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    Description: Shortsighted humans assume that land / water boundaries do not change – Man-made climate change is about to dramatically expose their poor judgment

    When England sent ships to colonize Australia, they sailed around the continent until they found beautiful Sydney Harbor. I lived on Coogee Beach for six months around the Y2K Olympic Games – Stunning country of endless empty white sand beaches, gigantic coral reefs, and unequaled wildlife. I dove with rare green leafy sea dragons. I love hand feeding friendly (tame) kangaroos, and the fantastic tropical birds that fly up to your window to be fed. A 100-wild-kookaburra sunrise laughter session is inspirational.

    There is nothing in America like Australia. We want “The Land of Ahhhh’s” to be preserved and kept emerald green forever. But, almost everyone in Australia lives near the coast, and sea level is going to rise in the predictable future.

    Sydney Harbor Map Sidney Harbor

    We’ve sold many of our Zero Energy Design e-book CD-ROMs to ecology-conscious Aussie new green friends (since the 1980’s). Unlike the U.S., Australia has a functional Green Political Party.

    We would most-certainly love to build an Emerald Eco-City in the Australian red desert outback - away from the coast one day in the future. (But, they may not consider it until the Sydney Opera House is knee-deep in salt water.)

    Safe, protected, salt water harbors are essential to large-scale international shipping. By definition, they must all be at sea level. WHEN sea level rises, coastlines will radically change, and a billion people worldwide may become homeless. (NASA scientists suggest that all of the above may be inundated by 21ST Century man-made Global Warming.)

    Western Interior Seaway

    Scientific consensus estimates that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. It has been continually changing from a surface of molten lava, to ice ages where the entire Earth looked like a large white snowball, and eventually changed into its current state. Land water boundaries constantly change as sea level changes, and tectonic plates float around on Earth's delicate thin crust. The fragile place where earthlings dwell is rare in our universe of time and space.

    Earth as Molten Snowball

    About 75 million years ago, while dinosaurs still roamed the world, there was a shallow salt-water sea called the "Western Interior Seaway" that divided Appalachia on the east from Laramida on the west. The skeletons of the large marine animals that once lived in the shallow sea are clearly documented in today's North American fossil record.

    North America  Western Interior Seaway 75 mya

    In the future, sea level WILL eventually rise and fall time and again. The shape of our land water boundaries will not be exactly like the above, but an understanding of the Western Interior Seaway gives us a hint about future coastal changes that may be similar to those in Earth's recent geological past. Far-less-significant changes WILL someday wipe out all of Earth's near-sea-level megacities and island countries. It cannot be avoided. All that rational people can do is develop specific detailed action plans for when it does inevitably occur someday. There have been many times in human history when ignoring the past, and failure to properly plan for the predictable, was very deadly.

    FLOODS are currently THE most significant source of life-changing weather events and devastating deadly damage

    Life Changing Weather Events Pie Chart

    People who choose to live in documented flood plains always seem so very surprised and sad when the PREDICTABLE happens to them. They cry out for compassionate assistance from the public purse for a "Random Act of God." They bemoan the terrible tragedy THAT THEY CREATED.

    "Why oh why did God do this to ME?" Consider this simple possibility: YOU MIGHT JUST BE AN ARROGANT FOOL !

    Proverbs 12:15: "The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice." Matthew 7:26,27 "a foolish man built his house upon the sand: and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and smote upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall thereof."

    Most arrogant simple-minded fools have great difficulty dealing with scientific prognostications, until AFTER an inevitable man-made catastrophe actually occurs. They myopically look at an attractive green valley or coastal shoreline and cannot imagine it one day covered with deadly dirty rushing water.

    They think they can beat the odds: "I don't need no flood insurance." They haven't a clue what "unsustainable" means to them.

    "Unsustainable" simply means "suicidal self-destructive stupidity" - Ignoring the predictably inevitable.

    The sad loss of 1835 lives and over $100 billion in property damage in the Katrina hurricane / New Orleans flood was both predicted well in advance, and TOTALLY AVOIDABLE in a variety of different ways.

    Advice to the wise who will listen: STOP building megacities below or near rising sea level or storm surge, unless your new city floats!

    The human brain prefrontal cortex has the unique ability to predict and plan for the future, but far too often fools fail to use this extremely-valuable gift to its full potential. Understanding our predictable future begins by paying close attention to clearly-documented scientific historical trends.

    We have every scientific reason to believe that as global warming increases, sea level WILL rise and change land water boundaries around the world. We might have avoided this with simple clean, green, sustainable solutions a century ago, but now we are well past the Tipping Point .

    Where do you buy worldwide sea-level-rise insurance? Who could possibly underwrite the billions of trillions of dollars of damage yet to be done by the hand of foolish man?

    Future floods like humanity has not experienced (since the story of Noah's Ark) WILL impact the great economies around our entire globe. ALL land-based living things on Earth may soon begin to suffer the consequences of our many unsustainable lifestyle choices. Our actions have already destroyed many marine-animal habitats.

    Even small changes in existing coastlines will predictably result in salt water filling the basements of the largest man-made megacities on our precarious planet. Many coastal megacities are already threatened by predictable storm surge.

    Sea level rise will make a billion (previously wealthy) people become homeless - with no place of employment to go to, and no funding source large enough for worldwide welfare. There is NO pragmatic plan to immediately create a billion worthwhile replacement jobs. It COULD BE hysterical mass chaos of unprecedented proportions. WHAT WILL YOU DO IF IT ALL BECOMES TRUE?

    Myopic mediocre-minded fools don't PLAN to fail - They just fail to plan for the predictable consequences of stupid status quo.

    WHEN the world finally wakes up to inevitable ankle-deep salt water, Emerald Eco City is Zero Energy Design's cost-effective shovel-ready experience-based specific plan to rapidly demonstrate an inexpensive way to live an abundant joyful new life in harmony with Nature, and with each other.

    The sooner the whole world acknowledges the inevitable impact of ongoing anthropomorphic climate change, the sooner society can begin implementing the long-overdue superior solutions to most of the world's greatest urban problems (as Walt Disney wanted to do in 1966).

    We don't have to wait until the unavoidable life-critical coastal crisis arrives (but intransigent people probably will). The longer we wait, the less time and resources we will have to respond in a rational, humane way for everyone that remains. With insufficient time and resources, billions of shortsighted people may have to die a painful, avoidable, untimely death.

    Dealing with unplanned future changes in land water boundaries will require deep thoughtful consideration. Zero Energy Design's Emerald Eco City proposal is our experience-based intellectual legacy to the world to set that long-overdue process in rapid motion, as soon as politically possible. We do not have to wait for new technology. What we need now is rational awareness of Scientific Truth, and the elimination of widespread political corruption from unsustainable business-as-usual.

    Humans must have an abundant supply of clean fresh water to survive.

    They often locate cities along rivers, and sometimes build large dams to help control normal floods and mitigate brief droughts when it does not rain for a short while.

    Man-made global warming climate change, unprecedented floods, long-term droughts, and storm surge are already increasing coastal land / water boundary catastrophes worldwide. We can precisely measure small temperature changes, polar ice caps melting, and slow sea level rise – That light at the end of the tunnel is a high-speed freight train heading straight for us all.

    Soot from 2-billion Asian and African biomass fires is falling on polar-and-glacial ice caps, accelerating their melt rate. When a winter snowman begins to melt, it exposes embedded soot and dirt, which speeds up solar energy absorption, and melting. The melt-rate change is barely perceptible at first, and then suddenly, a 6’ tall snowman disappears in only a day or two - Easy for children to learn, but NOT for those who are still burning ANYTHING.

    As frozen tundra melts, it reaches a point when it suddenly releases large volumes of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gas.

    As an increasing number of cattle are fed unnatural food sources like corn (which they are allergic to), their rate of methane production keeps increasing rapidly.

    When ocean temperature rises slowly, it fuels unprecedented typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes, (like Katrina and Rita), PLUS huge oceans release methane and carbon dioxide stored under great pressure, just below their silty bottoms.

    The 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico disaster released a large amount of methane into our delicate upper atmosphere. Many natural gas sources are emitting smaller amounts every day. Methane remains for two centuries. The effect is cumulative over time.

    Burning ANYTHING, plus killing 50,000-to-100,000 acres of trees per day, greatly accelerate man-made global warming. Scientists used to believe that we had more-than a century to correct our major anthropomorphic climate change mistakes, but recent precise satellite measurements of polar ice cap and glacial melting show that it is happening much faster than realistic scientists had incorrectly assumed before.

    Historical Sea Level Change – We now have geological proof that sea level has previously risen more than 18 feet in only 50 years in the recent past.

    Analysis of Mexico's Yucatan coral bed shows that roughly 121,000 years ago, the Antarctic & Greenland ice caps melted in about 50 years - causing sea level to rise up to 6 meters: “Scientists have tended to assume that sea level reached a maximum during the last interglacial very slowly, over several millennia” - Paul Blanchon, National University of Mexico: “What we are saying is ‘No, they didn't.’” . . . “The potential for sustained rapid ice loss and Catastrophic Sea-Level Rise In The Near Future is confirmed by our discovery of sea-level instability.”
    see - Rapid sea-level rise
    see - Catastrophic sea levels 'distinct possibility'

    The last time Earth's atmospheric carbon dioxide was above 450 ppm (which we are rapidly approaching today at over 390 ppm), there was almost no ice on Earth, and sea level was 300’ higher than it now is. No one even dares talk about what that may soon do to most of humanity – Frightening beyond imagination, but predictable if current trends remain unchanged. A rise of only 10% that amount (30’) would be catastrophic all around our unbelieving unscientific non-learning world.

    It is NOT just the current coastlines that would be impacted. Just imagine if the great rivers (like the Mississippi) back up with salt water and permanently rise 30'-to-300'. It WILL create inland seas deep in the heat land of many continents. Many existing fresh water supplies and agriculture WILL be largely wiped out. Our overpopulated world already has a billion people starving on less than one cup of poor-nutrition food per day. The flooding of Earth's greatest fresh water rivers will more-than triple starvation on our delicate blue planet. Mass extinctions have happened throughout Earth's entire history. The next one is now scientifically predictable.

    What will we do WHEN our land / water boundaries change in the 21ST Century?

    On a geological time scale, Earth’s human population has only been more than one billion people for a mere 0.00000004 of our 4.5-billion-year-history. In less time than that (150 years of industrialization), we have driven up atmospheric carbon dioxide by a catastrophic 40% - Well beyond the Tipping Point, essentially ensuring irreversible rapid near-future sea level rise, and disruption of the homes and offices of a billion near-sea-level humans. The only remaining realistic questions are: “How high will it rise?” and “WHEN?”

    U.S. Army Corp of Engineers rates flood-plain risk (as once every 100 years, 300 years, etc.) I have personally watched houses in once-per-300-year flood plains go underwater three times in only eight years. Many high-and-dry homes that were rated completely above all flood plains went underwater in 2009. You can also see Global Warming Flooding on the nightly news multiple times per year. This is NOT normal weather. Climate has already seriously changed. Those near land / water boundaries are at increasing risk.

    If you believe bloviating buffoons like Rush Limbaugh, and the extremely-corrupt Senator Jim Inhofe, who foolishly say that Global Warming is a hoax, then don’t waste your time reading any of OUR scientific material, since you trust these unscientific mental morons more than you do the kind of NASA scientists who safely sent men to the moon.

    You may now use Free Online Digital Sea Level Mapping Software to zoom in on at-risk coastlines (using your own personal assumptions about 21ST Century man-made climate-change sea level rise), and see what the sea will do to the familiar places YOU love. A LOT of the world’s-most-expensive real estate may soon become quite worthless (IF the kind of scientists who sent men to the moon are CORRECT, and we continue to overshoot the carbon dioxide Tipping Point even farther). If you think Global Warming is a political hoax, ignore the following.

    New York City Mostly UNDERWATER in the 21ST Century?
    NYC before Global Warming NYC after Global Warming

    Consider what storm surge at high tide will do. Think about all of the subways and underground utility tunnels that will be permanently full of dirty salt water, with no reasonable way to repair anything. How much will you be able to sell your Manhattan office or apartment for, when the buyers will need a boat just to get to it? Many coastal megacities MUST die soon. WHAT WILL THE ENTIRE WORLD DO THEN?

    Miami / Fort Lauderdale Florida and The Bahamas May Soon Cease To Exist
    Miami before Global Warming Miami After Global Warming

    Will we continue to build even more coal-fired power plants, and buy millions more of inefficient gas-guzzling SUV’s, that will need to import ever-increasing amounts of extremely-expensive oil from-and-to sea ports and refineries that are also underwater? Will we continue to forever remain a non-learning society of self-destructive suicidal fools?

    The vast majority of American oil imports, and refinery processing capacity comes in through the Gulf of Mexico coast – ALL of this capacity may soon be underwater (along with the rest of American overseas oil imports (nearly 70% of U.S. petroleum)

    Houston and New Orleans may be permanently underwater:
    Houston and New Orleans before global warmingHouston New Orleans after global warming

    What will our homeless children think about their selfish, shortsighted parents and grandparents then? Will they think it was reasonable for baby boomers to borrow Trillions of dollars from their precious posterity, just to fight oil-related deadly wars, and to SUBSIDIZE INCREASED ADDITION TO UNSUSTAINABLE FOSSIL FUELS?

    Most of Silicon Valley may soon be inundated –
    Where will our creativity move AFTER this irreversible man-made trend becomes clear to everyone?

    Silicon Valley before global warming Silicon Valley after global warming

    It’s no longer a question of “IF”, it is merely a matter of “WHEN” the lights MUST go out on coastal megacities worldwide. Predictable man-made climate change is NOT a political hoax, or an exaggeration. It Is Well-Documented Scientific TRUTH PROOF.

    There are millions of frustrated Californians who would like to push the RESET button on Corrupt, Bankrupt, Sacramento Politics. Continued Global Warming and ice cap melting may make it happen sooner than most people think possible.

    Do NOT buy real estate here. A backyard with a sea-level boat-dock land / water boundary is NOT an intelligent investment in these scary. high-risk times:

    San Francisco_Sacramento before global warmingSan Francisco_Sacramento after global warming

    There is almost no way remaining that myopic minds (who have ignored all fossil-fuel warnings since 1956 Peak Oil) can now reverse the troubling populating-and-greenhouse-gas growth trends, at this PAST-TIPPING-POINT time (350+ ppm carbon dioxide overshoot).

    “We ignored Global Warming decades ago and we are still alive, why don’t we just keep ignoring it now?” “Father and mother used electricity from coal, and drove gas-guzzling V8’s – What was good enough for them is good enough for us. Right?”  WRONG!

    Emerald Eco-City is a specific detailed plan to accelerate the recovery of self-destructive suicidal humanity, WHEN a billion (formerly wealthy) homeless people worldwide will suddenly need a 21ST Century new home that does NOT EXIST TODAY.

    Do NOT invest your lifetime retirement savings in coastal real estate (which may soon become worthless). Plan for a rainy (or sea-level-rise) day, and have money available to quickly move somewhere else, if (WHEN) the need arises (perhaps in a few decades).

    Future planning may significantly reduce future predictable trauma (unless you still believe that Global Warming is a hoax).

    Shall we listen to scientists, politicians, or myopic morons?
    Bill Clinton smoking Rush Limbaugh smoking Obama Smoking
    Do these people pay attention to SCIENTIFIC WARNINGS ABOUT ANYTHING?
    Do they support Zero Emissions: NEVER BURN ANYTHING?  
    Do you?

    America is STILL heavily subsidizing burning devastating fossil fuels AND increasing our future addiction with prices that are well-below fair-market replacement value. Obama (who voted for huge fossil-fuel subsidizes as Senator) now says he will work with the G20 nations to “phase out fossil-fuel subsidies in the mid-term.”

    Bah! Humbug! Far too little, far too late. We are ALREADY way past the irreversible 350 ppm carbon dioxide Tipping Point , and getting much worse every day - Due to underpriced fossil fuels, caused by outrageous U.S. federal government subsidies for them. New SUBSIDIZED dirty coal plants are popping up more than two per week worldwide! Al Gore called for a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants – He was ignored by all fossil-fuel-corrupted politicians.

    All U.S. Presidents since fossil-fuel-corrupted Ronald Reagan have supported double-dumb deadly subsidies. USA still does NOT have even a level playing field for clean, green, zero emission, free-fuel Abundant Energy in Harmony with Nature(T), which could cost-effectively bring an end to Global Warming in ten years (but we do not, because of the political corruption of greedy fossil-fuel profiteers who “own” our self-serving politicians).

    Serious land / water boundary disruption is now almost guaranteed in the 21ST Century. Future political action WILL fall far short of the critical Zero Emissions necessary goal.

    We must now prepare quickly for a billion homeless (formerly wealthy) coastal residents, not so long from now.

    We need a pragmatic, cost-effective, Emerald Eco-City prototype to work out the smallest details, and to mature into THE optimal role-model foundation for the entire world’s future megacities (well-above sea level).


    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities.

    We invite constructive suggestion and collaboration from others
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