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    Description: “Drill Baby Drill’ is among the world’s worst insanity ever suggested by rampaging rogue fools. We must STOP ignoring obvious Suicidal Unsustainability.

    1973 gasoline pump priceFrom World War II until the first OPEC Oil Embargo in 1973, America’s rapid-growth prosperity was based on $0.20 per gallon gasoline pump price (including all taxes).

    Energy is the Essence of Existence. A cheap source of domestically-produced-and-delivered energy fueled USA industry, and all of the many things necessary for life.

    Our national economy wraps all of its decisions (about what is and is-not cost-effective) around the net price of energy.

    Airplanes are EXTREMELY INEFFICIENT, but when oil companies gave away jet fuel almost for free, spectacular stupidity seemed rational.

    In contrast, at $4 per gallon for jet fuel, many airlines and other oil-addicted companies went bankrupt.


    Bankruptcy of AmericaA radical change in the price of energy can INVALIDATE MANY PREVIOUS BAD ECONOMIC DECISIONS. BUT, those who still profit greatly from the bad-energy-policy status quo of the past attempt to cover up the economic-and-scientific TRUTH. They use deceptive “ greenwash ” advertising LIES to prolong their immoral greedy profits, and pass today’s unsustainable problems on to posterity.



    Consider this curiosity: Oil companies have historically GIVEN OIL AWAY FOR FREE. They ONLY charged for what it cost to: find it, get it out of the ground, refine it, and deliver it, which WAS about five cents a gallon, UNTIL OPEC 1973.

    Ronald Reagan stupidly removed Jimmy Carter’s solar-energy tax credits and then Reagan subsidized the companies who import increasing amounts of foreign oil (and who paid to elect him). Federal subsidies STILL allow U.S. Oil companies to charge FAR LESS than the world market price of over $8 per gallon for petroleum. This continues to cause endless double-dumb decisions to be made nationwide.

    If oil companies charged the true global marketplace replacement value of petroleum, we would have phased out our oil addiction long ago, and avoided the $4 oil-price-trigger that bankrupted so much of America in 2008. Corrupt fossil-fuel politics and greedy oil executives are badly damaging the USA, in ever so many ways.

    In the 1960’s, America was the world’s largest EXPORTER of oil, until U.S. oil production exhausted our domestic supply of this finite unsustainable resource.

    U.S. domestic oil production Peaked (as accurately predicted in 1956 ), and began to decline in 1971. Supply began to fall while demand continued to increase, driving up prices (on everything).

    In 2008, Americans had to pay ten times more for imported oil than we sold it for in 1970MAKING USA THE SUPREME SELL-LOW, BUY-HIGH IDIOTS OF THE WORLD. No wonder our corrupt, greedy, mismanaged, oil-addicted nation went bankrupt in 2008.

    In 1973, almost all Arabs got mad at the U.S. when we supported Israel’s defense against the foolish surprise attack from Egypt and Syria. And so, OPEC turned off their supply of oil to the U.S.

    Gasoline price shot up from $.20 to an unprecedented $.50 per gallon in less than two years, at a time when American demand for imported foreign oil to fuel our shortsighted unsustainable economy was rapidly rising. Gasoline was rationed, and we had to wait in long lines, even at very-high gas prices. We no longer had an inexpensive supply of energy to fuel our national growth, but oil company executives made more profit than ever before. They had a new incentive to keep oil prices very high.

    Non-learning badly-addicted Baby Boomers refused to stop buying inefficient gasoline-powered cars – CONTINUALLY INCREASING OUR SUICIDAL DOWNHILL RATE OF DECLINE .

    Throughout human history, there have been MANY examples where species, nations and huge empires crumbled, because they refused to take appropriate action when confronted with obvious negative trends. Ignoring decline is deadly.

    In the natural world, evolution responds slowly to billions of years of endless environmental changes. Earth’s fossil record suggests that 65-million years ago, Earth’s environment changed rapidly and evolution responded too slowly, resulting in the massive extinction of the dominant dinosaurs.

    Nothing Lasts Forever, Except That Which Is “TIMELESS”
    Life on Earth Is Finite – Success Mandates Constant Change

    dinosaur extinction as an appropriate analogy It is easy to use dinosaur extinction as an appropriate analogy to predict the near future end of change-resistant, unsustainable, oil-addicted suicidal Homo Sapiens.

    The fossil record suggests that there have been about twenty distinct “ Homo ” species since the earliest ape-men millions of years ago. Modern Homo Sapiens are the only Hominids to survive to this day. What will tomorrow bring? Extinction is forever. Innovation too-often takes place one death or retirement at a time. The Homo Sapiens inventors of the atomic bomb are NOT invulnerable to self annihilation.

    Some types of suicidal addictions are thought to perhaps be inherited genetically.

    Evolution after HumansWhat DNA genes must evolve and change in order to end Homo Sapiens’ suicidal addiction to oil, and to spawn a future sustainable species of more-intelligent LEARNING BEINGS, with eyes that can see the obvious need to change their self-destructive bad habits?

    In the 1970’s, USA quickly taught OPEC how desperately dependent we are on their precious oil. We continue to reinforce this lesson to this very day. We have “forced” ourselves to pay whatever OPEC and our greedy, profiteering, oil companies want to charge us. If oil price falls to low, they simply reduce supply to quickly drive it back up.

    In the long term, higher oil prices will mean better economic decisions, but in the short-term they mean bankruptcy of business-as-usual.

    By 1979, gasoline price increased from $.20 to $1.20 per gallon – A 600% INCREASE IN ONLY SIX YEARS. Did your salary go up 600%?

    When energy price spirals out of control, standard of living rapidly declines. For some of the poorest Americans, expensive oil resulted in death. Should we spend more money on heating oil subsidies (increasing our suicidal oil addiction) than we do on rapidly developing free-fuel solar and wind energy? How spectacularly stupid can our shortsighted government be? A one-time investment in energy efficiency, or for solar energy, is worth MORE than never-ending always-increasing fossil-fuel subsidies.

    Detroit failed to improve their poor-quality and grossly-inefficient V8 “bigger is better” mentality. They advertised “Muscle Cars” with smoking tires and loud rumbling exhaust. They sponsored high-speed deadly races that etched stupidity into young fertile male brains. Muscle cars injured and killed many foolish young drivers and innocent others.

    1973 change-resistant Detroit dinosaurs caused more-aggressive-and-efficient tiny Japan to evolve into the world’s largest producer of automobiles by 1980. The radical reinvention shift toward imported-car efficiency took only SEVEN YEARS.

    Detroit is now a dozen years behind the popular Prius. Nissan will mass market their ALL ELECTRIC "Leaf" worldwide in 2010. The old-technology over-priced Chevy Volt hybrid is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the 2010 BYD and Nissan Leaf ZERO EMISSION, ZERO PETROLEUM all-electric vehicles.

    Obama Administration March 30, 2009 General Motors Viability Determination:
    “. . . while the Chevy Volt holds promise, it will likely be TOO EXPENSIVE (~$48K) to be commercially successful . . .”
    – The lumbering General Motors dinosaur had no choice other than to go bankrupt (which they so richly deserved).

    Detroit bankruptcy, and the loss of millions of internal-combustion-engine-related jobs, is a major impact on the American economy. A hundred years of slow-to-change American industry infrastructure is headed down the toilet. BUT, if your paycheck is based on obsolete business-as-usual, it is already overdue for you to prepare for a SUSTAINABLE CAREER.

    Myopic mediocre minds that ignore obvious negative trends, and wait until they are forced into bankruptcy, usually will NOT do nearly as well as intelligent beings with functional powers of observation, and the ability to change rapidly when necessary.

    It is now predicted that 70% of Americans may lose their current job within only five years. Are YOU prepared to make a radical change in the 2010's? What kind of job do YOU want next? Start preparing for it TODAY - The sooner the better for YOU.

    The price of energy changes everything. Failure to respond appropriately guarantees decline toward eventual bankruptcy (and extinction forever). Do you plan to keep buying things that burn unsustainable escalating-price oil forever?

    Those who once profited greatly from obsolete business-as-usual conservatively cling to the “good-old” oil-addiction status quo, and thus they cannot pull out of their SELF-INFLICTED ACCELERATING SUICIDAL DEATH SPIRAL.

    How Far Can Internal Cobustion Engines GO

    As past-peak oil production sharply declines in the 2010’s, and myopic mediocre minds demand more-and-more unsustainable oil for grossly-inefficient internal combustion engines, there will be less-and-less highly-polluting gasoline and diesel fuel available at any price. There is no PRACTICAL replacement fuel for today’s internal combustion engines. A billion petroleum-powered vehicles will soon be USELESS SCRAP METAL.

    Why can non-learning Homo Sapiens not extrapolate what happened in 2008 to 2012 and beyond?

    Since we know for certain that $4 per gallon gasoline started bankrupting much of America in 2008, why is it so difficult myopic mediocre minds to foresee that near-future $5 gas will be even worse? Our nation foolishly acts like we will return to $1 gas.

    In the 2010's there probably will be no reasonably-priced fuel of any kind for recently-purchased airplanes, ships, trains, trucks, cars, power tools, electricity generators, ad infinitum. ALL of the capital invested in petroleum-powered things may quite soon be of no future value.

    All of the essentials of life that depended on burning fossil fuel will either require a radical, near-instantaneous reinvention and scaling up to support 7 Billion humans, OR THERE WILL BE MASSIVE WORLDWIDE STARVATION.

    Do YOU think it is rational to continue using scarce taxpayer funds to SUBSIDIZE our suicidal fossil fuel addiction, in order to delay the inevitable loss of fossil fuels, AND to make our children’s future transition even MORE traumatic than it now HAS TO BE?

    Why don't we just subsidize all harmful illegal drugs while we are at it? Let's give free guns to convicted violent criminals too. We are already sending $700 Billion scarce dollars per year to countries, some of which raise America-hating terrorists, while we are going bankrupt and ever deeper in debt to them. When something is killing our country, let's just make it much worse. What a massively-absurd situation petroleum addiction has already become. AND YET, our corrupt crooked Congress subsidizes our self-imposed suicide. In a so-called "democracy", what kind of patriots would allow this to continue for so very long? (Should we laugh, or CRY?)

    As a young Senator, Barak Obama voted FOR huge fossil-fuel subsidies. NOW as President he says he is working with the G20 to phase out all fossil fuel subsidies “mid term”FAR TOO LITTLE, FAR TOO LATE. His slight improvement in future oil-addiction C.A.F.E. mpg standards is likewise INSUFFICIENT to solve our CURRENT energy and environmental crises.

    Innovation often takes place one executive death at a time. Today, we can no long afford to wait for INNOVATION BY ATTRITION and BANKRUPTCY. The rate of immediate change must be FASTER than the eight-years it took to send men to the moon. $4 per gallon gasoline was already bankrupting our nation in 2008. Soon it will cost even more.

    What will $6 gas soon do to all of America? What non-caring blind idiots we have all become.

    The 2010’s WILL BE a totally predictable NEAR-TERM DISASTER, while our spectacularly-stupid government will STILL BE SUBSIDIZING SUICIDAL FOSSIL FUELS with money borrowed from China, Japan, OPEC, and our grandchildren’s future.

    What outrageous generational thieves super-selfish Baby Boomers have all become. America sent Bernie Madoff to prison for doing far less. In contrast, we REWARD our oil executives with their highest compensation in history, for sending society spinning down the suicidal toilet.

    The rapidly-rising price of oil made the value of the U.S. Dollar plummet in the 1970’s. Inflation was double digit. Turning on the money-supply printing presses made our economy progressively worse. It robbed lifetime savings from the retired. (I watched what double-digit inflation did to my own relatives, who did not react fast enough.)

    Banks and savings-and-loan companies failed at a frantic cascading pace. Some said it was due to bad mortgages and oil speculation loans, but the root cause was oil-price-driven rampant devaluation of the U.S. dollar.

    Does any of this sound familiar? Can’t we learn anything from U.S. bad-energy-policy history?

    Those who ignore history condemn themselves to repeat its many mistakes again and again. History does not exactly repeat itself, but IT RHYMES, and today’s sad tune is a familiar petroleum death dirge.

    1970’s double-digit interest rates could not reverse the runaway inflationary price spiral of everything. Housing was a good investment in THOSE days – Housing had “real” value, whereas the sinking shrinking stinking U.S. dollar did NOT (similar to today’s official government policy of intentionally devaluing the U.S. dollar, which our international creditors will no longer tolerate). When no one will lend America money for our fiscally-irresponsible deficit spending, our dollar becomes almost worthless, and we have to pay for petroleum in Euros, our national economy and high standard of extreme inefficiency to totally collapse faster than mediocre minds allow themselves to imagine. What will YOU do?

    Emerald Eco-City is the ONLY radical reinvention innovation solution to all of this that is now being proposed by anyone capable of making it happen.

    The 1970's were the “good old days” when the OPEC oil crisis gave us powerful motivation to radically reinvent our entire economy, but most Americans failed to recognize the outstanding opportunity.

    In contrast, I built our first uncompromising near-zero-energy home in 1979, and created Zero Energy Design.

    People said our solar swimming pool home was far more than I needed to do at the time. I thought it was too little too late.

    Zero Energy Design “knew” that the world would soon follow our cost-effective leadership, but THE WORLD DID NOT, resulting in the many energy-related crises that continue to become much worse to this very day.

    The longer you wait to fix a leaky roof, the more expensive damage will be done. But hey, you can't fix your roof while it is raining, and you don't need to when it is sunny outside - Right? (So say the myopic mediocre majority.)

    When you need to rapidly change many things for the better, and you do NOT, then you will eventually change everything for the worse (just like General Motors – the former world’s largest company). NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO EXTINCTION, especially the largest lumbering dinosaurs. Agility is far more important than size. Small rat-like mammals took over the Earth from dinosaurs. 65-million-years-ago, they became the evolutionary foundation of all of today's "successful" mammals (including Homo Sapiens). What will replace the creators of petroleum-powered SUV's and the atomic bomb?

    Most of the critical 1970’s lessons about the price of energy were ignored by our mediocre-minded, myopic, non-learning nation. The scientific TRUTH fell on deaf dino ears.

    Zero Energy Design and the U.S. Department Of Energy demonstrated HOW to solve our energy crisis three decades ago in large National Energy Expositions, but deadly addiction to declining dino status quo is still politics-AND-business-as-usual in our non-learning suicidal unsustainable nation.

    Smokers and drug addicts must surely KNOW that their lifestyle is killing them, but they seem to love self-inflicted suicide on the installment plan (which I will NEVER understand).

    Non-learning Baby Boom oil addicts have now condemned our nation to forever reinvent square wheels, and sadly repeat many old deadly energy mismanagement mistakes again and again - leading directly to the bankruptcy of our nation in 2008 – AND, blowing a $15 Trillion hole in our economy. There are now more unemployed Americans today than ever before in history. The government and corporate executives who did this damage to our once-great nation, should be convicted as federal felons, NOT reelected or paid $10 million salaries.

    Today's USA energy crises were all set in motion when corrupt Ronald Reagan canceled Carter’s 8-year Energy Independence Plan, while subsidizing importing foreign oil (from sources that do NOT have America’s best interests at heart - an understatement for sure).

    A combination of insufficient, past-peak, declining international oil supply, PLUS growing oil demand in China, India, Europe, and America, PLUS greedy, parasitic oil-future speculators drove gasoline pump price from just over $2 / gallon to $4 / gallon in the summer of 2008. It forced many U.S. bankruptcies in only a few months. Our installment-plan payments on our self-inflicted suicide were greatly accelerated. $4 gas drove up the price of almost everything (except salaries for 99% of Americans). $4 gas greatly increased subsidized, big-oil-company immoral profits.

    In a non-learning nation of myopic mediocre minds, it is far too easy for us to forget critical lessons that SHOULD have been learned by our endless repetition of previous bad-energy-policy errors since 1973.

    Profound Deep Thought about FUTURE SUSTAINABILITY has been replaced by new-millennium 30-second biased-media sound bites, and Twitter Tweets. The concepts of critical thinking skills and healthy skeptical non-violent intellectual debates have been recently replaced by a thorny nest full of dependent, addicted, baby birds - waiting to be fed a few dirty worms.

    We now train our innocent children to sit passively and obey the fountain of knowledge flowing from the front of the forum. Independent critical / skeptical problem-solving thought patterns are BANNED from the classroom. This leaves our young adults unable to solve significant obvious problems, AND very-receptive to evil poison preachers like: Limbaugh, Inhofe, and Palin's "Drill Baby Drill", "Mine Bay Mine" = Burn Baby Burn. Over 20% of Americans are now very-addicted to dirty worms.

    Our declining-education public school now teach memorization for the sole purpose of passing standardized tests. Instead of the promised (but unfunded) "No child left behind", we now have "No child left with a functional mind."

    We have strayed very far from Plato's 387 BCE Academy, where senior members merely asked profound questions about foundational societal topics like "Good" and "justice." What do you think you would get today if you asked recent high-school graduates: "WHAT IS A GOOD-AND-JUST WAY FOR SOCIETY TO LIVE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE?"

    That would be an amusing "Jay Walking" question today. American standardized education has become a laughable joke - if it weren't so extremely sad. We rank very-low internationally in science-and-mathematical problem-solving skills for the future.

    We can't even understand the catastrophic documented impact of $4 gas. WE KEEP BUIDING AND BUYING THINGS THAT BURN UNSUSTAINABLE OIL, which is destroying the natural essence of what we must have to survive.

    PLEASE take time to remember and ETCH INTO YOUR MIND what happened when gasoline hit $4 per gallon. THEN, thoughtfully consider what will predictably happen (to all but the Top 1%), WHEN it reaches $6 per gallon - VERY SOON.

    $4 gas made the cost of all travel and transportation go up very rapidly. Airlines were forced to cancel empty flights, ground their inefficient jet airplanes, and lay off over a 100,000 travel-related workers, (from highly-skilled loyal long-term pilots and mechanics, to reservation-and-gate agents, baggage handlers, etc.) Of course, the executives who mismanaged the oil-addicted airlines kept their own jobs, but they fired the source of their income.

    Many smaller airlines that did NOT have long-term jet-fuel contracts were forced into bankruptcy in 2008. If the price of jet fuel had remained high until all of the older jet fuel contracts ran out – ALL AIRLINES WOULD HAVE HAD NO CHOICE BUT BANKRUPTCY.

    That suicidal specter still looms over all airlines to this day. What does UNSUSTAINABLE mean? Soon, airlines will have no type of jet fuel at any price. The expensive airplanes that they recently bought (expecting an unrealistic 40-year life span amortization) will have almost NO VALUE (in the 2010’s?).

    Airlines came VERY close to total collapse in the summer of 2008. Now is an EXTREMELY BAD TIME TO INVEST LONG-TERM IN AIRLINES, and all other industries that consume a lot of UNSUSTAINABLE petroleum.

    The 2008 cascading travel industry downhill roller-coaster impact included theme-park-area and vacation-travel-hot-spot recession. Travel reductions caused countless empty hotel rooms worldwide. Many single parents whose only source of income was cleaning hotel rooms had to be laid off, and-so-on across the globe in most types of jobs (except oil companies and expending misguided government).

    With $1,000 diesel-fuel fill ups, many smaller trucking firms went bankrupt and became extinct in 2008. Higher transportation cost drove up the unemployment roles, and the price of everything, while income declined. Imported bananas (America’s most popular fruit) jumped from $.48 to $.64 per pound in one 2008 step. Did YOUR salary or savings go up 33% on any day since then?

    The myopic majority now say: "Yes but, gas prices came back down" (as our economy went bankrupt). We STILL do not know how to prosper, or even survive, on $4 gas. Can't they see that gasoline will one day soon be over $6 per gallon?

    Bush / Cheney cut taxes for the Top 1% (who paid for their two-term elections). They converted a large Clinton budget surplus into Unprecedented National Debt (borrowed mostly from China, Japan, and oil-rich OPEC nations). The burden of the large Top 1% tax cuts must now be paid for by our grandchildren in the future, long AFTER Bush / Cheney left office in great economy-damaging shame. (Despite shooting his friend in the face, deceptive Dick Cheney still claims he "made no mistakes." chuckle)

    The terrible Bush / Cheney administration policies, drove DOWN average American income $2,000 per year while they were in office. AND, they borrowed trillions more from our grandchildren to fight Dick Cheney’s unjustified, unprecedented, preemptive, oil-related war (based on Cheney’s well-documented bald-faced LIES about non-existent weapons of mass destruction). Colin Powell left the administration, due to sinister Dick Cheney's extreme crooked corruption.

    June 10, 1963, President John F. Kennedy stated emphatically:
    “The U.S., as the world knows, WILL NEVER START A WAR”

    Bush / Cheney VIOLATED that critical worldwide trust with their unprecedented oil-related war, which precipitated $4 gas in 2008, and empowered the recruitment of millions of suicidal terrorists who now hate us all the more. Was that your goal Mr. Vice Presidunce? It must have been, since you "made no mistakes." And yet, Cheney is now receiving awards from non-learning idiots for being an American Hero "Keeping The Flame."

    If Iraq only raised barley, do you think Cheney would have declared war on Iraq? Be assured that Cheney did NOT send thousands of brave, patriotic, volunteer military people to their death in Iraq because of WMD – He did it because of his Mideast oil strategy that he announced in 1999.

    Corrupt immoral crooked OIL MEN like Bush, Cheney, Senator Jim Inhofe, will apparently stop at nothing to receive their huge oil-business lobbyist bribes. Cheney’s Halliburton stock options skyrocketed with corrupt Cheney-written “no bid” contracts in post-war Iraq.

    Just before Reagan terminated Carter’s 8-year energy independence plan, and began subsidizing companies that import foreign oil, the Top 1% of Americans made 8% of U.S. income. By the time Bush / Cheney left office, the Top 1% were making 23%. Is this a sustainable American trend? Does anyone remember bloody stories about the French Revolution? History does not exactly repeat itself, but IT RHYMES. God forbid that "democratic" USA will have a violent revolution against today's extreme fossil-fuel crooked corruption. We need radical change for the better, NOT WORSE.

    Many billions of taxpayer oil-business subsidies made Exxon the most profitable company in the world, AND, Bush gave oil executives huge personal income tax cuts.

    The EXXON CEO made $190,000 PER DAY. Did he need subsidies from our poor people who were paying $4 / gallon for gas, and who were not even receiving basic healthcare?

    USA is almost the ONLY nation in the world so greedy and cruel. Our “welfare for the wealthiest 1%” and our suicidal fossil-fuel-subsidy energy policies are primary reasons why we show so very little compassion for our poor.

    Out-of-work Americans do not need bureaucratically-inefficient handouts. ALL PEOPLE WORLDWIDE WHO WANT TO WORK NEED GOOD, SUSTAINABLE JOBS, based on clean, green, abundantly-available FREE-FUEL energy (the very essence of existence).

    America can NOT compete internationally by importing expensive, past-peak foreign oil from sources whose oil-supported terrorists want to do our nation great harm:

    “You steal our wealth and oil at paltry prices because of your international influence and military threats. This theft is indeed the biggest theft ever witnessed by mankind in the history of the world.” - Osama bin Laden

    Dick Cheney's oil war in Iraq only empowered radical suicidal terrorism recruitment. We must eliminate worldwide oil addiction, NOT SUBSIDIZE IT.

    1960’s prosperous American oil-based-economy status quo is GONE FOREVER. “Good-old-days” conservatives just cannot understand what UNSUSTAINABLE really means – It is the Suicide of Humanity by self-inflicted oil addiction.

    The American middle class was nearly wiped out by extremely-regressive Bush / Cheney energy-and-tax policies – Our lowest-paid poor people were hurt the most, while filthy-rich oil executives profited much-more than ever before. We have created an unproductive nation of non-contributors: 40% pay NO INCOME TAXES at all - 40% are on some type of welfare program.

    DO NOT FORGET WHAT EVIL OIL DOES TO US ALL. Let the TRUTH soak in. Give your children’s unsustainable energy future VERY DEEP THOUGHT. Do not hide from the TRUTH - Understand it, and FIX IT.

    General Motors literally smashed their billion-dollar investment in the efficient, clean, green, Electric-Vehicle One (EV1) so they could make much-more-profitable 8 mpg gas-guzzling Hummers and SUV’s. When gasoline hit $4 / gallon in 2008, American SUV sales fell off a cliff, GM and Chrysler went bankrupt, and Ford was gasping for air. Can’t greedy executives see that their own society-damaging profiteering is SUICIDE?

    Point of no return

    $4 / gallon gasoline is the cliff, beyond which oil-addicted America will soon go bankrupt. No one will loan us money. Gluttony will die.

    Is anyone listening? Where is the cause-and-effect outrage about crooked Congressional corruption, and their endless subsidies of UNSUSTAINABLE deadly energy policies?

    The politics-as-usual fossil-fuel-owned Congress that created today’s problems can NOT solve them. Do not wait like a baby bird for another dirty worm! Our nation has turned a blind eye and condoned our self-inflicted impending energy-and-environment extinction.

    Loyal patriots must take a noble stand against corruption, purge ALL incumbent shady fossil-fuel politicians who hide from the light of day (and subsidize silly unsustainable stupidity).

    Trying to keep oil price artificially low is the exact opposite of what we must do. The unsubsidized price of petroleum should reflect the worldwide marketplace total “true replacement cost” (which is well over $10 per gallon, PLUS Trillions of dollars to pay for Cheney's oil-related war). Only then will basic economics FORCE us to do what we should have done after OPEC 1973 – Phase out oil altogether.

    One way or another, USA WILL radically reduce oil consumption. Will it be because of Baby Boomer Bankruptcy, or as a result of young-generation superior intelligence about their own future? Innovation all too often takes place one retirement at a time. We needed to terminate all suicidal fossil-fuel subsidies in 1973! We are truly a non-learning nation that ignores the obvious.

    In the 1970’s, Baby Boomer “Earth Day” demanded an end to pollution and Cuyahoga River fires. NOW, the same Blind Boomer generation is the SOURCE OF OUR SUICIDE.

    Aging generations become more tolerant of Crooked Corruption when THEY become the ones receiving the shortsighted benefits. The ideals of youth are often abandoned forever, and replaced by narcissistic greed by the older “establishment.”

    The "hippie" critics of crime have become the very-same environmental criminals that they once hated. May the next better-informed children of Baby Boomers teach their parents a long-overdue lesson in sustainability.

    In 1992, Republicans fought against large government, and promised a “Balanced Budget Amendment” UNTIL they became the majority in Congress, greatly expanded government, and drove us deeper in debt than any other nation in human history. Age, power, and lack of transparency seem to turn idealists into evil extreme hypocrites. (Electronic transparency, discussed later, will reduce this effect within Emerald Eco-City.)

    $4 gas triggered 15 million of American job loses, home foreclosures, bank collapses, and accelerated suicidal, fiscally-irresponsible-and-unprecedented deficit spending, when we were ALREADY deeply in way-too-much debt being passed on to our precious grandchildren (who seem to be not as important to Baby Boomers as their own “living only for today”).

    The Baby Boom slogan seems to have morphed into:
    “Let our poorly-educated kids deal with it after our generation dies of gluttonous obesity.”

    Such slime should be UNFRIENDED. In a democracy, corporate-and-Congressional incumbents of all parties should feel quite insecure. Just because they are paranoid, does NOT mean that intelligent caring people are not out to remove them all. (smile)

    Are they capable of overcoming their greedy stupidity, and supporting what the majority need, or will they continue their self-inflicted death spiral at full throttle downward?

    We know for certain how $4 gas bankrupted much of the United States in 2008. No one can dispute the obvious cause-and-effect facts. Only wealthy Americans did not feel serious pain. What will USA do WHEN (not if) gasoline rises to ONLY $6 / gallon in the very-predictable declining-supply / growing-demand near future?

    U.S. Energy Information Agency - International Energy Outlook 2010

    Supply and Demand for Fossil Fuels

    Do you honestly believe that YOUR salary will double to pay for the added cost of everything (or is your family income going down, like it has for the average American over the last ten years).

    What energy source will our children's near-future energy be based on? Will we continue to ignore the obvious trends, and pass the problems that Baby Boomers created on to our poorly-educated posterity, who haven't a clue how to solve serious economic and environmental problems?

    World Wide Petroleum Discoveries


    Oil Addict

    USA is clearly on a SUICIDAL PATH that can ONLY lead to the rapid bankruptcy of the American economy (above $4 gas). One way or another we WILL change our path (or go extinct as every other democratic experiment has done after roughly 200 years).

    Addiction is a Compulsive Craving Condition Characterized by Dependence On Substances That Progressively DESTROY THE ADDICT

    The ONLY possible solution is to completely-and-immediately STOP burning all petroleum for any reason whatsoever. There are countless reasons WHY.


    The End Is Near we must bw sustainable

    When people with deaf ears hear the word “UNSUSTAINABLE”, their eyes glaze over: “Yet another boring prophet of doom” say they. “Mom-and-dad drove 12 mpg V8’s - Why can’t I just keep driving 22 mpg SUV’s forever? - I smoked cigarettes and ate cheese burgers, and I’m still alive. I love it when my egotistical 400 HP engine smokes the tires – It makes me look SO MACHO!” (chuckle)

    What we need to do is to replace the word “unsustainable” with “SUICIDAL”, which means the same thing.

    A small improvement in C.A.F.E. mpg requirement a decade in the future is Far Too Little, Far Too Late. The longer we wait to break our SUICIDAL oil addiction, the more things we will build and buy that require petroleum, the more traumatic the transition will eventually become for our innocent children. Should Baby Boomer suicide also KILL THEIR OWN INNOCENT CHILDREN?

    It must become illegal to build anything that burns ANYTHING.

    Uncompromising Objective Zero Emerald Eco-City WILL demonstrate precisely the cost-effective “how.”

    Is unsustainable oil addiction and huge debt the legacy that selfish Baby Boomers WANT to pass on?

    Have they no compassion at all for their own children?

    Will the selfish shortsighted Burn Baby Burn generation be remembered with great loathing (like the war mongers who sold their deadly, preemptive, unjustified, oil-related war on Iraq, based on obvious lies about NON-EXISTENT weapons of mass destruction)? When elected leaders are caught in outrageous deadly lies, SHOULD THEY BE REELECTED by the non-learning myopic mediocre majority?

    Emerald Eco-City will NEVER BURN ANY OIL AT ALL. There will NEVER be any roads for petroleum-powered vehicles. From day one - ALL transportation and construction equipment will be ZERO EMMISSION all electric, using clean, green, free-fuel, locally-produced electricity

    Worlds Largest Earth Movers

    If we do NOT make an IMMEDIATE Firm Commitment to completely turn off the expensive, deadly foreign-oil spigot NOW, then WHEN WILL WE?

    If not NOW, then when? – If not YOU, then who? It MUST be done VERY SOON.

    Minor oil-consumption reductions years in the future will be of almost no benefit at all.

    True patriots must defend our children against crooked, corrupt Congress, and greedy corporate fossil-fuel executives.

    A non-violent, democratic, clean, free-fuel energy rebellion is LONG OVERDUE.

    The transition to the obvious future ZERO OIL solution gets MORE expensive each time someone buys anything that runs on oil.

    We must STOP raising new oil addicts. The sins of the parents must no longer be passed on to posterity. It must stop NOW.

    Since most parents are clueless about sustainability, caring young adults must take the burden of innovation on themselves.

    Our shortsighted parents ignored the 1973 lessons that should have been learned long ago. Things have only gotten much worse since then.

    Baby Boomers passed their suicidal petroleum-addiction problem down to their children, along with $12 Trillion in almost-impossible-to-repay debt.

    The buck must stop HERE. We can NOT pass it on to our grandchildren. Future oil is simply NOT scientifically possible or economically feasible. The global environment has radically changed – Dinosaurs MUST quickly die (metaphorically speaking).

    “Drill Baby Drill’ is nearly the world’s worst insanity ever suggested by rampaging rogue idiots, since Hitler unwittingly made Germany commit suicide. Those who support increased fossil-fuel drilling or mining haven't got even a clue what they do.

    WE MUST BEGIN TO DEMONSTRATE SUCCESS IMMEDIATELY to end the downhill past-peak oil-addiction bankruptcy trend.

    The motivation has never been as high for any situation in human history.

    We now have the ability to eliminate all poverty, OR all of humanity.

    Emerald Eco-City is THE ultimate uncompromising sustainable solution in HARMONY with Nature.

    When a blind person who is profiting greatly from unsustainable business-as-usual says: “SOLAR ENERGY WILL COST WAY TOO MUCH”, ask them: “How much is it worth to avoid the 21ST Century self-annihilation of dinosaur-like non-learning Homo Sapiens?

    Remind them of the growing demand, and declining supply of worldwide oil. Point out that free-fuel wind and solar electricity already cost LESS (in parts of America) than new coal, oil, gas, or nuclear power plants (according to the U.S. Department of Energy and our Department of the Interior).

    What WE propose in our detailed specific Emerald Eco-City plan (and we support with off-the-shelf scalable working proofs of all these concepts) is nothing less than the LOWEST-COST SUSTAINABLE LUXURY LIFESTYLE IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY.

    All we need is a million people who believe it is possible, who want to live and work with us in Emerald Eco-City. I have lived there for 30 years in my own imagination - filling in all of the many details.

    "Whether you think you can or can't - either way you are right" - Henry Ford

    The time to make Emerald Eco-City a prosperous sustainable reality has finally come. Internet existed in the mid 1960's, but when its time finally came in the 1990's, nothing in the world could stop it. No one "owns" the Internet - it now belongs to the betterment of humanity everywhere. So it will eventually be with Eco-Cities around the world in the near future. Our inspirational first prototype will demonstrate all of the many large-and-small details.

    Emerald Eco-City is thousands of times more value to the survival of mankind than all of Internet technology combined.

    The Internet is just a part of our rapidly-evolving, always-changing Eco-City environment. Emerald Eco-City is merely the uncompromising integration and optimization of the very best technology and social science that has already been proven successful in human history.

    Just like the Internet in 1991, NO new miracles are required for Emerald Eco-City.

    When the Clinton / Gore Administration took office, very few public-school classrooms had telephones, much less computer connectivity. The Administration set a national goal to have Internet in every classroom in 8 years. They met with potential connectivity providers, announced the goal, and said: We don't have any money to pay for this - How can we make it happen?

    No corrupt politician or greedy CEO can possibly stop the Internet now. New jobs were created. Profit is being made.
    Worldwide rapid communication greatly improved. New efficiencies and productivity have been discovered.
    Knowledge about innovative technology advances is being shared around the globe. Old problems are being solved.

    It was PRIVATE FUNDING that paid for Internet in the Classroom - NOT taxpayer dollars - We all benefit today.

    Our government does NOT need to pay for the development of Emerald Eco-City with taxpayer funds.

    Venture Capital will gladly pay for it all IFF our government merely clearly articulates a Compelling Vision of the Future.

    Hundreds of thousands of new, sustainable, living-wage, excellent, innovative jobs will be created by Emerald Eco-City.

    We will have a pool of 7 billion Homo Sapiens to draw from as proud Emerald Eco-City participants. And soon, a billion of their low-lying coastal homes will probably be underwater (IF Rush Limbaugh is wrong, and the kind of NASA scientists who sent men to the moon are correct about global warming sea level rise).

    The material in our following sections explains exactly “HOW” uncompromising Emerald Eco-City WILL make it happen.

    Do YOU have an open mind about the need for radical reinvention of almost everything related to energy
    and the environment, in only a few years?

    Do you believe that our current path is UNSUSTAINABLE in the short term?

    Would you like your quality of life to improve, while your total cost of living goes down?

    Do YOU want to leave a SUSTAINABLE EMERALD GREEN LEGACY for your grandchildren?

    Are you a patriot who wants to aggressively defend our nation against current crooked corruption?

    Then we salute you – You are already one of us – The rest is just a whole lot of details.

    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life in Harmony with Nature

    Lifelong Learning in an Ever-Expanding Universe of Endless Possibilities TM

    We invite constructive suggestion and collaboration from others
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