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  • The Science of Living in Harmony with Nature

  • Emerald Eco-City offers solutions to ALL of the following:
  • Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
  • The Physical Ecocity
  • Sociological and Healthy Ecocity
  • The Environmental Ecocity
  • Emerald Eco-City Energy
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    Readers Comments:

    Description: : Small future reduction of the UNSUSTAINABLE BAD HABITS of today is
    just plain FAR TOO LITTLE, FAR TOO LATE to avoid the Suicide of Humanity

    No Compromise The true test of integrity is unwavering refusal to comprise life-critical principles
    - Anything less will surely result in unsustainable, self-inflicted, suicidal extinction

    The Timeless Universal Laws of ABSOLUTE TRUTH can never be compromised
    - Based on today’s Physics, NO ONE has ever violated the Universal Law of Gravity
    - "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in TRUTH"
    - A prayer requesting the suspension of the Law of Gravity violates the principle of:
    Not my will, but Thy will be done - We must seek the TRUTH, not try to violate it
    - Our current knowledge of Physics suggests that such a prayer cannot be answered
    - Forces of Evil are pleased when they cause non-learners to compromise the TRUTH

    We should all compromise with our spouse, but NEVER COMPROMISE MISSION CRITICAL

    Congressional Corruption Compromise Conundrum:
    Sometimes young, enthusiastic politicians run for office by promising “Change” from previous political major mistakes.

    When newly-elected politicians arrive in the Capitol, the Entrenched EVIL Establishment quickly teaches every newbie
    the lethal LIE that “The ONLY way to get things done politically is to Compromise Your Campaign-Promise Ideals”,
    as all of the other "politically correct" compromisers of the TRUTH learned long ago (in order to stay in office).

    The Corruption Conundrum is that Compromising the TRUTH Perpetuates Great Evil, without making progress toward promised change. President Obama PROMISED To End All Pork-Barrel Earmarks (in order to balance the budget), but Barack Obama quickly broke that promise (and many others) by immediately signing 9,000 new fiscally-irresponsible deficit-spending earmarks into federal law (to accommodate great evil traditional political expediency).

    Our grandchildren will still be paying for Obama’s many broken promises long after he leaves office.
    We are $14 Trillion in debt, and still overspending more than any nation in history ever has before.

    Totally Unsustainable Compromise with our Extremely-Corrupt Congress of Crooks

    85% of Americans are very displeased. Corrupt incumbents in both parties are at jeopardy of losing their next election.
    Oddly enough, the bribes that they accept from lobbyists so they can get reelected may soon drive them out of office
    (if the sad TRUTH is exposed to all voters).

    Our endless serious suicidal problems of today CANNOT BE SOLVED BY COMPROMISING SUSTAINABILITY.

    Sustainability, SUSTAINABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY – We will never be able to afford to COMPROMISE a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE in HARMONY with NATURE, and survive – By definition, unsustainability cannot be sustained for very long
    (which is not at all obvious to the deeply-addicted myopic mediocre-minded majority)

    - The ABSOLUTE TRUTH is that Burning Anything is Unsustainable, for many reasons
    - Killing over 50,000 acres of trees per day is Unsustainable – We need to plant billions each year
    - Current .6% per year carbon dioxide emission growth rate is Unsustainable (when we are already past the tipping point)
    - The current population growth rate from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6.8 billion in 2009 is UNSUSTAINABLE
    (with currently-available technology for growing food, providing clean water, affordable housing, etc.)


    If we had never aimed for the moon, we would have never left the Earth

    You cannot compromise on only half of the energy required to get to the moon and back.
    The Apollo Project was 6% of our national budget ($0.50 per person per day) - $125 billion in today’s dollars.

    Apollo caused us to advance from slide rules to today’s computers, Internet, GPS, and almost everything that is now packed with electronic intelligence. There were over $9 worth of immediate benefits for every $1 we spent on our aggressive, expensive space program.

    Moon Rise Sunset

    The Emerald Eco-City No Compromise Objective ZERO goals are far more important than Apollo “Man on the Moon” Ever Was.

    Our unprecedented Emerald Eco-City (world’s-largest-development-project) will provide the LARGEST SET OF BENEFITS TO HUMANITY of ANY project throughout human history – Far MORE than $9 ROI for every dollar we will soon spend.

    Hundreds of new Eco-Cities (one-to-ten million people living-and-working in each) MUST use the demonstrated Objective ZERO principles worldwide in only a few decades to avoid our current path toward the Suicide of Humanity.

    Our previous website material clearly demonstrated how desperately we need to develop-and-REFINE all of the Emerald Eco-City No compromise Objective ZERO details in only a few short years. It will take an unprecedented investment of money and time, BUT we do NOT want every new future 21ST Century Emerald Eco-City to have to reinvent this critical Objective ZERO wheel. It MUST be the world’s largest COLLABORATIVE design effort in history, with best-and-brightest input from many-different fields of expertise.

    Anyone who disagrees with this Absolute TRUTH should:

    (1) Ignore this website,
    (2) Go smoke a pack of cigs,
    (3) Take a long drive in your inefficient gas-guzzling SUV,
    (4) Listen to Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Right Wing Entertainers,
    (5) Borrow all of the money that you can on rapidly-depreciating items,
    AND Explain to your children that you selfishly do not give a damn about them!

    BUT, if YOU care about how to live an Abundant, Cost-Effective, Sustainable Life in HARMONY with Nature ,
    AND you believe that we must STOP compromising with suicidal crooks, then you are now one of our new
    Emerald Eco-City Friends.

    We would like to hear from you– What are YOUR questions?
    E-Mail To:

    Please read on – We gladly share our thirty years of life’s loving work with you.


    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities.