unnecessary Expenses. These Fuels Will Forever Be FREE – No fuel taxes – No political corruption. You can recharge your electric car with your own rooftop photovoltaic energy system.

    Repulsive Rotational Rhetoric versus Reality

    In his 2010 State of the Union address, President Obama preached: ". . . we need to encourage American innovation . . . no area is more ripe for such innovation than energy. You can see the results of last year's investments in clean energy . . . energy-efficiency and clean energy are the right thing to do for our future -– because the nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy.  And America must be that nation."

    Senators Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Bob Casey (D-Pa.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), and Jon Tester (D-Mont) sent a letter to the Obama administration in strong protest about how Recovery Act funds are actually being spent. The Recovery Act was to stimulate the creation of American jobs. It originally had a clause in support of the 1933 and 1983 Buy America Acts, but misguided administration and legislators removed the clause.

    The net effect is that of the (only) $2 Billion allocated for solar and wind energy job creation in the 2009 Recovery Act 79% WENT TO STIMULATE JOBS OVERSEAS (China, Japan, France and Spain).

    America now lags far behind the rest of the world in the solar and wind technology that President Carter once subsidized in 1978. So far, USA is NOT doing much of anything to even catch up with the world leaders. Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said: "The purpose of those funds was to spur American innovation and help create American jobs and I think it is fair to say we are off track." America does benefit by a move toward free-fuel solar and wind energy, but do you want our scarce taxpayer dollars to subsidize the outsourcing of many new clean energy jobs? We are paying for others to develop superior competitive technology. Is this rational behavior, while millions of Americans cannot find decent jobs?

    China subsidizes innovative solar-and-wind energy system manufacturers (like SunTech) by giving them free land and buildings if they will merely provide jobs for China's people. The startup SunTech growth rate has been stellar. China is moving from the world's worst polluter to the world's largest producer of clean, green, free-fuel energy.

    American businesses cannot compete when our own taxes are subsidizing our international competitors' innovations. Even during the 2008 / 2009 global recession, China's GDP grew about 7% while American GDP fell nearly the same percent.

    USA penalizes innovative startup green-energy companies with high taxes and huge subsidies for obsolete fossil fuel and deadly nuclear energy competitors. There is no U.S. penalty for huge emitters of greenhouse gases or nuclear waste.

    We obviously live in a non-learning nation where our obsolete, corrupt, politics-and-business-as-usual are suicidal.

    Obama said: "You can see the results of last year's investments in clean energy" - YES WE CAN, and it makes us very mad!

    American political greenwash claptrap rhetoric does NOT match our innovation-depressing burdensome government reality.

    The way that evil politicians have always won their self-serving goals is to Compromise Morality and the Truth.
    Emerald Eco-City can NOT be built on any kind of evil-energy political compromise.

    Each of us must compromise with our spouse, but we can NOT afford to compromise Mission Critical Primary Principles. Anything less is clearly suicidal. There is very-little time left for us to avoid the extermination of humanity.

    Rush Limbaugh states that he "wants Obama to fail." Likewise, the fossil-fuel industry wants Emerald Eco-City to fail. Zero Energy Design® does NOT have the bribery funds that are available to fossil-fuel lobbyists. We cannot buy the Congress.

    All we have is the Scientific TRUTH, and the Irrefutable Universal Laws of Nature. Fossil fuels are unsustainable suicide. Proven Scientific Facts do not cease to be True, just because the myopic mediocre masses ignore them.

    U.S. Energy Information Administration 2020 Oil Price Projection

    One British Thermal Unit (BTU) is roughly equal to burning one wooden match. America consumes the equivalent of over 100 Quadrillion BTU’s of retail energy per year (does not include burning wood / biomass, home energy generation, passive solar, etc.).

    100 Quadrillion BTU’s of energy is equal to about: (a) 17.2 billion barrels of deadly imported foreign oil, or (b) 500 million one-hundred-ton railroad cars filled with filthy cancer-causing climate-changing coal.

    If the price of oil is only $80 per barrel, and we get ALL of our energy from oil, the total annual cost to the American economy would be about $1.4 Trillion dollars, just for the FUEL, not including the cost of labor, bribes to congressmen, equipment, physical plant, transmission / distribution / transportation, military expense to defend our multiple foreign-oil interests, oil-related war in Iraq, loss of life, ongoing veteran’s expenses, environmental damage, deadly health damage, and potentially-devastating worldwide climate change / sea level rise – eventually flooding the homes and businesses of a billion people in coastal areas around the world - fairly soon.

    Natural gas costs about 15% less than the price per BTU of petroleum, BUT the cost of expensive-fuel retail energy is highly influenced by the fluctuating worldwide price of oil. When oil price rises, so does every non-free-fuel energy source.

    In 2008, America was spending $700 Billion per year, just to import unstable foreign oil. It was the largest international transfer of wealth in the history of humanity. In only a few years, oil will cost us much more than ever before, as Earth's population grows and worldwide past-peak oil supply declines at an accelerating downward devastating pace.

    The peak price of oil in 2008 was $147 per barrel. It triggered worldwide financial collapse, millions of job losses, massive home foreclosures, over 40% loss in lifetime savings, suicides, bank failures, thousands of corporate bankruptcies, the worst recession since the Great Depression, forced us to waste over a Trillion dollars for bailouts (borrowed from our grandchildren), and $147 per barrel oil blew a $15 Trillion hole in the U.S. economy. Is endless addiction to oil good or bad for America?

    Please remember that the 2008 energy-and-economic crises began when gasoline hit “only” $4 per gallon. Do you think that the price of oil will rise above $80 per barrel in the near future? $6+ GASOLINE IS INEVITABLE !

    Are YOU going to keep buying things that inefficiently burn oil? Are you teaching your children to burn oil? Will you continue down the same unsustainable suicidal path until everyone in America is bankrupt and homeless? What (if anything) will ever change YOUR mind? Will all oil addicts have to die to make room for a sustainable future?

    If the U.S. had to consume 100 Quadrillion BTU’s of energy from $147 per barrel oil, it would directly cost over $2.5 Trillion for FUEL alone, and America as we once knew it would totally collapse, go bankrupt, and default on all of our loans and entitlement obligations - Social Security, Medicare, and welfare programs. Our creditors like China, Japan, and OPEC could (in concept) foreclose on our entire foolish short-sighted nation! This is the path you pave when YOU burn oil.

    Would we defend ourselves with nuclear weapons? Would we exterminate all of humanity with nuclear winter?

    If China just stops loaning us money for our current runaway deficit spending (including inefficient government consumption of energy, corrupt fossil-fuel subsides, and our unjustified oil-related war in Iraq) our insane unsustainable American government will immediately go flat broke. Our energy stupidity has already destroyed our national security. Our survival as the world's largest and most-influential economy (and waster of scarce oil) is hanging by a frayed thread.

    Those who refuse to do anything to change our unsustainable rush toward fossil-fuel-caused suicide must think that "Our government will protect us and save us from extermination." (AS IF)

    Remember, it was our shortsighted, fossil-fuel-corrupted government who CREATED our current energy crisis. The selfish treachery that brought us to where we are today, can NOT undo the permanent damage they have done.

    Do you think our government did a good job avoiding the 2008 economic collapse? Do you think they did a good job restoring full employment in America? Do you think they are doing a good job reducing our addiction to deadly oil?

    They talk about producing 20% of our energy from "renewable energy" (including deadly biofuels) by 2025. They argue about improving the C.A.F.E. miles-per-gallon standard for business-as-usual highly-polluting 86%-inefficient 1890-technology internal combustion engines to only a paltry 35 mpg by 2020, when Europe has been 45 mpg for years. Some deeply-concerned nations have already added a 100% sales tax on petroleum-powered vehicles, while the U.S. House of Representatives passed a highly-regressive Cap and Trade tax on poor Americans, and our Senate blocks everything. How stupid can our corrupt Congress be? If we are going to tax stupidity, tax the greedy rich profiteers who created our suicidal crises, NOT the innocent poor.

    On many occasions, Barack Obama has said that Cap and Trade legislation will make energy prices "skyrocket." Our corrupt Congress is STILL subsidizing fossil fuels with over $40 Billion scarce taxpayer dollars, as a direct result of the well-documented immoral Congressional campaign-contribution bribes from fossil fuel companies.

    February 16, 2010, we discovered that the hazardous nuclear power industry did the same thing to receive $54 Billion in subsidies from President Obama. He caved in to heavy political pressure from David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and the evil nuclear power industry that helped purchase his election.

    Obama insanely announced using over $54 Billion of scarce taxpayer money to subsidize loans to construct new deadly nuclear power plants - the first in America in three decades, since the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident that surprised most of America with the potential for a catastrophic homeland nuclear failure. Things only got much worse when the Chernobyl accident killed a million people with mutagenic nuclear radiation cancer. Obama is a non-learning entity.

    Instead of regressively taxing the poor to pay for Cap and Trade, and deadly nuclear-waste pollution subsidies, Zero Energy Design® insists that we STOP the continual flow of political bribes that create our current corruption. No company that emits pollution or hazardous waste should ever be allowed to advertise their products in any form, pay for campaign ads, or make any contributions to any government official, EVER. That could quickly solve our pollution-corruption problem and leave clean, green, safe, free-fuel, Abundant Energy in Harmony with Nature® as the ONLY future alternative. Yea!

    Do you think that corrupt legislators will ever vote for such rational and reasonable laws? NO !
    True patriots must be prepared to confront and defeat the corruption of our elected officials.
    Anything less is not only an unsustainable burden on our precious children - IT IS SUICIDAL.

    Do you think oil-corrupted legislators are doing enough, soon enough, to eliminate our deadly addiction to unsustainable foreign oil?

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that oil may be back to a bankrupting price above $147 per barrel as soon as 2012 to 2016. A small percentage reduction in fossil-fuel consumption by 2020 or 2025 is FAR TOO LITTLE, FAR TOO LATE - We may have already gone bankrupt years before these trivial improvements.

    Our argumentative, partisan, filibuster-blocked Do Nothing Senate has already ensured the end of American success. Our current unemployment rate is proof positive of previous procrastination. Oil price rise will make it MUCH WORSE. Those who rely only on clean free-fuel will not be harmed by the rising price and declining supply of unsustainable oil.

    If we are to avoid the unsustainable economic suicide of America, we can NOT do it with current legislative incumbents. Waiting until the next election will NOT help, when ALL fossil-fuel-funded candidates are equally Clueless and Corrupt.

    The face of 2011 American politics WILL be different. By February 2010, 33 Representatives and 11 Senators (Republican and Democrat) announced that they will NOT run for re-election. They cited the current failures of vicious party-line politics, and the nationwide anti-incumbent movement. Their faces (and those of many others) will no longer be leading our country in 2011. BUT, the same corrupt campaign-financing bribes that elected today's unpopular incumbents will still control who is elected in November 2010 and beyond. Things cannot get much better without radical redesign of the source of corruption.

    All of this results in Americans who REFUSE TO USE ABUNDANT CLEAN SAFE FREE-FUEL ENERGY in Harmony with Nature.
    Is this the evil, selfish, myopic-moronic lunacy legacy that we should leave our children's children?

    Are dirty expensive fossil fuels the energy source to build our children’s future on?

    Should we ever spend one more dollar to build or buy anything that burns anything or emits radiation? Absolutely NOT !

    Should our corrupted legislators use taxpayer funds to SUBSIDIZE oil companies and the nuclear industry, which are already the most-profitable entities (and the largest source of government corruption) in our entire outrageous world today?

    Should we waste money increasing our oil-addiction infrastructure and drill more wells?

    Should we mine more coal, and subsidize building more deadly coal-fired power plants? (As our corrupt U.S. government is still subsidizing to this very day.)

    OR, should we spend a few hundred Billion dollars ONE TIME to build a comprehensive FREE FUEL Economy, and SAVE over a Trillion Dollars a Year on Fuel Costs for the next 25 years ? ? ?

    This SHOULD be a “no-brainer”, but we live in a completely-corrupt non-learning nation, owned by greedy profiteers. Failure to act immediately in a "No Compromise" way is beyond stupid - It is about to kill our precious children.

    A rapidly-growing number of deeply-concerned patriots now understand that WE ARE HEADED IN AN UNSUSTAINABLE, SUICIDAL, WRONG DIRECTION. They can see WHY we should embrace Lower-Cost, Clean, Safe, Emerald-Green Free-Fuel Energy, BUT myopic mediocre-minded clueless status-quo morons cannot imagine HOW to do the right thing, as they keep pumping foreign oil into their inefficient SUV's.

    Will YOU take immediate action to remove the oil-and-nuclear corruption from our supposedly "democratic" government? If not YOU then who? If not TODAY then when? The legislators who created today's crises refuse to solve them.

    Any man-made problem can be solved by man - But NOT BY THE MAN WHO CREATED IT!The obvious exception would be the SUICIDE OF HUMANITY (No one left to solve our problems)

    Do you naïvely think that merely casting a vote for a candidate who is also funded (and owned) by the fossil-fuel industry will bring about significant CHANGE For The Better? "Every generation needs a new revolution." - Thomas Jefferson

    Most myopic mediocre morons ignore doctors and scientists who tell them that their lifestyle is "UNSUSTAINABLE." They keep right on using drugs, smoking, drinking, overeating, polluting, borrowing, buying SUV's, pumping foreign oil, and buying buildings with unnecessary energy bills. SUSTAINABILITY is our most-critical problem to solve to survive. EVERY decision we make must be based on Sustainable Solutions in Harmony with Nature.

    The Extremely-High Cost Of American Nuclear Energy Insanity

    At a Londonderry, New Hampshire meeting on October 7, 2007, presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama said: “Nuclear power has a host of problems that have NOT been solved. We haven’t solved the storage situation effectively. We have not dealt with all of the security aspects of our nuclear plants, and NUCLEAR POWER IS VERY EXPENSIVE.”

    When Obama was campaigning for President in 2008, he promised to cancel the unpopular, expensive, Yucca Mountain nuclear waste disposal facility, which he did in 2009 (after American taxpayers wasted billions of dollars on the project).

    ZED was pleased, since it appeared that this move severely inhibited the operation of the 104 U.S. nuclear power plants, which SHOULD have accelerated phasing out the inherently-deadly U.S. nuclear energy.

    Nuclear waste contaminates the Earth for over a thousand years. Nuclear power plant accidents have been happening since 1952. We have NOT seen the last one yet. There were two recent ones in France in 2008. The Chernobyl disaster caused a million deaths by cancer, and left much of Belarus permanently uninhabitable, along with parts of Ukraine and Russia.

    When the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl blew toward Moscow, Russian pilots seeded the clouds so it would rain on the innocent people and animals below, WITHOUT WARNING. The pilots, people, and animals died of cancer. Their national leaders selfishly saved themselves, at the expense of a million unsuspecting people (many of them women and children).

    Chernobyl Abandoned Port City

    During his extremely-dishonest 2008 campaign, Senator Obama promised that lobbyists "won't find a job in my White House." In the first two weeks after his inauguration, Obama immediately appointed these special-interest-group REGISTERED lobbyist corruptocrats: Eric Holder, Tom Vilsack, William Lynn, William Corr, David Hayes, Mark Patterson, Ron Klain, Mona Sutphen, Melody Barnes, Cecilia Munoz, Patrick Gaspard, and Michael Strautmanis, who have heavily bribed our government officials.

    The corrupt, discredited, Obama appointee Tom Daschle never registered as a lobbyist, but he was paid millions of dollars for his valuable political connections in pursuit of preferential treatment for his clients. The Associate Press reported all of this in their article about the conspicuously-reprehensible and egregious Obama Culture of Corruption "Lobbyist Administration."

    Exelon operates 17 USA nuclear power plants. Exelon was a significant contributor to multiple Obama election campaigns. David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel in Obama's Lobbyist Administration have significant financial ties to the nuclear power industry. They are primary (but unregistered) lobbyist advisors to the extreme corruption of the Obama Administration.

    When Illinois utility company Commonwealth Edison wanted lawmakers to approve a major electricity rate increase (due to the rapidly-rising cost of their badly-mismanaged hazardous power generation facilities), they created a new not-to-be-trusted organization that was deceptively designed make people think that it represented the public interest, when it absolutely did not.

    They called their reprehensible fraudulent “grassroots” organization: “Consumers Organized for Reliable Electricity.” It was 100% funded and operated by Commonwealth Edison, (a subsidiary of Illinois-based Exelon Corp. and a major contributor of bribes to Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate and U.S. Presidential campaigns).

    The misleadly-named “Consumers” Organized for Reliable Electricity had NO Consumers supporting it at all in any way. CORE was purely designed to increase the immoral, decadent, greedy, high profits of Commonwealth Edison / Exelon.

    CORE’s selfish goal was to extract more money from consumers, with an excessive regressive rate structure that has a larger negative impact on poor people more than on the rich. Is that really in the grassroots consumers best interest? (Explicative) NO!

    CORE ran many expensive Illinois TV ads warning of a "California-style energy crisis" if the requested utility-company rate increase was not approved. CORE did NOT disclose that their commercials were 100% funded by Commonwealth Edison.

    (At $0.21+ / kWh, California has some of the highest electricity rates and they still have frequent power outages.
    Higher rates clearly influence greedy utility-company corporate profits, much more than electricity reliability.
    The primary modern way to LOWER electricity rates is to use CLEAN, SAFE, FREE-FUEL ENERGY SOURCES.)

    When he learned about the Commonwealth Edison / Exelon CORE depraved deception, Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn said:"It's corporate money trying to hoodwink the public."

    Hoodwink: “To blindfold or cover the eyes of another with a hood; To trick or influence by crafty deception; To conceal one's true motives by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain a selfish end; To bamboozle”

    CORE was the bamboozling brainchild of the supreme state-of-the-art hoodwinker David Axelrod – Highly-paid Senior Partner of “ASK Public Strategies” - devious deception political consulting firm. Axelrod has been advising Commonwealth Edison / Exelon communications since 2002. Axelrod was simultaneously the “Senior Advisor” hoodwinker of Obama’s presidential election campaign (having also supported Barack’s successful Illinois Senate-seat campaign).

    The misleading, extremely-dishonest, wicked deceiver Axelrod is NOW in the same hoodwinking role in Obama’s Culture of Corruption Cabinet, which the Associated Press accurately called “The Lobbyist Administration.”

    David Axelrod is STILL the primary source of most of Obama’s corrupt, ineffective, unpopular public policies to this day (similar to the way Dick Cheney ran the Bush Administration petroleum corruption, and the deceptive Iraq oil-related war, which was clearly based on Cheney’s insistent fabricated lies about non-existent Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction).

    You can now see David Axelrod on CNN several times a week answering questions about Obama’s ineffective public policies, which were actually developed by the horrible haughty hoodwinker high-class-henchman himself.

    Henchman: “A loyal and trusted subordinate of a criminal; A person who supports a political figure chiefly out of self interest; A member of an organized crime gang”

    Axelrod's ongoing public arrogance on television (after his documented criminal behavior) makes us very nauseous indeed.

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama often attacked John McCain for hiring "some of the biggest lobbyists in Washington" to run his bid for president. Obama's aides were trained to lie that their candidate was the adversary of"special interests."

    Obama OPENLY LIED when he claimed that he refused to take money from lobbyists or employ them. Neither Axelrod nor his ASK partners ever registered as lobbyists for Commonwealth Edison / Exelon, which contributed much-more to Obama than to any other Senate or Presidential candidate.

    The only way to get elected in today’s American Culture of Corruption political system seems to be expert deception of the myopic mediocre majority. Axelrod CLEARLY LIED when he said: "I've never lobbied anybody in my life." . . ."I've never talked to any public official on behalf of a corporate client." Most of Axelrod's carefully-crafted words are a well-documented game of semantics, (similar to the well-known lie: “I never had sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski”, which led to presidential Impeachment - Chuckle).

    The deceptive conflict-of-interest activities of ASK (located in the same office as Axelrod's political consulting firm) illustrate the difficulties in defining exactly who is a lobbyist. When Cablevision hired ASK to set up a group similar to CORE, New York disclosure laws found that ASK's $1.1 million fee from Cablevision was the "largest lobbying contract" of the year.

    BP / Transocean / Halliburton Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher Disaster

    One third of America’s seafood comes from the Gulf Coast. All of the tuna from Mexico to Canada breed near the BP oil spill site. Ten thousand pounds of Gulf of Mexico blue fin tuna were once air freighted every day to Japan for fresh sushi. Other Gulf Coast exports went around the world. King Mackerel sport fish migrate from the Gulf of Mexico around the Florida Keys up the Atlantic Coast, following the powerful gulfstream current.

    The BP Deepwater Horizon oil gusher threatened 400 Gulf of Mexico species including: sperm whales, dolphins, endangered sea turtles, shrimp, crabs, oysters, snapper, grouper, tuna, mackerel, endangered pelicans, gannets, ducks and other sensitive fish, mammals, and waterfowl. BP allocated $32 billion to pay for the direct and immediate Gulf Coast economic damage, which will impact all of America, and some of our related balance of trade. The total long-term damage may exceed $100 billion.

    Cargo ships traveling through an oil spill must be power washed before they can enter a harbor. This slows import and export logistics and increases the cost of fruits like bananas, coffee, rubber for tires, etc. Power washing impacts the environment.

    The loss of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, spilled oil, cleanup equipment + labor, and future insurance are added costs that will ultimately be paid for by all American petroleum consumers. These are added regressive pump-price costs that ultimately will hurt poor people much more than the rich.

    As the cleanup expense burden further damages BP, how many more Americans will lose their energy-industry jobs?

    How many Billion dollars will it remove from Beyond Petroleum’s free-fuel renewable-energy research and development?

    We ALL will suffer greatly as a result of increased offshore drilling disasters. The deeper USA must drill for our unsustainable past-peak dwindling oil supplies, the much greater the risk of future deepwater uncontrolled catastrophes will become.

    Despite what many biased liars say, offshore drilling can NEVER be “safe.” It becomes LESS safe every time we drill deeper.

    Like the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill will injure the coastline ecology for decades in the future, including many protected wildlife sanctuaries. Black tar will damage beaches from Texas to the Emerald Coast of Florida. Walking along the white sand beach will cover your feet with difficult-to-remove tar (as at Galveston etc. for many decades).

    Tourism from air travel to beach-front hotels to sport fishing and scuba diving will be badly impacted. The livelihood of countless Americans will be terminated, at a time when unemployment is already very high, and millions have already lost their long-term jobs, healthcare, and homes.

    What will happen to the value of the Gulf Coast fishing fleet equipment, harbors, boat docks, commercial-and-residential real estate? Businesses that have taken generations to build up will be wiped out by a single oil spill event. It will NOT be the last.

    Will the federal government bailout the millions who lose their only source of income?

    Will we borrow billions more dollars from our grandchildren’s future to assist the newly destitute Gulf Coast residents?

    July 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law unemployment insurance benefits extension up to 99 weeks (almost two years of free income without having to contribute anything to society at all.) Much of these taxpayer funds (borrowed from our grandchildren) will go to the Gulf Coast unemployed who may have difficulty collecting anything from BP.

    Who will ultimately pay the price of increased high-risk, deepwater offshore drilling operations?

    The entire oil industry always responds to added operating costs by increasing pump price.

    The cost of new deepwater offshore drilling rigs and insurance will continue to increase dramatically.

    Is America capable of learning the Scientific Truth about our outrageous, unsustainable, suicidal energy-source trends?

    After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill made landfall on the Gulf Coast, Fox News conducted a poll asking:
    Should the U.S. Scale Back Offshore Drilling? ” Out of 107,418 replies:

    10.7% said: “Oil spills like the recent one in the gulf are not worth the risk.”

    82.7% of non-learning coo coo idiots replied: “Drill Baby, Drill!”

    The vast majority of unenlightened fools PREFER economic and environment collapse, instead of changing their unsustainable, suicidal lifestyle choices to Zero Energy Design® technologies that were proven cost effective three decades ago, and were subsidized by President Carter’s new Department of Energy in 1978 (but canceled by Ronald Reagan).

    The self-proclaimed obstructionist Party of “Hell NO You Can't!” status-quo conservative politicians pander to non-learning morons who lack mental mobility, and have no critical thinking skills. They have a long-standing history of resisting almost all social improvements from Civil War slavery to the present day.

    Public opinion is controlled by evil misinformation from highly-paid lobbyists for big oil, coal, health insurance, and greedy profiteering Wall Street criminals, who have dominated the jobs in both the Bush and Obama Administrations for a decade.

    If I spent my entire life trying to write comedic political satire, I could not begin to come up with what the Tea Party said and did in only a few months of campaigning in 2010. Tea Party candidates do not just shoot themselves in the foot, they put on explosive underpants and set them on fire in a way that only injures themselves, while demonstrating total stupidity. (chuckle)


    Restore Sanity Cancel Fox NewsJon Stewart and Stephen Colbert served up Sanity Sans Tea

    “Inability to distinguish terrorists from Muslims makes us less safe.”
    – Jon Stewart – Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear – 10 / 30 / 10

    “The country's 24-hour politico pundit panic 'conflictonator' did not cause our problems, but its existence makes solving them that much harder. The press can hold its magnifying glass up to our problems and illuminate problems heretofore unseen, OR it can use its magnifying glass to light ants on fire, and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden, unexpected, dangerous, flaming-ant epidemic. If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.”

    When vocal Tea Party followers say they want an “unregulated free-market economy”, they are naïvely reflecting the funding they receive from corporations that want to continue to conduct their immorally-profitable, unsustainable, detrimental, reprehensible, big-bad-burdensome business-as-usual.


    Death Dealing Dishonest Devil Dogs David and Charles KochDeath-Dealing Dishonest Devil Dogs - David and Charles Koch (pronounced Coke)
    - The PRIMARY funding source for Tea Party rallies and corruption.

    The Koch brothers’ have the largest personal oil fortune in the world.
    (Exxon / Mobil, BP, Chevron and Shell are bigger, but they're publicly owned)

    The Koch brothers’ combined wealth is number three, behind non-oil Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The Koch family has always heavily manipulated America politics with bribes in favor of the worst kind of Deadly Big Oil Corruption.

    The Koch brothers were very disappointed with the November 2008 resounding defeat of the party of “Drill Baby Drill”, and the loss of the inept oil-controlled Bush Administration, which started Dick Cheney's unjustified deadly O.I.L. war in Iraq, and fought hard to relax the air pollution / emission standards (that George H. W. Bush had previously signed into law).

    Koch brother wrath was further enraged when the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed Resolution 2454 “The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.” 2454 stated: “Global warming poses a significant threat to the national security, economy, public health and welfare, and environment of the United States, as well as of other nations.” H.R. 2454 called for: a 25% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2020, 42% reduction by 2030, and a very-significant 83% reduction by 2050. The Koch brothers, and other heavy fossil-fuel polluters did everything they could to ensure that 100% of Republicans defeated the global warming / pollution reduction measure in the extremely-oil-corrupted U.S. Senate. Big Oil apparently “owns” all evil U.S. Senate Republicans.


    We need to immediately cap petroleum pollution and phase it out, NOT subsidize our deadly addiction to it.

    After the oil-owned Republican party of “Drill Baby Drill” was defeated by the majority of outraged change-hungry Americans, the powerful Koch brothers decided to covertly become the largest funding source of the many Tea Party rallies (including televangelist Beck + Palin in Washington D.C.). One thing that the majority of Tea Party capitalists now support is to INCREASE USA addiction to Big Oil – The Koch brothers' big bribery money was obviously very-well spent - They now own Tea Party fools.

    Most Tea Party followers are fundamentally good people, correctly concerned about runaway Republican AND Democrat deficit spending, and the future legacy for our grandchildren. But, immature Tea Parties have clearly been badly manipulated by the corrupt oil industry – the most profitable and powerful political corruption source on Earth.

    Most Tea Party people do not even know who the Koch brothers are, or why they should even care – Sad but true. Corrupt, greedy, profiteering mental manipulation works well on non-learning mediocre majority with no critical thinking skills. R U 1 ?

    Have you ever heard anyone at a Tea Party podium speak out against unsustainable big oil, oil pollution, or huge environmental damage caused by the poorly-regulated U.S. oil industry? NO ! But, you have heard Republicans try to shift blame for the BP oil spill to Obama. They have formally apologized to BP, and tried to limit oil spill liability to only $75 million (instead of $20 billion). Why can’t Tea Party followers see how they have already been badly duped by big oil bombastic buffoons?

    Who funds the Tea Party chant: “Drill Baby Drill”, “Drill Here, Drill Now”, “Deregulate”? Do you think it came from grass roots?

    Can YOU look behind today’s symptoms and see yesterday’s root causes, or tomorrow’s predictable terrible train wreck?
    We desperately need radical infrastructure innovation progress, NOT corrupt politics and business-as-usual obstructionism.

    Can’t see the forest for the Tea’s

    Let’s step back and look at what Rick Santelli’s stock-market capitalist Tea Party morphed into in a year and a half. 90% of Americans agree with us that corrupt incumbents have made a mess of unsustainable short-sighted government policies.

    30% of Americans (not including us) seem to think that radical fanatical Coo Coo Tea Party newbie’s will correct what has gone badly wrong with the USA. They are willing to ignore the past history of their favorite mentally-unstable self-righteous corrupt criminal candidates (some of whom have a lot of old baggage with flagrant hypocritical criminal behavior).

    Obama promised Change, but has not been able to overcome corruption-as-usual. Does anyone think the Tea Party can?

    Tea Party candidates have a few things in common: (1) They are highly-vocal, backward, bloviating, anti-incumbent, out-of-the-mainstream, anti-establishment fanatics (that border on rebel anarchists). (2) They are unstable LIARS who frequently reverse their strong positions, just to buy votes. (3) They were hand-picked by the Koch brothers for their consistent support of “Drill Baby Drill” big-oil expansion of America’s unsustainable expensive oil addiction. (4) They support widespread Deregulation, (5) Oppression of the lower / middle class, and (6) Tax Reductions for the wealthiest fat cats.

    Is this really what America needs for a sustainable future for our grandchildren? 30% of voters act like they think so. 45% of Americans say they are sympathetic with the Tea Party cause (what ever that eventually turns out to be). American government is determined by who shows up at the polls (based on what the wealthy tell them to believe).

    George W. Bush (lowest documented I.Q. of any U.S. president): “There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says, fool me once, shame on errr - shame on you. Fool me, uhhh - you can't get fooled again.”

    Tea Parties are easily manipulating the same kind of uncritical mediocre myopic minds once again.

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time”
    - Abraham Lincoln (Republican voters and Tea Party followers seem to be the former)

    Naïve gullibility is a measure of ignoring the Good Spirit that is within you, and allowing
    the loudest bloviating bombastic buffoons (who rant the longest) to tell you WHAT to think.
    It worked very well for Hitler, bin Laden, Cheney, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, the Koch brothers, and Rupert Murdock.

    Listening to lethal liars that pander to your gullibility, is like sucking stagnant pond water.
    It does NOT satisfy your thirst, and it is very hazardous to your health and longevity.

    In stark contrast, Critical Thinking Skills are a measure of knowing HOW to think and reason. (Rare Skills)

    Sadly, most American schools, churches, and politicians teach dependent fools WHAT to think, not HOW to think or reason.

    Who do YOU choose to follow? – Rational proven scientists, or manipulative headless greedy suicidal mobsters?

    Can you ever you learn HOW to discern between Godly good, and self-serving suicidal profiteering evil? Begin by asking these questions: Is this concept scalable and sustainable? Is it in harmony with Nature? Will my grandchildren be pleased with the world we will leave for them? Am I living a life worthy of imitation?

    The Obama Administration is now considering 62 MPG C.A.F.E. fuel efficiency requirement by 2025. Europe already has cars in the 78 mpg range and their short-term goal is over 100 mpg. 62 mpg would be a terrible blow to the unsustainable U.S. big oil company profits. The Koch brothers and many others are now in an all out war against all clean-energy Democrats. They want to keep America addicted to expensive declining deadly oil supplies as long as possible.

    62 mpg by 2025 is far too little, far too late. Gasoline supply and demand will cause pump price to soar, bankrupting America.

    A free-market economy MUST either (1) STOP buying petroleum-burning things, (2) demand 100+ mpg, or (3) commit suicide.

    Suppose hypothetically that we had widespread support for making it illegal for anyone to drive a car or SUV that gets less than a 2010 50-mpg Toyota Prius. First, it would wipe out the intransigent Detroit car manufacturers. BUT, more significantly, 50+ mph would only solve about 0.005 of our current man-made Global Warming problem. Our building contribute more to atmospheric greenhouse gas than all of Transportation or Industry! 62 mpg is NOT SUFFICIENT by itself.

    Bipartisan majorities in the California Legislature approved the landmark Assembly Bill 32 (AB32) “Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.” The California State Capitol is only a few feet above sea level.

    AB32 currently calls for only a 30% reduction in California’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (far less than the 2009 U.S. H.R. 2454 42%). Legal enforcement of AB32 begins January 1, 2012. It is hoped by the majority of Californians that AB32 will serve as a template for a national effort to reduce our unsustainable dependence on foreign oil, provide a million new clean-energy jobs, increase U.S. clean-energy equipment exports (while reducing imported equipment and foreign oil), and mitigate the devastating man-made threats of worldwide climate change and inhumane respiratory health damage – all popular admirable goals.

    California’s CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE – 33% of California's electrical energy from renewables by 2020

    San Jose Mercury News: “The green economy that AB32 helped spawn is taking hold. California already boasts five of the nation's top 10 cities for clean-tech investment. In 2008, this investment reached record levels, almost doubling over the previous year, to $3.3 billion. All across our region, innovators and investors are pouring resources into solar power, electric and plug-in hybrid cars, fuel cells, energy-efficient computing and lighting, and sustainable building practices and materials.”

    AB32 has already led to the creation of over 500,000 new California jobs, during a trying time when they are desperately needed. The above news is very pleasing, since AB32 enforcement will not even begin until 2012. Public funding is NOT required to reduce global warming and increase sustainable zero-emission technology. Billions of dollars of farsighted entrepreneurial venture capital is already pouring into California, by merely setting a future goal to make clean tech happen soon. The rest of the United States (and the entire world) need to learn this critical environmental economic progress lesson TODAY and not delay.

    Meg Whitman advertisements said that she wanted to create 2 million new jobs in California, BUT she wanted to begin by wiping out the half-a-million green energy jobs that AB32 created, and that the vast majority of Californians supported. What a fool!

    Intransigent profiteering greedy oil-business-as-usual obstructionists (including the Koch brothers and many others) are continuing to keep our politically-corrupt world from doing what we SHOULD have immediately begun after OPEC 1973.

    Koch Industries is one of the worst fossil-fuel polluters in America, and along with Valero and Tesoro, they are the top polluters in California. These three deadly companies pooled their political bribery resources to get California Proposition 23 on the November 2010 ballet. Koch is privately held, but Valero and Tesoro shareholders strongly objected to their support of Prop 23.

    The terrible Tesoro, Valero and Koch environment polluters are now spending millions of dollars to go against the majority opinion, and buy votes from easily-manipulated mediocre minds for Proposition 23 to INCREASE California emissions by eliminating AB32 air-pollution reduction requirements (and the related investments that are already flowing into CA clean tech).

    Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said on September 27, 2010 that the out-of-state oil company Prop 23 manipulation motivation is pure “self-serving greed … they want to kill this initiative, kill our laws, … Does anyone really believe that these companies, out of the goodness of their black oil hearts, are spending millions and millions of dollars to protect our jobs?” L.A. Times and many other rational news agencies supported “Vote NO” on Proposition 23.

    Carly Fiorena was hand picked for significant campaign funding by Big Oil and Dirty Coal industry lobbyists, because of her strong opposition to California's implementation of AB32 pollution reduction legislation. The League of Conservation Voters named Tea Party Carly Fiorena, Sharron Angle, and Michele Bachmann as members of their "Dirty Dozen" candidates running for U.S. Congress who consistently oppose and vote against clean energy, pollution reduction, and resource conservation.

    Fiorena refuses to offer any plan for what to do about 15 million undocumented illegal criminal aliens currently in America.

    She does not want to offend the majority of voters who she knows disagree with her privately-held personal opinion.

    Illegal aliens alone have already bankrupted California's budget, with expensive services mandated by the U.S. government. They have helped contribute to California's above-national-average 12.4% unemployment rate. California has 14% of the U.S. population, but 35% of the welfare cases. Millions of them are criminal fraud, from aliens who are currently in America illegally.

    In debate with Carly Fiorena, Barbara Boxer pointed out that: "California is the most productive agricultural state in America, but California's unemployed stand in line to receive cans of food from China." In contrast to anti-environmental Carly, Boxer is supported by most environmental-protection groups, including the Sierra Club. <> Barbara Boxer is the majority leader of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. When Republicans controlled the Senate, the Oklahoma oil-corrupted "Global Warming Is A Hoax" Senator James Inhofe controlled the committee on the Environment, doing much irreparable suicidal damage.

    As the former President and CEO of HP, anti-America Carly Fiorena LAID OFF 30,000 EMPLOYEES and sent their high-tech jobs overseas to China, India, Malaysia, Russia and Poland, while she tripled her own compensation to $100 million, purchased a personal mega yacht, and five inefficient corporate jet airplanes for HP fat cat luxury joy rides. Many HP U.S. employees have been asked to take 25% salary reductions to compete with overseas employees. Is the capitalistic Tea Party trend for America becoming clear to you yet? Their demonstrated goal is to make the top 1% richer on the backs of a heavy burden placed
    on the rapidly-declining American middle class. Ignore what the dishonest Tea Party SAYS - Pay attention to what they DO.

    Fiorena now openly says that she is “Proud of what I did at HP.” Like most Tea Party candidates, Carly wants to deregulate greedy industry, and extend tax cuts for the wealthy making over $1,000,000 per year. Does the failing American middle class need MORE ongoing oppression by the rich? Should middle class workers pay a higher tax rate than billion-dollar-a-year hedge fund managers who pay only 15%? Foolish Tea Party followers think that the highest wage earners should pay less. Do you?

    Petroleum companies are the most profitable big businesses in the world today. They’re also the largest source of American Congressional Corruption. They “invest” millions of dollars of (legal and illegal) bribes to elect and re-elect the candidates that support their unsustainable, deadly big-oil business, and the agencies that regulate their industry (like the corrupt U.S. Dept of interior Minerals Management Service). The very-clear big-oil company return on investment (in the U.S. alone) is $46 BILLION in annual subsidizes, from U.S. taxpayers, and borrowed in the form of unpayable generational debt levied on our grandchildren.

    Is subsidizing the world’s most-profitable companies rational in any conceivable way? No, NO, N O !

    President Obama says that he wants to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, with little hope of success, due to obstructionists.

    Here is just one oil-corrupted example (among hundreds of others):

    Michele Bachmann founded the U.S. House of Representatives Tea Party caucus. Her blatantly-corrupt recent voting record:

    Michele is being paid as a Representative to legislate, but she has missed nearly 200 roll-call votes
    Her financial records show that she has become a millionaire since taking office
    What would happen to most American workers if they just didn't show up for work?

    Voted NO on enforcing limits on CO2 global warming greenhouse gas air pollution. (Jun 2009)
    Voted NO on tax credits for clean renewable energy electricity, with PAYGO offsets. (Sep 2008)
    Voted NO on tax incentives for energy production and conservation. (May 2008)
    Voted NO on tax incentives for renewable energy. (Feb 2008)
    Voted NO on $60B stimulus package for jobs, infrastructure, and energy. (Sep 2008)
    Voted NO on defining federal "energy emergency" (Jun 2008)
    Voted NO on funding for green public schools. (May 2009)
    Voted NO on environmental education grants. (Sep 2008)
    Voted NO on for Amtrack energy efficiency and speed improvements. (Jun 2008)

    Borrow $700 BILLION from our grandchildren to extend tax cuts to fat cat executives making over $250,000 per year.
    Voted NO on allowing stockholder voting on executive compensation. (Apr 2007)
    Voted NO on letting shareholders vote on executive compensation. (July 2009)
    Voted NO on increasing minimum wage to $7.25. (Jan 2007) More profit for the rich - Less money for hard workers.
    Many Republicans and Tea Party candidates now want to abolish the minimum wage altogether (to increase top 1% profits).
    They have always strongly opposed labor unions that help elect Democrats.
    Voted NO on assisting workers who lose their jobs to globalization outsourcing. (Oct 2007)
    Voted NO on protecting whistle blowers from employer recrimination. (Mar 2007)
    Voted NO on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks. (Oct 2008)
    Voted NO on extending AMT exemptions to avoid hitting middle-class wage earners. (June 2008)
    Voted NO on paying for AMT relief by closing offshore business loopholes. (Dec 2007)
    Voted NO on instituting National Service as a new social invention. (Mar 2009)
    Voted NO on restricting employer interference in union organizing. (Mar 2007)

    Promised to repeal Democrat's federal health care reform. (July 2010) and replace it with
    tight health care regulations that have the Republican label on it.
    Voted NO on expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program. (Jan 2009)
    Voted NO on adding 4 million children to SCHIP eligibility. (Oct 2007)
    Voted NO on Bush Veto override:  Extend SCHIP to cover 6 million more children. (Jan 2008)
    Voted NO on overriding Bush Veto of the Farm Bill. (June 2008)
    Voted NO on regulating tobacco as a drug. (Apr. 2009)
    Voted NO on funding to help Mexico fight illegal drugs. (June 2008)
    Voted NO on requiring negotiated prescription drug prices for Medicare part D. (Jan 2007) Helping Bankrupt Medicare
    Voted NO on expanding promising stem cell research. (Jan 2007)

    Voted NO on regulating the subprime mortgage industry. (Nov 2007) Allowed banks to destroy the U.S. economy in 2008.
    Voted NO on modifying bankruptcy rules to reduce mortgage foreclosures. (Mar 2009)
    Voted NO on additional economic recovery package. (Jan 2009)
    Voted NO on monitoring TARP funds to ensure more mortgage relief. (Jan 2009)
    (Banks use free money to buy U.S. Bonds - Taxpayers pay banks interest on the money we gave them for free)
    Voted NO on bailout for GM and Chrysler. (Dec. 2008) Wants to outsource automobile manufacturing jobs overseas.

    Voted NO on investigating Bush impeachment for lying about non-existent Iraq WMD’s. (June 2008)
    Voted NO on redeploying U.S. troops out of Iraq starting in 90 days. (May 2007) Tea Party capitalists profit from war.

    Recent 2011 Votes
    Voted YES to prohibit all federal funds for any Planned Parenthood services
    Voted YES to prohibit all federal funds for National Public Radio
    Voted YES to prohibit all federal funds for Transportation Security Administration Collective Bargaining (against unions)
    Voted YES to repeal funding for School-Based Health Centers
    Voted YES to repeal funding for State Health Benefit Exchanges
    Voted YES to repeal funding for Prevention and Public Health Fund
    Voted YES to extend the big-brother privacy-invasion Patriot Act
    Voted YES for Energy Tax Prevention Act
    Voted YES for Representative Ryan's radical road to ruin budget (End today's Medicare, huge tax breaks for the wealthy)
    Voted YES for the Bulb Act (repeal 2007 Energy provision requiring more-efficient lighting devices - increase electricity usage $12 Billion per year)
    Voted YES to Abolish Federal Financing of Presidential Election Campaigns (increase the influence of big money campaign bribes)
    Voted NO on Campaign Finance Disclosure Requirements

    See more details about "Tea-vangelists" Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry in our webpage about the Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar

    It is becoming clear to you yet what the new capitalistic Tea Party Leadership wants for America?

    Are the Tea Party fanatical extreme obstructionists best for the future of our precious grandchildren?

    Koch Brothers “Own” The Tea Party Agenda – Big Oil Corruption is the number-one primary funding source - The Tea Party also owes its very existence to international-criminal Rupert Murdoch's Fox News habitual lies

    The American Tea Party movement is very immature: “We're thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in July. All you capitalists that want to show up to Lake Michigan, I'm gonna start organizing.” – Rick Santelli - CNBC Stock Market Analyst, Feb. 19, 2009

    Within a few weeks, 40 loosely-knit capitalist "Tea Party" organizations sprang up in the USA. It is a growing headless young monster of disgruntled anti-incumbent anarchists that can’t agree on a consistent platform. They’re justified in their disappointment that our government does not provide sufficient services or protection from narcissistic greed and corruption, but they contradict themselves when they say they want less regulation, not more.

    A year and a half after the idea of a Tea Party burst into view, three out of 10 Americans described themselves in the USA TODAY / Gallup Poll as Tea Party supporters, This is equal to the number who now call themselves Republicans - Two powerful minorities trying to work together, but the Tea Party successfully attacks Grand Old Party incumbents.

    The diverse Tea Parties are in a frustrated state of inconsistent "STRAT-TEA-GERY." (chuckle) In a mutually-exclusive impossible way, their funding sources want much smaller government, lower taxes, and LESS regulation of greedy, selfish, status-quo, previously-failed capitalism. They mostly want to end bailouts for rich bankers, the auto industry, and subsidies for poor people, but some critical Tea Partiers disagree with those who would manipulate their minds with money.

    Few Common Threads About Tea Party - By Amy Gardner, The Washington Post October 25, 2010

    In an unruly, unpredictable and chaotic election year, no group has asserted its presence and demanded to be heard more forcefully than the Tea Party.

    Amy Garner of The Washington Post spent six months interviewing 647 large-and-small Tea Party groups. Each answered a lengthy questionnaire about their political beliefs, members and goals. Only a handful of large national groups claim the Tea Party label. Some like FreedomWorks and Tea Party Express are headed by longtime political activists with well-established special-interest agendas, who have used their extensive resources and political savvy to help elect a number of candidates
    with votes from Tea Party followers.

    For example, FreedomWorks was a "Flat Tax" supporter, years before the 2009 Tea Party movement began. The goal of their Flat Tax (aka "Fair Tax") is to significantly reduce the progressive incremental American income tax rate for the wealthiest wage earners, and increase the tax rate for the lower half of working Americans. This greedy strategy dovetails very well with their desire to reduce benefits for the needy. It is obvious where the funding for this FreedomWorks message comes from. The curious thing is that the greedy / wealthy Flat Tax supporters have convinced many middle class that it was their own idea.

    There is little agreement among the leaders of the diverse Tea Party groups about what issues are the most important.

    Very few saw themselves as part of a coordinated effort.

    The most common interview-and-questionnaire responses were concerns about deficit spending and limiting the size of government, but together those were named by fewer than half the 647 Tea Party groups. Social issues, such as abortion rights, prayer in school, and gay marriage, did not register as major concerns by most of the groups, BUT, social issues have gained the most publicity for out-of-the-mainstream Tea Party supported candidates. Deficit spending and runaway government are unifying rally calls that most Americans can get behind, but social issues are very divisive, and thus Tea Party groups avoid them, while their candidates cannot help but rave on about their own personal social issue feelings.

    If anything tied the Tea Party groups together, it was what motivated their members to participate. Virtually all said economic concerns were a factor, and nearly as many cited a general mistrust of government. Opposition to President Barack Obama and Democratic Party policies was a big factor, but only slightly more so than dissatisfaction with mainstream Republican leaders.
    A bipartisan, anti-incumbent sentiment was widespread (although many old-guard Republican groups claim Tea Party support).

    11% (more than one in ten) admitted that President Obama's race, religion or ethnic background was either a "very important" or "somewhat important" factor in the support their group received. Racism was alive & going strong in 2010 American politics. At some Tea Party rallies, racial bigots have kicked out members who tried to project a more-tolerant politically-correct image.

    While the Tea Party groups lack a unifying shared vision, the results show that they are ripe for action. 86% of local leaders said most of their members are new to political activity. The Tea Party's biggest primary wins came after one of a handful of well-funded national groups (especially the Koch brothers, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Express, Americans for Prosperity, Fox News and Rupert Murdock) swooped in with out-of-state national support. In upset victories in Alaska and Delaware, hundreds of thousands of dollars on were spent on advertising for Senate GOP candidates Joe Miller and Christine O'Donnell primary races that displaced old-guard Grand Old Party candidates. Senate seats in states with few voters are a Big Bargain To BUY! A Senator from tiny Delaware costs much less to purchase than one from California, but their two corrupt votes have equal value.

    Most local Tea Party group leaders find such special-interest funding tactics distasteful. 57% said they want to operate as a network of Independent Entities, WITHOUT heavy-handed outside financial influence. But even so, the big money continued to flow. In a system of corporation-corrupted political-influence peddling, BIG MONEY SHOUTS, and the mediocre majority listen.

    There are successful grass-roots organizations that have had many years to consolidate and articulate a cohesive platform that binds their members together with a common purpose, BUT, young headless Tea Parties have NOT yet resolved their long list of impossible, mutually-exclusive policy-and-goal conflicts. They all want Significant CHANGE, but to what? Some Tea Party members are disgruntled Democrats who voted for Obama's "Change We Can Believe In", which didn't come true.

    Obama PROMISED to End All Pork Barrel Spending, but within months of his inauguration, he signed 12,000 earmarks into law. Since many of these unnecessary pork projects were for Republicans, they did NOT use this to campaign against Democrats, but after the November 2010 election, Tea Party fanatics claimed the symbolic battle against earmarks as their own. Tea Party people can indeed believe that Obama brought about Change, but most believe that it was Change For The Worse.

    There are Tea Party people who strongly support a woman’s right to choose, AND those that staunchly oppose all forms of abortion, even in the case of rape, incest, or threat to the mother’s own life. There are Tea Party extremists on both side of many sensitive social issues. Glenn Beck’s Washington rally with Sarah Palin was to "reclaim the civil rights movement", but perhaps 1-out-of- 10 self-proclaimed "racist" Tea Party members advocate and demonstrate anti-Martin-Luther-King violent behavior. Some Tea Party supporters are very pro equality, while a few southern descendants of former slave owners still speak the evil-bigotry racial slurs of white supremacy. They are among the 11% who admit that Obama's race is an issue for them.

    Many Tea Party followers agree that our nation’s foundations are crumbling, but they cannot agree on what foundation we should rebuild. Highly-vocal Tea Party participants with large signs lobby for-and-against prayer in schools, same-sex marriage, etc. Some are strong atheists; others preach we should NOT have separation of church and state, and there should be no peaceful Islamic Mosques anywhere in America. They obviously occupy both sides of "political correctness."

    Arguments about the intention of our American Founding Fathers are very common among those trying to lead the headless Tea Party monster, which so far has refused to be tamed, or brought in line.

    We know that the U.S. Constitution did NOT provide equality for slaves, native Americans or women. It specifically called for white men to collect tax revenues from the sale of slaves. Should we return to the original intention of our Founding Fathers?
    Which parts of their 1776-1787 plan should we accept, and which parts should we forever reject?
    Should we further modify our obsolete flawed Constitution, to include a Balanced Budget Amendment?
    Constitutional Amendments go against extreme conservative views - They Are PROGRESSIVE Thinking.
    Most liberal socialistic constitution amendments have been resisted by obstructionists on the Wrong Side Of History.
    This FACT has been very obvious since the deadly American Civil War over arrogant inhumane selfish slavery.

    Capitalist Tea Party participants are mostly ultra-conservative Republicans and independents, plus some disgruntled disappointed Democrats with buyer's remorse. During 2010 primary races, some Coo Coo Tea Party Candidates with outrageous views easily displaced old-guard moderate Republican politicians. The right is moving farther right (but wrong).

    The 647 immature disconnected Tea Parties have no system of vetting every ridiculous candidate that they support. Those who seek Tea Party leadership get away with saying any demonstrably-FALSE thing they want to get elected. They do not hesitate to lie or switch their position, when caught in obvious lies or spectacular stupidity - Endless Tea Stains.

    Mentally-unstable Christine O'Donnell admitted practicing WITCHCRAFT on the Bill Maher Politically Incorrect show.

    This is a well-documented FACT. Christine's October 2010 campaign ad said she is no longer a witch. Christine now says that she is just like all of us. (as if) Out-of-state Tea Party funds flooded into Christine to buy her a Senate seat, WITHOUT any effort to learn what a total Coo Coo Bird she really is. All that mattered to Koch brothers was that Christine O'Donnell was glad to accept bribes to support "Drill Baby Drill", and oil-company deregulation.

    Republican leader Karl Rove (outspoken employee of Fox News) said that O'Donnell's primary win did “little good” for the party. The Grand Old Party lost control to the un-vetted Coo Coo Tea Party. Rove called on the surprise Tea Party Senate nominee to explain her witchcraft activities. “In southern Delaware where there are a lot of church going people, they’re going to want to know what that is all about.” ... “My view is she can’t simply ignore it. She’s got to deal with it and explain it.” Christine then walled herself away from all media questions, even Fox News, (whose owners provide heavy Republican / Tea Party funding).

    Christine just plain LIED about colleges she attended. She has had serious problems with her own personal finances.

    Christine is very-much Against Evolution and wants public schools to teach Creationism. She thinks that "freak dancing should be illegal." Christine believes that the scientific hope of stem cell research“exploits women” and should be banned. She has NO PLAN to put anyone back to work, wants to slash Recovery funding, and open our coastlines to the proven high-risk danger of deregulated off-shore drilling risks for oil and gas.

    According to an Associated Press Report, Christine stated that China had a "carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America." Responding to an opponent who said that working with China was in U.S. interests, O'Donnell countered: "That doesn't work," she said. "There's much I want to say. I wish I wasn't privy to some of the classified information that I am privy to." Constituents should therefore vote for Christine, to ensure that China does not invade the USA? (chuckle)

    On this one thing we do agree with Christine: SHE SHOULD NEVER BE PRIVY TO ANY CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ! ! !

    We are convinced that O'Donnell LIED when she said she was in the first place. Analysts have stated that her obvious LIES are from a self-absorbed lunatic. China depends on a prosperous America to buy their products, and to pay interest on money we have foolishly borrowed from them. China needs American technology to enable many of their internal industries. It would hurt China deeply if USA fails. What would China do if they invaded bankrupt America? Would they turn us into government- controlled capitalists? Is China going to send money to rebuild USA after they invade us, when China's own 1.3 billion people are so badly in need today? Investing in China would be MUCH better than China trying to take over USA. A nuclear attack on the USA by China, could result in the annihilation of all humanity. Only an irrational witch would think such a thing reasonable.

    My wife and I do have Security Clearances. My Top Secret Clearance required a $70,000 FBI Extended Background Investigation, and annual polygraph (lie detector) tests to maintain. We are CERTIFIED trustworthy and reliable. Christine O'Donnell could NEVER qualify for a clearance for many reasons. She IS certifiable, but not at all trustworthy. (snicker)

    IF my wife or I had disclosed classified information to a person like insane Christine without a need to know, and an appropriate Security Clearance, in a tightly-secured facility, we would have been immediately sent to Federal Prison. Christine is merely a self-important, unrepentant, habitual-LIAR, immature mental case - The kind of corrupt moron the Tea Party loves to endorse.

    Christine O'Donnell was the biggest joke played on non-learning USA voters in 2010, if it were not sooo very sad to see. We wonder of she will break character and announce that her silly act was just meant to be political satire (but we doubt it). We are still waiting to learn that Andy Kaufman is not dead - Sometimes it is very difficult to tell a bad joke from insane reality. Christine O'Donnell has now become the brunt of more political jokes than even Spectacular Sinister- Silly Sister Sarah Palin.

    O'Donnell recently flip-flopped on a long list of issues to win voter support. Traditionally, Republicans run to the extreme right to win their conservative primary, and then they oppose their previous positions and run toward the center to win the election.

    Flip flopping is historically common among Unprincipled Corrupt Politicians, who will say and do anything to get elected.

    No one can predict what unstable Christine will do in the future. Her track record demonstrates endless LIES and RADICAL FANATICISM (even from the viewpoint of the obstructionist leaders of the Republican Party). We doubt that she will be allowed to carry through with most of her own incoherent primary-campaign ramblings. Will the majority of mindless mediocre voters see her for the outrageous maniac she has clearly been for the last few years?

    Christine is clearly a case of "slow boiling a frog" gradualism. As the wicked Truth slowly leaks out, the Tea Party is in denial about their stupidity. In interviews, some Tea Party FOLLOWERS have said that even if everything about O'Donnell is true, they
    will continue to support her over any progressive liberal. The Way of a Fool Is Right in His Own Eyes. It is not so much that the world has a few fanatical fools. Rather it is extremely sad when the mediocre majority PREFERS them as their leaders.

    "A fool and his money are soon ... ELECTED." - Will Rogers (most popular Great Depression Hollywood movie star / satirist)

    Any fool can claim to be wise. All politicians seem to be fools. Scientists on the other hand must often admit they've been fools. Pseudo-religious self-serving fools can cover up their stupidity with traditional / cultural dogmatic false doctrine for centuries. Idiots refuse to admit when they have been fooled. Socrates: "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing."

    Hogan's Heroes, Sergeant Schultz: "I know nothing - Absolutely Nothing." (He must have been very smart indeed - chuckle)

    Fools pretend to know everything. Non-learning imbeciles believe them by submissive faith. Even in light of well-documented evidence that they have been following virulently-ignorant fools, they remain unenlightened. No where in the world was this more obvious in 2010 than among outrageous radical fanatical Tea Party candidates, and their suggestible foolish followers.

    When I was young, my father took me to the barber to get hair cuts together. I listened to the old men sitting around discussing what was wrong with government. Afterward, I asked dad: "Why don't they run for president and correct the mess we're in?" My research scientist father's profound answer was: "Son when you get old and try to find ways to prevent losing your hair, DON'T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THE BALD-HEADED BARBER." What an intelligent man my father has always been to me! Do you support bloviating buffoons who claim they can fix what is wrong with USA, WITHOUT living in harmony with Nature?

    Self-acknowledged former "Witch Christine" is the kind of lying imbecile that Anti-God Silly Saint Sarah Palin likes to support.
    They are most certainly two Tea Party Coo Coo "Birds Of A Feather" Who Lie Together.

    Sarah Palin now says: "If the GOP strays away from the Tea Party movement, the GOP is through."
    The Tea Party is NOT a Republican campaign. The Tea Party is an anti-Republican rebuke of almost all incumbents.

    Most Americans learned in 2008 what a totally-uninformed ex-beauty-pageant-queen Silly Sarah was (is), but fools still love her.

    In 2010 Senate races, simple Sarah Palin endorsed Clint Didier and Todd Tiahrt - who lost their primaries. She did endorse John McCain, John Boozman, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, Kelly Ayotte, and Marco Rubio – who were all heavily favored to win without her support.

    BOOtiful Silly Saint Sarah endorsed Coo Coo Christine O’Donnell, radical Sharron Angle, outsourcing Carly Fiorina, capitalist John Raese, and unknown Joe Miller – all of whom lost.

    In gubernatorial races, Palin backed GOP nominees on the ballot (three of her endorsees lost their primaries). Tom Emmer and Tom Tancredo lost their bids for the governor’s mansion.

    In House of Representatives races, five of Palin’s candidates lost their primaries. Eight of Palin's candidates lost by significant margins, and four were extended close calls.

    Nov 2, 2010 was a good night for Republicans, but many Coo-Coo-Bird Tea Party candidates (who won their primary races by pushing out old-guard Grand Old Party incumbents), LOST IN THE GENERAL ELECTION as being way too far out of mainstream thinking.

    It is nice to now know that Sarah Palin’s endorsement, plus $10, will buy you a plain cup of coffee.

    It was sad to learn on November 2, 2010 that Republican House gridlock will now prevent long-overdue energy and climate change legislation (like the 2009 HR 2454). Our current .6%-per-year increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas will continue, as we rush toward economic and environmental disaster by 2020, or so, with our heavy foot on our inefficient SUV gas pedals.

    Palin now makes every attempt to avoid questions from the press, except on her Tea-Party-biased employer Fox News.

    Sarah was widely "BOOed" by the audience when she arrived at her daughter's Dancing With The Stars 2010 performance.
    Christine and Sarah are both BOO-tiful, in front of mainstream critical-thinking crowds, AND on scary Halloween. (snicker)

    As we should know from watching Fox News, a BOO-tiful face sells more big lies to mediocre minds than a well-informed mind.
    They just have to read the teleprompter script that Rupert Murdock's people wrote for his minimum-I.Q. biased news reporters.

    Sarah Palin demon and witchcraft exorcismDuring the 2008 presidential campaign, America learned that Silly Saint Sarah believes that SHE is sometimes possessed by demons and pursued by witches. The Internet documented her participating in an exorcism as others pray in tongues. Why would Sarah support a self-proclaimed witch? Prayers for Sarah's election were obviously NOT answered (for many very good reasons). Environment-damaging "Drill Baby Drill" is NOT part of God's perfect plan. What about Sarah's own demons and witches?

    Vanity Fair documents that Saint Sarah still has an out-of-control angry vindictive violent temper, even with those who slightly disagree with her. Her stainless-steel refrigerator was covered with dents from throwing cans of food at her husband, who still loves her. What great harm would Sarah and Christine do to America? There's no need for supernatural forces to explain the evil things that maniacs do. But when voters support wicked self-serving non-learning, Anti-God fools, that is evil indeed.

    The corrupted power of the capitalist Tea Party to sell extreme foolishness is well beyond our comprehension.

    We agree that incumbents have done many devastating dastardly deeds, but what kind of painful knee-jerk reaction will soon follow?

    What can be learned from 2010 Tea Party insanity that will help us self-govern better in the future?
    Obviously, we need a realistic system of vetting candidates that eliminates coo coo's, while inviting innovation.
    We must begin by greatly reducing flagrant lies, and cultivate a country based on provable Truth.

    My wife and I had to have FBI Extended Background Investigations and pass polygraph (lie detector) tests to work on
    Top Secret classified government projects. Why shouldn't ALL high-level officials have to pass the same test EVERY YEAR?
    It most certainly would eliminate the extreme habitual dishonesty that dominates our very-corrupt USA politics today.

    If we could somehow eliminate all political lies, and replace them with Truth, there would be no politics.
    A reduction of only one half of the wicked deadly lies being told today would be a HUGE IMPROVEMENT.
    We know exactly HOW to do it, BUT lying politicians obviously REFUSE vetting by reliable lie detector tests

    Endless lies and deception precisely define today's competitive dishonest grid-locked partisan politics.
    When dishonest lawyers write the laws, lawyers become the worst kind of un-prosecuted criminals.

    If I ever ran for public office (which I never will), my policy, plan and platform would have only ONE PLANK:
    "Everyone on the ballot must pass a Top Secret Security Clearance, and have a polygraph test once per year,
    the results of every question will be published for all voters to see and understand" - Nothing else is required.
    It has the potential to eliminate almost every lying corrupt greedy politician in only one year - Hallelujah!

    We at Zero Energy Design ® are both Anti-Incumbent AND Anti-Insanity !

    Life should NOT be based on an endless series of "lesser of two evils" decisions based on LIES.
    End the insane dishonest partisan politics - Why not the very best of Abundant Life in Harmony with Nature?

    In 2010, we have been forced to think hypothetically about projecting the current suicidal insanity of humanity trends.
    A futurist, or a chess player, must consider all plausible crazy scenarios, and think about ways to mitigate them all.
    Murphy's Law says that IF something bad can go wrong, it surly eventually will (often at the worst possible time).

    Just suppose that a leader in the U.S. Senate was a self-professed hateful witch, warlock, warmonger, or radical fanatical religious bigot (who preaches anarchy and teaching children to become suicidal terrorists). Suppose also that the President of the USA believes that she is sometimes possessed by demons and pursued by witches (that she supports). I really doubt that this could happen in "democratic" America, BUT stranger things have most-certainly happened around the world.

    During The Great Depression, who believed in advance that Hitler, bin Laden, and Dick Cheney would start the deadly unjustified international wars that they all did? Who believed humans would squander scarce resources to stockpile weapons that could only be used to destroy ALL of humanity? Are witches, demons, and corruption any crazier than today's REALITY?

    IF the U.S. government continues on the 2010 un-vetted, unrestrained, capitalist Tea Party trend, What will you do? What will I?

    Will I try to bring together scientific and engineering peers to reinvent a new city (nation) under God, to live a prosperous abundant lifestyle in harmony with Nature? (Oh yeah, that is already the motivation behind Emerald Eco-City, which is now being followed by intelligent futurists, economic, technical and social planners in nearly 100 countries around the world.)

    IF American politics becomes totally unredeemable (not long from now), what is a red, white and blue patriot like me to do?

    Would I move to a more-intelligent insightful nation like already-prosperous democratic socialistic Germany, where they
    respect and motivate green solar scientists, engineers, innovators, world-class educators, and eager students?

    Would I move to beautiful Australia, where they have a functional Green Party, and many own my Zero Energy Design® eBook?

    "A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country" - Matthew 13:57, Mark 6:4

    "An expert is someone with a computer 100 miles from home." "An expert is a has-been drip under pressure." (chuckle)

    I have really enjoyed being an international consultant many times before. It IS refreshing.

    Every alternative to an American Emerald Eco-City has multiple drawbacks
    The Suicide of Humanity is a WORLDWIDE issue

    If faced with more U.S. political insanity, What WILL I Do? What will YOU do? WHAT WILL WE ALL DO TOGETHER ? ? ?
    For the moment, it is still an Unlikely Hypothetical, but the unbelievable 2010 Tea Party trends were scarier than Halloween.

    Next on the immature, headless, Tea Party Coo Coo Train of Very-Strange Irrational Change is Paul LePage – The popular GOP candidate for governor in Maine. On video tape, Paul said that he wanted to violently punch a reporter from the Public Broadcasting Network for asking him difficult questions about his documented criminal personal finances and many tax problems. LePage has also said that he wants President Obama to "go to hell" (not a good idea for a hypocritical self-proclaimed “Christian” conservative GOP candidate - Did Jesus condemn anyone to hell? He forgave those who killed Him).

    When a preacher or a politician spews endless destructive partisan poison, he is clearly Anti-God.

    Paul LePage rejects the scientific facts of evolution documented in Earth’s geological fossil record, and wants old-fashion unscientific conservative creationism taught in Maine schools. He wants to open Maine's delicate coastal fisheries to high-risk offshore drilling. Is he really the leader that foolish capitalist Tea Party voters want running the State of Maine?

    Carl Paladino is a multimillionaire who (with strong support from the Koch brothers’ capitalist Tea Party) won the 2010 Republican primary for New York governor. Like Paul LePage, Carl Paladino admits to being "an angry man" (popular among the bloviating aggressive Tea Party buffoons). Paladino openly promised to "take a baseball bat" to New York State Politics.

    In the past, openly-violent, combative, uncooperative, destructive partisan politicians were seldom popular, but no longer true.
    Violent anger seems to be a prerequisite for modern un-vetted Tea Party candidacy. USA now rewards lack of self control.

    To gain support from orthodox Jewish Rabbi's, Paladino made disparaging inaccurate remarks about homosexual education in public schools, gay rights parades, and same-sex marriage. Every candidate must negotiate their own sexuality position with their constituent voters (Barney Frank, etc.), but in New York, Paladino's position was not popular with the majority. But that is not the funniest part of this story. When the Truth came out, Carl Paladino is the landlord of two large successful gay clubs, one run by his nephew and supported by his own son. After Carl bashed gays, they dropped support for his campaign. Carl apologized to the people of New York, and the Rabbi's dropped support for his campaign. This un-vetted lying Tea Party lunatic set his own pants on fire. IF capitalistic Tea Party voters were to help very many such morons get elected, USA would soon die.

    On the campaign trail, and in his campaign advertisements, Paladino promised to cut state spending by 20% and taxes by 10%, which is very popular with Tea Party myopic mediocre minds. Most self-contradictory Tea Partiers agree, BUT they also say: "Don't take away my Social Security or Medicaid" - Dishonest vote-seeking politicians must convince voters that the mutually-exclusive goals of all voters are reasonable, feasible, and cost effective, (which they clearly are NOT). You can NOT have both.

    When pressed by reporters on how he could do this, Paladino said he would cut $20 Billion from the state's Medicaid program.

    Lara Kassel, (coordinator with Medicaid Matters, a patient advocacy group) said: "I cannot not even begin to contemplate how that could be done, but it would be devastating to the program, or the people who need it." If Paladino cuts Medicaid funding for things like prescription drugs, New York will receive less federal funding for Medicare. Slashing Medicare spending offends many people (except for non-learning Tea Party capitalists with no critical thinking skills about their own impossible future).

    Elisabeth Benjamin (of the Community Service Society) said: "I don't know how he gets to $20 Billion. Dental, vision, and adult diapers does not add up to $20 billion … That's not where your big savings are. Saying a guy shouldn't get dentures, rendering him completely unemployable, is the wrong way to look at New York's Medicaid system." Inhumanely cutting Medicare funding can decrease tax revenue, while significantly increasing burdensome welfare payments to the unemployed. People with short-sighted small brains have never been able to see The Big Picture.

    Paladino’s formally-stated position is that abortions should be banned, even in the case of rape or incest (which goes beyond most conservative opinions). Planned Parenthood said that Paladino’s position is "a heartless stand against the health and well-being of the women of this state without care or compassion - even for those who have been victims of sexual assault."

    Paladino’s opponent Andrew Cuomo said: “Carl Paladino’s Tea Party, I see as a party that has extremist views,” … “I have a plan, I have an agenda, I have positions. Carl Paladino has a platform. I want to make sure New Yorkers all across the state understand the difference between them.”

    Mr. Cuomo also criticized Mr. Paladino for sending a number of pornographic and racist e-mails, one of them demeaning President Obama. Mr. Paladino acknowledged his out-of-the-mainstream emails and apologized. Cuomo said: “Do I believe they were offensive? Yes, I believe they were offensive. I believe they’ve been universally characterized at a minimum as offensive.”

    “That guy (Paladino) from upstate, that is living off of the state, and has the nerve to insult our community, and the President of the United States - I’m calling it racism,” said Hazel Dukes, President of the New York State Conference of the N.A.A.C.P. “If it’s the last breath in my body, we will NOT have him as governor of the State of New York.”

    The Republican-owned biased Fox News network said that Carl Paladino wins the cup for the most self-destructive candidate in the critical 2010 mid-term election. Mean, angry, insane Paladino is just exactly the kind of un-vetted lunatic that Tea Party capitalists love to waste money on.

    Like his father Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul shares a strong disdain for government. He seems to prefer a free-for-all where it is every man for his own selfish desires.

    Rand wants to replace our graduated income tax with a very-regressive 23% sales tax. This will lower the incremental tax rate for the top 2% of wage earners who support him, and increase the total taxes for almost everyone else. It would be especially bad for retired people who have already paid income tax on their lifetime savings, and would now have to pay an additional 23% sales tax on the money that they spend - double taxation in an already overtaxed declining nation.

    Why would any older person support Rand Paul? Answer: They are without a clue what Rand has promised to do.

    During college, many young people do really stupid things that they regret later in life. Barack Obama admitted his error of using illegal drugs, was forgiven, and elected U.S. President. Christianity specifies that if people confess their sins, and truly repent from them, they should be forgiven. We certainly agree.

    Rand Paul did ridiculous things in college, BUT he refuses to confess them and continues to lie and deny, even when confronted with hard facts. This makes him a great candidate for Koch brothers' Tea Party campaign contributions. The dumbest thing about Rand Paul may be that he thinks he is a good enough liar who can avoid the consequences of a lifestyle of ongoing blatant unrepentant dishonesty. Sadly, that is the way of USA politics. Our corrupt candidates do NOT have to pass a security check, or take polygraph (lie detector) tests - BECAUSE THEY ARE ALMOST ALL BIG LIARS. Easily-manipulated voters choose who they want to believe, regardless of proven Facts.

    Dr. Paul wants a very-regressive $2,000 deductible on Medicare benefits, which badly burdens poor people much more than the top 2% - who provide the funding for his capitalist Tea Party campaign. Rand says that medical doctors like himself should receive HIGHER government compensation so they can live a comfortable life. BUT, to ordinary workers, Rand Paul says that they need to expect LOWER WAGES, if they hope to stay employed. Greedy profiteering CEO's love what Dr. Paul is preaching.

    Why would a middle-or-lower-income person ever support Rand Paul at all? He has made his plan to frustrate the middle class very clear indeed, but Kentucky loves him.

    Rand wants to role back mining safety standards to 1936 levels - to increase profits for rich mine owners, while worsening health-and-safety risks for poor coal miners. He wants to reverse the Veterans With Disabilities Act, because it costs too much.

    Rand Paul wants to abolish the U.S. Department of Education and PEL grants, gut funding to public schools, and cut taxes so that “parents can allocate more of their own funds to home schooling.” It’s a mass migration to a do-it-yourself education system at a time when American students are doing very-poorly against 35 other industrialized nations. Is this really the best way to produce the most-competitive workforce for generations to come? His proposals are FALSE ECONOMY for the USA.

    Home schooling might work well IF each home has a parent with a PhD in math, science, or engineering, who wants to stay home with their children all day. It will NOT work well if obstructionist parents reject proven science and want to impose fanatical ideas on their children. Teaching impressionable offspring WHAT to think, instead of HOW to think is BAD.

    Even after greedy U.S. corporations destroyed 15 million jobs in America, Rand Paul wants widespread deregulation. On NPR Rand clearly stated: “The problem a lot of times is that many people look at tragedy and accident, and think that there always has to be someone to blame.” (It is no tragedy Ron – It is the RIGHT THING TO DO - Correct the SOURCE of our problems.)

    Rand Paul believes that corporations should be able to treat workers however they want to. Corporations should be held blameless for killing coal miners, oil rig workers, and massive environmental damage – Get the government out of big-business profits. Let unrestrained greedy capitalism rule America. (Do YOU agree with Rand Paul? - Many Tea Party fools now do.)

    It is now popular for Tea Party people to bash the government for bailouts for the financial and automotive sectors, (we also think that they were ill-conceived - USA could have done much better). But, the fact is that the Bush AND Obama actions of 2008 and 2009 probably saved the U.S. from another long Great Depression on a scale of economic ruin might have been unprecedented and practically unimaginable. We may never know for sure, but we're glad that America has survived so far. Even so, 1 out of 5 U.S. mortgages were in serious trouble in 2010. Most were due to unregulated greedy mortgage placement.

    Rand Paul would rather that our government had upheld unwavering capitalistic principles, and let the nation’s banks and auto makers crash and burn (as did airlines, trucking firms, and businesses bankrupted by $4 gasoline). In contrast, we at Zero Energy Design feel that USA never should have allowed banks to become “Too Big To Fail”, but when the Bush Administration refused to regulate them as called for by existing law, something very serious had to be done.

    Our grandchildren are likely to never be able to pay off the debt we imposed on them in the last few years. Unregulated American capitalism failed miserably in 2008. Democratic socialism is working far better in Germany today. Government-controlled capitalism is working well in China. Their GDP grew rapidly, while America's badly declined in 2008 and 2009. Germany and China are the world's largest exporters today, while USA sends our high-tech jobs overseas, tolerates undocumented illegal criminal aliens (that bankrupt our state budgets), and our balance of trade gets progressively worse.

    Whenever American business-as-usual is rapidly declining, we MUST consider alternatives.
    However, we doubt that Rand Paul’s total deregulation of greedy corporations is the answer.

    What kind of fools would vote for a Koch-brothers-owned, “Aqua Buddha” bald-faced proven profiteering political pretender?

    They would probably have to be weak-minded morons with NO powers of observation or skeptical critical thinking skills, who blindly accept whatever self-serving insanity flows from a fundamentalist preacher’s pulpit.


    When Organizations Hide Truth from the Public

    Greek Documentation About The Miraculous Life Of Jesus Christ

    There is no modern hard evidence that the Christian story was anything but an unwritten oral tradition, rejected by most of the Hebrew Jews that Jesus came to save. It clearly contains many similarities to other pre-Christian Greek virgin-birth / miraculous life, death and resurrection motifs.

    It is controversial among modern Christians, but it appears that Jesus’ disciples included illiterate fishermen, publicans, etc. who (probably) could neither read nor write. Most of the men of that day who could write were called "scribes." The ability to write was a rare skill. The Pharisees could read the Hebrew scrolls, but they ( like Saul of Tarsus ) could barely write their own name. The printing press was not invented until many centuries later. There were very-few written scrolls for only the elite intellectuals to read.

    The New Testament states that Jesus said to the highest-level religious leaders of His day: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!" ... "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" - Matthew 23:29,33

    Since the Genesis account of the Garden of Eden, the serpent has been the face of the supreme evil of God's adversary Satan. Genesis 3:1 "the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field" - Jesus clearly felt that the self-proclaimed religious leaders of His day were from Satan. For this reason, the insecure Hebrew scribes and Pharisees had Jesus put to death. Their goal was to hide the Truth for their own self preservation.

    Do you think that the scribes and Pharisees wanted to make a laborious precise written record about the miraculous life of Jesus? ABSOLUTELY NOT! There were NO literate people who were motivated to take the time to write it all down. For two centuries, the stories about Jesus' miracles survived only as an oral tradition among almost-entirely illiterate simple people.

    Have you ever played the game called "Telephone"? Have you ever played it with ten illiterate people, where each one had to remember the complete set of details for a decade before orally passing it on to the next generation? Is there any wonder that the New Testament scriptures in the Gospel attributed to Matthew do not agree with Mark?

    Is it possible that there may have been a few errors, omissions, or miraculous embellishments by the time Greek scribes wrote down the stories about Jesus over a century later? Remember, the Greek scholars who wrote down the stories about Jesus had many previously-defined living gods who they honestly believed were born of a virgin. There is no other source for the stories about the life of Jesus (other than modern "divine revelation", as claimed by some spooky religious cults).

    Over a hundred years after Jesus died on the cross, ancient Greek scholars recognized great value in Jesus’ powerful enduring oral moral message about love and compassion, which motivated masses of God-loving illiterate individuals. It was the Greek scholars who laboriously wrote down on papyrus the ancient stories that they heard about Jesus.

    None of the Greek scribes could have possibly witnessed any of the events that they wrote about a century-or-more later. THEIR SOURCE WAS PROBABLY FIFTH-HAND OFTEN-ALTERED WORD-OF-MOUTH ILLITERATE ORAL TRADITIONS. The New Testament that is available to us today was clearly written in the Greek language. The oldest known remaining (2.5 by 3.5 inch) scrap dates back to 120-to150 years after Jesus death on the cross. Some people consider this tiny scrap of papyrus solid scientific evidence. Some skeptics have questioned its authenticity, but right-or-wrong the text is definitely written in Hadrianic Greek. Historical writing states that Publius Aelius Hadrianus (Hadrian) was the emperor from 117 to 138 CE.

    Most of the recently-discovered larger remaining scraps of New Testament papyri are now dated from an even-more-recent period of time. No actual historical eye-witness accounts or Aramaic versions of the stories about Jesus are known to exist anywhere.

    What do you think? Can you use an English-language translation from Latin or ancient Greek to PROVE that things that were spoken in Aramaic two millennia ago have been accurately made available in modern times for Christians to read? Hundreds of millions of people have been told to believe by unscientific blind faith that the 1611 King James English translation of the Bible is historically accurate, true and complete in every detail. Skeptics have some good reasons for many unanswered questions about the inconsistent Greek and English translations of the New Testament Aramaic teachings of Jesus and of His first followers. One thing is certain, most modern Christians have very-little resemblance to the compassionate lifestyle described in the Greek New Testament Book of Acts.

    The scribes who wrote the New Testament obviously had to know Greek. I believe that this makes them Greek scholars, regardless of where they were born (the same way that Americans who read and write the English language are sometimes called English).

    Think about recently-introduced evolving Christian traditions, like the pagan practice of killing trees in the name of Jesus (when Genesis says that man was put on Earth to nurture trees). Think about lighting dead Christmas trees with wasteful inefficient incandescent electric lights, and then sending dead trees to an overcrowded landfill after New Year's Day - all in the name of stupid, harmful, non-Christian traditions.

    Do you think that generations of oral folklore have ever changed true facts into fiction? Think about modern Christian parents LYING to their children about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Did Jesus teach this in Aramaic to His faithful followers?

    Jesus loved innocent little children and always invited them to come to Him in every documented situation. Jesus apparently NEVER lied to anyone about anything for any reason. Jesus had nothing to hide. He knew-and-embraced the high purpose to which He had been called. He knew what evil vipers would one day do to Him.

    What wonderful TRUE stories Jesus must have told little children who loved to listen to Him. They must have sensed His unconditional love and compassion for them. I wish that Jesus' many stories for little children had been passed on to Christian parents today. This was a serious omission by the Greek scribes who wrote the New Testament.

    Think about today's misguided Christian parents who teach little children that they will be showered with materialistic gifts from Satan's Santa, IF they are good little boys and girls. Does this align with the words attributed to Jesus about futile accumulation of material possessions? Such dishonest greedy teachings PREVENT adults from entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Parents pass this hypocritical tradition to their children, who will eventually teach it to grandchildren.

    Is accumulation of (soon-to-be-worthless) U.S. dollars a measure of piety (or selfish greed)? Why have so many dishonest conservative Christian hypocrites fought so-very-hard against universal health care for all of our children?

    Later in life, children may measure their own goodness with vain acquisition of unsustainable possessions that damage God's Creation. Did any of this come from New Testament stories about the moral teachings of the Rabbi Jesus? HELL NO! Teaching children to covet material possessions came from anti-Christian profiteering Christmas-commercialization subtle satanic serpents.

    What false folklore traditions did you teach your children? Do you have a warped sense of the common practice about lying to innocent little children? Some churches even have an appearance by Santa Claus today.

    Coca-Cola was invented as a pharmaceutical preparation that contained detrimental Cocaine (the immoral Bill Clinton's documented drug of choice). Coke was originally available only in Drugs Stores. Coca-Cola STILL contains tasty traditional flavoring from the source of cocaine. (I refuse to drink any brand of unhealthy soda.)

    The modern image of an unhealthy obese Santa Claus with white beard and red suit - with gifts for innocent little children - was an advertising attempt to sell more of this heath-damaging caffeine-and-sugar drink. Cocaine Cola was popular in the hot summer, but Coke sales were weak in the cold snowy winter. Santa ads boosted winter Coke sales.

    The widespread 20th century Coke Santa Claus advertising campaign had a major impact on anti-Christian American folklore traditions. Coke's popular image of jolly fat Santa Claus smoking a pipe was used later by countless other Xmas-commercialization marketing managers. Santa greatly distorts the true meaning of Jesus' birth, and His godly teachings about rejecting life's many unhealthy material temptations in support of the needy that society has oppressed and forgotten.

    The modern Christian Santa Claus folklore myth makes skeptics reasonably ask if the entire miraculous story of Jesus is also a false fairy tale. Which parts of Jesus' story do YOU believe (if any). What Christian folklore traditions do you teach? Do you hang poisonous parasitical mistletoe in a doorway in order to get a traditional Christmas kiss? I loved the impressive use of the word "Tradition" in "Fiddler On The Roof." (smile)

    Has anyone ever suggested that you pray to the Holy Virgin Mary? Was Mary the only virgin mother written about by Greek historians? NO!

    Have you ever prayed to Plato's virgin mother Perictione? Why not? Is it hypocritical to believe by blind faith one virgin-birth story and not another (from the same Greek scholar source)? There is a lot of eye-witness written history about Plato, but none about Jesus. WHY do you believe whatever you believe?

    We most-certainly have free will to believe whatever we WISH were true, but wishes do not make a false story true. All of us should know precisely what source we base our personal beliefs and lifestyle choices on. We can NOT use an ancient document to prove that the ancient document itself is accurate or true, but we can use it to prove that the document is inconsistent with itself, self-contradictory, or at least ineffective at communicating with common people.

    A false inaccurate document about another miraculous virgin birth can CLAIM to be true, even if it is not. A document can claim to be written by eye-witness contemporaries, even if it clearly was NOT. What other source do YOU have for your personal faith in anything? Even an intellectual atheist must have a reason for his non-belief, and his alternative approach to critical lifestyle decisions.

    The only remaining evidence of the original New Testament today is written in the ancient Greek language (NOT Hebrew, Latin, English, or the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke to His mostly-illiterate disciples).

    Catholic Church leaders did NOT want their followers to have access to inconsistent confusing ancient text about Jesus. They created their derived Latin Bible BECAUSE the people did not know the dead Latin language. It was written in an obfuscational code to allow them to manipulate the minds of the masses however they wanted for their own selfish purpose du jour. They even justified immoral child abuse in their own badly-warped evil minds, and covered up the countless mortal sins of other popes and priests.

    For many centuries, The Catholic Mass was conducted in Latin for the exact same manipulative reason. The ancient Greek knowledge was intentionally hidden from the masses, so religious leaders (self-serving serpents) could interpret it for the people the way they wanted to on any given week of the year.

    The guiding principle of Pope Gregory was: "Ignorance is the mother of devotion." Coptic Pope Theophilus had the priceless Great Library of Alexandria burned down, so the masses would NOT have access to the accumulated wisdom of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It was the exact same thing that Hitler did when he had all books burned that disagreed with his insane genocidal holocaust Mein Kampf opinions. Have you heard of any evil person wanting to burn any enduring religious or science books today?

    Evil Catholic suppression of Scientific Truth was clearly demonstrated during the Satanic Inquisition, when they murdered many, and actively persecuted Galileo for claiming that the Earth rotates and orbits around the Sun. Knowledge is power, which is often feared and badly abused, leading to the collapse of the greatest nations and institutions.

    Saint Matthew Writing His Gospel

    In the 1670's, the Roman Catholic Church commissioned a beautiful nearly-photographic painting by Carlo Dolci called: "St. Matthew Writing His Gospel." Today, this painting is in the billion-dollar Los Angeles Getty Museum. In the Gospel that is now attributed to Jesus' disciple Matthew (who was a "publican"), he is referred to in the third person in Matthew 9:9. This suggests that Matthew was NOT the author of Matthew (which was actually written in Greek, by Greek scholars over a century later).

    In the Dolci painting, Matthew incorrectly appears to be writing his Gospel in Hebrew (a language that he could neither read nor write). Early writings were on papyrus scrolls, not bound books (which came more than a century later). Caucasian Matthew is pictured writing Hebrew from left to right. (chuckle)

    This expensive painting was commissioned to inspire faith among easily-manipulated believers who attended mystical Mass in the Latin language that they did not understand (the Pope's goal of intentionally keeping them ignorant).

    Instead of inspiring faith in the badly-flawed Church teachings, this evil-Inquisition-era painting inspires me to boisterous laughter at the arrogant violent vipers that reject scientific facts, cover up the Truth, and murder those who disagree with them. How could anyone submit their belief by faith in such extreme criminal conspirators?

    I personally find anyone who wants to hide the Truth from the masses a supremely-slimy serpent (as did Jesus). A pointy hat, smoke, and a pulpit does NOT make one holy. Neither does a camera pointing at a dishonest greedy televangelist "miracle" worker.

    English Language Bible Translation Flaws

    Some scholars suggest that the 1611 English-language Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible is a poor translation from the obfuscational Catholic Latin canon.

    For historical perspective, the KJV was written after the 1588 Pope Sixtus V evil Inquisition . Galileo Galilei (the father of modern science) was persecuted by the Catholic Church after he began claiming that the Earth rotates around the sun in 1610, while the KJV was being completed.

    No modern Christian can reasonably dispute the fact that the KJV New Testament Latin source was previously mistranslated from incomplete Greek language texts, which were manually transcribed hundreds of years after Jesus' death (with some significant notable errors). If there is even one inconsistency or self-contradiction in the KJV Old or New Testaments, then the KJV may contain many wonderful moral teachings, but it is not the full, accurate, complete, divinely-inspired, exclusive, literal "Word of God", as millions of Christians have incorrectly claimed for four hundred years. IF the KJV has even one technical historical error in it, then what can a godly Christian use when seeking the Absolute Truth about the Nature of the Creator of the Universe? Can we believe the New Testament scriptures that were written by ancient Greek scribes who wrote also believed in multiple living-god virgin birth stories? Should modern Christian priests and evangelical preachers hide the historical Scientific Truth about the source of the KJV Bible (the most-popular English version of the Bible in history)?

    For over a thousand years, Catholic leaders strongly objected to the Bible being available in a language that ordinary people could read. There are concepts in the ancient Greek New Testament text (like "hupnos") for which there was no remotely-similar word in English. The proper translation of that one word provided me with a great insight into the true nature of Jesus' miracles, as recorded by ancient Greeks after His death on the cross. Much ancient written knowledge was lost in the KJV mistranslation. I've met illiterate evangelical preachers who foolishly claim that the KJV Bible is the absolutely-flawless Word of God. (Many similar people now support the Koch-brothers-funded "Drill Baby Drill" Tea Party political movement.)

    The Latin source of the 1611 King James Christian Bible was incomplete. Archeologists have since discovered more-complete ancient Greek texts. From studying the original ancient Greek texts that are available today, modern scholars and students of history now believe that Greek Empire academics knew more about the story of Jesus than English people did (who only had access to the flawed King James mistranslation of the Catholic Church Latin canonical scriptures).

    Most Christian by-faith believers are unaware that many other legendary living gods claimed to be born of a vestal virgin. Skeptics about the miraculous birth and life of Jesus have asked how Christians can accept the miracles of Jesus by faith (with no historical factual archeological evidence), when the only information we have today about the life of Jesus was written by Greeks, who strongly believed that dozens of living gods before Jesus were also born of a virgin. Is it hypocritical for evangelical Christian vipers to ask non-believers to accept the story of Jesus' virgin birth by faith, but then ignore the written history of other virgin birth miracles? What gives them special knowledge of God's Truth? Which unrealistic miracles should we believe today?

    As a scientist, I have no choice but to have a powerful belief in the timeless majestic Creator of The Universe. However, I am convinced that the King James version of the Christian Bible contains serious flaws, and therefore it is NOT the complete and perfect literal historical truth. I have personally studied the ancient Greek text (as an inquisitive novice), and I can easily point out many KJV New testament translation errors.

    Any scientist knows that a book that is loaded with self contradictions cannot be the Absolute Provable Truth. A seeker of the Absolute Truth might well ask: IF the true Creator of the Universe had wanted humans to know His perfect will, why are ancient man-written books on the subject so very inconsistent and self contradictory? Are any viper-scribes involved? If the KJV does NOT agree with the original Greek text, they cannot both possibly be the divinely-inspired flawless Word of God.

    I do believe that there are many excellent pearls of human wisdom to be found in ancient enduring religious scriptures. I often quote The Holy Bible and other religious books, despite their obvious unscientific flaws. The quotes that I use influence many of my own personal lifestyle decisions, as I study how to live in harmony with Nature.

    Old religious books are much like the Internet is today. All human writings must be viewed with skepticism, critical thinking skills, and rational thought processes. We must Learn To Discern Fact From Fiction. Ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle laid a solid foundation for the essential intellectual process of modern skeptical discernment - differentiating Truth from exaggeration and intentional misrepresentation.

    Hundreds of millions of English-speaking Christians now believe the story of Jesus' virgin birth and the many miracles that He performed, as written down by open-minded ancient Greeks. The virgin birth is part of multiple Christian denominations' catechism for young people and for new believers. Those English Christian beliefs are based in large part on literal interpretation of the seriously-flawed 1611 KJV, NOT on the original Greek source (which was itself based on often-altered oral traditions passed on by word of mouth from one illiterate believer to another decades later).

    Why did Greek scholars who believed in multiple gods and multiple virgin births write: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his ONLY begotten son, ..." - John 3:16

    In contrast, I believe that we are ALL children of the Creator Of The Universe. Jesus taught his followers to pray "OUR Father ..." - Does God have billions of sons and daughters? "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called THE CHILDREN OF GOD." - Matthew 5:9 Prove your heritage my friend - MAKE PEACE NOT WAR!

    Does God have more than one son? The Greeks who wrote the New Testament believed in multiple gods with multiple living-god earthly children born of human virgins.

    Why did Greek scribes write in John 14:6: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by ME."

    If the KJV Bible does contain any factual flaws, is this one of them? Did Moses come to know God through Jesus? Did Buddha? Are Jesus and God two names that are exactly equivalent? Would it be correct to say: In the beginning JESUS created the heaven and the earth? Some believe that this is true, many others do not.

    We have no agenda to change your mind one way or the other. Believe whatever you wish were true, BUT, MAKE PEACE WITH NATURE AND WITH EACH OTHER.

    If Jesus IS God, then why did He pray: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" - Matthew 27:46 Jesus and God were most certainly not one entity at Jesus' death.

    Do good godly religious people have to forego God-given critical thinking skills and rational thought capabilities so they will accept by faith whatever a subtle serpent says from an ornate pulpit?

    Matthew 23:2-4 "The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not. For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers."

    Jim Jones was the "Christian" founder of the People's Temple. At first, it looked like a normal church, doing good works in the local community. Later, Jim created Jonestown in Guyana as an asylum from his paranoid predictions of a man-made nuclear apocalypse. A humble man might have called it "God's Town" but not arrogant Jim Jones. It was clearly JIM's egotistical creation, not God's.

    Foolish Jim Jones' followers sold their worldly possessions and moved to Jonestown, doing what their subtle serpent told them to do by faith. Jones practiced the time-honored Catholic papal principle of: "Ignorance is the mother of devotion."

    Jesus sent his followers to be a light unto the world. Paranoid Jim Jones commanded that his followers withdraw from the world (an important overlooked clue). Our world needs creative people who step up and try to solve our many man man-made problems, NOT people with a death wish who chant: "Oh woe is we."

    In the close quarters of Jonestown, Jim's followers observed his illegal drug addiction, BUT, they were now committed and they failed to act on this important intolerable clue. When you are committed to a subtle serpent, tolerance of crime and compromise take over your now-irrational religious / political mind (as was clearly demonstrated by those who supported the absurd 2010 Tea Party witch, and countless others).

    A congressional fact finding mission investigated Jonestown abuses of human rights. Pious brutal Jonestown armed guards shot and killed Congressman Leo Ryan and four others. Psychotic drug addict Jim Jones then commanded all of his remaining faithful followers to commit "revolutionary suicide" by drinking cyanide-laced grape Flavor Aid. He knew that his own life was over, why not take his followers with him to hell? Was that his original evangelical goal in the beginning, or did his own power corrupt him by surprise?

    Jonestown Mass Suicide

    909 stupid souls did what the subtle serpent criminal cult leader told them to do BY FAITH, including giving a deadly dose of cyanide to 303 of their own children! They most-certainly violated God's "Thou shalt not kill" commandment, and they thereby also eliminated any chance for repentance, redemption, forgiveness, or Christian salvation. We are not their judge, but the Creator of the Universe is.

    Their revolutionary suicide accomplished nothing good. They caused a great burden of pain for their families that remained after their senseless death. The world will remember Jim Jones and his foolish followers as insane religious fanatics. Atheists point to Jonestown and over generalize that all religions are crazy evil. Is that what Jim Jones and his followers intended to accomplish by their self-inflicted death?

    This was NOT their goal when they listened to their first Jim Jones sermon, but it was the scientifically-provable final outcome of their acceptance of subtle lies by unskeptical unscientific unconditional faith. The 20th century saw multiple suicidal American religious cults - all trying to do the will of God, as interpreted for them by their subtle serpents. Would YOU take the first step toward a religious movement if you knew up front that it would eventually demand your painful suicide and eternal damnation?

    Powerful Mental Manipulation

    An understanding of the Greek word "hupnos" (improperly translated "sleep" in the KJV) explains precisely why suggestible people who sit in front of a subtle serpent can be made to do irrational suicidal things. The proper modern translation of "hupnos" is "hypnosis." Joseph did not believe Mary's immaculate conception story until he was placed under "hupnos" in Matthew 1. The word "hupnos" is without any doubt the way that Jesus' disciples saw Him in a common hallucination with Moses and Elias in Luke 9.

    Jim Jones' powerful sermons were said to be "hypnotic", as are many "Drill Baby Drill" insane suicidal presentations today.

    While studying Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University, I had the opportunity to learn from the Stanford Medical Research Institute Hypnosis Lab. Hupnos is a powerful mind-over-matter mental-control scientific fact. I use hupnos to take control of my own mind in my great joy of lifelong learning. Hupnos will help me understand and assimilate the Universal Laws of Nature better tomorrow than I did yesterday.

    Hypnos plays an important real-world role in "faith healing," and in the scientifically-documented medical-science "placebo effect." An increasing number of famous successful cancer centers are including various modern forms of hypnosis and faith healing in their formal treatment programs.

    Ancient Greek Hupnos is now rock-solid modern medical science, NOT just an ancient myth. In China today, major surgeries are performed with hypnosis, instead of using potentially-harmful anesthetics. Most Western Medical Doctors are just too impatient and lazy to take the time to learn the very-real science of hypnosis, as was practiced by Jesus and countless others 2,000 years ago.

    Ancient Greek God Hypnos

    "Hupnos" (aka Hypnos) was the name of an ancient Greek god at least five centuries before the birth of Jesus. At the entrance to Greek god Hupnos' dwelling place were poppy plants (the source of heroin - primary revenue source for American-occupied Afghanistan). Hupnos allows people to enter a very-suggestible sleep-like trance with their eyes open.

    The Greeks wrote in the New Testament that Jesus and Paul used Hupnos to train their followers, but in 1611 there was no equivalent word or similar concept in English. The KJV Bible English-speaking Christian world lost the knowledge of hupnos from ancient Greek culture. There is no ambiguity about the meaning of "hupnos" in ancient Greek scriptures, but there is great ambiguity in KJV use of the word "sleep."

    Consider this: In Spanish the word "picante" means spicy. The word "caliente" means high temperature. Both are ambiguously translated as "hot" in English. "Salsa picante caliente" makes sense in Spanish. "Cold hot sauce" only makes sense in English, if you are familiar with refrigerating picante sauce. There is no confusion about the use of picante and caliente in Spanish, but the word "hot" has many dissimilar confusing meanings in English. Americans incorrectly call "salsa Mexicana" "picante sauce." If you order salsa picante in Mexico City, they will bring you Louisiana Tabasco.

    If you do not understand the cultural context of a word in another language, you can NOT translate it properly into another language of a different culture. Jesus' use of Aramaic was believed to be poetic, but none of the KJV New Testament accurately conveys the feeling of poetry at all. The KJV can put most readers to sleep, but it is NOT hypnotic.

    Every good-or-evil "charismatic" presenter in human history has used hupnos to communicate more effectively to "entranced" listeners. It is what happens when you sit in front of a TV, godly preacher, or a deceptive satanic serpent's pulpit. Hupnos was the basis for Jim Jones' irrational suicidal power over his followers. Hupnos is NOT trivial.

    Hypnosis breaks down your logical, rational, sales resistance. Sometime, walk into a room with people blankly staring at a television set. Look closely at their hypnotised eyes. The good-or-bad message is being stuffed directly into their optical cortex, bypassing intelligent intellectual prefrontal cortex mental evaluation. Post-hypnotic suggestions can easily override all logic, in suggestible people. The more times a people are hypnotised (the more sermons or commercials they listen to), the more susceptible they become.

    Television hypnosis induced with special effects can make people believe that human travel faster than the speed of light is possible, or that a transporter can disassemble human atoms and reassemble them on a distant planet, violating the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Of course, TV hupnos can also made 1960's sci fi addicts believe that a flip-open telephone smaller than the palm of your hand was also possible. (smile) Great innovations are often facilitated by hupnos: "We are what we imagine. All that we will become begins with our imagination. With our images, WE MAKE THE WORLD." - Buddha (three millennia ago)

    Hypnosis is the most powerful of all advertising deceptions. It even works as a 30-second bite embedded in entrancing TV shows.

    Highly-trained child psychologists design powerful, compelling, manipulative advertising campaigns for young people's cable television channels. Allowing your own children to sit in front of commercial television is giving their future to the control of profiteering greedy subtle serpents.

    When one of my sons was growing up, I was an early adopter of home video taping and editing equipment. I NEVER let him sit in front of live commercial television. I recorded the Saturday morning televisions shows that I would allow him to watch and review their content. I laboriously edited out most of the commercials, but at certain times of the year, I left just a few of them in. He play the edited tapes as often as he wanted to - no supervision necessary. He asked for the presents that I wanted him to have, and then he was very pleased when he received exactly what he asked for. The mind of a young child is the responsibility of the parents / caregivers. When he got older and his sales resistance matured, he was eventually given access to unrestricted live television, but he liked the positive messages and ate the kind of foods that related to his healthy youth. He is a well-adjusted caring, giving, loving teacher / mentor today, with a wonderful wife and son.

    Do you love your own children enough to help them have healthy desires in life, OR do slimy serpents control the minds of your sons and daughters - because YOU are too lazy to play an active role in their critical mental development during "the age of language acquisition"? Your child's mind WILL be hard wired during that period of time - either by you, or by Madison Avenue professional mind-control experts. Poison peddlers even give away "free" petroleum-based disposable toys to make kids addicted to suicidal eating behaviors. San Francisco has wisely made this immoral practice strictly ILLEGAL.

    Never, never, never-ever forget the powerful lesson of slimy subtle serpent child-killer Jim Jones.

    You must protect your offspring from manipulating lies and profiteering deadly deception.

    Ancient wisdom: Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

    Millions of young people are now hooked on hypnotic hand-held devices. Their brains are conditioned to allow high-priority interruptions for short messages, while their deep-thought contemplative problem-solving ability has atrophied badly. Most of them can no longer solve simple math word problems in their head. Many young drivers die while in a distracting digital hypnotic state - Now causing more traffic fatalities than even drunk driving deaths. We live in a profiteering hypnotic age of maximum mental manipulation.

    Subliminal advertising "blip verts" have been banned by the Federal Communications Commission (but there are some unregulated sources where they still appear). Even the music being played in large retail stores is designed to make you slow down and spend more time shopping. The optical cortex and auditory reception areas of the human brain can assimilate hypnotic suggestions that your conscious mind does not even realize you have sensed. Our mind has multiple levels of awareness. Hupnos is only one.

    Lesson Yet To Be Learned: Sometimes maybe you should NOT do what a hypnotic, slimy-serpent, religious-or-political leader tells you to do, despite what Jesus taught His followers in Matthew 23:2-4. Jim Jones started out as a charismatic preacher with attractive "Rainbow Family" and "California Eden" messages that ultimately enticed many to their own suicide. It was similar to the story of Boiling a Frog - Expose the deadly truth slowly and stupid people of many bad habits will allow themselves to be killed by it.

    Emerald Eco-City will provide free meeting facilities to non-violent religious organizations. BUT, every public presentation will be video recorded, and scanned for subversive violent message content.

    Be very careful which charismatic subtle serpents you submit your life to by unsubstantiated, unscientific, blind, dumb faith. If you begin to lose control and feel entranced, stick a needle in your nose - wake up and turn on your rational brain before you do something stupid! Many subtle serpents will try to entice you with hypnotic lies and impossible promises, pie in the sky by and by", etc. If a serpent commits evil crimes or suggests that you do, REPORT THEM AND NEVER RETURN!

    Hupnos can make suggestible people (who lack critical thinking skills) covet things that they really have no need of at all. A red sports car does NOT improve your sex life (unless you make it a self-fulling self-hypnotic prophesy). Modern Madison Avenue ad agencies, popular politicians, and viral video makers have all mastered hypnosis.

    Deadly subversive insanity is going on right now in American hypnotic "democratic" politics

    We feel that suicidal "Drill Baby Drill" is exactly the same thing as Jonestown suicide by cyanide - just a bit slower. A catchy chant can be hypnotic. Sarah Palin (the undisputed Queen of the Drill Baby Drill chant) was rated above Oprah Winfrey in the December 2010 USA Today Gallup Poll of "The Most Admired Woman In America." What a suicidal cult following hypnotic charismatic Serpent Sister Sarah has! Some hypnotized idiots would probably feed cyanide to their own children, if Sarah Palin politely asked them to on Rupert Murdoch's suicide-promoting hypnotic Fox News channel. You should pay close attention to the blank stare in the eyes of a suggestible low I.Q. fool watching the popular Glenn Beck Show.

    You do NOT have to be intelligent to hypnotize multitudes of others (consider Glenn Beck)
    The scientific formula is surprisingly simple - It is NOT based on logic
    Hypnosis is a measurable mental state that resembles REM-sleep dreams

    You do not have to be stupid to be hypnotized by a satanic subtle serpent

    Visual imagery is the path to induce a powerful hypnotic state
    It makes you very susceptible to irrational post-hypnotic "do this" suggestions

    Watching an entrancing presentation is the first step toward giving away the key to your brain
    Almost everyone will tell you they have sales resistance, and then buy the advertised brand instead of another
    Companies KNOW that their advertising campaigns work, and exactly how much they increase their greedy profits

    The Koch brothers that provide funds for unsustainable unregulated-drilling Tea Party rallies and candidates are among the deadliest vipers we know of today. The hypnotic serpent in Genesis was supposedly the biblical source of Original Sin. Will today's oil-corruption vipers be the source of the Final Sin, resulting in the Suicide Of All Humanity?

    Just because someone behind a pulpit says "Drink Cyanide and DIE" you do NOT have to, unless you are totally stupid, unconditionally committed to anything they say, or voluntarily hypnotized. When the Truth about your favorite serpent rises to the surface, do NOT be afraid to accept how very wrong you once were, and RUN BABY RUN! 909 entranced fools in Jonestown didn't, and they died a painful self-inflicted death beside the children that they murdered. WHY would anyone do such a ghastly thing?

    Should 12-year-old children strap on a bomb and commit suicide as their Taliban teachers are now brainwashing them to do today? HUPNOS IS POWERFUL MENTAL CONTROL! Will young suicide bombers be greatly rewarded by Allah for murdering innocent women and children when they submissively end their own life? OR, will they set their underpants on fire and rot in an American prison?

    Is there a special place in hell reserved for outrageous hypnotic suicidal serpents? See Matthew 23:33 (above)

    If there is a hell, hypocrites are most-certainly Satan's subtle serpents, and yet, modern religious cult followers submit their lives to the very worst of serpents. WHY?

    The Greek New Testament says that Christians should respect the office of Pharisee, Caesar, King, etc., but Christians should reject the deeds of proven burdensome vipers and hypocrites. I will always respect the office of the elected President of my country, BUT, I reject many of his dishonest hypocritical deeds, and the heavy burden that he and his criminally-corrupt political associates have placed on our innocent grandchildren. I will work hard to remove from elected office proven lairs, hypocrites and deadly vipers, even though in a a lifetime I have had very-little success at that goal. Still, we must do whatever we can to make our country better, within the legal boundaries and rights described in The Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution. The people have the right, but do we have the will to save our nation from total collapse?

    The Greek Empire MUST be given credit for bringing the written stories about Jesus' miracles to the modern masses of Christians today. We do have irrefutable absolute scientific archeological PROOF of that. If it were not for open-minded Greek scholars, there might be no Christians on Earth today. They documented the stories about the life of Jesus, even when it disagreed with their own personal religious beliefs about multiple living gods. Clearly, the Creator of the Universe works in mysterious ways that are difficult for humans to fully understand. Belief in fantastic miracles often contradicts itself and modern science. Humans have to Learn To Discern The Truth.

    Theocracy versus Democracy

    Early Christianity was an autocratic theocracy, NOT a democracy. Jesus essentially said: My way or the highway. God Is NOT Capricious or Arbitrary. God's Immutable Universal Laws of Nature are NOT in any way even slightly influenced by changing political correctness, or by prayers, or by polls of mutually-exclusive mediocre majority opinions. The ONLY reasonable prayer is "Thy will be done." The goal of prayer should be to align the mind of one who is praying with God's never-changing Laws of Nature.

    Science Is Provisional - It must continually change every time a new discovery is proven to be true. The supreme majestic Creator of the Universe left us with no scientific evidence of any kind that the Laws of Nature have ever changed even once. The Creator existed before Space and Time. God is timeless - simultaneously in the past, present and future - never changing once since the moment of the Creation. The only thing that changes is flawed, incomplete, human misunderstanding of the Absolute Truth.

    Some things perceived as miracles only a century ago, are now understood scientifically. If someone claims a miracle, like the suspension of gravity so they can fly, be VERY VERY SKEPTICAL - Every galaxy in the universe would instantly fly apart. You have the right to demand scientific proof of miracles, so we can understand the underlying science, and stop calling them miracles. "PROVE ALL THINGS; hold fast that which is good." - 1 Thessalonians 5:21

    Physics is NOT a democracy. We do NOT get to vote on the Universal Law of Gravity, or the Nature of God's Will. The Laws of Nature never change. Democracies always do - often for the worse when their solid foundation is destroyed by greedy corruption and treachery.



    Critique of the Kentucky Creation Museum

    It helps to understand the nature of non-learning Kentucky. It is the home of the wildly-popular $27 million “ Creation Museum .”

    This “Answers in Genesis” for-profit religious educational facility (with many detailed “scientific” exhibits and volunteer teenage evangelists) claims to present factual evidence that the Earth was created in six literal days, only six thousand years ago. They cling to the literal belief that Earth was created first, and then light from the sun and stars. Birds were created before land animals. Man coexisted peacefully with herbivorous T-Rex, and dinosaurs were laughably on the (mythical) Noah’s Ark.

    Here is a question for your Kentucky literal creationist friends: Did all 334 different species of Australia's unusual marsupials swim across the great oceans to board Noah's Ark to escape the impossible flood? Some marsupial species are only a few inches long and cannot swim at all. Where did kangaroos come from? Were all types of Australia's unique animals on Noah's Ark?

    One display in the Kentucky Creation Museum states emphatically: “Genesis also gives an eyewitness account of a catastrophic, worldwide Flood, about 4,350 years ago, which covered the whole Earth in water and destroyed the air-breathing animals on land.”

    Genesis 1:27,31: “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. … And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”

    If everything God created is only "very good", then where did the bad stuff come from? Didn't the supreme Creator of the Universe create EVERY THING? You cannot have it both ways. One must be false.

    Star Trek science fiction author Gene Roddenberry: "We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty humans, and then blames them for His own mistakes."

    Only an irrational author would write such an illogical silly story. I give praise to the true Creator of the Universe, but NOT to the impossible stupid story of Noah's Ark.

    The biblical account of the Creator of the Universe in Genesis 1 does NOT appear to the be same as Noah’s God, who made very-serious mistakes and created bad things. Genesis 6:6 says that God "repented" of making man (contradicting Genesis 1:31) – In the time of Noah, God's creation was literally NOT “very good.”

    Even silver-tongued Moses talked God into repenting: Exodus 32:14 "the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people."

    Old Testament God was evil and had to repent! Spock to Kirk: "This is not logical." (What a laughable silly story line - snicker)

    Genesis 6:5-7 “God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

    BTW: We now know that the human heart does NOT have thoughts or emotions – it is merely a blood pump, which they did not understand when Genesis was written by unscientific illogical silly story line authors. The adrenal gland is located next the our life-critical blood pump. The heart responds quickly to adrenalin, which is triggered by the thoughts, emotions, and fears in our brain. The ancients thought that the heart was generating thoughts and emotions, when the truth is that our heart rate merely responds to them. This is a common scientific flaw found throughout the Old-and-New Testaments. Physiologically-incorrect biblical references to the "heart" can only be taken metaphorically NOT LITERALLY.

    If you have a heart transplant, your memories, emotions, nature, spirit and soul do NOT change. It was not until the 1700's that human experimenters discovered the electrical nature and role of the human brain. In Jesus time, ancient Greek physicians (like Hippocrates) incorrectly thought that the convoluted brain was a radiator to cool the blood. In biblical times, they believed that the heart's thoughts and emotions controlled the body through the blood. They did NOT understand neurons, biological electrochemistry or neurotransmitters as medical research scientists and neurobiologists do today. And yet, ancient scriptures and modern translations STILL make invalid literal assumptions about what the human heart really does. Did Jesus not understand human physiology? Matthew 12:34 "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." - Scientifically incorrect.

    Only uneducated fools can believe that every word in the Bible is flawless, only from God, and literally true. It is a metaphorical book of mystical metaphysics. The flawed human authors of such silly story lines as Noah's Ark clearly knew NOTHING about human anatomy or physiology. I BELIEVE THAT THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS UNDERSTOOD EVERY DETAIL OF HIS CREATION (down to the smallest particle and force of Quantum Physics).

    From a scientific perspective, Genesis can NOT possibly be from the one and only TRUE God - Creator Of The Entire Universe. The Holy Bible is interesting, but not without its flaws, self-contradictions, and downright lies. America's founding father "deists" understood this. They believed in the majestic Creator of the Universe, and the Laws of God's Nature, but NOT in the literal interpretation of every word in the Bible, or the hypocritical nature of puritanical preacher / persecutors who burned witches - violating "Thou shalt not kill."

    During Noah’s Great Flood, sea level was said to miraculously rise to cover the tallest mountain in only 40 days, and then, dry up in 150 days.

    Genesis 7:19,20: “all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered … and the mountains were covered”

    Sea level would have to rise 29,000 feet to cover the highest mountain (unless the writer of Genesis thought that the entire Earth was flat with "four corners"). If we take Genesis literally, 29,000 feet deep times the surface of the entire Earth IS A LOTTA WATTA! It is many times more than the entire current amount of water, snow, and ice on all of the Earth today. Where did it come from in only 40 days, and where did it all go in only 150 days? If you boiled the ocean, the water would remain in the atmosphere, and fall back to cover the Earth again. The human authors of Genesis knew nothing about the unchanging laws of Nature and Physics.

    The Bible says that Noah was SIX HUNDRED YEARS OLD DURING THE FLOOD – IF that was literally true, then Noah was NOT a normal human. This is our first clue that we cannot use scientific knowledge about modern homo sapiens when talking about Noah. EITHER Noah was a superhuman (or alien) who God spoke to in great detail about the construction of the unprecedented ark and then modified the Universal Laws of Physics and natural animal behavior for 190 days, OR the biblical story of Noah is an imaginary or exaggerated morality metaphor which can NOT possibly be taken literally by a rational logical scientist. One or the other must be true, and the other false.

    If you live in illiterate Kentucky, you apparently find it easier to believe the first alternative. I pity uneducated Kentucky fried children - They will be unable to cope with the predictable world of tomorrow - Their only HOPE is near-term pie in the sky Fantastic Revelation Rapture, Armageddon, and death - The Kentucky Creation Museum teaches innocent children to ignore the life-critical issues of sustainable life on Earth today.

    First-century Christians taught that the second coming of Christ would be in their lifetime - They were flat wrong - Are you HOPING for Armageddon in your lifetime?

    According to the Bible: BEFORE the Great Flood, the Physics of light refracting through water droplets apparently did not exist as it does today. AFTER the Great Flood, God supposedly said out loud to Noah:

    Genesis 9:12-14: “This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth (from that time forward), that the bow shall be seen in the cloud.”

    BTW: We do NOT always see a rainbow every time there is a cloud overhead today. Rainbows require the correct position of the Sun behind us, over the top of a hill, etc. From an airplane looking down at a cloud, a rainbow looks like a circle. According to Genesis, when God created light, He left out rainbows until after the Great Flood - Very illogical indeed.

    Are most humans as wicked today as they were in the time of Noah? Will man-made global warming cause deadly floods in the near future? Will rainbows protect us from floods? Was there a really-big rainbow over New Orleans after hurricane Katrina? Do godly people die in modern large floods, which are made much worse by man's greenhouse gas emissions?

    What happened after Noah's Great Flood ended? Genesis 8:3: “After the end of the hundred and fifty days the waters were abated.” Where did the 29,000-foot-deep “abated” Great Flood waters go?

    Where does all evaporated water go today? It does not leave the Earth - It becomes clouds. When they get heavy, cold and dense enough, water droplets or ice crystals fall back down to the Earth again and again, in perpetual evaporation / precipitation cycles. Was the Law of Gravity suspended so the huge volume of Great Flood water could leave Earth’s atmosphere, OR did a different set of Physics apply on Earth for 190 days, so it would not continually rain back down and forever cover the highest mountains under heaven?

    If you wanted to remove 29,000-feet of water from the surface of the Earth in only 150 days, you might have to begin by boiling the entire Earth, and then find a way to remove many gigatons of water vapor from the atmosphere. Could Noah's Ark occupants survive such dramatic events? How else might it happen?

    Instead of going to so much trouble, why not just snap His fingers to destroy most of His living creation? The entire biblical Noah's Ark morality metaphor is difficult to accept in any literal scientific sense at all. BUT, fundamentalists will find an old scrap of wood on a mountain and claim that it must have been from Noah's Ark.

    Unscientific simple-minded people believe whatever they want to, regardless of obvious scientific contradictions in well-documented Facts. They have a need to believe in something supernatural, but they have little need for rational thought processes or intelligent skepticism. Occam's Razor suggests that we try to explain things with known Laws of God's True Nature FIRST before we resort to an explanation that requires supernatural miracles or divine intervention in the Laws of Physics.

    The absurd insistence of Answers in Genesis’ literal translation of the Noah’s Ark metaphorical morality story is well beyond scientific belief. The economic Fact that over a million people from Kentucky and elsewhere have paid $20 to be maliciously misled says something about their overwhelming gullibility.

    The Creation Museum has been such a huge financial success among mediocre-minded easily-manipulated Kentucky parents that Answers in Genesis is moving forward with plans to build a $125 million Noah’s Ark theme park in Grant County Kentucky.

    Gullible taxpayers will provide $40 million in tax breaks and support for the huge anti-science project. At a time when U.S. science education is already lagging far behind other civilized modern nations around the globe, rational voters should be enraged!

    The plan to build a new $125 million Noah’s Ark theme park, with $40 million in Kentucky taxpayer support is Absolutely Unbelievable,

    BUT SADLY TRUE. The U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights plainly states that our government “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, but Kentucky is now doing so with Noah’s Ark park. It is why we have taken the time to write this critique of Kentucky insanity.

    Why does the fossil record show no sign of such a Great Flood only 4,350 years ago? Wouldn’t true scientists expect to find a single layer of many human-and-dinosaur skeletons chaotically mixed together at that shallow depth, IF the Creation Museum was even remotely correct about such an important biblical / geological world-changing life-extinction event?

    Why does documentation about life after the Great Flood not appear in other-culture written histories about the Earth in Asia and elsewhere? Why are there other ancient writings about continuous human life well-before-and-after 4,350 years ago?

    Did Noah’s Great Flood really cover everything “under the whole heaven”? Only irrational, unskeptical, unscientific people could accept such extreme foolishness, especially when there is no corroborating scientific or historical evidence whatsoever.

    If God preserved dinosaurs in Noah’s Ark (as the Creation Museum states), where did they go? The Bible makes many references about humans fighting “dragons.” Were dinosaurs also the (mythical) King-James-era flying fire-breathing dragons of only a few hundred years ago (in 1611)? Deuteronomy 33:17, Psalms 22:21, and Isaiah 34:7 also talk about humans and unicorns together on Earth after the Great Flood. Is it all literally true? Do YOU believe humans lived with dragons and unicorns on Noah’s limited-space man-made Ark?

    Unenlightened human imagination has always gone fancifully far beyond scientific reality.
    When grandparents say it is true, innocent children often believe great lies.

    Where did the Bible say that the Great Flood waters came from: Genesis 7:11,18:
    “all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened”
    … “the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth.”

    The Science of Our Blue Planet Earth’s Water: Our fossil record in the Grand Canyon and elsewhere suggests that Earth’s water has been here for billions of years - when the entire surface was over-1600-degree F molten lava (like volcanoes today), AND when it was a below-freezing huge ball of ice (like polar regions and glaciers were not so very long ago).

    Huge comets made mostly of ice probably did strike the Earth billions of years ago, but the huge instantaneous impacts did NOT take 40 days to unfold, and the water is still mostly on Earth to this very day. Comet and meteor impacts apparently made the Earth’s rotational axis tilt 23.5 degrees, and it still wobbles a bit today.

    The energy released by a (roughly) 20,000-mph impact of a solid-ice comet the size of Noah’s flood would have boiled all oceans, melted the salt on the bottom, and sterilized every living thing on the land, AND in the sea. If an ice comet was not the source of Noah’s flood, and it consisted of much-more water than all oceans and clouds above Earth contain today, then where did all of this water come from?

    Must Creation Museum naïve believers accept only by faith that most of the Bible is based solely on magical miracles that violate all known Universal Laws of God’s Nature? OR, are these events merely ancient man’s unscientific wild imagination?

    Such a large increase in the water mass on Earth would suddenly change our orbit around the Sun (which religious leaders did not understand until millennia after Genesis was written). The radical change in orbital path would have dramatically impacted Earth’s climate, making it a very-different place after such a 29,000-foot-deep Great Flood than before. Living things that survived before the flood could no longer survive afterward in the radical new local climate, unless today’s Universal Laws of Physics were miraculously suspended - without leaving any trace in Earth’s geological record.

    Noah’s flood account would have required more water than is now on the Earth today, and the temperature would have had to be stable enough for it to remain a liquid (above 32 F) and not burn humans to death (below 120 F).

    That size of an astronomical impact, orbital path, and unprecedented amount of additional atmospheric water clouds would most-certainly have altered Earth’s temperature in an extreme way (both up and down), IF it happened only 4,350 years ago as young-Earth creationists want us to believe by mere faith in what flawed humans are still preaching today.

    What do you call the kind of foolish fundamentalist fanatics that believe the “Answers in Genesis” Creation Museum form of false pseudoscience? Answer: Tea Party Voters.


    We must NOT hate people for being stupid - We are ALL stupid, just in different ways
    Hate mongers are among the dumbest and most-sinister humans of all

    IF the stupidity of others is interfering with our own pursuit of happiness,
    then we can have pity on them, try to get them to laugh at their own stupidity,
    and offer free advice and wisdom that helps us avoid similar mistakes

    If however, stupid people chose to continue being virulently-ignorant
    militant hate mongers, then we may have to merely allow them to fail,
    or incarcerate them if they become dangerous criminals
    We must not enable stupidity that badly damages society


    Real scientists believe that the Creator’s Laws of Physics have remained unchanged since Space and Time were first intricately woven together about 13.7 billion years ago.

    I am quite skeptical about anything that violates known science. I am no more skeptical about any religious metaphorical morality story than I am about every new scientific discovery being made every year. If it sounds impossible, EITHER IT IS FALSE, OR we have something important to learn about Physics.

    By design, GOOD SCIENCE IS PROVISIONAL – It MUST change every year with the discovery of ever-increasing new factual evidence gathered from more-advanced scientific equipment (like new telescopes, particle colliders, etc.).

    In stark contrast, intransigent religious fundamentalists do NOT seek, or learn from, new scientific data.
    Their biased blind-faith view of Nature’s Intricate Laws is often thousands of years out of date.

    The same easily-manipulated Tea Party people that blindly believe in a 40-day rise of sea level by 29,000+ feet also believe the oil company propaganda that says “global warming is a hoax” and that sea level is NOT going to rise even a few feet in the 21ST century. This should worry at least a few open-minded intelligent thoughtful people.

    Kentucky is the same simple-minded American state that plagued the world with artery-clogging, life-shortening, tasty deep-fat Kentucky Fried Chicken – smile.

    The Kentucky Creation Museum has been heavily criticized by the scientific and academic communities, and by multiple religions, as promoting "fallacy over fact" and attempting to advance out-of-the-mainstream non-learning fundamentalist religious-cult dogma, while rejecting established Scientific Truth.

    Creation Museum exhibits reject most of the concepts of evolution, including Punctuated Equilibrium .”

    In contrast to overwhelming scientific consensus, they promote minority “young Earth” fundamentalist fanatical creationist claims. The “museum” exhibits totally refute the scientific community determination that the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, and that dinosaurs became extinct 65.5 million years before homo sapiens appear in the fossil record.

    Answers in Genesis foolishness has generated strong criticism from real scientists, several groups of educators, the general press, AND many Christian groups who are opposed to obviously-false foolish unscientific young-Earth creationism.

    Dr. Lisa Park (Professor of Paleontology at Univ. of Akron, and a Presbyterian Elder) was particularly disturbed by the Kentucky Creation Museum's depiction that War, Famine and Natural Disasters Are the Result of a BELIEF IN EVOLUTION.

    "I think it's very bad science and even worse theology... and the theology is far more offensive to me. I think there's a lot of focus on fear, and I don't think that's a very Christian message ... I find it a malicious manipulation of the public." 

    Zero Energy Design ® feels the very same way about the Koch brothers’ Tea Party “Drill Baby Drill” aggressive increase in America’s suicidal addiction to deadly petroleum products.

    It is beyond arrogance for a radical religious cult to try to impose their anti-science malicious mental manipulation on children and weak-minded people from Kentucky and elsewhere. They are a fanatical religious cult: “Don’t drink their purple Kool-Aid!”

    Perhaps the meanest mental manipulation of school-aged children’s mediocre minds is the Special Effects Theater "Men in White" 22 minute video. Two California surfer dude angels (Mike and Gabe) in bright white overalls with wings and halos come to Earth to fight against teaching evil evolution. The exceptionally-biased video is filled with obsolete pseudoscience easily- disproven bad arguments. The white angels pursue the nastiest attack in the Creation Museum against high-school biology teachers, who are presented as atheistic, dim-witted, unkempt, unfashionable nerds who are amazingly dogmatic and malicious, with intent to harm children. It is the typical mean-spirited anti-intellectual material found elsewhere among fanatical fundamentalist religious cults.

    What “Answers in Genesis” is doing is Exactly What the Catholic Church Did when Galileo’s new telescope PROVED that the Earth rotates on its axis, and orbits the sun.

    Einstein’s joke: “If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.”

    Psalm 104:5 says, "The Lord set the Earth on its foundations; it can never be moved." Do the builders of the Kentucky Creation Museum believe Galileo’s science was wrong?
    The Answers in Genesis "Statement of Faith" says specifically: "No apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record.”

    Therefore, Galileo must have been wrong, since his telescope showed that the Earth moves around our Sun. Do Kentucky “Answers in Genesis” supporters also believe that America’s Man on the Moon program was a hoax? Do they use GPS- satellite -based systems or worldwide communication systems today?

    Isaiah 11:12 and Revelation 7:1 describe the “FOUR CORNERS OF THE (flat) EARTH.” Since man-made pictures from outer space now suggest that the Earth does not have four corners, does that mean that such scientific evidence cannot possibly be valid? Is the Earth really flat with four corners, as Isaiah and Revelation state?

    Is the Bible infallible and every word literally true? OR, the product of fallible inconsistent humans?
    There is absolutely no way to reconcile the biblical writings of Amos with those of King David.

    Ancient Greeks knew that the Earth was nearly spherical (not flat) three centuries BEFORE Jesus was born, but the writers of the Old and New Testament apparently did not.

    When Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, most people did not know what Eratosthenes knew - eight centuries earlier in ancient Greece. They thought that Columbus would sail west from Spain and fall off of the edge of the Earth. They were quite wrong, but Columbus was also misinformed. He badly underestimated the circumference of the Earth, which Eratosthenes had accurately calculated long before.

    1 Samuel 2:8, Job 9:6, and Psalms 75:3 all state that the Earth rests firmly on pillars, like the flat table of the sacrificial alter in the Hebrew tabernacle. Photographs of the Earth taken from the Apollo trips to the moon show no such literal physical pillars, or anything for the Earth to rest upon. The men who wrote the Bible simply did not have a clue.

    Much of the Bible MUST be taken metaphorically, NOT literally as the Kentucky Creation Museum has foolishly done. If Song of Solomon was literal, that would be one extremely-strange-looking woman. (Chuckle)

    If ancient scripture writers, transcribers, and translators were wrong, does that mean that the universe did not have a Majestic Creator? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It just means that ancient (and modern) humans lack complete understanding of God’s True Nature. NO ancient book can be found to be literally accurate in light of emerging modern science. Those who do not study and understand the critical lessons of history are condemned to repeat its many mistakes, as Answers in Genesis and Drill Baby Drill are doing today.

    The National Center for Science Education published 800 signatures on the following: “We, the undersigned scientists at universities and colleges in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, are concerned about scientifically inaccurate materials at the Answers in Genesis museum. Students who accept this material as scientifically valid are unlikely to succeed in science courses at the college level. These students will need remedial instruction in the nature of science, as well as in the specific areas of science misrepresented by Answers in Genesis."  TRUTH does not matter to those who deny it.

    1 Thessalonians 5: 21, 22: PROVE ALL THINGS; hold fast that which is good.”
    Creation Museum cannot possibly prove the manipulative misinformation they present.

    America (and the ancient peaceful city of Medina) promote religious diversity, as long as it does NOT preach malicious misinformation or radical fanatical violence. However, we do strongly condemn persecute the actions of those who have distorted the peaceful Islamic prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and teach their 12-year-old children to become suicide bombers.

    Kentucky Answers in Genesis fanaticism is nothing like deadly Taliban terrorism, BUT we cannot allow approval of the Creation Museum’s extreme distortion of the obvious Scientific Truth. They have freedom of speech to say whatever non-violent things that they want to, but that freedom SHOULD end at innocent children’s ears.

    It should be a felony to allow any child of any faith into Kentucky’s preposterous pseudoscientific Creation Museum.

    No wonder Kentucky voted for the Koch-brothers-owned ridiculous rip off Rand Paul.

    We at Zero Energy Design ® are scientists with a very-strong belief in the majesty of the flawless, timeless, Creator of The Universe, and in the endless wonders of God’s Nature.

    No rational scientist should remain agnostic after seeing images from the Hubble telescope and organic life through a microscope. But, that does NOT mean that the Sun rotates around the Earth, or that the Earth is flat with four corners and is only 6,000 years old.

    Comedian Lizz Winstead: "The Tea Party does not believe in Evolution, because they have not participated in the process." Chuckle

    For the most part, America is just about the only country in the with a significant population that believes that every (contradictory) word in the Bible is flawless and from God, particularly that the universe is only 6,000 year old. Most of the "blind faith" Bible-thumping conservative "Christian" Americans are from the Confederate states that fought and died to maintain slavery.

    We believe (as Galileo did) in Psalm 19:1: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”

    We are displeased when liars use obviously-false dogmatic doctrine to deny the scientific Truth.

    The Creation “Museum” displays a woolly rhino fossil from Siberia with a plaque stating that it was fossilized in the "Ice Age, which occurred a few centuries after Noah's Flood. … At one time, the only rhinoceroses on earth were the ones who survived on Noah's Ark while a catastrophic flood destroyed the earth (~2348 BC)."

    Today there are five known species of Rhinoceros: White, Black, Indian, Javan, and Sumatran. IF as the Creation Museum suggests a pair of each were on Noah's Ark that would be ten rhinoceroses on board. A rhino can eat about 175 pounds of food per day, times ten rhinos, times 150 days is over 130 tons of food just for ten rhinos! What about the food for every other air-breathing animal on Earth? There were well over 800 species of dinosaurs alone Remember, Answers in Genesis says they were ALL on Noah's Ark - They did NOT evolve after the Great Flood. How many megatons of food would that require? Dino food alone would have more than sunk Noah's Ark. The super-stupid Creation Museum literal interpretation of the biblical Noah's Ark morality metaphor could not possibly be true in the real world.

    Moronic Kentucky Tea Party voters incorrectly believe that the Creation Museum manipulative mental madness is true “science.” That must have been one very-crowded man-made wooden boat, carrying all land-and-avian animals, PLUS enough food for 150 long days and nights, but the Bible does say that Noah was a Superman!

    Do Answers in Genesis believers accept the most-important things written in the Book of Genesis?

    Genesis 2:8,9,15: “Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed. And the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground - trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food ... The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden TO WORK IT AND TAKE CARE OF IT

    Does the Creation Museum explain WHY Genesis says that God put man on Earth? NO !

    Do Answers in Genesis “leaders” advocate preserving, protecting, planting and nurturing God’s life-giving trees? Do Answers in Genesis members live in houses made by killing trees, with cabinets and furniture made of dead trees that no longer sequester climate-changing carbon dioxide, and no longer produce the oxygen that humans cannot live without?

    God’s primary reason for placing man on Earth is reinforced in Jeremiah 10:3,4:The customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold;”

    Killing trees in the name of the Lord was considered a vain crime against Nature pagan violation of man’s God-given purpose on Earth, long before Jesus was born. Jesus studied the prophet Jeremiah and taught his disciples to NOT observe anti-Nature pagan rituals. Early American puritans banned killing Christmas trees and decorating them in vain. Some even banned giving of materialistic gifts to children to celebrate Christmas. Extreme materialistic Christmas consumerism is the most profitable time of the year for greedy merchants.

    Extremely-wasteful electric Christmas trees lights were certainly NOT a Christian tradition. Edward H. Johnson, (Vice President of Thomas Edison’s Electric Light Company - GE) created walnut-sized red, white and blue Christmas tree light bulbs to promote the sale of coal-fired electricity in New York City in 1882. The extensive Christmas-light waste of dirty air-polluting electricity is overwhelming and unique in pagan America alone.

    Many pagans and Christians have died when candles or electric lights have caused their dead indoor holiday trees to catch on fire. How foolish is that?

    What about Santa Claus? Christian parents LIE to their children about the source of Christmas gifts. Christian children pray to Santa and write him letters, asking that they be found worthy of many materialistic presents. A huge non-Christian Jewish department store sponsors a famous Thanksgiving Day Santa Claus parade, to commercialize Christmas for maximum greedy profits.

    When children grow up and learn that Santa Claus was a lie from their parents, some use this enlightening discovery to turn to atheism, incorrectly believing that all religion is nothing but lies. Therefore, some have suggested that Santa is the deceptive face of Satan (The Great Evil One), leading innocent young souls toward fiery Hell.

    Are there Christmas Trees and Santa Claus idols in Kentucky Tea Party voters homes?

    Humans are unsustainably killing 50,000-to-100,000 acres of God’s trees every day. 70% of trees being harvested today are used to produce disposable paper products. Does the Kentucky Creation Museum support a godly PAPERLESS electronic future? OR, do they directly contradict our God-given reason for being placed on Earth?

    If anyone is going to preach dogmatically from the Holy Bible / Torah, then why not teach the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS FIRST?

    Thou shalt not kill.” Do Koch-brothers-manipulated Kentucky Tea Party voters support any exceptions to this ABSOLUTE COMMANDMENT? Do they ever promote violence? How about killing a million people in Iraq to gain control of their deadly unsustainable oil at paltry prices? Is “Acceptable collateral damage” a violation of “Thou Shalt Not Kill”?

    Kentucky voted heavily for warmongers Bush-and-Cheney. After lying about non-existent weapons of mass destruction to start the unjustified oil war in Iraq, the 2004 Kentucky vote for Bush was 150% of his opponent. Kentucky must like oil-related war very much.

    An intolerant Kentucky religious fanatic will probably try to kill ME for speaking the TRUTH about their self-contradictory FALSE statements about silly pseudoscience. I can afford to be bold because I have lived a good life and I have nothing to fear from death.

    If WE don’t speak the Scientific Truth, who will? If we do not publish it now, then when? If the Truth makes liars and manipulative deceivers mad with rage, then so be it. Those who hate people who expose the Truth about their lies are most-certainly ANTI-GOD.

    What are religious fanatics going to do with a man who speaks the Truth – nail him to a cross to die? Who are these unscientific fools who dictate what they believe to be true by unfounded blind faith? Proverbs 12:15: "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes."

    I am certainly no martyr, nor do I ever want to be, but I will not deny the Scientific Truth, just because moronic manipulative liars are more popular with the mediocre majority.

    In any given population, one half of them are below average. The majority is therefore made up of mediocre minds plus those who are below average. The popularity of the outrageous Creation Museum and Rand Paul prove this principle to be very true in Kentucky.

    “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” … “Do not have any other gods before me.”

    Evil Hebrew King David most definitely violated the Ten Commandments. Do many others today?

    Koch brothers Drill-Baby-Drill Tea Party voters want unregulated greedy profiteering capitalism as their primary god, with no benefits for many of the needy that our selfish American society has created (like poor children). They preach that good health care, food, clothing, and education should be rationed out ONLY to greedy rich capitalists.

    “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. For six days you shall labor and do all your work. But the seventh day (Saturday)is a Sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work - you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock, or the alien resident in your town.”

    Is the Kentucky Creation Museum open on the Sabbath (Saturday)? Why? If you are going to insist that others believe the Holy Bible literally, then don’t be a sanctimonious superficial self-serving hypocrite!

    Proverbs 11:9: “The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor, but through knowledge the righteous will be delivered.”

    Matthew 6: 5-6,9 When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you. … Pray, then, in this way: Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE …” Luke 22:42: "not my will, but thine, be done"

    Matthew 7:5: “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.”

    Does the Creation Museum teach that we should have slaves as the Ten Commandments suggest? Who should be the slaves, and who should be the masters?

    Kentucky bluegrass has a truly-evil Civil War history of fighting to the death to support immoral slavery. 23% of white-male Kentuckians once “owned” kidnapped African slaves, especially those white men who ran dangerous dirty deadly mining operations, and those who grew marijuana and tobacco. The U.S. Constitution required our government to collect taxes from the sale of slaves in America – It was a profitable selfish business for slave dealers and our government alike.

    Many of the descendants of the Kentucky slave owners now support Tea Party candidates today. In the Louisville Courier Journal, on National Public Radio, and on the Rachel Maddow Show, Rand Paul expressed the belief that it is wrong for the government to enforce civil rights. He even said that he would NOT have voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. An out-of-the-mainstream radical racial position helped get Rand Paul elected to the U.S. Senate from (residually racist) Kentucky (that hates President Obama for a long list of anti-Christian partisan political and racial reasons).

    Proverbs 22:7: "The borrower is the slave of the lender." Jews were once slaves in Egypt; Is it now time for Christians to be slaves to their own greedy endless deficit spending habits? Baby Boom Americans have sold their own grandchildren into long-term indentured servitude, with an enormous growing $14 Trillion public debt burden, AND three times that much in reckless-spending private debt. Should we reinstate “debtor’s prison” and incarcerate our corrupt politicians and corporate CEO’s there first?

    Jesus taught His disciples to worship on Saturday as commanded in the Torah scrolls. Does “Answers in Genesis” worship on Saturday Sabbath, OR the sun-worshipers’ day (Sunday) as commanded by pagan-raised Great Emperor Constantine in 321 A.D.? Do they follow the biblical foundational commandments, or ignore them for the most part?

    If you grew up with someone telling you that Sunday was the Sabbath, THEY LIED. Look at a calendar. Sunday is the first day of the week, not the last (when the Creator rested).

    Which parts of the Ten Commandments do religious fanatics recommend that we reject? On what solid religious foundation do they teach the portions of the Ten Commandments that should be rejected? If you think you can justify being a fundamentalist fanatic, then be one consistently, or not at all. Fanatics who contradict themselves are obvious liars. If you reject any portion of the foundation of your faith, how can you insist on any other parts? Who are you to selectively choose that you are above parts of any man’s Law, whether it is carved in stone, or not?

    Genesis documents multiple religious leaders with multiple wives and concubines. Does Answers in Genesis recommend polygamy for their religious leaders? Why not? If you say that your God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, what changed?

    Evangelical Kentucky racial religious fanaticism is full of ridiculous self-contradictions. Bible-thumping preachers selectively decide which parts of the Holy Bible to accept, and which parts to reject. They condemn others who do not arrive at the same self-conflicting divine-inspiration revelation decisions by blind faith in the absurd. They meanly state that belief in scientific evolution causes natural disasters, but they ignore man-made global warming, in support of Drill Baby Drill. They have NO skeptical critical thinking skills, or ability to learn anything new from scientific discovery about God’s Laws of Nature.

    Kentucky is also the home of Senator Mitch McConnell - The extremely-corrupt Republican leader of the U.S. Senate. The November 2010 election SHOULD have made it clear to Democrats AND Republicans that America wants Congress to slash spending - especially earmarked political pork re-election projects. The December 2010 Omnibus Spending Bill includes over 6,666 earmarks including $100 million to help get Mitch McConnell re-elected (after Mitch condemned earmarks). Kentucky voters love Mitch and Rand.

    If you want your children to grow up Spectacularly STUPID – move to Kentucky USA. Kentuckians deserve to be represented by Koch-brothers-owned Senators like Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell. The rest of us can only pray that Rand Paul will NOT be able to keep his evil Tea Party campaign promises, and that Mitch McConnell will not return America to the economic crisis created by previous Republican leadership, and further damage our already-declining suicidal nation.

    The wealthiest U.S. corrupt capitalists (like the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdock, who owns Fox News) that provide the PRIMARY FUNDING for Tea Party rallies and candidates have made it very clear what their covert agenda really is: Make the rich richer, and provide fewer benefits for the middle class and the poor. And yet, foolish American middle-class non-learning Tea Party FOLLOWERS have bought into their oppressive fat cat message – hook, line and sinker.

    Clever misleading advertising propaganda, and biased Fox News, has even made Tea Partiers think it was THEIR own idea. Brain-dead suggestible Tea Party fools are aggressive militantly-emphatic about ensuring the suicide of the middle class.

    How can Fox News pretend to deliver "FAIR AND BALANCED ANALYSIS", when their obviously-biased owners openly spend millions of dollars (and more illegally) on Tea Party campaign bribes? Obama calls dishonest Fox News "destructive."

    No rational person can call Fox News an unbiased news agency. They are controlled exclusively by Rupert Murdock's greedy capitalistic anti-social documented agenda of more for the rich, lees for the middle class. At an absolute minimum, Fox News represents the worst sinister aspects of "Do Nothing - Party of No" progress obstructionism.

    Obama is trying to fulfill his 2008 campaign promises, but he says that Fox News is "destructive to long term growth."
    There can be absolutely no doubt of their support of the oppressive obstructionist Grand Old Party of "Hell No You Can't !"

    Democrats have as many corruption problems as Republicans, but somehow USA must overcome obstructionist status quo.

    Koch brothers funding has even supported Meg Whitman’s $150 million attempt to buy the California governor’s mansion.

    Meg spent more of her personal fortune to get elected than any other politician in American history. Why? In 2010, there was more money spent on the governor's race than any other in the history of America.

    Meg Whitman's advertisements said that she would owe her support to no special interest group, but that was a VERY BIG LIE. Why did Koch Industries support self-funded Meg Whitman? The answer is very simple: Koch (one of America’s very-worst polluters) wants to reverse Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2006 bill that reduces pollution emissions 30% by 2020. It is very-straight-forward corrupt corporate Koch brothers’ capitalistic Tea Party greed.

    As the head of eBay, anti-America Meg Whitman sent 20% of eBay jobs to India. It was legal, but will she be a good governor for struggling California with painfully-high unemployment? Will U.S. unemployed still wait in line for canned food from China? Just before unpopular Meg was forced out of eBay, she paid herself $120 million and laid off 10% more of eBay employees.

    The 2010 election was supposed to be all about jobs, BUT the Koch-funded capitalist Tea Parties supported Carly Fiorena and Meg Whitman who together sent 50,000 American high-tech jobs overseas? The Real Tea Party Motive Is Greed, NOT JOBS.

    The Tea Party normally prefers leaders with NO EXPERIENCE. Meg Whitman however has much experience, and a track record.

    As a corrupt criminal member of of the Goldman Sachs board, Meg reaped millions of dollars in illegal insider trading deals. A judge made Meg return the money, but her high-paid lawyers manipulated the system to keep her out of federal prison. How were Meg Whitman's more-significant Goldman Sachs insider trading crimes any less than those of Martha Stewart, There is little about the American Justice system that is fair or balanced. It is very-biased toward the corrupt and greedy.

    Members of Meg Whitman's own Republican party called her "corrupt." Only a self-serving greedy capitalist could support her (which has been shown to be where Tea Party funding comes from, but ignored by oppressed Tea Party FOLLOWERS).

    To gain political support, Meg Whitman stated a position that was strongly against undocumented illegal criminal aliens (who are bankrupting California's overburdened budget). Meg said that the employers of illegal aliens should be held accountable for their criminal behavior. However, for nine years, Meg employed an undocumented illegal alien housekeeper in her own home.

    Stingy billionaire Meg knowingly failed to pay her alien housekeeper for all of the hours that she worked, and all of the taxes that were due. The U.S. Department Of Labor has made it abundantly clear that even undocumented workers deserve to be paid for all of the hours that they work. The Department of Labor "We Can Help" program will support illegals in recovering what they are owed, and NOT have them deported.

    When the media published the Truth about Meg's hypocritical crimes, her $150 million campaign was threatened, so she LIED and DENIED the charges, and unscrupulously lashed out at her opponent, saying that for nine years she didn't have a clue.

    The TRUTH was soon published. The lawyer for Meg's housekeeper presented documents that prove that Meg and her husband are demonstrable BIG LIARS. Years earlier, Meg's husband signed a government notice that her housekeeper's name did NOT match her reported Social Security Number. Meg did nothing to correct her obvious ongoing crimes. Despite overwhelming solid evidence, Meg refuses to admit guilt, repent, make amends, or even ask for forgiveness.

    When the truth can out about Meg's endless lies, she dropped from a eight-point lead to ten points behind in the polls. The audience BOOed her in her debate with her 2010 opponent. All Meg has been able to do is aggressively attack her political opponent for helping bring the Truth about Meg to light. But alas, capitalist Tea Party followers still loved Meg.

    One thing Meg Whitman said after being caught employing an illegal alien in her own home for nine years: "We should improve a biometric eVerify system." Zero Energy Design most certainly agrees - It would have brought Meg's crime to light years earlier.

    Meg Whitman is obviously a Federal and State of California unprosecuted CRIMINAL. Like most unethical, criminal politicians, (Charlie Rangel, Bill Clinton, etc.) Meg Whitman believes that she too should be above the law. Political crimes have always been pervasive and bipartisan. Fools have often re-elected documented criminal politicians in both parties to lead them.

    Clearly, the young Tea Parties have NO desire to end government corruption - They want it to serve THEIR OWN Selfish Greed. Most politicians seem to think that they can be criminals, hide the Truth, and lie their way out of being convicted and jailed. The way our corrupt criminal justice systems works, they usually can. The poor go to jail. The richest criminals get ELECTED.

    Do YOU think that the headless Tea Party should support Meg Whitman for governor? Very sadly, many gullible lame brains did. Meg's opponent had a long track record of unpopular political mistakes. Voters were faced with picking the lesser of two evils.

    55% of Charlie Rangel's Harlem and Spanish Harlem voters are now chronically unemployed. The majority of those who have always voted for him would rather be a burden on hardworking taxpayers, than contribute to society. They vote for the corrupt criminal politician who puts the most pork in their pot. In the 2010 election, documented criminal Charlie Rangel won by an 80% margin. Criminals are apparently very-popular people in New York City from Harlem to Wall Street.

    Able-bodied welfare recipients have no motivation to perform any community service for the many benefits that they receive. This gives them the free time to pursue lucrative entrepreneurial activities like: organized crime, drug dealing, pimps, prostitutes and being gangster terrorists. Their criminal success will be a role model for unmotivated dropouts for generations to come. Barack Obama's ACORN helped criminals maximize their ill-gotten government subsidies.

    When interviewed on the streets of Harlem, and confronted with Rangel's many documented crimes, one respondent replied: "Isn't everyone a criminal?" In Charlie's wicked world, it is apparently true. Rangel has been a deeply-entrenched congressional crook, since 1971. Even heavy Tea Party support cannot stand up against the popular criminal Charlie Rangel. When his own party, and the Department of Justice, refuse to prosecute him for his crimes, it provides strong reason for public disapproval of Charlie Rangel's world, outside New York's 15th Congressional District. He can continue crime with impunity.

    The U.S. House of Representative found Charlie Rangel guilty of 11 crimes, and all he received was a verbal rebuke. IF we lived in a nation of "equal justice for all" then every tax-evading criminal that commits the kind of crimes that Rangel does should receive nothing more than a verbal comment. When will American voters demand that our criminal politicians NOT be above the law, which we should ALL be subject to?

    The dishonorable Charlie Rangel belongs in prison - NOT still writing American laws.

    When the basements of New York City begin to fill with sea water, what will Rangel's supporters do? We have squandered the scarce funds we should have spent on better education, heath care for needy children, and a sustainable future infrastructure, instead of on welfare for so many arrogant criminals.

    Sharron Angle: We agree that Harry Reid made many serious mistakes as the leader of the majority in the U.S. Senate. But, Harry’s 2010 opponent was a radical fanatical fool. Disgruntled 2010 voters were faced with another lesser of two evils type of election decision.

    Sharron is an extreme conservative with strong Tea Party support. Angle opposes taxes, government spending, and corporate regulation. She even wants America to withdraw from the United Nations. Today’s international sanctions clearly have not worked in Iran, but what would unilateral U.S. bullying accomplish without any support at all from the UN?

    Sharron Angle supported phasing out Social Security. She says that SS is “hard to justify” and should be “personalized.” She originally called it "privatized" (the term that George Bush used. Imagine what would have happened if Bush / Cheney had been able to privatize SS, and turn it over to greedy Wall Street bankers in time for the huge crash of 2008! Sharron Angle's "personalization" of SS boils down to tax breaks for the wealthy, and zero old-age Social Security support at all for lower-level wage earners. Why do anything for poor people who do not contribute big bribes to her election campaign?

    Angle wants to dismantle the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of Education, repeal Universal Healthcare, (allow health insurance companies to deny coverage to increase profits), eliminate health coverage mandates, provide health-savings accounts for the rich and NO health coverage for the poor, set low limits on medical malpractice liability. She even offered
    a bill to eliminate mandated health coverage for mammograms and colonoscopies, but she later denied the documented Truth.

    Like most big-oil-corrupted Republicans, Sharron wanted to limit oil spill liability to only $75 million (not $20 billion for BP), deregulate dangerous offshore drilling, drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, increase American addiction to deadly unsustainable oil, develop dirty coal-fired power plants in Nevada (that Harry Reid strongly opposed), make Nevada the capital of risky nuclear-waste material reprocessing, and reactivate the ill-conceived, inherently-dangerous Yucca Mountain national nuclear-waste storage plan - The majority of people in Nevada do NOT want nationwide nuclear waste in their back yard.

    Sharron Angle also wants to eliminate caps on greenhouse gas emissions, and end “hysteria over man-caused global warming hoax” (blindly rejecting the best science of NASA’s top climatologists – the kind of engineers who safely sent men to the moon). Does Sharron Angle understand Earth science better than NASA’s best experts? She apparently thinks that she does. Do you?

    Sharron wants to make the Republican capital gains tax reductions permanent. The top 25 NYC hedge fund managers make over a BILLION dollars each PER YEAR. They only pay 15% capital gains tax on their windfall, while their secretaries pay 25% to 28% on much-lower W2 wages. Do you think that U.S. fat cats are paying their FAIR SHARE for the economic benefits they receive?

    Many big-bribe-corrupted Tea Party candidates (like Christine O'Donnell) want to end all capital gains tax for two years. Do you agree that billion-dollar-a-year NYC Wall Street hedge fund managers should pay ZERO TAXES AT ALL ? ? ?

    It is quite clear that the capitalist Tea Party wants to further oppress the failing U.S. middle class, while removing the tax burden on the wealthiest Americans who contribute big bribes to there election campaigns. Why else would anyone behave as they do? Tea Party people say they want significant change (as did Obama supporters in 2008), BUT, 2010 Tea Party candidates
    sure sound a whole lot like returning to the failed policies of the corrupt Bush / Cheney Administration, and even much worse.

    Sharron says she wants to reduce deficit spending, but she contradicts herself when she wants to borrow $700 billion from our grandchildren to extend tax cuts to people making over $250,000 per year – about $100,000 for wealthy people making over a million dollars per year. And yet, failing-middle-class Tea Party fools love her.

    Senator Reid replied to radical Sharron Angle: “Dangerous ideas are wrong for Nevada” (and more so for the U.S. Senate). Reid's campaign often claimed that Sharron is "crazy" and "pathological." (The majority of mainstream Nevada voters agreed.)

    It is not sufficient that mediocre capitalist Tea Party minds have given their leadership over to self-proclaimed witches and extreme radical fanatical wacko's. Tea Parties have also allowed the greedy oil industry (that created the 2008 energy crisis, which triggered our $15 Trillion Great Recession) to impose their covert profiteering agenda on the disorganized, incoherent, Tea Party headless young monster. Republican oil-subsidy policies, and Dick Cheney’s O.I.L. War in Iraq, created our 2008 economic crises, and now they are successfully shifting the blame to Obama, through radical Tea Party fools.

    Republicans wrecked America and drove it into a ditch – Now insane Republicans have the keys again.

    Obama kept saying: "You put your car in D to go forward, and R to back up." (chuckle) Nov 2, 2010, voters wanted to back up.

    Un-vetted Coo Coo Tea Party "R" candidates displaced many moderate Republicans, as being far too "progressive", but most ultraconservative radicals lost their general elections as being way out of mainstream thinking of the majority.

    Conservative obstructionists who resist all forms of progress now have us on an unsustainable 21st century suicidal path. 2011 and 2012 gridlock will probably be much worse than ever before, UNLESS a supercrisis wakes up bipartisan motivation.

    In 1980, BEFORE Reagan took office, the top 1% earned 8% of American income. Ronald and the Bush Dynasty made it their Top Goal to reduce taxes for the wealthy, who paid for their elections. By 2008, the top 1% of Americans earned 23% of U.S. income – MORE than the lower 50% combined. Unemployment rose to the highest since Reagan, and the USA entered into the Worst Recession with the highest job loses and home foreclosures since The Great Depression. Middle class was wiped out.

    The last time our huge disparity between the top 1%, and the lower half of American workers, was as great as it was in 2008, was 1928 - just before our totally-devastating Great Depression. Unemployment was 15% the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

    It nearly happened again in 2008. The underlying unbalanced income disparity is worse today. The rich continue to get richer, and the middle class has nearly been destroyed. This is TOTALLY UNSUSTAINABLE. USA disparity is now similar to what triggered the deadly French Revolution - Guillotine for their rich oppressors. America has begun wicked class warfare.

    USA must immediately change radically, or collapse because of the terrible greed and corruption of the top 1%. We are clearly on the verge of a huge "Aftershock" that has the potential to entirely wipe out the uncompetitive, rapidly-declining American economy in a single catastrophic long-lasting event.

    During the Great Depression, many formally-wealthy, greedy, selfish, Wall Street tycoons committed suicide. We are now on a rapid path toward the suicide of all humanity. Baby boomers have declared generational-debt war on their own grandchildren.

    In order to survive in today's unfair economic reality, families have had to rely on multiple incomes. Mothers must now work outside the home, instead of staying home to provide loving support for their children. This stressful lifestyle has increased dissatisfaction and divorce rate, BUT, many unhappy couples have to stay together, just to make ends meet.

    U.S. child care and public education have gotten much worse. Families have had to purchase the cheapest low-quality goods and food from overseas. Our government and families have had to go deep into burdensome unpayable debt. Our assets, savings, pensions, and collateral have been deeply devalued. The value of the dollar is becoming worth much less (as indicated by the number of dollars required to buy one ounce of gold). Gold is NOT worth more - Our diluted dollars are worth LESS.

    As our balance of trade gets worse, it is costing USA more worth less dollars to pay for our imports (energy and cheap goods). We have sent our income-producing jobs and technology overseas, and they are NOT coming back - No recovery is possible.

    Our entitlement programs are under funded and on the verge of baby boom retirement bankruptcy. We are now insolvent, and getting much worse. Recovery to "the good old days" is simply NOT a viable option. If we do not radically reinvent almost everything, our democratic experiment will fail soon (as all other democracies have failed in the past). It is very predictable.

    Should Tea Party fools once again enthusiastically embrace the badly-failed "conservative" ideas? Knee-jerk politics is BAD.

    Our founding fathers knew that previous democracies had failed. The tried to protect against internal tyranny and corruption, but 2008 proved that American-style greedy upper-class capitalism failed our middle class and poor. Except for the upper 1%, the rest are now in serious economic-and-life-style decline.

    Should America return to the "good old days" of unregulated Republican ultra-conservative obstructionist status-quo policies?

    Should we extend Bush / Cheney deficit-spending Republican tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 per year? Should people making a billion dollars a year pay zero taxes at all? They would if Tea Party capitalists control or nation.

    Does anyone in any Tea Party organization care anything about our badly-declining middle class, OR our posterity? Should all Tea Party believers turn their political agenda over to the greedy capitalist Koch brothers and Rupert Murdock?

    Should foreign companies provide funds to corrupt Republicans that want to ship valuable jobs and technology overseas? Corrupt Karl Rove and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent more (questionable-source) money on ads than the RN C. Should we borrow $700 billion from our grandchildren, so greedy people making over a million dollars a year can receive a $100,000 tax break? Tea Party fools accept this agenda imposed on them by corrupt funding sources, and think we should.

    When the Koch brothers heard Rick Santelli’s call to a capitalist Tea Party, they saw an outstanding opportunity to buy millions of votes from easily-manipulated “Drill Baby Drill” mediocre minds, with no powers of observation or critical thinking skills.

    Greedy corporations do NOT altruistically donate to support social or political progress. They expect their millions of dollars of bribes to buy Billions of dollars in corrupt benefits. No where is this more obvious than the $46 Billion of irrational oil-company subsidies that Republicans voted in for the benefactors that paid for their election campaigns. Fools refuse to understand.

    USA Big Oil Subsidies are still being paid out (for political bribes), despite the hard FACT that oil is past peak, declining, deadly, unsustainable, and the largest transfer of wealth in human history. Politics-as-usual quite simply SUBSIDIZES SUICIDE.

    Is David Axelrod an immoral, hoodwinking, lying lobbyist?

    Absolutely, Irrefutably YES! Should he be running our country?

    Axelrod proposed a similar "political campaign style approach" to help Illinois hospitals block a state legislative proposal
    that would have reduced hospital high profits. ASK’s recommended strategy was to create a deceptive "grassroots" group
    of medical experts "capable of contacting policy makers to advocate for our position."
    Does this sound like David Axelrod
    is indeed a “lobbyist”, AND an outrageous special interest, preferential-treatment SUPREME LIAR?

    David Axelrod Obamas Puppeteer

    Did Obama ask any of these medical professionals to say even one word on 3 / 3 / 2010? No, Axelrod wouldn't allow it. Do you think that there is even one doctor in America doctor who supports every line item of the 2,700-page Senate pork- filled Democrat preferential-treatment Healthcare Bureaucratic Bloatfest Bill that Obama pushed through our very-corrupt House of Representatives? (Explicative) NO!

    Did Obama incorporate all of the excellent suggestions made by medical doctors who participated in his 7.5-hour widely- publicized "Bipartisan" Healthcare Summit photo op? Of course not! That is NOT what David Axelrod intended it to do. The name of the political game that is now being played so well is "Manipulate the myopic minds of the mediocre masses."

    Public-interest watchdogs now say that Axelrod’s misleading grassroots campaigns (like CORE, are “state of the art in the lobbying world.” . . . Ellen Miller (director of the Sunlight Foundation, which promotes government transparency) said: "There's no way with a straight face to say that's not lobbying." Why do Americans allow a legacy of lethal liars to lead us?

    Imagine that a very-bad builder hangs out a shingle that says "Top Quality Homes." He attracts many buyers with NO Critical Thinking Skills. Non-Learning Clients do not pay attention to the fact that most of his poorly-built homes fall down. This is a good analogy for David Axelrod. Why was young Obama attracted to him in the first place? Did Axelrod hoodwink Barack?

    Axelrod's flawed hoodwinking bamboozler approach to politically-corrupt universal healthcare reform is just as evil as his pressure for $54 billion in nuclear-fission subsidies, AND regressive Cap-and-Trade taxes, which place a heavy burden on poor people, and almost no impact at all on fat-cat misinformation manipulators like Rush Limbaugh.

    David Axelrod has been paid far more than Barack Obama. David Axelrod is largely running our country, ESPECIALLY the February 2010 perverse public policy to pay $54 Billion in taxpayer subsidies to already-highly-profitable nuclear power companies like Exelon and others. Obama is merely a low-paid puppet of profiteering people like those who pay Axelrod’s consulting fees, AND the many other (formerly registered) lobbyists in Obama’s extremely-corrupt Lobbyist Administration (AP).

    From the viewpoint of a mediocre voter with no critical thinking skills, Obama is an eloquent, convincing public speaker. However, when he is NOT reading a misleading Teleprompter speech (prepared by the hoodwinking advisors who are actually running our country), Barack's verbal self confidence drops significantly. He often says things that he later regrets. He pauses while his slower mind catches up with his pontificating mouth, and his words-per-minute drop by two thirds (similar to senile Ronald Reagan and the low-IQ Bubba W. Bush - puppet of Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney), while Obama tries to slowly calculate what his audience wants to hear him say in a "politically correct" way.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive.” - Sir Walter Scott (All of politics IS deception.)

    Political rhetoric is far more important to Obama than scientific reality, OR in some cases the opinion of the USA majority (as shown by 75% disapproval of the Axelrod / Obama / Democrat bloated fiscally-irresponsible universal healthcare reform).

    Pervasive Health Damage Hazard from ENDLESS USA Nuclear Radiation Leaks

    Radioactive TRITIUM is a well-documented (potentially deadly) mutagenic carcinogen. It causes cancer if inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. TRITIUM has been discovered in dangerous levels in groundwater around at least 27 of the 104 U.S. nuclear power plant reactors, raising serious concerns about WHY it is leaking at an accelerating rate from aging power plants, and HOW BADLY it will soon damage public health of innocent unsuspecting nearby people in the future.

    The plumbing in nuclear-fission power plants is now known to have an operating life span of about 25 years. It is similar to an old house that has increasingly-expensive plumbing repair bills as it ages. Trying to get by without doing the mandated maintenance can result in more-significant expense later. The expense of nuclear power plant plumbing leaks includes KILLING MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE WITH CANCER (whose cause-and-effect may be difficult to prove legally).

    Would you like your children to breathe the air, or drink the water, from a currently-leaking nuclear-fission power plant?

    Do you eat food that is grown with radioactive water near one of the known 27 U.S. TRITIUM-leaking power plants? Do you honestly believe that the U.S. government protects you from (or even warns you about) contaminated food? Do you read everything that is published about environmental hazards by the FDA, EPA and CDC? Do stupid smokers
    even read the strong warnings on the side of smoking products? Do illegal drug users care at all about their health?

    Cattle Grazing Near Nuclear Power Plant

    Suppose hypothetically that mutagenic radioactive material leaks modify the DNA of some nearby corn. The wind picks up some of the corn pollen and jet streams spread it around the world. We know that genetic engineers have modified the DNA of corn for decades. Radioactivity can do the same thing (in a difficult-to-predict way). Modified corn does not glow in the dark. It may be very difficult to detect, or predict how humans and animals will eventually react to it.

    Years later, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may notice a significant statistical increase in a particular type of intestinal cancer, but they cannot isolate the pervasive worldwide source. Can anyone GUARANTEE that this process has not already begun? Will the catastrophic risk of many nuclear-fission health hazards greatly increase over time? We think so. Do you care?

    Exelon applied for a new 20-year license for their Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, which produces 9% of New Jersey's electricity. This obsolete 1969 nuclear power plant is the oldest in America. For four years, concerned environmentalists bitterly fought the Oyster Creek license extension. The application was rushed through without a comprehensive engineering evaluation, and then it was granted by the Exelon-corrupted new Obama Administration in April 2009.

    Just days later, Tritium leaks were discovered in the local water table. These deadly leaks had been criminally covered up by Exelon during the application process. Tritium radioactivity leaks (at the beyond-life-expectancy Oyster Creek plant) were caused by highly-predictable corrosion that had previously left the aging reactor's crucial safety liner rusted, thin, and porous. No backup safety solution was provided. IF the hidden TRUTH had been made available, a 20-year license extension should have NEVER been granted.

    Since the April 2009 Oyster Creek Tritium discovery, the expensive-to-correct radioactivity leak obviously has NOT been corrected, as required by law. According to the head of New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection, radioactive water that has been leaking from the nation's oldest nuclear power plant has now reached the major underground aquifer that supplies drinking water to much of southern New Jersey, at concentrations that are already 50 times higher than those allowed by law, and increasing. []

    Immediate radical CORRECTIVE ACTION should have been demanded in April 2009. The Exelon Oyster Creek Nuclear power plant’s license should have been PERMANENTLY and IRREVERSIBLY REVOKED, but the Exelon-corrupted Obama Administration has done neither. Obama was bought and paid for by Exelon long before he was elected president of the USA.

    Zero Energy Design ® believes that the timing of the following three critical energy safety and environmental issues seem to be an EXTREMELY-UNUSUAL, INCONVENIENT “COINCIDENCE:”

    (1) Obama authorized increased funding for non-existent, technically-infeasible, “Clean Coal Technology”, [] and coal mining deaths increased significantly in 2010.

    (2) Obama authorized increased high-risk deepwater offshore oil-and-gas drilling, [] and the deadly BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, fire and oil-spill environmental disaster began only a few weeks later.

    (3) Obama cancelled the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository effort, [] and then curiously announced $54 Billion of subsidized funding [] for new inherently-dangerous nuclear fission power plant development. On May 7, 2010, New Jersey announced the deadly Exelon Oyster Creek radioactive Tritium leak into one of their major N.J. water supplies. []

    We at Zero Energy Design ® are taken back by the inconvenient timely coincidence of these very-serious early Obama era events. Is Mother Nature trying to shorten the feedback cycle about the unsustainable suicidal nature of human lack of concern for our delicate environment ? ? ? The coincidental timing possibility is way beyond spooky. God works in mysterious ways.

    Scientifically, we know that the Universal Laws of Nature can NOT be violated for very long. Unsustainable behavior can simply not be sustained (obviously, by definition). Humans are terrible at learning lessons with long feedback cycles. Nature's current response to our past-tipping-point abuse of coal, oil, and nuclear energy seems to be greatly reducing the feedback cycle. ? ? ?

    Since 1971 Peak Oil and the 1973-1979 OPEC oil embargoes, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and 2008 bankruptcy triggered by $4 gasoline, we have clearly been warned time and time again, but humanity has quickly forgotten lessons that should have been learned decades ago.

    We must now very-rapidly learn how to Live in Harmony with Nature – OR DIE in the 21st century! We have very little time left to immediately reverse a century of greedy, corrupt, energy policy politics. Everything depends on energy. The change requires radical reinvention of our energy infrastructure with off-the-shelf proven technology. The only remaining complex issues are:
    (1) education and (2) reversing a century of entrenched energy-politics government corruption.

    Emerald Eco-City will demonstrate precisely how.

    To do nothing at all is to pull the trigger on the shotgun that is now pointed at our children’s heads.

    What must Nature do get the attention of non-learning lazy people?

    Are there other U.S. power plants that will leak radioactive material in the predictable near future? ABSOLUTELY YES !

    It is not "safe", but it is "safer" if you live at least 1,500 miles from a nuclear power plant or nuclear waste disposal facility.
    Where is the closest one to you? How long will it take you to get 1,500 miles away? You may only have three seconds.

    104 USA Existing Hazardous Aging Nuclear Power Plants - Should Be Phased Out In Only 10 Years

    104 Existing US Nuclear Power Plants

    When aging public-utility water pipes leak a small amount of drinking water, it is not much of a problem. It may not even be noticed for decades. However, when 30-year-old nuclear power plant pipes leak carcinogenic radioactive nuclear power plant toxic waste, the public exposure can cause deadly cancer decades in the future (the same way that getting a bad sunburn when you are young can cause skin cancer decades later). We know for certain that radiation-caused DNA damage can take decades to do significant difficult-to-understand damage to a large population.

    Obama's Proposed Outrageous $54 Billion Subsidy for New Nuclear Power Plants

    Obama's Proposed $54 Billion Subsidy New Nuclear Power Plants

    Do YOU want one of these potential killers near YOUR children? They are planned to span most of America.
    Should our obviously-corrupt government borrow from our grandchildren to create these expensive hazards?

    Do we have a choice in this so-called "democratic" society of ours? What will YOU do?
    If you say "nothing", your children will surely inherit the net effect of extreme suicidal corruption.
    If YOU do not personally take a patriotic stand to defend USA against government corruption, WHO WILL?

    "The world is a dangerous place, NOT because of those who do evil,
    but because of those who look on and do nothing."
    - Albert Einstein

    Is the great danger of ongoing carcinogenic nuclear radiation accidents worth the potentially-suicidal risk,
    so our next generation children can have 30-cent-per-kWh high-hazard electricity 15 years from now?
    The ONLY reason politicians support this outrageous stupidity is greedy nuclear-industry corruption bribes.

    The number and seriousness of deadly TRITIUM leaks is predictably increasing as each plant ages. The epidemiology of
    the widespread health impact may not become apparent for decades. Has anyone told you the TRUTH about nuclear power
    plant radioactive leaks ever before? Your government most certainly does NOT protect or inform you about many things.
    Do you believe the GREENWASH political lies that radioactive nuclear-fission power plants are either SAFE or GREEN?

    Hypothetical pharmaceutical analogy: Suppose a drug company develops a pill to give people more energy. They provide
    it to a group of 104 trial subjects. A year later, 27 of them have the same variety of colon cancer. What should be done?

    What has the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission done about the high-rate of nuclear power plants that have leaked TRITUM?
    This serious health hazard is NOT RARE. It is a characteristic symptom of how the plumbing in ALL nuclear power plants age.

    Many of the recently-discovered TRITIUM leaks are coming from deteriorating containment vessels and underground pipes -
    At a time when Obama now plans to commit $54 Billion scarce dollars to subsidize new hazardous TRITIUM-emitting nuclear power plant construction.

    If you think that all new $54-billion-subsidized nuclear power plants will be 100% safe, then locate YOUR next house near one.
    But, what if you're wrong? What will radioactive material leaks do to your children? Will you ever feel completely secure?

    When residents in Illinois became outraged about Exelon Corp. NOT disclosing radioactive leaks at its nuclear power plants,
    their freshman Senator, Barack Obama, took up their popular cause. Obama scolded Exelon and federal regulators for inaction.
    Obama introduced a strong bill to REQUIRE all plant owners to notify state and local authorities immediately of even small leaks.

    Obama boasted of it on the campaign trail, telling a crowd in Iowa in December 2007 that this bill was “the only nuclear legislation that I’ve PASSED.” . . . “I just did that last year,” he said to a naïve approving claptrap audience.

    The TRUTH does NOT match many of Obama's orchestrated campaign promises, principles, and downright intentional LIES.

    Exelon is the U.S. largest nuclear plant operator, and one of Obama’s largest sources of money for his Senate and Presidential campaigns. After Obama attacked Exelon, they contributed even more to his campaigns. In response to pressure from Exelon lobbyists (and other Exelon-corrupted politicians), Obama watered down his own bill to change “required” to “consider.”
    The ineffective diluted legislation DID NOT PASS (contradicting his boastful bold Iowa lie).

    “Senator Obama’s staff was sending us copies of the bill to review, and we could see it weakening with each successive draft,” said Joe Cosgrove - Park District Director in Will County, Illinois, where radioactive runoff from the Exelon plant was found in their groundwater. The serious violation had gone unscrupulously unreported for years. As far as Obama’s useless defeated bill, Cosgrove said: “The teeth were just taken out of it.” Obama most certainly has nothing to boast about here.

    Obama Administration Culture of CorruptionThere are now many critical Obama Administration Culture of Corruption issues involved.

    Barack Obama himself had enumerated serious problems with nuclear energy on 10 / 7 / 07.

    IF Barack had held true to his stated campaign principles, he would NOT have subsidized deadly nuclear fission. But, as we now know beyond any shadow of a doubt, Obama is a zero-integrity bald-faced liar who has clearly broken many of his very-deceptive campaign promises.

    Obama IS a dishonest politician. Is anyone surprised? Can we now believe anything he says?

    When he was endorsed by John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy, it should have been obvious that Obama would be an obedient puppet to the obsolete corruption traditions of the Democrat Party.

    American trust in our dishonest Republican AND Democrat incumbents is at an ALL TIME LOW.

    When Republicans say that Democrats are corrupt liars, AND Democrats say that Republicans are corrupt liars,
    in this one case only, the entire world has well-documented very-good reasons to believe both of them.

    If ZED could ask President Barack Obama only one question at one of his many open town hall meetings, it would be:

    "With all due respect to the high elected office of the President of the United States Sir, in light of your proven track record of breaking many of your campaign promises, approving many bad policies, and making incorrect statements as President, like how your actions would hold nationwide unemployment to ONLY 8%, is there any reason that Americans should ever TRUST anything that YOU arrogantly say or propose, ever again?"

    We do NOT support most of the double-dumb dopey things that silly Sarah Palin says or does, but this one question is cute: "How's that hopey changey thing working out for you Mr. President?" (Chuckle)

    Power corrupts. Power changes people. Power is addictive. Those in power often give up most of their previous promises in order to retain power.

    Our own suggestions to deal with never-ending runaway deceptive, ineffective, suicidal American energy politics include: (1) Campaign Financing Reform that makes corrupt campaign contribution bribery a FELONY, and sets 8-year term limits, (2) Disallow all lobbyists from offering any type of gift or money for anything - Verify this with financial audits & prison terms, (3) Make all registered candidates and government officials take a solemn oath to: "Always tell the truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the TRUTH" - Violations of this oath would be a FELONY with mandated removal from ever being a public official. If one government employee says to another "YOU LIE!" at least one of them MUST be removed from the public payroll.

    My wife and I have security clearances. I had to have an FBI Extended Background Investigation (EBI), and pass regular polygraph (lie detector) tests. (I never accepted any assignment with a covert cover story that would require me to lie.)

    Why should our high-level government officials not have to do the same BEFORE and after election? Many of them have access to Top Secrets that I worked with. We also have PROOF that many politicians and previous-administration officials have illegally leaked Top Secrets (that would have sent me to federal prison if I had done).

    I doubt that very many of today's politicians could pass an EBI check or polygraph test if it was administered today. The legislators who write and oversee the enforcement of laws KNOW they are criminals. They act as if they are above the law. Disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon, 1977 David Frost Interview: "When the President does it, that means it is not illegal."

    It is like when policemen stop an off-duty policeman for a serious traffic violation - they let him go with no penalty at all. They call it "professional courtesy." I call it criminal corruption - ignoring and NOT enforcing the law that the rest of us must obey.

    Why do voters empower known corrupt criminal liars to control our lives, and allow them to get away with endless high crimes? The longer that criminals serve in public office, the more crimes they think they can get away with committing. Why do simple- minded voters allow very-biased media to control their thoughts (when we are obviously in multiple serious suicidal crises)?

    The obvious answer is traditional, politics-as-usual, status-quo, hoodwinking deception by professional career bamboozlers.

    Does the following sound at all familiar? . . .

    "I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office." - Andrew Jackson (Seventh President of the United States 1829–1837)

    Not much has changed in American government history, EXCEPT that corrupt politicians now have us on a Suicidal Path:

    Critical Nuclear Energy Issues

    The first critical nuclear power issue remains that there is now NO long-term strategic nuclear waste disposal plan for America's existing 104 nuclear plants, much less a waste-disposal plan for ANY new inherently-dangerous nuclear power plants. Obama himself canceled the only HOPE that we had for long-term nuclear waste disposal. Current nuclear waste is now being stored in TEMPORARY SHORT-TERM local storage that can only be used a few decades longer. (It is not Obama's problem - let future generations pay for ever-increasing nuclear waste disposal, irresponsible deficit spending, etc. - Baby Boom Suicidal Legacy).

    The cost to implement safer long-term nuclear waste disposal will be billions of dollars. The price should be 100% paid for out of the profits of the immoral nuclear power companies that created the problem. They should NOT be allowed to pass it on to rate payers in any way. If this burden bankrupts a power company, we should be able to pierce the corporate veil and obtain full payment from the personal estates of the power company executives who pocketed huge profits at public expense. Bankrupted power companies will open the door to aggressive implementation of clean, safe, free-fuel future energy systems.

    The second serious obvious issue is COST. Non-polluting free-fuel solar and wind energy systems can be quickly constructed with existing proven off-the-shelf technology in excellent locations for 3-cents per kWh. Large utility-scale sun-and-wind farms can be up and running cost effectively in a year or two. Their equipment is getting at-least 4% LESS expensive every year.

    In contrast, new nuclear power plants can take over a decade to design, gain approval, and build. Their construction cost is rapidly INCREASING every year. In a decade, electricity from a new nuclear power plant could cost 30 CENTS PER kWh - 10 times MORE than new solar-and-wind energy today (all things considered). How insane would you have to be to make such an obviously-stupid investment? Only a truly-corrupt government would SUBSIDIZE such foolish suicidal behavior. Critical decisions are being made on the basis of campaign contribution BRIBES, not what is best for our children's future.

    Nuclear power technology problems run MUCH deeper than that. Computer technology was nearly non-existent for U.S. nuclear power plants that were built four decades ago. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires all of the control components of America's obsolete nuclear power plants to be replaced every 25 years (with exactly the same old obsolete technology).

    Most of the 1970's component parts are not available from any source. The companies that produced the equipment for our 1970's nuclear power plants have long-since collapsed. They could not wait around for thirty years for a renewal of nuclear power plant development. The engineers that designed the old 1970's monitor-and-control subsystems have died or retired.

    The NRC-required nuclear power plant replacement parts are now being "reinvented" by young engineers who are quite unfamiliar with obsolete 1970's electrical transistor technology. Today, they would normally just use programmable integrated circuits, instead of clunky-old hard wired discrete components, but the NRC REQUIRES exact replacement parts, or a very-lengthy new-component evaluation period (which power plant operators refuse to do). The replacement parts are becoming prone to design flaws. The risk factor of a catastrophic American nuclear power plant disaster is rapidly INCREASING.

    What technology will Obama's new U.S. nuclear power plants use? Will we send taxpayer money overseas to buy nuclear technology from France? They have had TWO recent extremely-toxic nuclear material spills since 2008. Nuclear power plant safety is NO BETTER THAN IT WAS DECADES AGO - in many ways it is becoming MUCH WORSE.

    Will Americans try to "reinvent the wheel" and develop our own brand-new unproven nuclear power plant control software, based on extremely-buggy Bill-Gates-generation software components? The world cannot even produce bug-free simple electronic car accelerators or software-based braking systems.

    How RELIABLE do you think our first one-off new nuclear-fission power plant control system in three decades will be?

    Will they (like Toyota) issue a recall AFTER one mechanical or software bug makes much of the USA uninhabitable?

    Will one sleepy power plant operator just say on his death bed: "Oops, My Bad - I'm sorry for killing millions of people with mutagenic radiation and wiping out the U.S. economy forever." A steady stream of never-ending nuclear accidents has continuously happened since 1952. Does anyone naïvely think there will never be another? Will the next one be far worse?

    Have you seen a bug-free software system recently? Proper zero-defect new nuclear power plant software quality assurance SHOULD add years to the development process, but Obama wants to SHORTEN new nuclear power plant approval. A single software bug in nuclear-power-plant computer code could exterminate the American economy - MUCH worse than a Microsoft blue screen of death. After three decades, Microsoft still cannot produce bug-free software. How about the new-hire engineers that design America's first nuclear power plant in three decades? It is a recipe for GUARANTEED NUCLEAR DISASTER.

    Despite the endless lies being told by greedy profiteers and lobbyist-corrupted politicians, the obvious TRUTH is quite simple:

    The ONLY way to avoid the many deaths caused by fossil fuel, is to STOP using fossil fuel

    The ONLY way to avoid a deadly nuclear "accident" is to shut down ALL nuclear power plants

    Anything less is an unsustainable pursuit of our current path toward the Suicide of Humanity

    Germany has intelligent legislation in place to PHASE OUT ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN 15 YEARS,
    at the same time that our corrupt dishonest Obama / Axelrod / Emanuel Lobbyist Administration wants to build new ones!

    Ordinary underground drinking-water-supply pipes are often made of concrete and steel reinforcing bars. Water moving through concrete pipes slowly erodes them away (just like the Grand Canyon), until they begin to leak. Drinking water does not contaminate our ground water. BUT, when the exact same thing happens to nuclear power plant underground pipes that are over 30-years old, it can give many people and animals deadly cancer, AND mutate food-crop DNA in unprecedented ways.

    The profiteering corporate executives who built the hazardous U.S. nuclear power plants in the 1970's must have thought: "Live for today. It's not OUR problem. Let our grandchildren deal with it at their expense." (Just like our current $12+ Trillion debt burden, PLUS Obama's $54 Billion to subsidize self-imposed radiation mutations.)

    American hero Johnny Appleseed traveled across early USA teaching pioneers to "Plant fruit trees for your grandchildren." In stark contrast, Baby Boomers taught the Obama generation to rape the Earth and plant clearly-suicidal nuclear time bombs.

    The 27 obsolete U.S. nuclear power plants that are known to have leaked TRITIUM, should be SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. They have exceeded their 25-year life span. No nuclear power plant should receive a license to operate more than 25 years.

    The remaining 77 nuclear power plants should be phased out over ten years (or as soon as they also begin to leak). Any nuclear power plant that leaks in the future should be immediately and permanently shut down - NO Second Chance.

    A realistic shorter amortization period, PLUS the risk of total loss of a nuclear power plant at any time, should deter investors.

    We must have a SAFE nuclear waste disposal facility that is certified and monitored to operate
    reliably for over 1,000 years. ALL nuclear power plant operations should be halted until this
    disposal problem is fully solved permanently and cost-effectively (including all future operation).

    As we shut down nuclear power plants, WE MUST RAPIDLY RAMP UP CLEAN, SAFE, FREE-FUEL ENERGY SYSTEMS WORLD-WIDE. We can NOT afford to waste one penny on making our addiction worse to unsustainable, unsafe, expensive-fuel energy.

    The recent U.S. and French nuclear material spills should have made it clear that Nuclear Fission Is ABSOLUTELY NOT SAFE.

    When you hear anyone use the word "safe" associated with nuclear fission,coal mining, or deepwater oil drilling, you are clearly listening to a greedy, profit-motivated, shortsighted, selfish, DECEPTIVE LIAR.

    It is every bit as STUPID as saying we need to combat global warming, while subsidizing burning ANYTHING.

    We can NOT simultaneous prevent destruction of Earth's delicate environment, AND subsidize fossil fuels and nuclear power.

    The world has clearly demonstrated that we do NOT have safe cost-effective nuclear-fission technology that can operate without radioactive material leaks for even 30 years. How then are we going to transport, store, monitor and maintain deadly radioactive waste dumps for 100 generations into the future, WHEN we live on a world with a documented history of mammoth plate tectonics, slow continental drift, known-and-unknown geologic fault lines that come-and-go with huge deadly earthquakes, mega-volcanic eruptions, sea level changes of hundreds of feet, a magnetic pole that periodically flips, changes in our rotational axis tilt, and occasional meteor strikes larger than a house moving at 20,000+ mph? Any one of the above could rupture a nuclear waste dump and release many tons of enriched radioactive materials. It could be hundreds
    of times larger than the Chernobyl "accident" giving a hundred million people deadly cancer, and making a significant portion of an entire continent permanently uninhabitable. This the legacy that suicidal Baby Boomers want to leave posterity!

    Is 30-cent nuclear electricity worth ANY risk, when clean, safe, free-fuel, 3-cent electricity is already available MUCH FASTER?

    If there is a worst-case solar-or-wind energy system failure it can NOT make a major portion of USA permanently uninhabitable.

    Can any rational human honestly be so naïve as to believe that a worst-case nuclear accident can never happen again? Do you also naïvely believe than none of America's existing nuclear-fission power plants are leaking radioactive waste? If you still refuse to believe the proven Scientific TRUTH, then there is real estate in New Jersey available for a bargain price.

    When we consider the steady stream of worldwide nuclear power plant accidents from 1952 through the 21ST century, there can be no doubt that America WILL eventually have a LARGE release of deadly mutagenic cancer-causing radiation. If the proven past is a clue to the predictable future, corporate executives and corrupt politicians WILL cover up the TRUTH. It is NOT a matter of IF it will happen, but rather a matter of WHEN, WHERE, and HOW BIG it will be.

    We may get lucky and it may be no worse than Three Mile Island, OR it may be a worse-case event where a human error or a single mechanical failure or a software bug results in a runaway reactor meltdown, blowing the roof off of the containment vessel, killing millions with cancer (depending on 1,500-mile population density), and making thousands of square miles of America permanently uninhabitable. We have proof that it CAN happen. When and where will the next big one be?

    People say that Chernobyl should not ever happen again. What about all of the other types of nuclear accidents since 1952? People say redundant systems will protect us. What if all of the secondary systems also have the same design flaw in them?

    Any system that requires that no human in the chain from design to operations makes a mistake is GUARANTEED TO FAIL. Do you naïvely believe that we will ever stop the endless traffic, train, ship, airplane, software OR nuclear accidents?

    The remaining question for rational open-minded thinkers is: "How costly will a worst-case failure be WHEN it happens? We have absolute proof well beyond any shadow of a doubt that nuclear energy is the MOST hazardous of all energy forms. Unlike fossil fuels, the damage is not continuous emissions, but when an accident does happen, it is truly monumental.

    Today's nuclear plant operators are often forced to work two shifts, when others cannot report to work. Will our next nuclear "accident" be predictably caused by a sleepy, overworked, poorly-supervised control-system operator error? When nuclear plant owners try to cut labor costs in a tight economy, they under staff and overwork their system operators. Deadly nuclear power plant backup staff and supervisor safety margin has gotten dangerously paper thin.

    Do YOU want a new nuclear power plant or a radioactive waste disposal dump in YOUR children's backyard? Will leaked radiation give your grandchildren cancer? Is 30-cent electricity worth the huge risk? Is it worth even a small risk? Who would be dumb enough to buy 30-cent electricity, when 3-cent (or less) free-fuel electricity becomes abundantly available?We should be planning a total shutdown of all existing nuclear-fission plants as abundant clean free-fuel energy comes online.

    No one can afford to advertise free-fuel energy from the sun or wind.

    Where is the profit in things that Nature provides us for free?

    The extremely-biased, high-profit, nuclear power industry, and the politicians they have totally corrupted, LIE to us that "Nuclear energy is safe" (despite the well-documented track record of non-stop ongoing nuclear accidents and leaks from 1952 through the 21ST century). Nuclear power does not produce much CO2 (except for the support equipment), but, Nuclear- Fission is also NOT AT ALL SAFE - There is essentially NO HOPE that it ever can be safe with any foreseeable technology. "Safe Nuclear Energy" is every bit as stupid as the greenwash lies about non-existent "Clean Coal Technology." Oxymoronic!

    Today, Americans seem unconcerned about the nuclear accident health hazard, BUT WHEN the next large leak occurs, what kind of outrage will there be against those who created and subsidized the critical crisis. How myopic can we be?

    People with no critical thinking skills, who are easily "brainwashed" by expensive media campaigns, mindlessly accept corrupt fossil-fuel and nuclear-power-industry endless LIES. Advertisers spend billions to make masses of mediocre myopic minds believe things that rational people can clearly see are false, greedy, profiteering propaganda. When you see such an ad, think about WHERE the money is coming from to pay for the biased bamboozlement. Expensive ads drive UP the price of energy.

    ZED sez: We should make them PROVE their endless Profiteering Lies. We need a Constitutional Amendment that mandates:

    (1) America's next nuclear power plant should be the world's largest;

    (2) It should be "safely" located on the Washington D.C. National Mall or White House lawn for all visitors to see and tour;

    (3) All of our U.S. nuclear plants should send their radioactive waste to a new disposal facility, also on the Mall;

    (4) All additional future U.S. nuclear power plants MUST be located on the grounds next to State Capitol Buildings.

    IF nuclear energy truly IS totally safe, then the above four items should be very popular with everyone. (AS IF)

    Oklahoma City proudly had a working oil well in front of their State Capitol Building. Why not nuclear power plants? (The extremely-corrupt expensive-fuel Senator Jim Inhofe is from easily-bamboozled, brainwashed Oklahoma.)

    If we do not locate all future nuclear facilities next to government office buildings, then where should they be? Why? In a worst-case scenario (like Chernobyl), we KNOW that a nuclear accident can cause cancer a thousand miles away.

    $6 Billion Long Island New York Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant Fiasco

    Critical U.S. Nuclear History Lesson Ignored By Non-Learning Corrupted Obama, Axelrod and Emanuel

    This plant was paid for by the customers of Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO). It is 60 miles from NYC. After a lengthy approval process, it took 11 years to build from 1973 until it was fully completed by GE in 1984.

    It is in the flight path of two airports, U.S. Air Force test plane "high hazard" area, and it is only five miles from the Calverton U.S. Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant. There is no way to rapidly evacuate the crowded area WHEN an accident occurs.

    Multiple environmental groups strongly opposed this extremely-expensive hazardous nuclear-fission power plant. It drew intense opposition after the Three Mile Island accident, and total outrage after the Chernobyl meltdown. Other nearby states including Connecticut and Rhode Island joined in the vicious fight against the Shoreham plant.

    The completed plant was tested at only 10% of its capacity, never produced ANY retail electricity, and it was never granted a full operating license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, due to opposition from the Governor of New York.

    LILCO agreed not to operate the plant and was allowed to pass on almost all of its $6 billion cost to Long Island residents. They paid a high price for the useless unproductive plant. Eventually, the Shoreham plant resulted in the collapse of LILCO and its takeover by the government. Stockholders lost everything. It is a useless white elephant to this day, and Long Island electric rates are still some of the highest in America. The plants that replaced its planned capacity cost far less and were constructed in less than half the time of the worthless nuclear power plant. Why would anyone subsidize such stupidity?

    Is anyone in Obama's young corrupt administration listening? They obviously have a very-short memory, ignoring U.S. history.

    Instead of building new unpopular nuclear power plants that will waste billions of taxpayer dollars to produce some of the highest-cost electricity in the U.S., why doesn't Obama just turn on the completed Shoreham plant, and see what the public response is to that (since it is not already altogether obvious to his very-corrupt, non-learning, incompetent, arrogant autocratic Lobbyist Administration). We can only HOPE that those who replace today's corrupt incumbents are lucid and sane. BUT, if history can be used to predict our political future, tomorrow's political corruption will be at least as bad as is today's.

    "Last year we said, 'Things can't go on like this', and they didn't, they got worse." - Will Rogers


    For over 30 years, many people have suggested that I learn to be more “politically correct” and compromise with corrupt government officials to gain their support. That type of insanity is what created the many crises that our foolish government faces today. ZED still has the support and endorsement of the U.S. Department Of Energy (but not Obama's Administration).

    I often compromise with my wonderful intelligent wife, but when it comes to mission-critical Primary Principles like
    Zero Emissions opposition to all fossil fuels, and to dangerous nuclear fission, I REFUSE TO COMPROMISE WITH UNSUSTAINABLE SUICIDAL SINISTER EVIL FOR ANY REASON.

    If no one takes a patriotic firm stand against rampant corruption, no progress can ever be made

    No one likes or supports a confrontational innovator, until AFTER they receive personal benefits from uncompromising benefactors. Even then, the inventors of the future are often ignored. Do you remember WHO invented the alternating-current electric motor, the U.S. A/C power grid, photovoltaic solar cells, digital computers, the integrated circuit chip, the LASER, fiber-optics telecommunications, or the Worldwide Web Internet? (It was NOT Al Gore as he falsely claimed - Chuckle)

    “One should bear in mind that there is nothing more difficult to execute, nor more dubious of success, nor more dangerous to administer than to introduce a new order to things; for he who introduces it has all those who profit from the old order as his enemies; and he has only lukewarm allies in all those who might profit from the new. This lukewarmness partly stems from fear of their adversaries, who have the law on their side, and partly from the skepticism of men, who do not truly believe in new things unless they have personal experience in them." - Niccolo Machiavelli, 1513, “The Prince”

    Zero Energy Design® HAS three decades of personal experience living with clean, free-fuel energy in harmony with Nature.

    The challenge of a very-difficult, nearly "impossible" task has always motivated me as much as climbing Mount Everest.

    "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. . . . space is there, and we're going to climb it, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there. And therefore, as we set sail we ask God's blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked." - John F. Kennedy 1962 - He greatly inspired us all about what we CAN do.

    Barack Obama's cancellation of our ongoing planned moon colonization project was a giant step backwards (after spending $9 Billion and successfully testing our new Constellation moon rocket ship).

    "Without a vision the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18 - Emerald Eco-City is our best-and-brightest vision of the future.

    Declining business-and-politics-as-usual plus unsustainable suicidal status quo is NOT a compelling vision of the future. The Obama / Axelrod / Emanuel nuclear fission subsidy plan is a highly-demotivating, deadly apparition of future technology.

    My research-scientist father was a successful confrontational innovator who taught me the great joy of being one too. Dad held patents in nuclear instrumentation monitor and control. He taught me to have great respect for Albert Einstein:

    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence." - Einstein

    “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” - Galileo Galilei (Persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church Evil Inquisition until his death for using his new telescope to PROVE that the Earth rotates around the Sun)

    "It gives me great pleasure indeed to see the stubbornness of an incorrigible nonconformist warmly acclaimed." - Einstein

    "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney - I would not have succeeded without fools who said it was impossible.

    For far less than 54-Billion scarce taxpayer dollars, we could easily produce far more gigawatts of SAFE, free-fuel energy.

    WHY after a 30-year moratorium is USA building dangerous nuclear plants, while Germany is phasing out ALL of theirs? Barack Obama says America must become the world leader in green energy, BUT he has steered us in the opposite direction! You do NOT need to ask WHY. The altogether-obvious February 2010 answer IS TOTAL LOBBYIST CORRUPTION BRIBES !

    By sending a message to the world that America is subsidizing nuclear energy with $54 Billion dollars, Obama is plainly stating that we think nations SHOULD build their future on potentially-deadly radioactive enriched uranium. This gives great political support to frightening INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY PROLIFERATION for our greatest enemies, including the world's-largest exporter of state-sponsored terrorism: IRAN. Is that a rational long-term strategic thing for America to do?

    IF on the other hand, America were to reject Obama's February 2010 NUCLEAR INSANITY, and invest heavily in rapid expansion of cost-effective, clean, green, SAFE, highly-sustainable, less-expensive, faster-implementation, FREE-FUEL ENERGY in harmony with Nature, AND we legislate phasing out ALL nuclear power plants as Germany is already wisely doing, THEN we would clearly send an unambiguous message that expensive-fuel energy is a double-dumb dangerous, unaffordable option, (in which case ANY nation that continues enriching uranium would obviously be doing it for military purposes only).


    Can YOU see why ZED knows for certain that deadly corrupt American energy-subsidy politics is worse than INSANE !

    Emerald Eco-City Will Clearly Demonstrate In Large Scale How Very-Stupid The World Has Been, and How To Do It Right

    The total cost for all of Emerald Eco-City's clean, safe, free-fuel energy systems will be a small fraction of the $54 Billion of scarce taxpayer dollars that corrupted Obama just committed for 30-cent-per-kWh, suicidal, nuclear-fission development.

    February 2010, USA became painfully aware of how Obama / Axelrod / Emanuel have been corrupted by the nuclear power industry lobbyists - Very similar to the way Bush / Cheney were totally corrupted by petroleum industry contribution BRIBES.

    The $54 Billion taxpayer subsidy of new nuclear power plants is larger than Bush $40 Billion of new fossil fuel subsidies, which Obama voted for when he was a Senator. Terrible American energy policies and subsidies are controlled by industry corruption. They invest a few million dollars in immoral-but-legal campaign contribution bribes, and receive billions in subsidies in return. These terrible American-government bribes were made legal by the corrupt greedy legislators who receive the benefits thereof.

    IF there is anything democratic left about America, then we MUST vote all corrupt incumbents out of office, just to survive. We can NOT afford an "ALL OF THE ABOVE" energy policy. We must focus entirely on clean, green, safe, free-fuel energy only. Every unsustainable, unsafe, dead-end detour that we waste scarce taxpayer dollars on takes us farther away from our goal.

    Emerald Eco-City will demonstrate the much-lower-cost large-scale clean, green, safe solution to the world. Only then will we be able to completely crush the corruption that has condemned our non-learning, unsustainable, corrupt addictive national energy policy for far too long.

    Will you tell friends and representatives about us?Will YOU become part of the solution, or the source of the Suicide of Humanity? There is no half-way middle ground. If YOU spend more on fossil fuels and nuclear power than on the sustainable future, YOU perpetuate the unsustainable past.

    Just like Galileo's attempt to convince the Inquisition that Earth orbits the Sun, ultimately, the TRUTH must win over EVIL. The immediate question is "Can humanity embrace the Scientific Truth fast enough to avoid Unsustainable Suicide?"

    It would have been MUCH easier if we started immediately after the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargo. The longer we wait to begin, the more-difficult, costly, and traumatic it will be for our precious children. We must STOP building things that burn anything.

    Corrupt energy politics is the ONLY reason USA did not solve our energy crisis in the 1980’s. After the OPEC Energy Embargoes drove up energy prices 600% from 1973 to 1979, President Carter implemented an effective plan to end America’s dependence on imported energy in only 8 years. The fossil-fuel companies fought hard against Carter
    to elect Ronald Reagan, who immediately terminated Carter’s plan and SUBSIDIZED those who import 0oil. The Truth and Consequences of Reagan's total fossil-fuel corruption are now clearly documented (but still IGNORED). What will the consequences of Obama's subsidies of nuclear energy, and burning things like biofuel ultimately be?

    It will NOT be easy to defeat the corrupt political forces that elected Reagan, and STILL provide large bribery funds to many government officials today - But, OUR CASE FOR CLEAN, EMERALD-GREEN, FREE-FUEL ENERGY IS NOW OVERWHELMING.

    Just like the revolutionary Internet Worldwide Web, the time for Emerald-Green Energy has come – Nothing can stop us now.(Although powerful fossil-fuel and nuclear political corruption is trying to greatly slow us down.)

    America created the Internet, but it now belongs to the whole world - No one "owns" the Internet - No one owns the Sun. America will create Emerald Eco-City, but the many lessons we teach will belong to everyone on the entire Earth.

    Telephone long-distance service used to be expensive per minute. The Internet was developed in 1969, BUT, telephone companies rejected it because they knew that the Internet would wipe out their long-distance cash cow. Forty years later, Internet-based long-distance telephone service is nearly free ($1 / month with 5-year Magic Jack), with NO incremental usage charge. We can NOT afford to wait forty years for Emerald Eco-City clean, safe, free-fuel energy.

    The Radical Paradigm Shift created by Emerald Eco-City will be hundreds of times more significant than the Internet. In the 21st Century, we will have much-more Emerald Green Energy available to us than is currently available from ALL of the world's unsustainable fossil fuels today. We will use future energy more efficiently. Emerald Green Energy
    will NOT damage Nature's delicate environment, AND our daily-renewable, abundant fuel will FOREVER BE FREE.

    How many people do you think should understand the above? Will you tell your friends, associates and representatives? The issues are NOT technological. ZED KNOWs what the safe solutions SHOULD be. The issues are educational and political.

    Emerald Eco-City will be the world’s largest demonstration of exactly HOW to do it

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities TM

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