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    Readers Comments:

    Hi, I live in Australia and I am in agreement with your message, although I am curious as to how such a major paradigm shift can be negotiated given what the planet faces I. E. (those minions of stupidity), whom likely are closer to retirement and by the time the rest of us need to worry about it, or our kids, they'll be long dead and buried.

    The one angle I'm curious about is the internal workings of the Earth's core, the mantle in relation to global warming re-geo-physical interdependence on this topic, (forgive my spelling here as I did geology in year 10 and that was a long time ago), sial and seama - I think it had something to do with silicon and another key element, that make up the tectonic plates and then there's the ocean floor I believe is something in the order of 30% explored?

    There are other geological mysteries some unraveled and doubtless much unknown about what else lies deep beneath our feet, and its role in the grander scheme of things.

    The planet's interior is a membrane of mystery, certainly. Then there are dynamics of the inner planets in relation to the sun as a group, including Earth..., how the larger cycles might work, cycles we measure in the time we are aware of. But what of cycles of our yellow sun that may be say for argument's sake run in 1.05 or 2.05 billion year cycles, and these have a more devastating, (as yet unknown impact on the life-cycle of the Earth), pure speculation on my part, but I ponder these things as do my friends.

     Anecdotal musings such as: sometimes the sun sets in different positions on the Melbourne skyline, it is not mentioned anywhere. Some people you ask about this just shrug and don't seem to care all that much. The NZ quake, and the Haiti quakes had heralded this odd phenomenon, (the 'wobble' of the poles during  these major events begs many questions), but I've tried to find something on this, but nothing in the media.

    Well, good luck and hope you don't mind this being so lengthy. regards from Australia - Down-Under,


    Steve, The earths core is one of the stabilizing factors in Global Warming but it can only help so far. We will elaborate more in future additions to this site.

    Tectonic plate drifts, Ring of Fire, Methane Releases, Desertification, Deforestation, Near earth Asteroids and many other possible disasters are all in the big scheme of things, If you really want to worry please read more in our SOLUTION section above.

    We (who are near retirement and do care about what the rest are doing to this world for a few dollars at the price of our children's future) do realize there is a fairly large portion of our earth down under where the sun is predominately in the north in the winter and although not mentioned here one of our other sites does. FYI, our ZEDmaster spent year 2000 in Australia as a consultant.

    Thanks Steve!

    (see the rest of Steve's letter in Energy Politics)


    This Page Key Points

    Description: Earth’s climate changes in complex non-linear cycles that interact in complicated ways described by Chaos Theory, leading to misunderstanding

    To those who are not capable of dealing with the science of difficult-to-predict Chaos, Global Warming and the Worldwide Climate Changes created by (anthropogenic) human activities appear to be Random Anomalies. Simple people may believe that IF Global Warming was real, then their part of the world should show signs of steady warming not cooling.
    (Please read on to find out what is really happening.)

    The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration "State of the Climate" report documents the fact that the last decade has been the hottest in human record keeping, and that June 2010 was the hottest in human history. Increased ocean temperatures will drive more-intense deadly windstorms. Hunan activities play a significant role in global warming, which may soon melt polar-and-glacial ice, and flood coastal cities around the world. CO2 increases .6% / year - The worst is yet to come.

    A Spring 2010 survey found that nearly one third of uninformed Americans polled believe that our government should NOT do anything about Global Warming. Some said: "It's getting colder, not warmer." They have no clue that record-breaking snow storms are the PREDICTABLE result of Global Warming. It is like the back swing of a pendulum that has been pushed too far.

    Bloviating Brain-Dead Buffoons like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Senator Jim Inhofe suggest that the record- breaking 2010 U.S. snow storms proved that "Global Warming is a political hoax." Millions of uneducated followers who worship at their powerful pulpits uncritically accept whatever lies that they tell by unskeptical blind faith. Nothing could be further from Scientific Truth.

    The Mental MORON Glenn Beck said he was going to run his inefficient SUV 24-hours a day to reduce blizzards - His low-IQ devoted faithful followers cheered him on with more moronic phone calls, emails and tweets. Truly Appalling !

    When Rachael Maddow documented Glenn Beck's blizzard stupidity, Beck lied to his audience, edited his own video tapes, and turned it into a false attack against Maddow, which she very-easily documented to her (smaller) audience. Stupid people try unsuccessful to cover up their errors, and defend their false statements and bad decisions forever. In contrast, wise scientists proactively invite and appreciate all constructive criticism - How else can an intelligent person ever learn anything?

    Congress has had many partisan debates about man-made climate change. Have you EVER heard a Representative or Senator from one party make a good point about climate science, and then have any member of the other party say: "Excellent point - That is going to make me change my mind." Of course NOT - Only intelligent people have open minds. Entrenched adversaries will never change their closed minds, regardless of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. Even when George Bush finally admitted that potentially-catastrophic climate change was being made worse by human activities, the big-oil-corrupted non-learning Senator from Oklahoma Jim Inhofe contradicted the President of his own party.

    As I was growing up, my research-scientist father often pointed out examples where: "Half the population is below average" (which is statistically undeniable - Snicker). "If the mediocre masses disagree with proven scientific facts, it does not imply that scientists are wrong." . . . "Just because the majority ignores scientific facts does not make them go away." The popularity of insane idiots like Hitler and bin Laden does not mean that their deadly distortion of holy religion was morally correct.

    “Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions. - Niccolo Machiavelli, 1513, "The Prince"


    Global Warming Dramatically Changes Historical Patterns of Precipitation
    - Causing Record-Breaking Droughts, Floods AND Blizzards

    The December 2009 - February 2010 North American blizzards were clearly aggravated by Global Warming.

    January 2010 was among the very warmest since the invention of the thermometer. Elevated air temperature increases the evaporation of ice and liquid water, making the absolute humidity (total water vapor in the air) MUCH GREATER. When a pendulum-swing cold front does come through, several feet of snow can fall in only a few hours or days.

    In a normally-cold winter that is well-below 32 degrees F (0 C), the air is much drier, and snow fall is much less, even though the temperature is lower. Heavy blizzards are the result of WARMER WETTER WINTERS, NOT COLDER ONES.

    The six-sided crystalline lattice structure of Nature's beautiful fluffy snow can only form in a narrow range of temperature, humidity and air currents. Man-made air pollution particulates also impact the formation of heavier snow flakes. Extremely-cold winters generally have lower snowfall (unless warm moist air brings in abnormally-high additional water vapor).

    Global Warming causes billions of tons of ice to melt and water to evaporate into the atmosphere, where increased jet-stream wind velocity can move it far away from where it was historically found - Causing record-breaking droughts, floods, blizzards, and pendulum-swing radical climate change extremes - The pendulum swings farther BOTH WAYS.

    A severe drought in one location may result in long-term desertification, OR extreme flooding a few years later, based on the scientific Theory of Chaos. The 2010 U.S. east-coast record-breaking floods were aggravated by man-made Global Warming, just like the 2010 blizzards. Some Scientists Understand - Biased Bloviating Brain-Dead Deceiving Buffoons Do NOT.

    In 2010, Northeastern Australia experienced record-breaking deadly floods - the worst in two centuries. They continued into 2011 and moved southward during the summer.

    In October 2010, normally-mild Los Angeles, California broke its all-time record high temperature for any day of the year: 113 degrees F. The previous five years had seen a global-warming Southern California drought that reduced their normally-low rainfall by 48%.

    SoCal relies on the California Aqueduct system that brings snowmelt from the Sierra Mountains to the southland, which is also dependent on a finite underground aquifer of well water from the last ice age (that is rapidly being permanently depleted and not restored).

    There had been significant wild fires during the recent SoCal drought that destroyed millions of acres of trees. This combined with dense overpopulation greenhouse gas emissions. A few weeks after the 113 record-high L.A. temperature, Lake Tahoe, California received an unusual 76 inches of snow, weeks before Thanksgiving.

    Less than a month later, a "Pineapple Express" hit SoCal. It was a large subtropical region of warm moist air that originated near Hawaii. For nearly two weeks, the area between Los Angeles and San Francisco experienced unusual, daily, almost-continual light rain. At times, some places received 1-to-2 inches of rain per hour - totaling over 15 inches of rain. There was mud-and-flood water over five feet deep. Some of the nearby mountains received over 18 FEET of snow, setting a new record. (Unusually high temperature drew in unusually-high snowfall)

    The same storm continued across the United States. Just after Christmas it shut down the New York airports with over two feet of snow blizzards. With recession budget cutbacks, NYC did not have the resources to remove residential area deep snow, as they used to do in the past. This will have significant political repercussions in the next election.

    After Thanksgiving 2011, Los Angles County was hit with historical 150 mph winds. Large trees with solid roots were knocked down. Over half a million people lost electricity - some for several days. This is NOT normal SoCal weather. Climate is changing in ways not witnessed by an modern human. Those who deny dramatic climate change are unobservant non-learning fools - influenced by false advertisement being made by the world's worst polluters.

    Normally-sunny Florida agriculture and tourism suffered three hard freezes in a row. Oranges, strawberries, etc. were frozen. The same Hawaiian storm quickly moved half way around the world, across the Atlantic Ocean, and heavy snowfall shut down European air travel after Christmas 2010. Was anyone surprised? Did this one storm impact your family?

    (Record-breaking 113 degrees F heat in L.A. October 2010)


    The weather swings like a pendulum do -
    Push it too hard and it slices back, atchoo

    There is a delicate pendulum swing balance for the SoCal Pineapple Express. When the heavy moisture that it brings up from the Pacific is cool enough to fall as snow in the Sierra Mountains, it contributes to the beneficial snowpack that provides essential water in the dry summer months. IF however, the subtropical moisture is too warm, it falls as rain in the mountains, melting the snowpack, causing winter runoff mud slides and flooding, and leaving no snow to supply water for 30 million SoCal residents in the summer. WHEN this happens in the future after all local well water has been depleted, the abundant SoCal agriculture will return to its natural desert conditions and dry up, with a huge economic impact. It will reduce much of America's domestic food supply, and adversely alter our international balance of trade. Will there be sufficient food available at reasonable prices from anywhere? Will increased food exports to America cause hundreds of millions of more people worldwide to starve? This global impact of USA global warming water unsustainability will most-likely be quite deadly.

    The significant rainfall caused by the Pineapple Express can cause California coastal cliffs to collapse. Four miles of the Pacific Coast Highway were closed due to mud slides in December 2010. Huge mud slides knock down forests of mature trees and multi-million-dollar hillside homes. Low-lying parts of SoCal also experienced abnormal Pineapple Express Flash Flooding, which was aggravated by the trees that had been lost due to earlier widespread global-warming forest fires. These are NOT insignificant normal weather patterns.


    Life Changing Weather Events

    There is every reason to believe that these weather-related events will become more significant as man-made global warming increases. According to NOAA, America had TEN multi-billion-dollar life-changing weather events from January through August 2011 - which is more than any other entire year. As polar-and-glacial ice melts, and sea level rises, flooding will not be just because of record-breaking rain, but also from more-significant impact of storm surge and tsunamis.

    We know for certain that America's flood-protection infrastructure (of dikes, dams, etc.) is already woefully inadequate for predictable weather events. At one point, hurricane Katrina caused 80% of New Orleans to be under water. Flooding and power loss were two of the worst impacts of hurricane Irene.

    Vermont is a state of beautiful mountains. Most people live in easily-flooded valleys. A heavy rain can quickly turn small babbling brooks into raging rapids that erode the foundation out from under poorly-planned stupid expensive buildings. Global warming will make this much worse.

    We know that Tea Party terrorist Republicans are trying to slash budgets for U.S. infrastructure repair and improvement (so they can give huge tax breaks to billionaires). More American dikes and dams are going to overflow in the near future, and some will predictably fail catastrophically. Even idiots who clamor to cut budgets (on the backs of the poor) are beginning to wonder whether our nation needs to improve long-term investments in our crumbling inadequate infrastructure. Such work would give good jobs to millions of people, in contrast to Tea Party budget cuts, which eliminate millions of jobs.

    Sometimes it takes a calamity to convince foolish people that they have ignored the predictable for far too long (but not in a non-learning nation).

    Corrupt polluters with a vested interest in harmful fossil-fuel business-as-usual can easily leverage misunderstood chaotic climate change complexity to deceive myopic mediocre minds that Global Warming is not the fault of fossil fuels or killing over 50,000 acres of CO2-sequestering trees every day. They effectively claim that “Global Warming is a political hoax”, and foolish people with no powers of observation or skeptical critical thinking skills widely believe them, especially when Global Warming causes record-breaking blizzards, due to increased absolute humidity AND chaotic anthropogenic pendulum-swing climate change (including the Pineapple Express).

    People who claim that “Global Warming is a political hoax”: (1) Are obviously badly corrupted by fossil-fuel industry bribes and false advertising (one of the largest examples is Koch brothers big-oil support of Tea Party rallies and candidates), (2) Unobservant people who reject obvious deadly record-breaking extreme weather events ("They hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest"), and (3) UNABLE TO READ A THERMOMETER.

    Industrialization and Population Explosion Have Changed Earths Mean Temperature


    Fossil-fuel-corrupted Tea Party Republicans hate science that contradicts them - The U.S. House
    of Representatives tried to slash the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration budget
    by a billion dollars
    - including a 40 % reduction for Tampa hurricane-prediction operations

    They do NOT want you to know that huge windstorms are driven by fossil-fuel Global Warming

    In recent years, NOAA Tampa climate scientists have refined their supercomputer models
    so they could accurately predict hurricane Irene's precise path - days in advance - Corrupt
    Tea Party fools don't think MOAA is as valuable as tax cuts for the wealthy and big oil subsidies

    Imagine tens of millions of Americans having less-accurate predictions of potential disaster

    Politics that covers up and contradicts science is indeed supreme-evil big-money corruption


    Energy is the Essence of Everything - Nothing can exist without energy
    The biased energy business is by far the most powerful political-and-economic force on Earth

    Greedy, profiteering, selfish, energy executives have acquired the means to corrupt even the most well-meaning government officials. Campaign promises to correct political corruption are quickly broken in the face of significant funds from energy-sector lobbyists – So it has been for over a century of coal, big oil, natural gas, and now biofuels that INCREASE the fires of man-made climate change, emit cancer-causing aldehydes, and rob food from a billion starving innocent humans.

    The pervasive world-dominating energy business transcends all international borders, languages, cultural-and-religious morality. The dirty energy business is like thick black clouds that completely block out the TRUTH about clean-and-FREE energy from the sun and wind.


    Nonrenewable Energy and the Point of no Return

    Since Peak Oil in the U.S. in 1971, and the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargo Energy Crisis, the public has widely ignored obvious warning signals and detrimental dead-end trends that have brought our economy-and-environment to the brink of the Suicide of Humanity. And yet, the energy industry purveyors of powerful poisons have convinced the myopic majority that there is Nothing Wrong With The Moronic Dead-End Dirt Road To Disaster that humanity is now on, with our heavy foot on the gas pedal of our inefficient wasteful SUV’s - Headed for a steep well-marked deadly cliff. What could possibly be more suicidal?

    Non-Renuable Energy and the Point of no Return

    Decades ago, I was a primary creator of the heart of the most-successful IBM mainframe software package ever – It generated over $60 Billion in hardware-and-software revenue. I became a controversial, outspoken, bearded, confrontational-innovator on the IBM Armonk Headquarters Technical Strategy Assessment Team. I greatly irritated many obsolete, entrenched, empty blue suits who were driving IBM into the ground.

    IBM trained me in Executive Suite Presentations to the Fortune 100, where I had to overcome enormous resistance to long-overdue changes in declining business-as-usual.

    I found that HUMOR WAS MY MOST-POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL TOOL. If I could get out-of-date aging CEO’s to laugh at the stupid things their companies were doing, it was a “foot in the door” that sometimes led to a radical reinvention of company direction.

    As the primary object-oriented architect of the Federal Express Global Operations Command and Control (unprecedented system integration project, which has since evolved into Fusion and been imitated by UPS and others), I was uniquely able to overcome the terrible resistance of the V.P. of I.T., who incorrectly told Fred Smith (FedEx CEO) that what I proposed doing was “impossible.” We completed the GOCC radical reinvention of FedEx I.T. - UNDER Budget and well-ahead of schedule, with MORE features than were originally specified.  The V.P. of I.T. had to leave FedEx. Isn’t THAT funny in today’s highly-competitive world?

    "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." - Henry Ford.

    I eventually had 5 semesters of Improvisational Comedy formal training, and as a hobby, I performed at the Comedy Store in Hollywood CA (where Robin Williams got started), Comedy Sports, Walt Disney World Pleasure Island, etc. I couldn’t make a living as a professional comedian (nor did I intend to), BUT ever since, I’ve tried to use stinging satirical comedy to precipitate radical reinvention of bad business-as-usual status quo.


    Corrupt politics is all about COMPROMISING PRINCIPLES and TOLERATING EVIL

    You can NOT compromise with DEMONIC STUPIDITY,
    IF you want to teach others how to Live in Harmony with Nature

    Zero Emissions, "Never Burn ANYTHING" is an excellent NO-COMPROMISE example

    It is so very laughable when a corrupted "green" politician recommends burning anything

    It is hypocritically hilarious when an "environmentalist" publishes a book on tree-killing paper

    We hope you can appreciate some of our sassy subtle-but-critical sometimes-stupid humor found on,, our eBooks and presentation slides:

    dilbert principle

    Just because today’s economic-and-environmental multiple crises are chaotically complex, widely misunderstood, and being grossly mismanaged by MASSIVELY-ABSURD BIASED BOOBS, does NOT mean that we shouldn’t invest a maximum effort to convince our clueless leaders to radically reinvent our energy-and-lifestyle solutions.

    We must understand Pendulum Swing Climate Change PREDICTABLE Chaos, and then get
    the mediocre majority to laugh at the way they've been making it much worse, not better.

    One tool of the entrenched intransigent who profit from business-as-usual is to continue to insist:
    “Don’t be hasty, we’ll just wait and see.” That is what Architects have been doing for thirty years,
    since the U.S. Department Of Energy and Zero Energy Design demonstrated how to Eliminate Energy Bills,
    AND harmful Emissions From Buildings. How much longer shall we stand idly by and do nothing?

    “Wait and see” is what the energy industry has wanted us to do since the accurate 1956 Peak Oil Prediction,
    OPEC oil embargoes, and the 1960’s Global Warming Scientific Evidence was clearly documented.

    The end of “Wait and See” will surely take place WHEN the lights go out on Wall Street as NYC basements flood, AND the pump price of petroleum is well over $5 per gallon - bankrupting America. Do YOU think we should just “wait and see” some more? When (if ever) will YOU wake up and realize that the 1960's worldwide climate change predictions are all coming true?

    Let’s delve deeper into the Pendulum Swing reason for conventional conservative-obstructionist confusion about man-made SUICIDAL Global Warming.


    The Strange Chaotic Interacting Cycles of Man-Made Climate Change Pendulum Swing

    Both my father's father, and my mother's father, had grandfather clocks prominently displayed in their homes. They tracked time and the cycles of the moon. As a child, I was fascinated when dad explained how they work. I was allowed to touch the pendulum and pull the chain to lift the heavy weight that provides energy for the movement to overcome mechanical friction. Many of today's young people have not had this experience, and are less familiar with how a pendulum measures predicable increments of time.

    For me, a grandfather clock is a simple analogy of how Earth's weather swings back and forth, and how man is causing worldwide climate change extremes.

    Think of the heavy pendulum that slowly swings back and forth in a vertical plane. If we alter the length of the pendulum, it will run faster or slower. If we interfere and push the pendulum farther than it would normally swing, it will swing back farther in the OPPOSITE direction. Something similar happens on a child's playground swing.

    This is the essence of climate chaos created by 150 years of thoughtless unsustainable human actions. Industrialization has radically increased greenhouse gases by 40%, which have already greatly influenced climate around the world. Gigatons of harmful man-made emissions are NOT without consequences. Killing 50,000-to-100,000 acres of trees per day has greatly reduced Earth's ability to control carbon dioxide. Earth's atmosphere is now well past the CO2 Tipping Point.

    Earth's climate change inertia that is now in place has seeded “irreversible catastrophic changes,” which mediocre minds (that reject the best input from NASA scientists like those who sent men to the moon) STILL refuse to accept.

    pendulum of climate change

    Earth’s climate does NOT change in a simple, linear, highly-predictable homogeneous way. There are many interacting “cycles” that harmonically interact (slowly) over various periods of time. It appears to the simple minded to be “random chaos.” The word “random” merely means that the person who used the word does NOT understand the underlying science. The better we are aware of the Universal Laws of Climate Science, the less “random” and the more-predictable our man-made environmental chaos crisis becomes.

    Pendulum Swing Man-Made Global Warming Temperature Anomalies

    The above chart is not static. It pulses every month, based on seasons, ocean currents,
    jet streams, and many other climatic influences. The fossil-fuel-corrupted liars, who
    deny man-made Global Warming, point to the cooler anomalies as the basis for their lies.
    However, general climate change trends have become clear: (1) Earth's overall average
    (mean) temperature is clearly rising, and (2) Polar regions are experiencing the largest
    rise in temperature (up to 8.8 degrees C), which is melting polar ice caps, and
    gradually increasing sea level around the world - leading toward man-made disaster.
    The upside temperature anomalies are larger than the downside anomalies.

    The fact that Global Warming is not homogeneous is proof of Pendulum Swing.


    Are Local Temperature Anomalies Just A Random Coincidence?

    California Is Cool - Obviously, the Pacific Ocean moderates California temperature, but
    why was 2011 California two-degrees C cooler than its own average temperature decades ago?
    Part of it is Pendulum Swing from the rare October 2010 record-breaking high temperature,
    and the Pineapple Express, but there are other man-made climate change factors involved.

    In 1970, there was a continual brown cloud over Los Angeles that trapped heat and obscured the sun.
    When my airplane descended toward LAX, oily-smelling brown smog rushed in through the air vents.
    This is no longer true today. For decades, California has paid the price for vehicles with superior
    emission control systems. California policies and subsidies have made their buildings the
    greenest and most-efficient in the nation. California has been phasing out all coal-fired plants.
    California won't even buy electricity from nearby states that produce power from coal.

    If California had not taken these pro-active environmental steps, it would be a death-trap today.

    Rick Perry's Tea Party Texas is a disaster - For many decades, Texas has NOT
    enforced effective environmental regulations. Texas air pollution is the WORST in the nation.
    Texas oil refineries, and new dirty coal-fired power plants are making their air pollution much worse.
    It is clearly documented that Texas has a high-degree of life-shortening respiratory health expenses.

    Under Rick Perry, Texas formulated plans to build a record 18 obsolete-technology dirty coal-fired plants.
    In all the world, only the huge nation of China built more CO2-belchng, climate-changing, deadly coal-fired plants.

    The arrogant Pollution-Star State grew rapidly after the discovery of Black Gold - Texas Tea.
    When short-sighted oilmen covered the state with gushing oil wells, they often also produced huge
    amounts of natural gas (mostly methane greenhouse gas that stays in the atmosphere for 200 years).
    The term "Texas Tea Party" is especially symbolic of short-sighted stupidity.

    Instead of developing their abundant natural gas resource, Texans stupidly just burned off their finite supply
    of natural gas on "flare towers" - badly polluting the atmosphere without any benefit to humanity at all.
    This natural gas could have been used to produce local electricity with only minimal capital investment.
    Oilmen are extremely narrow minded and focused only on high profit from their dirty Texas Tea.

    After depleting their finite non-renewable oil and gas resources, insane Texans turned to dirty coal.
    Drill Baby Drill cannot possibly solve the energy-and-environmental crises that Texans imposed on themselves.
    Increasing our deadly addiction to unsustainable fossil fuels is the OPPOSITE OF THE LONG-TERM SOLUTION.

    Rick Perry's Texas has refused to embrace Zero Energy Design® energy-efficiency standards that were
    developed immediately north of Texas in 1979. For thirty years, most poorly-constructed inefficient Texas
    homes have been essentially depreciating assets - wasting far more non-renewable polluting energy
    than the far-superior buildings in more-intelligent California. Even China is now building
    more efficient zero-energy green homes than Rick Perry's terrible Texas.


    Notice in the above global warming chart that in 2011, Texas is part of the red (+2 to +4 degree C) temperature anomaly.
    Texas is hotter and drier than their historical mean. Texas has been having record-breaking drought and forest fires.
    Rick Perry's ineffective solution has been hypocritical prayers for divine intervention - which did NOT happen.

    The Bible says that God placed man on Earth to nurture the Garden of Eden - Texans do the opposite.
    God is NOT capricious or arbitrary - The prayers of those who rape Earth's environment will NOT be answered.
    Drill Baby Drill Sarah's Palin's prayers to stop the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill also went unanswered.
    Non-learning gullible people have no powers of observation - They ignore and reject obvious scientific facts.

    The rest of the USA red area has recently been characterized by extreme record-breaking snow fall, flooding,
    and deadly wind storms - Humans cannot violate Nature's Laws of Sustainability forever and get away with it.

    The corrupt fools who continue to preach that "Global Warming is a hoax" are killing Nature and Americans.
    Their supreme insane leader Rush Limbaugh says that "Nothing man does changes Earth's Temperature."
    If you believe Rush, please move to Texas and help Rick Perry secede from the USA (chuckle).

    We need a pollution dome built over Texas to keep them from destroying the atmosphere for the rest of the world.
    Let them breathe their own man-made pollution, and see if they begin to evolve (or not).

    All of the green technology in California cannot compensate for the stupidity of Rick Perry's non-learning Texas.
    Fossil-fuel-corrupted Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann want to eliminate the Environment Protection Agency altogether.
    They claim that enforcing existing Clean Air Act legislation is holding back economic development.
    They apparently want to return to the pre-1970 era of brown urban air and sludge-covered rivers that catch on fire.

    It is interesting to note that it was Republican President Nixon who created the EPA,
    and Republican President George H.W. Bush who created the Clean Air Act.
    George W. Bush and Dick Cheney worked to undo this environmental legislation, and
    the Koch-brothers-funded Tea Party wants to crush environmental regulation altogether.
    My Oh My, how the Tea Party has destroyed 2011 Republican Party moral values !


    Pendulum Swing Diurnal Cycles

    The Earth rotates on its axis, creating the “diurnal cycles” of day and night. The Sun causes land, water and air to heat in the day, and then darkness cools them at night.

    Warmer air and water cause more evaporation, which forms clouds. Highly-reflective white water vapor and ice crystals reduce solar radiation, but most children learn that you can still get a bad sunburn on an overcast day. If you can tell that it is day outside, the Earth is still receiving at least 30% of maximum solar radiation, including diffused ultraviolet light.

    Water vapor is a powerful 2-Way Greenhouse Gas. In the daytime, clouds reflect solar radiation back into the blackness of outer space. When viewed from the Moon, Earth appears to be blue / white. As clouds increase, more of the Earth appears to be white from outer space. The first man-made pictures from the moon were a dramatic revelation to most of humanity. It has forever changed our collective view of our beautiful delicate planet - unique in what we can see of the universe around us.

    The daytime reflection caused by variable, mobile clouds is a good thing when the Earth is too hot, BUT, it is only half of the 2-Way Greenhouse Gas Effect of water vapor and atmospheric ice crystals.

    At night, clouds reflect the accumulated radiant heat from the surface of the Earth back DOWN, making our planet warmer than it would otherwise be. The coldest winter nights occur when the dry skies are very clear, and the surface of the Earth radiates its accumulated daytime heat into outer space, making it bone-chilling cold. A cloudy, overcast, winter night is much warmer (with a higher "mean radiant temperature").

    Clouds reflect solar radiation of earth

    The hottest summer days occur when skies are clear, and overexposure to direct solar radiation can even KILL unprotected humans and some animals in some locations.

    At night, diurnal cooling reduces the atmospheric capacity to hold water vapor. As relative humidity increases toward 100%, Water precipitates out in the form of rain, ice, hail, snow, dew, or condensation, depending on the specific "conditions of formation."

    In “sunny” central Florida on a typical summer day, the morning skies are clear. Near-tropical solar radiation is intense and the evaporation from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico is huge. Summer afternoons often have intense thunderstorms (locals call it The Lightning Capital of the World), which disrupts popular theme park operations, AND solar energy collectors.

    In contrast, in other inland geographical locations (like the U.S. desert southwest - far from large bodies of water), summer afternoons may be the clearest time of the day (excellent for solar energy collectors during the peak of the day when cooling requirement is at its peak).

    Dry air attracts moist air (and vice versa). The Earth naturally tries to balance humidity by distributing rain, but extreme differences in local conditions, mean that some areas of chaotic "dynamical system strange attractors" typically-and-predictably have much more rain than others (as locals know very well).

    When man-made activities alter climate and moisture content ( like Deforestation and Desertification , areas that typically have an ample water supply experience drought, while far way, unprecedented floods may take place. Man-made Global Warming is NOT just simple worldwide uniform increase in temperature. It is a complex set of many factors that interact chaotically.

    This is the Pendulum Swing Principle. Abnormally pushing the pendulum too far in one direction causes an equal-and-opposite motion in the other direction, which simple minds perceive as “unpredictable random chaos”, but scientists recognize the precise mathematical cause-and-effect much better (even though loud-mouth oil-corrupted liars do not).

    Uneven heating of the land, water and air at different latitudes, cloud conditions, mountains, and land / water boundaries, causes uneven air pressure, which drives horizontal-and-vertical wind in three dimensions.

    Warm (less dense) air-or-water rises, while cooler (more dense) air-or-water falls, creating "natural-convection flow loops"
    (in the air, AND in mammoth ocean currents), which dramatically influence chaotic climate change interactions.


    Earth's uneven heating Gulf Stream Thermal map

    The warm Gulf Stream waters provide energy for East coast hurricanes. Just before hurricane Irene approached New Jersey, the Global-Warming Atlantic water temperature was at an all-time record high. Temperature differentials drive very-powerful deadly convective wind storms.

    Wind is caused in part by the rotation of the Earth. Surface air at the Equator moves faster than air at the poles. Tall mountains act like fan-blade paddles: (1) stirring the air as the Earth rotates, and (2) forcing air to go up-and-down over-and-around them in three dimensions.

    It is interesting to note that the chaotic variations in wind speed-and-direction, pushing back against mountains, plus tidal friction related to the moon’s orbit, can alter the day-to-day rotation speed of the Earth, by a trivial-but-measurable couple of milliseconds. (The MIT Haystack Observatory synchronizes two radio telescopes pointed at a distant quasar to document tiny variations in the rotation speed of the Earth from day-to-day, which contributes only slightly to climate chaos complexity.) The impact of variable winds on the rotation speed of the Earth, is like “The tail wagging the dog.”


    Chaos Theory Butterfly Effect

    “The BUTTERFLY EFFECT is a phrase that encapsulates the more-technical notion of Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions in Chaos Theory. Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system. This is sometimes presented as esoteric behavior, but can be exhibited by very simple systems. For example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position."

    Butterfly Effect analogy

    Suppose there is a smooth spherical ball that is perfectly balanced at the top of a symmetrical hill. A slight breeze in any direction might make the ball roll to the North, East, South, or West. As the ball converts its elevated POTENTIAL energy into KINETIC downward inertial energy of motion, the ball could impart great force to an object that it encounters downhill, even though the breeze that set it in motion had very low energy.

    Man-made greenhouse-gas-based climate change is conceptually similar to a small breeze that can cascade to cause great damage (like sea level rise that inundates many at-risk low-lying coastal megacities) making a billion humans homeless in the 21ST Century and ending their source of income, food, health care, etc.

    Before extreme human overpopulation started significantly altering the atmospheric composition of greenhouse gases 150 years ago, polar ice caps had remained fairly constant for roughly 8,000 years, but that has now been dramatically altered in the last 30 years, with a well-established, accelerating, “past tipping point” greenhouse-gas trend since 2005.

    potential energy on a halfpipe  If you roll down one side of a halfpipe and relax, you will deplete your potential energy, and rock back and forth until gravity and friction bring you to a stop at the bottom. BUT, if you push along and accelerate going downhill, you will increase your kinetic energy, and you can rise above the opposite side of the halfpipe (“grab some air” and do a few cool flying tricks – smile).

    Man-made global warming is like adding potential-and-kinetic energy to complex, chaotic, pendulum-swing climate change, which in some cases has the near-term potential to dramatically change the Earth’s environment that humans have adapted to over more-than 8,000 years. Just because sea level was fairly constant for your grandparents, does NOT mean that it will stay the same for your grandchildren.

    (1) The approximate return of a system towards its initial conditions, together with (2) Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions are the two main ingredients for "chaotic motion." They have the practical consequence of making complex systems, such as the weather (and man-made climate change), difficult to predict past a certain time range (approximately a week in the case of weather), since it is essentially infeasible to measure the starting atmospheric conditions completely accurately.

    The following is a conceptual diagram of a simple two-dimensional system of chaos,
    showing Sensitive Dependence On Initial Conditions:
    two-dimensional system of chaos

    “The termBUTTERFLY EFFECT itself is related to the work of Edward Lorenz , and is based in Chaos Theory and Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions, first described in the literature by Jacques Hadamard in 1890 and popularized by Pierre Duhem's 1906 book. The idea that one butterfly could eventually have a far-reaching ripple effect on subsequent historic events appeared in a 1952 short story by Ray Bradbury about time travel. In 1961, Lorenz was using a numerical computer model to rerun a weather prediction, when, as a shortcut on a number in the sequence, he entered the decimal 0.506 instead of entering the full 0.506127 the computer would hold. The result was a completely different weather scenario.”

    If such a tiny change can have a dramatic impact on weather, what impact do you think a .6% per year increase in CO2 will have?
    Many chaotic systems tolerate minor perturbations with little noticeable change, UNTIL a tipping-point catastrophic cascade occurs.

    In chaotic systems like man-made climate change, VERY SMALL THINGS CAN CASCADE INTO VERY-LARGE FUTURE DIFFERENCES.

    We know for absolute scientific certainty that the rotational velocity of the Earth varies slightly from day-to-day. WHEN the speed of the Earth accelerates or slows down, the great oceans “slosh” back and forth. Normally this is insignificant and barely perceptible in a system that is chaotic for many other different reasons. BUT, when a large rotational velocity change occurs (such as a significant meteor angular impact), huge deadly tsunamis can occur at coast lines. Earthquakes also frequently cause devastating tsunamis (as did the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami,

    Tsunami Height Increases As It Approaches A Shoreline, Devastating Homes:

    Tsunami Height Increases As It Approaches A Shoreline

    2004 Indonesian Tsunami - Easily Washing Over The Low-Lying Valley:

    2004 Indonesian Tsunami

    Humans love to live next to the sea shore – Naïvely assuming that sea level will not rise.

    Composite photo of a possible near-future coastal-city tsunami:

    possible near-future coastal-city tsunami

    The Hawaiian Islands grow like mushrooms, as molten lava from a shield-shaped slow-flowing volcano touches the cold Pacific Ocean. Just below the water they look like an unsupported umbrella. Periodically, a huge edge of the mushroom breaks off. You can clearly see it in the Hawaiian sheer cliffs, and the debris fields on the bottom of the deep ocean floor, below the cliffs.

    Is this a rare geological event? Absolutely not! There are at least 60 underwater debris fields at the base of the Hawaiian Islands. Some of them are over 500 CUBIC MILES of rock piles. One fallen rock in particular is over 30 miles long. Imagine what would happen if you dropped a 3-foot-wide rock into a pond near you. Now multiply that impact by 50,000 and you will begin to understand the magnitude of this type of COMMON natural recurring, predictable, geological event.

    The last time it happened 120,000 years ago there were no humans living around the Pacific rim. If it happens tonight after people go to sleep, about 5 million Californians will die a few hours later. The previous time it happened was about 240,000 years ago. It is a powerful pendulum with a very-long periodicity. IF a 1,000-foot-high Hawaiian tsunami happens every 120,000 years, then we are due for the next one ANY TIME NOW. Since 1983, almost-continuous Big Island lava flows have been contributing to the overburden on the biggest of all Hawaiian Island mushroom shelves.'s_back

    It would be truly catastrophic, but I for one would not be at all surprised if the next huge Hawaiian landslide tsunami happens today. Pacific ocean cities, beach towns, harbors, ships, near-sea-level airports and airplanes will be destroyed, leaving essentially NO Asia / America shipping. More people will likely die of starvation within a few months than those killed by the initial tsunami wave. The death toll and worldwide economic impact could easily be 50,000 times worse than 9 / 11 / 2001. There is NO defense against such a predictable natural geological event, other than to NOT LIVE NEAR SEA LEVEL. ( We currently live at 1300 feet above sea level with a higher mountain between us and the Pacific Ocean. I hope it is enough tsunami protection. The aftermath WILL be chaotic. )

    When a Hawaiian Island mushroom edge broke off in the past, huge 1,000-foot-high waves radiated from the islands – faster than a commercial jet airliner can fly. There is irrefutable evidence of sea shells being deposited 1,000 feet high in the mountains above the flat, near-sea-level Los Angeles valley.

    Los Angeles vs 1000 ft Tsunami

    WHEN (not if) another mushroom edge predictably breaks off again in the (near) future, if any humans are still living in Los Angeles, they will all drown or be crushed to death. There will only be a few hours of warning when the mushroom island edge breaks off.

    Will anyone pay attention in time, OR will L.A. be like New Orleans when Katrina was undeniably approaching? Do you remember the traffic jams leaving New Orleans, and what happen to those who refused to evacuate? Predictable future 1,000-foot tsunamis are going to be thousands of times worse than Katrina (the worst natural disaster in American history). ALL of the hurricane Katrina deaths were avoidable. New Orleans is a terrible location for a below-sea-level crowded city full of people who totally ignore the predictable consequences of their foolishness. So are ALL of today's sea-level megacities.

    storm brewing at sea after the storm boats on land
    Katrina Approaching New Orleans
    Gulf Coast Shoreline After Katrina

    On the high end of the wind-speed scale, man-made climate change has created DEADLY WIND STORMS in the last few years that are unprecedented in human history. It is very important to note that they are increasing with chaotic complexity, NOT as a linear increase of homogeneous temperature increases from one year to the next. Simple-minded misunderstanding about climate-change chaos has been leveraged for thirty years, by the evil, obsolete, energy industry that is still making the problem worse, in order to help cover their bloody tracks and maintain their obscene profits: “It’s not MY fault – The devil did it.”

    For example, the deadly Katrina and Rita hurricanes
    that PREDICTABLY devastated the U.S. Gulf Coast
    with never-before storm surges in August 2005, were
    undisputedly fueled by significantly-elevated
    93-degree F local surface water temperature

    The late-August East coast hurricane Irene had
    similar record-breaking water temperatures

    Gulf of Mexico thermograph katrina

    Hurricane Katrina killed at least 1836 Americans. The U.S. government spent over $127 BILLION, plus huge private losses. The impacted areas have not recovered yet.

    It bothers us a great deal when creatures of habit fail to evacuate hazardous areas when deadly weather events are accurately predicted. People who ignore mandatory evacuation requirements are criminals - breaking the law. Some of them die or are injured. Some of them cry out for help - unnecessarily placing the lives of courageous first responders at risk.

    Criminals who ignore mandatory evacuation notices should be publicly punished as a deterrent to future similar stupidity. Every death caused by suicidally violating mandatory evacuation laws should be widely publicized every time another disaster is predicted.

    Loving parents of mentally-challenged children protect them and help them make better lifestyle choices. In the same way, local governments have a fiduciary duty to protect stupid people who ignore mandatory evacuation laws. Government must provide shelters for the displaced, and easy access to them. There must be law enforcement methods to enforce mandatory evacuation laws. Suicidal people should NOT be allowed to place a deadly burden on others.

    People should NOT be allowed to build or live in cities at or below sea level (like New Orleans). Re

    For far less money than the cost of hurricane Katrina, we could have built Emerald Eco-City, demonstrating how to AVOID Such Man-Made Disasters and the need for periodic mandatory evacuations

    The Pacific rim is NOT the only place where a huge landslide tsunami could wipe out man-made coastal megacities. Some scientists have suggested that the Atlantic Ocean Canary Islands Cumbre Vieja active volcano on La Palma will eventually split in half causing a landslide tsunami that will send a 1,000-foot-high wave at nearly the speed of sound toward the American East Coast, killing millions.

    The point is this: Humans have been on Earth for thousands of years. Since written communications emerged, many devastating geological events have been documented by human hands, in addition to what we can clearly see in the fossil record. For the last two centuries, foolish humans have built unsustainable, delicate, fragile, sea-level megacities, and brittle easily-broken life-sustaining infrastructures. Earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and great hurricanes / cyclones are predictable and repetitive, but fools build their lifestyle on unsustainable shifting sand. Most of them get away with it most of the time, BUT WHEN the predictable eventually does happen, no one appreciates scientists saying: "I told you so." There will be much avoidable wailing and gnashing of teeth.


    Does climate change influence earthquakes and volcanoes?

    We know for certain the plate tectonics creates mountain ranges, which can significantly change climate. We know that not so long ago (geologically), the Sahara Desert was a shallow sea with lush vegetation around it, before the plate tilted and everything dried up. Changes in Indian Ocean monsoon patterns have impacted ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures.

    Is the opposite true? Is there a feedback loop whereby climate changes the movement of the great plates of the Earth's dynamic crust?

    New research studies suggest that climate probably does influence larger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions over significant periods of time. The findings are not conclusive. They are incomplete and scientifically controversial, but none-the-less interesting and thought provoking.

    Australian, French and German researchers collaborated and found that increasing Indian monsoons have accelerated movement of the Indian plate.

    We have observed recent increasing plate movement activity in Iceland, Haiti, Japan, New Zealand, Chile, India, and the eastern USA. Is this merely coincidental with increased temperature of Earth's atmosphere, land mass, and oceans?

    The following is mostly speculation. Perhaps even slight temperature increases impact the fluidity of the molten material that Earth's great plates float on. It may be more difficult for Earth to dissipate its internal heat, the way it once did when the surface was cooler than today. Perhaps melting polar-and-glacial ice shifts significant weight to other portions on Earth's plates, making plate boundaries adjust and move ever so slightly over time.

    Precise predictive supercomputer models do not yet exist. Our best scientists have more questions than answers. It may be a long time before we complete the necessary research. All we can say for sure is that something is causing Earth's plate tectonic activity to increase in a rather-short period of geologic time.

    Do human activities influence this at all? Recent large earthquakes have slightly changed Earth's axis of rotation wobble, and maybe even our critical magnetic core. We are now in uncharted territory. Is Mother Nature trying to send us a huge message about sustainability? It is possible. I am curious, but I do not pretend to know the answer.


    USA Killer Tornadoes and Hurricanes of 2011

    Over the last century, the number of deaths from windstorms should have decreased, with the availability of: Weather Satellites, NOAA Weather Radio, all-weather television channels, warning sirens, trained weather observers, smart-phone video cameras and improved pervasive communication technology. However, the spring of 2011 was an order-of-magnitude quantum jump increase in tornado fatalities. Why is this so? Are global warming and man-made climate change really "a political hoax"? Do the people who lost property and loved ones believe it is just a hoax? Do they think death (and the destruction of churches) were "random acts of God"?

    If people do things that pump gigatons of pollution into Earth's Green Garden of Eden delicate atmosphere by endless burning of carbon-based fuels, AND they choose to live in flimsy wooden homes made from killing CO2-sequestering trees, THEN 200+ mph windstorms are NOT SURVIVABLE. Most of these sad windstorm deaths are the result of self-imposed suicide - ignoring predictable deadly risks. The killer tornadoes of 2011 are easily explained by the science of global warming and pendulum swing statical analysis.

    It is no measure of sanity that you grew up in an insane asylum, where everyone around you had no powers of observation, trend analysis, or critical thinking skills.

    Just because a fragile man-made infrastructure has lasted for a century does NOT mean that it will survive tomorrow.

    Poorly-maintained Interstate Highway bridges can-and-do collapse in a few decades.

    So it is with much of our delicate, crumbling, poorly-designed, obsolete infrastructure today.

    Scientists and engineers are falsely called "ALARMISTS" until AFTER a catastrophic collapse, when they are then blamed for it. Engineers confirm that America needs $2 TRILLION of overdue infrastructure repairs, and even more to build the foundation for our children's future with things like a new Smart Grid, all-electric 300+ mph magnetic levitation bullet trains, etc.

    What an outrageous world of non-learning short-sighted irresponsible fools we live in today!

    Ancient Wisdom: Matthew 7:26-27 “… a foolish man built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and GREAT WAS THE FALL OF IT.”

    Which part of this simple message is hard to understand? In only three words: Unsustainable means suicidal. If you smoke one cigarette and do not immediately die, does that mean it is safe to smoke four packs a day?


    Man-Made Carbon-Fueled Global Warming Is NOT A Linear Homogenous Steady Increase In Worldwide Temperature

    The people who profit greatly from selling the carbon-fuel source of man-made climate change, say that “Global Warming is a political hoax”, and they exploit the common misunderstanding of Pendulum Swing Non-Linear Chaos to make their deceptive misleading point. They say that “If Global Warming was real, we should have had progressively-worse storms every year since 2005”, which the U.S. has not.

    Therefore say they, Katrina and Rita were not made worse by human activities, and we should all continue to INCREASE our addiction to coal, inefficient SUV’s, and the unsustainable, escalating-price, polluting petroleum products that they sell (to the detriment of all). "Drill Baby Drill" As of a January 2010 poll, nearly one third of Americans agree with the deception they are peddling.

    If YOUR paycheck depends on other people believing a Big Lie, would YOU always tell the Absolute Scientific Truth?

    This widely-accepted argument of simplistic linear thinking against Global Warming is the TOTALLY-FALLACIOUS FOOLISHNESS of biased, corrupt, mediocre minds (like Limbaugh, Inhofe, Beck, Palin, Hatch, Gingrich, O'Donnell, and others).

    Sarah Palin's fossil-fuel-corrupted Tea Party Drill Baby Drill and Mine Baby Mine = Burn Baby Burn and Kill Babies Kill !

    Many stupid, submissive, easily-manipulated, non-learning Americans STILL support these outrageous, greedy, profiteering lies.

    The Pendulum Swing TRUTH is that for years after Katrina and Rita, there WERE terrible, unprecedented, deadly typhoons and cyclones half way around the globe. The pendulum swing returned to USA as the 2011 killer tornadoes. To anyone with even weak powers of observation, THIS IS CLEARLY MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE PENDULEM SWING.


    Annual Cycles

    In addition to the rotation of Earth, and daily variations of sunshine, winds and clouds, there is the annual climate cycle, which is a different level of larger Pendulum Swing.

    The Earth tilts 23.5 degrees on its axis of rotation around the Sun
    (perhaps from a Mars-sized object impact at a glancing blow during its early development, and creating our moon)

    Earth's Tilt Source of Seasonal Variations

    The annual path of the Earth around our Sun causes a 47-degree difference between the summer and winter peak solar altitude. December 21 is the first day of SUMMER in the Southern Hemisphere, while it is the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Six months later, on June 21, the two seasons reverse. This has a dramatic impact on solar radiation and air pressure differential natural convection flow loops of annual windstorms.

    Knowing the precise annual path of the Sun, and local heating-and-cooling requirements is critical to Zero Energy Design. Most of today’s Architects have almost no training in critical solar radiation design issues, or the scientific impact of conventional design on man-made climate change. Their professors mostly live in homes with conventional utility bills, and they unsustainably assume that this is the way it should continue to be in the future.

    The Earth’s orbit around the Sun is an ellipse, not a perfect circle

    Why we have summer and winter

    When it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, Earth is closer to the Sun than when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This makes Southern Hemisphere solar radiation more intense in the summer than in Northern Hemisphere summer, and conversely, Southern Hemisphere solar radiation is less intense in the winter than in Northern Hemisphere winter.

    The Southern Hemisphere summer / winter extremes are a bit more intense, which accounts for some of the wind that flows back-and-forth across the Equator.

    The Earth’s elliptical orbit around the Sun varies a bit over short-and-long periods of time, and the Earth’s rotation still wobbles around its 23.5-degree angular tilt. These things contribute to perturbations in normal climate cycles.

    Roughly every 100,000 years, Earth's orbit around the sun varies from more circular to more elliptical, which influences the difference between summer and winter - creating ice ages and global warming.

    Over the last the last 750,000 years, Earth has undergone eight ice ages, with significant changes in global warming, polar ice caps, glaziers, total ice volume, and sea level. Man-made greenhouse gases are now accelerating ice melt.

    Every 41,000 years, Earth's wobbling axial tilt appears to vary between 21.5 and 24.5 degrees (or even larger variations).

    "Gyroscopic precession" is like the way a child's spinning top wobbles around in a circle as it slows down. Every 23,000 years Earth's rotational axis varies from the North Pole pointing to Polaris (our current North Star) to the North Pole pointing at the star Vega. Sometimes, these cycles vary significantly.

    The sun is "ephemeral" - Constantly Changing - Never the same from one day to the next. Many things vary widely as a result of solar events such as solar winds, electromagnetic fields, sun spots, solar flares, corona mass ejections, etc. There are multiple-year cycles between observed Solar Maximum and Solar Minimum activity, which have a small impact on Earth's temperature, and could create environmental damage to our protective ozone layer, and electrical infrastructure collapse, such as satellites, communication and power transmission. The next Solar Max will be in 2012. When combined with our .6% per year increase in greenhouse gas emissions, the two may increase the intensity and duration of deadly windstorms, wild fires, ice melt, and other potential Global Warming disasters.

    Documented variations in Earth's axial tilt, gyroscopic precession, elliptical orbit around the Sun, and solar
    activity cause dramatic pendulum-swing climate changes that can be related to the geologic fossil record of
    significant climate variations, paleoclimatic data, ice ages, and mass extinction of many plants and animals.

    9,000 years ago, Earth's axis-of-rotation tilt was about 24.14 degrees, compared with the current 23.45 degrees.

    "Perihelion” is the point in Earth's elliptical orbit when we are the closest to the Sun. Today Perihelion occurs in early January. This means that the northern hemisphere is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than the southern hemisphere (at the same distance from the equator and from a large body of water).

    In contrast 9,000 years ago, Perihelion occurred at the end of July. The Northern Hemisphere received more solar radiation in the summer, which amplified the African-and-Indian summer monsoon (rainy season precipitation). This filled aquifers, rivers and lakes, making northern Africa much more green.

    When Earth's axial tilt and Perihelion changed, north Africa dried up and the Sahara Desert appeared. Areas that were previously covered with rivers, lakes, and enough vegetation to support thousands of people 5,000 years ago, were changed into a huge hot dry desert that only receives a trace of rain once in 20 years.

    The North American monsoon occurs during July and August. The surface water temperature of the Gulf of Mexico increases 30 degrees F, causing rapid evaporation, which is carried inland by winds from the south. The U.S. desert southwest (Arizona, New Mexico) receive over half of their limited annual rainfall from July through September. 9,000 years ago, when Perihelion was in July, the U.S. southwest received far more rainfall, filling aquifers and making vegetation green.

    Ancient native American settlements that were created over a thousand years ago where vegetation and animals were plentiful, have since dried up and been abandoned. Modern southwestern Navajo nation desertification is still getting worse today. The process is accelerating as a result of natural-and-man-made worldwide pendulum-swing climate change.

    Small changes in many delicate environmental variables can have huge climate impacts that can kill large numbers of humans. This is why scientists are so concerned about the potentially-chaotic impact of today’s man-made greenhouse gas emissions, gradual climate change, deforestation, etc. Eventually, Earth’s complex interdependent ecosystems reach an inevitable “tipping point”, where the temperature / humidity / vegetation feedback-loop accelerates, and climate changes suddenly around the world. Our current best scientific climatic computer models can NOT predict this type of life-extinction event with precision, but we can see that it has happened multiple times in the past. We will not know for sure until it is far too late to correct.

    Other variables like Solar Flares and Ionic Plasma Ejections cause the beautiful Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights, wide-spread electrical power grid problems, and some weather variations. Earth's magnetic field partially protects our planet from deadly solar flares and cosmic radiation from supernovae and neutron stars (which could destroy our ozone layer and kill most life on Earth with intense radiation).

    Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

    Earth's magnetic field is NOT stable. The magnetic polarization of rocks in our geologic record shows that Earth's North and South Poles have flipped over about 60 times in the last 20 million years. The Sun's magnetic pole flips every 11 years or so.

    It appears that Earth's magnetic poles began to change about 150 years ago - Our magnetic field strength has fallen by 10% during that period. When the North and South Pole flip, we WILL go through a period when Earth's magnetic field strength will drop to zero before it reverses. If humanity is to survive, we may have to live underground, perhaps for hundreds of years, before our reversed magnetic field again protects us from deadly solar flares and cosmic radiation.

    The most-recent N / S pole flip took place before Homo Sapiens appeared on Earth with written records. We therefore have no specific clues about what happens during a flip, or if it is possible for most humans to survive it. We cannot accurately predict a N / S pole flip, other than the fact that we know from human records that field strength has fallen for 150 years.


    Cyclical Harmonic Interactions

    Imagine the path traced out by a point on the bottom of a grandfather clock pendulum – Back and forth making a curved line on a flat vertical back plane.

    Now imagine attaching another shorter pendulum to the bottom of the big weight on the grandfather clock pendulum. The large weight might conceptually represent a long 365.25-day annual cycle, and the shorter lighter pendulum on the bottom might represent the daily 24-hour diurnal cycle. The two pendulums (pendula) would interact in a complex, repetitive, predictable, cyclic harmonogram figure.

    Think about a happy dog moving back and forth on a porch swing, wiggling just a bit, and wagging his tail. Trace the path of the tip of his tail, and you begin to understand harmonic Pendulum Swing Chaos.

    If your dog has a heavy muscular tail, it can even make the dog move visibly from side to side. (Tail wagging the dog)

    Happy dog

    Now let’s add yet another dimension to this concept. Suppose that each of two connected pendula are attached at the top of their swing with a universal joint, so that instead of moving back and forth in a flat vertical plane, they are both allowed to move not only left-to-right, but also front-to-back at the same time.

    cyclic harmonogram figure

    Each pendulum would trace out an ellipse, and the two ellipses would interact with each other in a more-complex, harmonic, mathematically-predictable way. With a mechanical double-elliptical pendulum, friction will make the pattern decay toward a point at the center. But in the case of man-made Global Warming, additional heat is being added to the overall system each year, which causes the oscillation amplitude to increase – Hotter high temperatures, AND lower cold temperatures.

    Simple people might call double-elliptical pendulum motion “random” or “chaotic”, but scientists and electronic engineers easily recognize these familiar beautiful harmonograms, which occur frequently throughout macro-and-nano physics, from the majestic dance of the galaxies, to modulated oscillator circuits, down through sub-atomic Quantum-Physics superstrings - vibrating and interacting at Planck’s Scale.

    double-elliptical pendulum motion

    This family of harmonogram figures was first investigated by American ocean navigation mathematician Nathaniel Bowditch in 1815, and later by French mathematician Jules Antoine Lissajous in 1857. (Bowditch figures, or Lissajous harmonograms)

    These figures have been popular art work, and can be easily generated with interacting mechanical pendulums, analog oscilloscopes, and now with oscillation-formula-driven digital graphics:  oscillation-formula-driven digital graphics

    It turns out that the above mathematically-precise beautiful reproducible figures are very similar to " Strange Attractors " of Chaos Theory - They precisely describe the net impact of man-made (hot/cold, drought/flood/blizzard, windstorm and sea level) climate change (which corrupt fossil-fuel-as-usual simpletons and bloviating buffoons falsely claim is a “random”, unpredictable-occurrence political hoax, with no anthropogenic man-made cause and effect).

    Moronic misleading Rush Limbaugh falsely broadcasts that: "Nothing man does changes Earth's temperature."

    It is not so much that Rush is just plain stupid - What is amazing is that gullible unobservant easily-fooled people believe him.


    Strange Attractor – A more-complex predictable harmonogram

    Strange Attractor –A more-complex predictable harmonogram

    If perturbations are injected into an oscillating system (like pushing a pendulum farther than it would normally swing, meteors, volcanoes, man-made Global Warming changes in greenhouse gas, urban heat islands, or deforestation), then the graphical figures appear to take on increasingly-chaotic complexity, BUT they will still be predictable, IF all of the forces, starting values, and underlying physics are fully understood (which is seldom completely true in complex chaotic systems).

    It now appears that the entire universe of firm objects (fermions), and all of the forces of Physics (bosons) are merely theoretical “superstrings” vibrating at different harmonic frequencies (which is conceptually similar to the electromagnetic-wave-frequency difference between red light and blue light).

    Superstring Theory Harmonic-Vibration Mathematical Model and The Weather

    Einstein accurately explained how an extremely-small amount of (fermion) mass can be converted into a large amount of (boson) energy in 1905 (e = mc2). The 18,000 ton USS Pennsylvania nuclear submarine has been running on one fist-sized amount of nuclear fuel since it was launched in 1988, without needing to refuel for over two decades.

    We still have much to learn about the Abundant Quantum Energy that is waiting for us for free from Nature. 20TH century nuclear fission gave us a small clue about the hidden potential. We have a workable theory, but we have yet to discover a clean, zero-health-hazard, zero-impact Quantum Energy Technology that does NOT damage Earth's delicate environment. Try to imagine what we may very-soon be able to do when we do learn even more about Living in Harmony with Nature. Scientists HOPE that research will eventually payoff with a huge ROI, but they've been wrong about fusion for 50 years. Until we learn more, safe, free-fuel solar, wind, geothermal, ocean currents and tide energy technologies are off-the-shelf today.

    The only difference between Mass and Energy is Speed (which is related to sub-atomic superstring harmonic frequency). When scientists say that quantum-scale particle movements are “random”, it just means that no human fully understands quantum physics well enough to predict sub-atomic movements with complete precision. They appear to pop in-and-out of different dimensions, which we do not yet fully understand. We don't even fully understand the physics of gravity, yet. We most-certainly do not understand "dark energy" (antigravity) which is making the expansion of the universe accelerate today.

    The devastating, inhumane, atomic bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (against suicidal foolish aggressors) each converted only about one gram of mass (roughly the weight of a dollar bill) into pure energy, by merely increasing its velocity relative to the speed of light times itself (e = mc2).


    Energy is the essence of existence, and superstring harmonics are the essence of energy

    The world’s largest man-made atomic bombs and nuclear power plants have yet to even begin to tap a tiny fraction of the potential of quantum energy superstring harmonics at Planck’s scale. The basis for this statement comes directly from the modern Big Bang Theory, wherein a single point (much smaller than an atom) appears to have released enough energy to create the very fabric of space-and-time of the ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE (about 13.7 billion years ago).

    Einstein's 1905 e = mc2 barely scratched the surface of understanding Universal Abundant Quantum Energy.

    Earth’s largest science experiment (the CERN Large Hadron Collider) hopes to unlock more knowledge about Big Bang Boson Harmonics very soon.

    Photo of one small section of the 17-mile CERN LHC circuit:

    small section of the 17-mile CERN LHC circuit

    The problem of man-made climate change involves extremely-complex (but predictable) dynamic-interaction physics mathematics, with many-more dimensions than a simple double-elliptical mechanical pendulum can model (or supercomputers can predict with complete precision). Weather and climate change are indeed scientifically complex and chaotic.

    When a scientifically-illiterate, EXTREMELY-CORRUPT politician OWNED by the fossil-fuel industry (like Senator Jim Inhofe), or Biased Bloviating Brain-Dead Devious Buffoons like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, emphatically state for a decade that “Global Warming is a Hoax”, and they somehow act like THEY know more about the subject than the kind of NASA scientists who successfully sent men to the moon, I PREFER TO BELIEVE THE SCIENTISTS, and laugh at the entrenched idiots who use their own scientific stupidity to try to irrationally publically contradict well-informed experts. They may be quite popular among their low-IQ uneducated faithful followers, BUT THESE BIASED BLOVIATING BUFFOONS ARE OBVIOUSLY JUST PLAIN WRONG.

    Political sophists are usually more articulate than nerdy / geeky scientists (like me), but that does NOT mean that they know more than the foremost scientific authorities in the field. Obama can read a Teleprompter, but can he solve our many crises? After the November 2010 election, Obama said that it is much easier to make campaign promises than it is to implement what you promised to get elected.

    Only 23% of Americans polled believe that our government is doing the right thing. So WHY do Americans keep reelecting so many idiots who contradict the very-best science available today? How can a scientific illiterate get away with contradicting the documented top experts in the field? AND, why is Rush Limbaugh the most-popular (and wealthiest) talk show host? Just because popular idiots pontificate, you do NOT have to listen or accept what they say. Develop Critical Thinking Skills. Learn How To Discern.

    Everyone has an opinion. Many are flat wrong. The ones that YOU believe will dramatically influence your personal future.

    Galileo Galilei is considered by most to be The Father of Modern Science. With his new telescope, he proved that the Earth is NOT the center of the Universe, and that the Earth rotates around the Sun. In 1616, the Catholic Church condemned his heliocentrism as "false and contrary to Scripture" (the same way modern idiots claim that "Global Warming is a Hoax"). The arrogant self-appointed religious leaders of Galileo’s day were TOTALLY WRONG, BUT their silly sophistry controlled the incorrect opinion of the entire church, the same way those who contradict overwhelming scientific facts are doing to this day.

    Galileo said: “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use” (but those who submit to leadership by idiots like the Evil Inquisition indeed already have).

    Throughout history, misinformed myopic mediocre majority opinion (that rejects the unfamiliar scientific TRUTH) has FREQUENTLY been flat wrong. The contemporaries of Columbus laughingly thought that he would surely sail off the edge of the flat Earth - They were FLAT WRONG. Some people STILL say that "Pictures of men walking on the moon are a hoax", because they had told others that such a trip was “impossible” before it happened (non-learning entities). Today's grade school children are taught that the spherical Earth rotates around the sun, and the names of men who walked on the moon.

    It is not hard to find 20% of any population who listen to advertisements and then buy cigarettes with health warning labels, or who believe an idiot’s outrageous lie that "Climate Change Is A Political Hoax." You can also find idiots who think Elvis is still alive, and that greedy unregulated untaxed capitalism is the way to run a country.

    Do YOU believe those who CREATED today’s energy, environment, and economic crises are correct, and leading us in the right direction? Or, are profiteering CEO's and corrupt politicians pursuing their own selfish greed? Will YOU ever buy another car that burns petroleum, or a house with conventional energy bills again? If you do then YOU are the source of our unsustainable path toward the inevitable Suicide of Humanity. Every dollar that you spend is an important vote for, or against, Living In Harmony With Nature.

    Sure, climate change DOES appear to be random chaos to the mediocre minded, BUT they apparently can't even read a thermometer, understand the change in CO2 ppm, or see the devastating impact that Global Warming is already having today.

    Don’t those who worship at the pulpits of Limbaugh, Beck, Inhofe, Cheney, Palin, and others have ANY powers of observation, or critical thinking skills at all? Apparently NOT!

    As energy research scientists with a track record of thirty years of eliminating utility bills with zero emissions, Zero Energy Design® believes our well-documented climatology peers. Do you believe ANY politician or talk show host alone could send you safely to the moon and back? Why do so many mental morons worship the words of Bloviating Brain-Dead Buffoons?

    The Bush / Cheney Administration tried to muzzle NASA scientist James E. Hansen when his Global Warming science contradicted the very-bad Bush energy policies trying to rapidly increase greenhouse gas emissions and INCREASE our subsidies to addictive dependence on coal, imported oil, natural gas, and catastrophic biofuels. For most of his two-term administration, Bush REFUSED to publish USA’s Global Warming scientific data, which his own scientists offered, and his Supreme Court demanded that he publish for all to see.

    New President Obama finally published the "Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States (2009)" that Bush / Cheney had withheld for most of their fossil-fuel-corrupted, SINISTER oil-related-war administration. Eventually, the Truth came out:

    Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States (2009) Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States

    The well-documented Scientific TRUTH provides overwhelming motivation for Emerald Eco-City, Zero Energy Design®. Partial reduction of man-made environmental pollution is Far Too Little, Far Too Late. We must have ZERO EMISSIONS.

    Just because our grandparents did stupid unsustainable things, does NOT mean that we can imitate them and continue to survive for very long. Unsustainable = Suicidal We have ignored all of the clear warning signs for over thirty years.

    Anything that MUST be reinvented is worth Completely Reinventing in Total Harmony with Nature.

    Science Is Provisional. Scientists make the best conclusions that we can, based on all data that we have available. When new technology (like the telescope, satellites, or DNA tests) become available, we must revise our scientific understanding of what Absolute Truth really is. Universal Truth does not change, BUT human understanding of it does.

    The Internet has greatly accelerated distribution of scientific data (and a lot of pure crap). Scientists must filter what others publish, but be very careful to NOT reject some critical things, just because they are new or different. We must learn how to discern.

    Partial solutions to today's unsustainable suicidal problems (especially compromises that accommodate devastating profiteering fossil fuel greed) are absolutely NOT an acceptable detour toward the holistic optimized required future solution.

    We must STOP BURNING ANYTHING: No wood, no coal, no oil, no gas, and especially no biofuels that deplete agricultural resources, and emit cancer-causing aldehydes. Man-made chaotic climate change is only controversial among those virulently-ignorant inDUHviduals who choose to ignore Scientific TRUTH. But what is true, and what is false "Common Knowledge?" Who will be the ultimate judge?

    Emerald Eco-City will clearly demonstrate for the entire world to see, that Zero Emissions is the most-cost-effective, sustainable, prosperous possible solution proposed by ANYONE so far. The Emerald Eco-City Wizard Of O.Z. Demands: Objective ZERO.

    Nothing less than the very-best we can do is SUSTAINABLE FOR OUR PRECIOUS GRANDCHILDREN.

    We must filter out the status-quo conventional misinformation, and fully-embrace modern superior science, just to survive.

    We must make burning ANYTHING far too expensive for anyone to afford anywhere around the world, when sunshine and wind are our FREE FUEL FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE. Emerald Eco-City will clearly demonstrate HOW to do it cost effectively.

    The evil Bush / Cheney unjustified oil-related war in Iraq helped increase our addiction to climate-changing fossil fuels. It drove UP oil price to the highest in history, while creating a billion new enemies of the U.S. It drove the burdensome debt we are passing on to our precious grandchildren over $13 Trillion, and blew a $15 Trillion hole in the U.S. economy in late 2008 / early 2009.

    The Obama Administration was elected by promising an agenda for CHANGE. Indeed they did. During the 2008 campaign, Barack matched McCain's promise to eliminate pork-barrel earmarks to balance the budget. During his first year in office, he became the corrupt Democrat Congress' puppet, and indiscriminately approved all of the 12,000+ pork-barrel earmarks that the Congress could not pass under Bush. The much-less fiscally responsible Democrats committed our innocent Grandchildren to billions of dollars of unnecessary debt, long after Obama leaves office. The 2010 mid-term elections demonstrated widespread voter disapproval.

    In 2009, Democrats committed to MORE NEW DEBT than the fiscally irresponsible Bush Administration did in FOUR YEARS. Gross mismanagement is NOT a partisan issue - BOTH sides accelerate unsustainability, and the suicide of humanity.

    This so aggravated the American public that it used up the political capital and good will that Obama started out with. The gridlock created by the Nov 2010 election guarantees that the long-overdue U.S. climate change legislation will not be passed in 2011-2012.

    The Copenhagen Climate Change conference proved that the World does NOT have the political will to avoid self-imposed suicide.

    Many misstatements and technical errors by Al Gore (who sets a terrible example in his own energy use) have done a bad disservice to the climate change cause, along with the Climategate lies by scientists, which fueled the flames of widespread opposition.

    Pendulum-Swing Climate Change is a complex scientific issue, which is understood by very few today. It has become deeply divisive and emotional, with most radical opinions based on nothing scientific at all.

    We can measure huge increases in greenhouse gases, that are directly related to Earth's population explosion (infestation). We can see the 50,000-to-100,000 acres of trees that are being killed by humans every day. And yet, pollution politics same-old-same-old status-quo prevails.


    Consider the possibility of a large meteor impact on Earth's climate

    Look at our Moon with your naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. No one can deny that it has many impact craters (old and new, large and small). Our Moon has no atmosphere to protect it from asteroids. It has no rain to erode the impact craters, and no vegetation to cover them up. The Moon is approximately 1 / 4 Earth's diameter and 1 / 50th of Earth's volume. It is only 60% of the density of Earth, and has only 1 / 80th of Earth's total mass.

    Earth’s higher-mass / larger-gravity attracts far more asteroids than our Moon has over its lifetime. Most small meteors burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. At night they are commonly called “shooting stars.” During predictable meteorite showers, they sometimes fall for hours only a few minutes apart – A beautiful sight indeed.

    In his popular "Rocky Mountain High", John Denver sang: "I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky."

    200 tons of small burnt meteors per day shower down on Earth in the form of fine cosmic dust or grain-of-sand-sized meteorites, which gradually increase Earth’s mass over millions of years.

    Larger meteors do not burn up in our atmosphere. Roughly 1100 pounds are found annually. Tons more meteorites fall into our oceans and unexplored areas.

    Recent meteor impacts in human history:

    June 30, 1908, multi-megaton Tunguska blast in Siberia

    Feb 12, 1947, Sikhote-Alin impact

    Aug 10, 1972, A very-bright daylight fireball appeared in the skies of the western United States and Canada. It was seen by a large number of people, most notably many camera-bearing tourists in the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier national parks. The trail was seen for 26 seconds. Its sonic booms indicated that it was within 40 miles – A VERY close encounter. It crossed 100 miles our atmosphere. IF it had impacted Earth, its estimated size of over 1000 tons would have created an explosion greater than the two atomic bombs that America dropped on Japan. 

    Oct 9, 1992, a widely-witnessed and photographed fireball broke into fragments with one hitting a car - netting the owner a tidy sum for both the car and the 26 pound meteorite.

    March 26, 2003, a meteor the size of a car broke apart in the upper atmosphere, showering debris all over the Chicago suburb of Park Forest - damaging 6 houses and 3 cars. More than 40 pounds of meteorite fragments were recovered.

    October, 2003 – A low-level meteor caused a sonic boom over Perth.

    June, 2004 – A one-pound meteor smashed through a residential tiled roof in Auckland.

    June, 2006 – A 200+ pound meteor slammed into a mountainside in Norway.

    February 2, 2010 – A huge unpredicted fireball lit up the Irish sky when a meteor struck the Earth at 100,000 mph.

    There is absolutely no doubt that meteors WILL continue to impact Earth in the future. The only questions are:
    (1) How Large, (2) When, (3) Where, and (4) How many people will eventually be killed?

    Occasionally, meteors larger than a house impact the Earth, like the 40,000-year-old, 4,000-foot-diameter,
    National Natural Landmark, Meteor Crater in Arizona.

    Large meteor impacts can release energy at levels that are much-greater than man-made atomic bombs. Huge meteor impacts can trigger devastating earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even geologic tectonic-plate movement.

    Large Earth Impact Craters that caused Significant Climate Changes and Life Extinction:

    Acraman crater in South Australia (56 mile diameter)

    Chesapeake Bay crater (56 mile diameter)

    Manicouagan Reservoir in Québec, Canada (62 mile diameter)

    Popigai crater in Russia (62 mile diameter)

    Yucatán Chicxulub Crater (106 mile diameter dinosaur killer - 65 million years ago)

    Sudbury Basin in Ontario, Canada (155 mile diameter)

    Vredefort Crater in South Africa (186 mile diameter)

    Older Earth impact craters have eroded away and been covered by sediments, oceans or vegetation.

    One of several plausible theories about the creation of our Moon is that its material may have been ejected after a Mars-sized object impacted ancient Earth, in what is now the Pacific Ocean Basin / Ring Of Fire. This may have led to the separation of North-and-South America from the European and African continents, which is continuing slowly at the mid-Atlantic rift to this very day. The Hawaiian Islands are still being formed today over a hot spot, that may have been the center of the meteor impact that created the Pacific Ocean Basin. The huge meteor that may have created our Moon may have also set in motion the eastward Pacific plate tectonics that eventually caused the North American Rocky Mountain upbuldge much later in Earth's geologic history.

    The Australian continent is still moving about 5 inches per year. Something very large sets continents in motion.

    The rocks at the bottom of the Grand Canyon are thought to be nearly two billion years old. The Grand Canyon layers document dramatic changes and mountainous upheavals that were caused by forces much greater than all of today's man-made atomic bombs put together. Some of today's tallest mountains have sea shell fossils near the top.

    Earth's geology and climate are very dynamic and constantly changing. Homo Sapiens have only seen a tiny part of it.

    65-million-years-ago a 6-mile-wide meteor impacted Earth off of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, which wiped out vegetation and dinosaurs, making room for the eventual evolution of modern plants, mammals and hominids. The fossil record is very clear. A thin layer of rare iridium was deposited around the world when it happened. For millions of years above the iridium layer there is a significant reduction in plant and animal life in the fossil record. The appearance of new life forms after such an
    impact is a very-slow natural process.

    Have you heard about 99942 Apophis N.E.O.?

    The U.S. Congress IS concerned about the possibility of a 21ST century life-extinguishing meteor impact on Earth. In 1998, they funded NASA’s Near Earth Object (NEO) Program for early detection of larger asteroids that have the potential of impacting the Earth in a devastating way.

    In 2004, they found 99942 Apophis. It is 1,080 feet wide, and was initially calculated to have a 2.7% chance of impacting Earth in 2029. An Earth impact could instantly wipe out an area the size of the NYC island of Manhattan, potentially killing many millions of humans and altering worldwide climate for an extended period of time, depending on the impact point.

    The Earth is about 93 million miles from the Sun. The irregular orbit of 99942 Apophis has recently been within 17 million miles from Earth, and it is getting closer to us with recent orbits around the sun.

    Additional studies have refined the early estimates. It is now predicted that on Friday, April 13, 2029, 99942 Apophis will pass within 4.6 Earth-radii from the surface of our blue planet, over the mid-Atlantic. To the naked eye it will appear as a bright point of light moving rapidly across the sky. Depending on its exact composition, it may experience shape or spin alteration, due to Earth's gravity.

    It will pass closer to the Earth than our heavily-populated geosynchronous satellite zone, at a plane that is inclined at 40 degrees to Earth's equator.

    In 2013, 99942 Apophis will be close enough for more-accurate radar measurements of its trajectory. This fly by will allow further refinements of our impact-possibility predictions.

    If it just misses Earth (as currently predicted) in 2029, it will again cross our orbit on Easter Sunday April 13, 2036.

    The Earth near-miss in 2029 will alter its orbit, as will solar winds, etc. Many astronomical eventualities are still beyond totally-precise scientific prediction. An Earth impact IS possible in 2029 or 2036. How old will your children be?

    NASA’s Near Earth Object Program hopes to document 90% of predictable NEO’s. 6500 Near Earth Asteroids have been discovered and are being monitored so far.

    NEOs between 300 and 1000 meters in diameter are the most numerous. Smaller more-distant asteroids are harder to detect. Larger, nearer ones are more rare. A high-velocity impact with a larger NEO will release more energy in an instant than the sum total of all man-made nuclear bombs combined, dramatically altering climate and life on Earth.

    Near Earth Asteroids

    NASA's Near Earth Object Program has documented 1168 known “Potentially Hazardous Asteroids” (PHAs) that are orbiting our Sun. They are defined as being over 500 feet in diameter, with an orbital path that will bring them less than 5 million miles from Earth. PHAs that are currently beyond the orbit of our Sun are more difficult to identify and predict.

    The Hubble Telescope can now observe entire solar systems catastrophically colliding near the crowded center of our Milky Way. Our galaxy is cluttered with the high-speed remains of destroyed stars and planets, as new solar systems are continually being majestically born.

    The “potential hazard” of a PHA does not necessarily mean that a particular object will impact the Earth in the near future. It merely means that there is a statistical possibility, (+/- a margin of error). We have a clear geologic record that such impacts HAVE happened many times in recent Earth history, with significant consequences for worldwide climate and the life forms on our delicate planet Earth.

    When asteroids collide with each other, both of their trajectories are altered. When an asteroid passes through the gravity field of a planet or the Sun, its path will also change - sometimes accelerating greatly like a slingshot. (For decades, we have used this principle to send remote-sensing spacecraft to other planets in our solar system.)

    By monitoring PHAs and updating their orbits when new observations become available, we can better predict close-approach statistics and the PHA threat to life on Earth as we know it.

    IF we can predict a higher-probability Earth impact, there are expensive things that we may be able to do to mitigate the risk. It would be a great tragedy if we fail to use high-cost state-of-the-art technology to detect and avoid the loss of millions of lives (or possibly all of humanity).

    The key is to have multiple years of warning that a catastrophic Earth impact is likely, which is the economic justification for America’s current investment in NASA’s Near Earth Object Program. When the moment arrives, we will have to act quickly and decisively - There will be no time for argumentative religion or partisan politics - We MUST believe our best scientists - There will be NO room for arguing with bloviating buffoons who call it a political hoax. The frightening thing is that many of our best scientific warnings (climate change, smoking, etc.) are being ignored today. Will we just "wait and see" if humanity is wiped out, when we might have been able to prevent it?

    How much is it worth to avoid the annihilation of humanity? Many religions foretell such an apocalyptic event. No one can reasonably deny that the potential hazard does exist (although there are insane idiots who preach that we should reduce NASA’s budget to zero). If you do or do not believe that read our Hypothetical Life Extinction Parable

    When Benjamin Franklin invented the “lightening rod”, there were many in the church (including Rev. Thomas Prince, pastor of Old South Church) who objected because the lightening rod prevented an Act of God from punishing bad people with fire from the sky.

    It is interesting to note that before Franklin’s invention, thousands of church steeples were set on fire, and hundreds of bell ringers were killed, by lightening. How foolish it seems to us today for them to have fought against deadly lightening risk reduction, but such is the well-documented nature of non-learning autocratic dogmatic leaders of multitudes of myopic mediocre minds with no powers of observation or critical thinking skills. It is like the Evil Inquisition that persecuted Galileo (and murdered many others) or the early-American government murders of innocent people for practicing witchcraft.

    Some modern religious zealots object to NASA’s Near Earth Object Program on similar grounds that it would prevent God from punishing evil people and bringing about the end of most humans (as in the story of Noah’s Ark where sea level rose an unbelievable 28,000 feet in 40 days to cover all of Earth’s great mountains). How foolish it seems that many of these same non-learning conservative zealots think that man’s disregard for Nature will not cause sea level to rise enough to flood our coastal cities worldwide. (The Mantra of Myopic Mediocre Minds: Drill Baby Drill, Mine Baby Mine, which mean: Kill Babies Kill)

    Representative John Boehner said that passage of health care reform would be "Armageddon" and result in the end of America. We certainly hope a majority of rational voters will learn that John is truly a badly-corrupted political liar and fool’s fool, but the November 2010 election proved what fools most pendulum-swing knee-jerk voters really are.

    The end of humanity in the 21ST century is possible, but NOT because of lightening rods, 28,000 foot sea level rise, or because we provide compassionate universal health care to all innocent children. We should ALL fight to protect the precious lives of the born, as well as the unborn, in harmony with Nature.

    The 2010 Heath Care Reform bill was a terrible piece of expensive legislation - loaded with pork, corruption, and bureaucratic overhead. HOWEVER, denial of basic heath care for ANY reason in a prosperous nation is genocidal sinister evil of the worst kind. How can Godly people believe that it is better to deny heath coverage to children, due to pre-existing medical conditions, etc.? How can religious conservatives fight so very hard to support greedy high-profit health insurance companies who ration care and deny affordable coverage to tens of millions of legal American citizens? These same fools accept pervasive political lies that climate change is a hoax.

    "You can't convince a believer of anything - their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep seated need to believe." - Dr. Carl Sagan . . . Fanatical religious fundamentalists (al Qaeda, etc.) preach to, and pray upon, the insecurity of believers. When belief is based entirely on faith in a flawed preacher, then people can be easily convinced to believe obvious dumb lies. Intelligent people know WHY they believe what they believe: provable science versus fairy tales. Do YOU believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or the endless lies preached by foolish Glenn Beck

    Some people will always prefer to die a dramatic death, or to kill others, rather than change their non-learning obsolete mind, or admit the Truth of proven science. There will always be those who will persecute the next confrontational Galileo, and want to murder imagined witches. You cannot change the mind of anyone who's entrenched belief system has no basis in fact.

    "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." - Albert Einstein's joke (chuckle)

    Scientists MUST keep an open mind. The below-average and mediocre majority must learn to at least listen to scientific reason, and filter out pervasive political lies and obvious greedy unsustainable corruption. When another killer asteroid is proven to be on a collision course toward Earth with a high degree of certainty, we must completely trust NASA scientists or DIE.

    "In God We Trust", but we now put lightening rods on church steeples. We must not forgo the use of our God-given brain. If you do not have a clue how lightening or a lightening rod works, then you need to trust Ben Franklin's electricity research.

    The survival of humanity on Earth depends on our ability to overcome foolish unscientific suicidal resistance to change, and to use our God-given sense, reason and intellect to solve our many predictable potential problems in a sustainable way, in HARMONY with what we are able to learn about the Universal Laws of God’s Creation.

    The more we learn about Nature, the better we will be able to predict our future and take appropriate remedial action. NASA’s Near Earth Object Program is similar to the radical rethinking that we need NOW to deal with our predictable man-made Global Warming Climate Change trend. A fifteen-year future solution will be far too little, far too late, especially when Zero Energy Design® was demonstrated OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO.

    “Lifelong learning in an ever-expanding universe of endless possibilities” TM


    Large meteor impacts do change Earth’s climate, the same way
    that large Volcanic Eruptions have done in human history:

    Vesuvius – In 79 AD, Mt. Vesuvius burned and buried the city of Pompeii (near modern Naples Italy) under 66 feet of fiery ash. Pompeii was accidentally rediscovered in 1592. Its excavation has provided detailed insight into life at the height of the Roman Empire. We do not have accurate human records of the impact that it must have had on worldwide climate, but we can make inferences from more-recent well-documented large volcanic eruptions:

    Laki - Eastern USA recorded the lowest-ever winter average temperature in 1783-84 - nearly 9 degrees F below the 225-year average. Europe also experienced an abnormally severe winter. Benjamin Franklin suggested that these cold conditions resulted from the blocking out of sunlight by dust and gases created by the 1783 Iceland Laki volcano eruption. It was the largest outpouring of basalt lava in recorded human history. Franklin's hypothesis is still consistent with modern scientific theory, which suggests that large volumes of sulfur dioxide are the main reason for volcanic haze-effect Global Cooling.

    Another Iceland volcano began to erupt on March 20, 2010, after being dormant for 200 years. On April 14, volcanic ash clouds forced 17,000 scheduled flights to be canceled per day from Europe to India - costing international airlines over a Billion U.S. dollars in lost revenue. No geophysicist can predict how extensive such eruptions will be over the next few years. They might be worse than the 1783-84 Laki "year without a summer." After the ash and dust settle, the emitted greenhouse gases might cause 20 years of global warming. CO2 remains in the atmosphere for about 100 years. In 1785 atmospheric CO2 was only about 270 ppm. The significant difference today is that CO2 is over 392 ppm and rising .6% per year. If the Iceland volcano eruption continues for very long, the greenhouse gas emissions will be added to our existing man-made global warming impact, which may trigger a serious worldwide life extinction event very soon. We know for certain it has happened in the past. A similar global cooling followed by global warming event wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

    Tambora - Thirty years after Laki, the 1815 eruption of Mt. Tambora, Indonesia, resulted in an extremely-cold spring and summer in 1816, which became known as “the year without a summer.” The Tambora eruption is believed to be the largest of the last ten thousand years. New England and Europe were hit exceptionally hard. Snowfalls and frost occurred in June, July and August. All but the hardiest grains were destroyed. Loss of the corn crop forced farmers to slaughter their animals. Soup kitchens were opened to feed the hungry. Dangerous sea ice migrated across Atlantic shipping lanes, and alpine glaciers advanced down mountain slopes to exceptionally low elevations.

    Krakatau - Eruption of this Indonesian volcano in August 1883 generated twenty times the volume of tephra (dust, ashes and pumice) released by the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. Krakatau was the second-largest eruption in human history, dwarfed only by the eruption of neighboring Tambora. For months after the Krakatau eruption, the world experienced unseasonably cool weather, brilliant sunsets, and prolonged twilights due to the spread of aerosols throughout the stratosphere. The brilliant sunsets are typical of atmospheric haze. The unusual and prolonged sunsets generated considerable contemporary debate about their origin. They also provided inspiration for artists who depicted the vibrant nature of the sunsets.

    Pinatubo - Erupted in the Philippines on June 15, 1991, and one month later Mt. Hudson in southern Chile also erupted. The Mt. Pinatubo eruption produced the largest sulfur dioxide cloud in this century. The combined aerosol plume of Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Hudson diffused around the globe in a matter of months. The data collected after these eruptions show that mean world temperatures decreased more 2 degrees F over the next two years. This cooling effect was welcomed by many climate scientists who saw it as a temporary counter-balance to man-made Global Warming.

    March 2010 volcano eruptions in Iceland and Montserrat may be precursors of more-significant, imminent, climate-changing events. Our very-best scientific volcanologists cannot predict such things with certainty. Geologic processes are chaotically complex. Earth-changing dynamics are clearly ongoing today and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

    The initial climatic response to the atmospheric tephra ejected from a large volcanic eruption is to shade the Earth and cool it for months, or sometimes for more than a year. But eventually, the heavy solid materials settle down and the skies clear.

    However, when a large quantity of carbon dioxide gas is emitted, it can stay in our delicate troposphere for a century and have a long-term Global Warming impact, after the tephra shade has cleared. It is believed that this is what happened following the huge volcanic eruption in Siberia 251 million years ago. It apparently caused worldwide air-and-water temperature to RISE several degrees, and methane to be released from the ocean floor, which ignited the atmosphere and killed 90% of the plants and animals on Earth in The Great Extinction Event, as suggested in our worldwide geologic fossil record.

    Our ability to accurately scientifically predict climate-changing volcanic and meteor-impact events is not absolutely precise, but we know for certain that they have happened in the past, and that they will continue to cause pendulum-swing worldwide climate changes in the foreseeable future.

    One alarming issue today is that in the last 150 years, human activities have caused a very-rapid, large increase in greenhouse gases (CO2 from 270 ppm to 392 ppm). CO2 is now increasing at .6% PER YEAR. When these frightening factors are ADDED to the next large volcanic eruption or meteor impact, they may cause a more-significant 21st-century life-extinction event than would have happened before the modern industrial-age build up of man-made greenhouse gases and deforestation.

    Human activities may predictably make our climate-change pendulum swing even farther out of balance than it normally would. The unprecedented human impact on Earth’s delicate environmental equilibrium is difficult to forecast with accuracy, since humans have never lived through such rapid Global Warming circumstances before.

    We can measure small incremental temperature, windstorm, sea-level, and polar-ice changes today. But, a large meteor, mega-volcano eruption, or huge oceanic methane release could be at least as cataclysmic as similar events are thought to have been in Earth’s well-documented pre-human geologic and paleoclimatic history.

    Mankind may be accelerating the onset of a catastrophe, or amplifying its potential severity. At any rate, our countless current unsustainable lifestyle choices have launched our children on many different paths that all converge at the eventual predictable Suicide of Humanity. Ignoring these well-documented scientific facts does not make them any less true.

    The above changes have been taking place since long before humans first appeared in the fossil record. Many climate changes are not man made. However, man's current actions are aggravating many natural chaotic climate change influences.

    Earth's climate has ALWAYS been changing for many natural reasons, long before Homo Sapiens.No one can honestly claim that climate change is a political hoax. It is very complex, and not well understood. One remaining question is: How much of the recent worldwide climate changes are the result of man's activities?


    Patriots must take a noble stand and protect their children against government-and-corporate corruption,
    and the total misunderstanding of Man-Made Pendulum-Swing Climate Change

    Abundant Energy In Harmony With Nature(R)

    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

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