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    Description: Suicide is the tenth-leading cause of death worldwide – Unsustainable lifestyle choices are about to greatly increase the rate of the “Suicide of Humanity”

    Suicide is the voluntary (avoidable) killing of oneself. The most common causes include mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, inability to deal with chronic pain, and the use of depressing alcohol and drugs (legal or not).

    Self-imposed gross financial mismanagement and misguided suicidal religious insanity / brainwashing are other growing causes.

    There are an estimated 20 million suicide attempts every year, with a million of them successful. Many are attempted by children.

    Suicide is often the final act of a wasted life of many bad habits.

    Abraham Lincoln, age 28, January 27, 1838 (23 years before the 1861 Civil war), Springfield, Illinois:

    “At what point shall we expect the approach of danger?

    “By what means shall we fortify against it?

    “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!

    “All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth in their military chest;
    with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge,
    in a trial of a thousand years.

    “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected?

    “I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad.

    “If DESTRUCTION be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.

    “As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or DIE BY SUICIDE.”

    No external force will defeat the American spirit, BUT, we may very well commit suicide.

    Suicidal Democracy

    God-centered theocracies have survived and thrived for thousand of years of human society.

    Democracy is a social experiment that has rarely lasted more than two centuries before.
    When the majority learns that they may vote themselves largess from the public purse, then
    corrupt partisan politicians begin to divide the nation with unsustainable false promises.

    Most shortsighted pandering to the majority is nothing but a preposterous Ponzi scheme.
    It does not matter if it is sold by Bernie Madoff, or the President of USA - IT STILL MUST FAIL.

    Retired people are one of the most influential voting blocks in America. They have voted
    themselves largess from the public purse, which is a huge growing burden on young people.
    Politicians can NOT get elected or keep public office if they offend the self-serving AARP.

    Medicare patients have voted themselves three times more in benefits than they pay in over a lifetime.
    Where must these funds come from? Young people now pay $80,000 to subsidize old people, and, it will
    rapidly get much worst in the 2010's, as selfish short-sighted Baby Boomers retire on the public purse.

    Do former Wall Street executives who received $20 million a year in taxpayer-funded bailouts need Social Security and Medicare benefits from young people, when they retire? Democratic laws say that even America's billionaires are entitled to these benefits, which reduces funding for disabled brave war veterans. There is very little about a selfish, godless, mediocrity-rules democracy that can begin to be considered "fair."

    Social Security and Medicare are huge Ponzi scheme burdens on young taxpayers. Generation X can NOT possibly receive the benefits that they must pay Baby Boomers. These social entitlement programs are VERY actuarially-unsound, Unsustainable Criminal Ponzi Schemes, which SHOULD be illegal. As Baby Boomers retire in the 2010's, the ratio of pay-outs versus pay-ins will surely bankrupt USA's public purse very soon, for the exact same reason that Bernie Madoff will spend the rest of his wicked life in prison. Who should our young generation victims send to jail for bankrupting their Social Security and Medicare benefits?

    The false promises that pandering partisan politicians make in order to get elected cannot possibly come true. Politicians must be obfuscational opaque LIARS to win widespread public support for mutually-exclusive promises. Social Security and Medicare MUST soon go bankrupt. We are headed toward a cliff with our foolish foot on the gas.

    20% of Americans stupidly smoke. 31% of Republicans falsely believe lies that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya. Voluntary virulent ignorance, with no basis in fact or Truth, dominates double-dumb declining democracies.

    At the current rate, Alzheimer's disease alone (from Baby Boomer bad drug abuse, and poor lifestyle habits) will consume the entire current Medicare budget, leaving nothing for future generations. Half of the Medicare budget is now being spent on the last six months of low-quality life. It is a serious crime in America to assist a terminal patient in great pain to voluntarily die with dignity. We already have medical "death squads" in place that deny expensive things (like organ transplants) to those who need them. Healthcare is very corrupt, mismanaged, and permeated with fraud and abuse. Medical expenses are increasing much faster than personal income.

    There are much better off-the-shelf 1980's ways (like electronic health history), but intransigent status quo dominates.

    This clear trend is without a doubt obviously unsustainable for long, but ignored by doctors and insecure politicians.

    Corrupt legislators stole the Social Security Trust Fund for their re-election pork barrel projects, and voters keep reelecting these blatantly-corrupt criminal thieves.

    Democratic experiments almost always fail due to Suicidal Selfish Fiscal Irresponsibility. Doing what is easy politically, instead of what is sustainable, is without a doubt deadly.

    In human populations, the majority is made up of a combination of easily-manipulated, mediocre myopic minds, and below-average inDUHviduals who lack Critical Thinking Skills. They vote to perpetuate many things that are clearly irresponsible AND unsustainable. Pandering to selfish poor people is a primary plague of all democratic forms of government.

    Fools give their brains to corrupt mental manipulators who teach them WHAT to think, not HOW to think intelligently for themselves. The majority have very little sales resistance and do not know how to "learn to discern" what is good and sustainable, from that which is clearly selfish sinister suicide.

    Political pandering to the majority has always resulted in a collective march toward self-extinction, especially among arrogant ethnocentric non-learning virulently-ignorant mediocre myopic minds that refuse to accept Proven Scientific Facts about their poor lifestyle choices and government.

    The lasting great religions of the world are NOT democracies (ruled by the selfish desires of the mediocre majority).

    Theocratic religions last thousands of years. No godless democracy has ever lasted so long in the history of humanity.

    In hindsight, partisan democracies usually catastrophically collapse by their own internal selfish suicidal behaviors. No external terrorist group needs to attack us, when our democracy is on the verge of destroying ourselves from within. It almost happened during the Civil War over slavery. We are in far more serious suicidal peril from internal tyranny today.

    Can we learn anything about tomorrow by looking at the consistent history of self-centered suicidal humanity ?

    The July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence of the United States of America was clearly based on “the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God.”

    USA can only endure so long as we adhere to the never-changing Universal Laws of Nature, and avoid selfish behavior that leads to suicide.

    United We Stand. Divided we commit self-destructive suicide. Our unity must be based on Nature’s Never-Ending Laws.

    The Universal Laws of Nature are timeless and eternal. UNSUSTAINABLE self-serving populist behavior is suicide.

    How can any political group claim to be "Pro Life" (no exceptions to "Thou shalt not kill") and also "Pro Guns" and "Pro War"? In a rational national debate, you can win by getting your opponents to contradict themselves, but NOT in irrational partisan politics, where constant self-contradiction is the never-ending maniacal norm. Anti-Peace warmongers (like Hitler, bin Laden, and Cheney) are popular among imbecilic religious fanatics, with no critical thinking skills.

    Only insane fools would support a bald-faced liar who fabricates false facts about non-existent weapons of mass destruction to manipulate the mediocre majority to enter into a suicidal unjustified preemptive war to gain control of unsustainable foreign oil ! And yet, Dick Cheney insists that he made no mistakes, and fools still pay to hear him take credit for his wicked war to prevent war.

    Isaiah prophesied the coming of the Prince of Peace. A host of heavenly angles proclaimed: "Tidings of Great Joy ... Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men." The Prince demonstrated peaceful brotherly love, compassion and self sacrifice. The established Anti-Peace religious leaders that the Prince of Peace came to save hated Him and the threat that He posed to their profitable wealthy exploitation of the mindless mediocre majority of those who tithe. The preachers of false doctrine persecuted the Prince of Peace unto painful death on the cross, where He selflessly prayed: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." His death is the salvation of millions.

    No one who claims to be led by The Prince of Peace can sanely rationalize supporting unjustified preemptive dishonest deadly war, or those who covet the many machines that can be thoughtlessly used to kill those who disagree with them.

    Insane Suicide Throughout The Ages

    During the Japanese Samurai era, Seppuku was respected as a maximum-pain means of atonement for failure, or as a form of protest. Young Japanese pilots were trained to be self-destructive Kamikazes to kill Americans during the terrible second world war.

    In the 20th century, self-immolation (perhaps the MOST painful way to die) emerged as a form of political protest.

    Throughout history, evil old men have trained young soldiers to commit suicide for their ethnocentric nationalistic political beliefs, such as al Qaeda’s USA attack on 9/11/2001.

    An alarming 90% of today’s Taliban-trained suicidal terrorists are 12 to 18 years old – brainwashed to believe that they will be rewarded for cold-blooded killing of innocent non-combatant women and children by any means. BEFORE teaching young people to commit suicide, perhaps these outrageous extremely-evil old men should go into a cave and quietly end their own lives.

    CNN: Taliban School Training Suicide Bomber Children To Be Live Ammunition

    Taliban School Training Suicide Bomber Children To Be Live Ammunition

    In stark contrast, Judaism, Christianity AND true Islam all consider suicide a SIN Against God, due to the sanctity of God-given life, and God’s Commandment:“Thou shall not kill” (others OR oneself). When terrorist extremists teach suicidal killing as a virtue, they badly corrupt and violate the most-fundamental foundation of MOST religious faiths.

    Is suicide a "scalable" sustainable long-term social strategy? HELL NO! Suppose ALL children were raised by evil men to believe that suicidal terrorism to kill innocent women and infants is an honorable act that will be greatly rewarded afterward. It most certainly would not take very long to EXTERMINATE ALL HUMANS ON EARTH. Why can't suicidal extremists see this unbelievable insanity for what it really is? It HURTS to set your underwear on fire! Do young people have no imagination at all?

    Is a social strategy based on American-style nuclear weapons scalable to all nations? If all existing and near-future worldwide nuclear weapons are detonated in a short period of time in "Mutually Assured Destruction" (MAD), all that may be left of life on Earth might be some cockroaches and bacteria hidden deep underground. SUICIDE IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT SCALABLE !

    "A country cannot simultaneously prepare and prevent war." - Albert Einstein

    The ONLY way to ensure that nuclear weapons of mass destruction will NOT by used in the 21ST Century is to eliminate them all.

    It will now cost us far more to eliminate suicidal MAD weapons of mass destruction than it cost us to invent and build them.

    "I know not with what weapons WW III will be fought, but WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones." - Albert Einstein

    Earth's most-successful religious movements have been based on scalable, sustainable belief systems, NOT on death and destruction.

    The world would be a much better place today IF there were more love, kindness, universal consciousness, and living in harmony with Nature.

    If EVERYONE obeyed the Commandment to NOT KILL, there would be far less human pain and suffering today.

    Which one of the four words: "Thou shalt not kill" do vengeful, murderous, ethnocentric religious-and-government leaders not understand?

    Did the Ten Commandments allow any room at all for "Acceptable Collateral Damage" of innocent non-combatants?

    In 2010, the internationally-famous popular Islamic scholar Tahir ul-Qadri issued a 600-page fatwa (judgment) against suicidal terrorism. Many other Islamic scholars have published similar writings in the past, but Dr. Qadri made it very clear that those EVIL FANATICS who practice and teach terrorism are destined for eternal torment in hellfire damnation, NOT A REWARD. There is NO religious justification for acts of indiscriminate terrorism against the innocent in all of Islam, or most other religions.

    If the Taliban and al Qaeda leaders (from Osama on down) truly believe that suicide is honorable, then let THEM put on explosive underwear, crawl into a small private cave, and accelerate their path toward what Allah has prepared for them with a flaming big bang, INSTEAD OF TEACHING CHILDREN TO KILL THEMSELVES AND INNOCENT OTHERS.

    We must become totally intolerant of all forms of hatred, terrorism and violence against the innocent.

    Killing does NOT end killing. War does NOT prevent war.
    Hitler invented "War to prevent war."
    Dick Cheney used the same idea to justify his immoral unprecedented preemptive O.I.L. war in Iraq.

    Diverse conflicting feelings about suicide have been influenced by broader cultural views on existential themes such as religion, honor, patriotism, and the very meaning of life. Were we placed here on Earth to kill ourselves and others?

    Some believe that death is the separation of our mortal finite body from the immortal timeless SOUL. Sati is a condoned Hindu practice in which a widow burns herself to death on her husband’s funeral pyre (to be with her mate’s SOUL in eternity).

    Humans have “free will.” We appear to be able to make whatever mortal lifestyle choices that we want, and that our lifestyle influences our future on Earth (and possibly beyond). Many religions teach that the place and the way our SOUL will spend the rest of eternity depends largely on the free-will lifestyle that we choose while we are here on Earth.

    Some even believe that suicide is an Unforgivable SIN, since after we are dead we may no longer be able to repent or be forgiven for the things that we did in life. This is obviously a controversial morality issue, but most humans do believe that teaching children to murder innocent people by committing suicide is a very-serious sin indeed that will condemn the SOUL to an eternity of torment in a painful place that was especially prepared just for them by God. Throughout human history, only extremely-evil fools have believed that there will be no ultimate price to be paid for any kind of sin at all.

    Is it a sin to dispatch people who teach children to kill others by committing suicide to the well-deserved fate of their eternal SOUL? The subjective answer depends on your religious culture and ethnocentric nationalistic militaristic views.

    There is a curious quote in the fictitious "Batman Begins" movie. Bruce Wayne says to the arch villain Ra's al Ghul: "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you." In a suicidal world where we cannot save everyone, we must be selective.

    Suppose we have developed and deployed the large-scale cost-effective technology required for Emerald Eco-City. Will we be morally bound to share it with murderous villains who have declared war against us, and who teach their own children to be suicidal terrorists, killing innocent women and infants? NO ONE will be allowed within miles of our Eco-Cities unless they have a reservation invitation, which requires a background check and passing E-Verify. Our city will NOT be crowded with criminals. They will NOT have physical access to our many benefits or knowledge.

    We will gladly share all of the lessons we learn with those who embrace our desire to live in complete harmony with Nature. We will use state-of-the-art biometric security systems to keep those who do not far away. We hope that our bountiful God-given global generosity will help turn old enemies into new lifelong collaborators, partners and good friends. It will be their own choice, not our human judgment.

    We believe that there will be no scalable sustainable way for humans to survive without our (Noah's Ark) Nature-first focus. Those who refuse to accept the Absolute Scientific TRUTH about natural laws may have no future choice but self annihilation. We will not need to use violent means to kill enemies, but we do NOT need to save them from their own suicidal self destruction. Free-will humans make a great many choices. Evil choices should have very-serious self-imposed consequences.

    Man-made laws are often inconsistent and corrupt. BUT, the Universal Laws of Nature (like gravity, cannot be violated.

    The Creator of the Universe is NOT capricious or arbitrary, BUT human cultures and ethnocentric religions obviously are.

    If you put 100 religious people in a room and find a question on which no two of them agree, then at least 99 are WRONG, and all 100 may think that they are the only one who is correct. When 100 people say that all others are wrong, then outside observers have very-good reason (in this one case) to believe them ALL.

    "That they all may be one . . . that the world may believe" - John 17:21 "Thou shalt not kill" should be believed by everyone.

    Is it a serious sin to assist the reduced-pain suicide of someone who really wants to die after living a "good" productive life? In America, it is a felony, for which compassionate Dr. Jack Kevorkian (who supports euthanasia) was sentenced to prison in 1999 for “second-degree murder.” Is it also murder to disconnect artificial life support from one who is clearly brain dead? Does it make a difference that they previously signed a Do Not Resuscitate, Living Will? The answer is subjective and arbitrary.

    There is one disease that is always fatal: "Being Born."

    Exactly how and when we die is the subject of great controversy. In overpopulated, poorly-educated, starving nations, the value of human life seems to be very low indeed - Not so in the USA.

    Self-sacrifice for other(s) is usually NOT called suicide, since the goal is not to kill oneself but to save loved ones. Those whose own precious life was saved by someone who died for their sake should most definitely agree. Our nation owes a deep debt of gratitude to our many brave-and-patriotic heroes over hundreds of years. How do you think they will spend eternity?

    The New Testament teaches Christians that Jesus allowed evil men to put him to death on a cross, NOT because he wanted to die such a painful death, but as a self-sacrifice so others could live an eternity in harmony with God. "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13 - It was NOT suicide. Jesus did NOT teach others to commit suicide, (although countless Christians have suffered greatly in his name).

    Hundreds of years after Jesus' death on the cross, Greeks and Romans carried his SCALABLE message to the Western world, (although there were many bad bumps along the way). There are no necessary evils inherent in most religions, BUT, there is often great evil in the ABUSE of dictatorial religious authority, as al Qaeda clearly demonstrates today, and many others have done throughout history, like those in the Roman church who committed many misguided murders during the Evil Inquisition.

    When old men send young draftees, or volunteer honorable-patriot soldiers, into harm’s way, they know for certain that many will die. There were 6,600 American casualties alone on the Normandy beach on D Day June 5, 1944. It was the key turning point of WW II. Do you think patriotic self-sacrificing D Day participants were suicidal? They have rightfully been called our “Greatest Generation.” May God’s everlasting love be with them all, throughout eternity. Our nation needs more TRUE HEROES.

    There have been over 30,000 American casualties in Dick Cheney’s unjustified oil-related-war in Iraq, which was based on his well-publicized fabricated lies about non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction. Iraq War has lasted much longer than WW II. It has NOT ended terrorism or violence in the region. It did NOT lower the price of petroleum. It did make oil men much richer.

    Is it fair to call sending soldiers (who do NOT want to die) into harm’s way “suicide imposed on others”? Most people have a deep emotional response to this question, for very-good reason. EVIL POLITICIANS should be prepared to DIE FIRST before sending young innocent honorable patriots to their painful death.

    Is it fair to say that the over 20% of American parents who teach their children to smoke ANYTHING are “imposing suicide on their children”? Most definitely so. They teach the innocent to ignore scientific warnings.

    What about obesity? America is by far the fattest nation on Earth. Two thirds of Americans are overweight. Ugly excess body fat leads to many diseases and deadly health complications like: diabetes, heart failure, brain strokes, certain types of cancer, amputations, blindness, and multiple internal organ failures – greatly increasing pain, suffering, depression, loneliness, national healthcare costs, burden on loved ones, AND early avoidable death.

    Are American parents insanely imposing “suicide by obesity” on their own precious children? We think so.

    Sadly, USA obesity is statistically worse among the poor and the ignorant. Federal-and-state-subsidized food and school lunch programs TEACH suicidal eating habits. We need to focus on improved education in support of DISEASE PREVENTION, such as Not Smoking ANYTHING, Proper Nutrition, Safe Food, and Healthy / Fun Exercise for Everyone.

    When your children watch you fill up your inefficient SUV with expensive foreign gasoline, are you teaching them a sustainable lifestyle? Absolutely NOT! We must radically reinvent transportation with safe, clean, free-fuel electricity.

    What about when you light a fire in your fireplace? You are teaching your offspring that there is nothing wrong with cutting down forests and polluting the air that we must all have to survive. Fireplaces suck conditioned air out of your house, making other rooms colder. They increase your utility bills, and negatively impact our delicate environment.

    How about when you live in a house made by killing trees, with beautiful wooden furniture, cabinets, and maybe even wooden floors? Are many of our traditions very-bad things to do? What about inefficient incandescent Christmas lights?

    Do you make your children use paper books? Do you read and write on paper in the electronic age in front of your kids? With wood and paper, parents teach the fertile minds of those who imitate them the Unsustainable Suicide of Humanity by killing well over 50,000 acres of life-giving trees PER DAY. WE ARE KILLING OUR PRECIOUS PLANET'S LUNGS.

    Earth’s population explosion from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6.8 billion at the end of 2009, has greatly accelerated the environmental Suicide of Humanity way past the tipping point. All humans MAY soon go extinct in the 21ST century. (We discuss multiple realistic scientific possibilities for the Suicide of Humanity elsewhere on this website.)

    All Non-Scalable, Unsustainable Lifestyle Choices ARE “Suicidal.” The fact that we are merely doing what our grandparents did, does NOT make it any less deadly to the rest of humanity. Often, bad traditions are just flat wrong. Many of last century's nostalgic lifestyle choices were non-scalable, and must not be imitated in the 21ST century, IF we are to avoid self destruction.

    Teaching innocent children unsustainable suicidal lifestyle habits is a wicked, sinister, thoughtless act of imposing avoidable suicide on the innocent, for which our lives will surely be judged by our grandchildren, Nature and God (which we feel are one and the same). We SHOULD be living a life worthy of praise by posterity, but selfish Baby Boomers most-certainly are NOT.

    In the 1960's and 70's, Baby Boomers denounced the suicidal path that humanity was on, and promised Hope for Change. Earth Day 1970 was a small step in the right direction. BUT, when Baby Boomers eventually took control of corporations that corrupted our government, they rejected their promised potential, and became our GREEDIEST GENERATION EVER, raping the delicate Earth that they set out to save, and leaving a legacy of huge debt and a badly-damaged Earth for their own children.

    In 2008, a young presidential candidate offered new Hope for Change, but in 2009 he broke most of the promises he had made.

    After years of impossible promises that pandered to the myopic majority, "Change we can believe in" has become "Proof of endless lies"

    “Every generation needs a new revolution.” – Thomas Jefferson (USA Founding Father)

    Voting for Obama was a knee-jerk anti-incumbent revolution that failed to do what was promised.
    The misleading promise of "only" 8% unemployment turned into more-than 10%.

    The 1992 Clinton campaign had a simple slogan "It's the economy stupid."
    The same thing is still true today, but promises of an economic recovery are completely unfulfilled.
    We appear to be more on a corrupt partisan suicidal path than ever before in our history.

    Fiscally-irresponsible partisan political pandering to the mindless majority is an endless pendulum swing from bad to bad. Voters must choose between which candidates are "least bad", when all have proven to be inept, ineffective, evil, selfish and corrupt. In an anti-incumbent climate, voters choose the inept evil that they do not know, over the proven evil of the past and present.

    Short-sighted selfish voters reject long-term sustainable strategies for their grandchildren, and prefer unsustaInable suicidal immediate gratification.

    One obvious example was the rejection of President Carter's 8-year plan for Energy Independence, which was terminated by oil-industry-corrupted Ronald Reagan. The predicable result was Dick Cheney's O.I.L. war in Iraq, and 2008 $4 per gallon gasoline, which triggered our great recession, and blew a $15 Trillion hole in the American economy.

    8 U.S. presidents since Nixon have promised Energy Independence, but voters have failed to follow through. We are now on a fast track toward national economic energy-related self-imposed suicide.

    The obvious problem is that knee-jerk Change is NOT always for the better, when a revolution abandons its sustainable ideals,
    and repeats the endless short-sighted suicidal stupidity of the past.

    Ignoring the many evils of the past condemns our future posterity to more of the same.

    Why do adults abandon the most-important ideals of their youth? Why act as if bad decisions will have no consequences?

    The problem with our complex world is that stupid short-sighted unsustainable tactics are NOT immediately painful. Those partisan politicians who pander to the selfish immediate-gratification mediocre majority almost always go unpunished.

    Why do parents continue to teach inherently-evil unsustainable suicidal terrible lifestyle habits to our future generations?

    The answer appears to be their tolerance of declining status quo, ignoring all of the warning signs, and just being too (expletive) lazy to maintain a moral stand for radical sustainable-lifestyle changes, in order to begin living a life in HARMONY with Nature.

    Anything Unsustainable Is Also Suicidal

    The No Compromise strategic goal of Emerald Eco-City is to demonstrate HOW to avoid the “Suicide of Humanity”.

    We hope that our lasting legacy will be to reverse the non-scalable, unsustainable, suicidal path that the world is now on.
    Radical reinvention of almost everything is now required - We MUST have a large-scale working prototype to follow.

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities TM

    We invite constructive suggestions and collaboration from others
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