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    Description: Human communication technology is the very foundation of civilization,
    and accumulation of lifelong-learning wisdom from throughout the ages.

    We begin with discussions about spoken and written human communication. Emerald Eco-City's goal is for a million diverse people to live in Peaceful Prosperous Harmony with Nature AND with each other. Throughout human history, this has not been easy to do. Smaller ethnocentric ("we're right and they're wrong", "us versus them") groups have isolated themselves from each other, gone into bloody battles, and been far-less productive than a Cohesive Society with shared goals,common purpose, and synergistic ( 1 + 1 = 3 ) methods have the potential to be. Unity and collaborative cooperation are elusive goals.

    We live in a time when radical fanatical suicidal terrorists threaten the peace and well-being of the entire world. Our militaristic governments have been allowed by taxpayers to accumulate huge stockpiles of Weapons of Mass destruction that (since the 1960's) have had the awesome ability to destroy every human on the face of the Earth hundreds of times over.

    In some sense, the Internet has brought billions of humans closer together since its widespread deployment in the 1990's. People can now quickly-and-easily read-and-view on-demand videos about ever-so-many things going on around the world.

    Fanatics can present their radical religious views, and recruit many easily-manipulated fools to their suicidal causes, which went completely unnoticed only a few short decades ago. Small numbers of widely-dispersed lunatics collaborate.

    When religious people (who for thousands of years have believed that women should cover their bodies), see nudity and decadence in other countries around the world, they must surely think that great evil has taken over other nations.

    When they see gluttonous obese nations fighting to steal the natural resources of others, they must indeed be enraged.

    “You steal our wealth and oil at paltry prices because of your international influence and military threats. This theft is indeed the biggest theft ever witnessed by mankind in the history of the world.” - Osama bin Laden shortly after al Qaeda's 1993 attack on the New York City World Trade Center Towers

    "Why can't we all just get along?" - Rodney King

    The answer seems to be that human nature is much too selfish, greedy and focused on immediate-gratification personal pleasure, while ignoring the needs of the rest of the humans and animals that we share the Earth with today.

    For thousands of years, some philosophers believed tolerance of diversity, civility, and Universal Conscious are the answer.

    This greatly depends on superior human communication - sharing our needs, skills and human potential, for the betterment of all. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." - Mr. Spock - Star Trek - where basic needs were provided for everyone, releasing the human desire to explore. "Lifelong learning in an ever-expanding universe of endless possibilities." TM

    Before we discuss Emerald Eco-City's advanced-technology (beyond state-of-the-art) telecommunications infrastructure, we begin with an extensive discussion of the Need and Evolution of Human Communication. Is there intelligent life on Earth?


    Spoken Language - Do we have anything worth saying to each other?

    Neanderthal Man ( homo neanderthalensis )  existed roughly 100,000 years in Europe and parts of western and central Asia from about 130,000 to 30,000 years ago. Modern homo sapiens (wise man) humans did not descend from Neanderthals, but we are apparently genetic cousins, with a common ape-man / cave-man ancestor of us both, perhaps millions of years ago.

    What did one Neanderthal say to another? Were they capable of the complex speech patterns of modern homo sapiens?

    The answer is controversial, since the soft tissues of their larynx (voice box) were not well preserved in the fossil record. But, some Neanderthal neck bones suggest that the placement of their larynx limited their speech to only simple guttural sounds – unable to produce the diverse richness of the modern human vocabulary. The evolution of vocal communication is based on basic structures in the evolving brain, voice box, and ears.

    Neanderthal communication was just a start. Homo sapiens are more-highly evolved than Neanderthals were in several ways.

    Robust communication is the essence of civilization, and the transfer of accumulated wisdom. Neanderthals apparently only developed small tribes, with the simplest of humanoid tools, technology, clothing, and cave-man shelter. They sometimes lived in Garden-of-Eden areas where there were abundant vegetables, fruits, roots, nuts and grains, but they almost-entirely ate only meat, as their carnivorous animal ancestors had done. Their metabolism was less efficient than homo sapiens. They needed about 5,000 calories a day, whereas we only need about 2,000.

    Fossil skulls show that Neanderthal cranial capacity (brain size) was a bit larger than modern humans, but it was apparently less-efficient and more-dedicated to basic survival skills than of intellectual cultural development and technical innovations.

    Neanderthals made fire and burned the ends of heavy sticks to make simple pointed spears to hunt their large prey.
    Eventually, they added large stone spear points.

    Their hunting technique forced them to get very close to dangerous animals. Many Neanderthal bones were broken before they died. Some were covered with animal tooth marks, where their flesh had been ripped off. Theirs was an “eat or be eaten” world.

    Neanderthals used campfire charcoal to make primitive cave paintings about their surroundings,
    but they did not take the next step toward an iconic written modern language.

    A small simple vocabulary, and their lack of written wisdom of the ages, greatly limited how far
    the primitive Neanderthal culture could possibly advance in 100,000 years.

    Home sapiens have only been around half the time of Neanderthals, but we eat better, and we are seldom eaten by the things that we eat. Modern humans already have a used electric car lot on the moon, and instantaneous worldwide Internet communication (in addition to the means to destroy all humans on Earth hundreds of times over).

    The Seven Liberal Arts - The Matthew Cooke Manuscript, c 1450

    "The first, which is called the foundation of all science, is grammar, which teacheth to write and speak correctly.

    "The second is rhetoric, which teaches us to speak elegantly.

    "The third is dialectic, which teaches us to discern the true from the false, and it is usually called art or sophistry. (Ancient Greek sophists taught philosophy, reasoning and logic.)

    "The fourth is arithmetic, which instructs us in the science of numbers, to reckon, and to make accounts.

    "The fifth is Geometry, which teaches us all about mensuration, measures and weights, of all kinds of handicrafts.

    "The sixth is music, and that teaches the art of singing by notation for the voice, on the organ, trumpet, and harp, and of all things pertaining thereto."

    The seventh is astronomy, which teaches us the course of the sun and of the moon and of the other stars and planets of heaven." (which is required to be able to design solar buildings or plan solar communities)


    Written Language - Durable Ancient Wisdom

    Walt Disney World EPCOT Center, “Spaceship Earth” Exhibit:

    “Across a lonely, hostile planet, our early ancestors spread out in search of food and shelter. With the development of language came a vital key to our survival. For the first time, we could share and learn from one another. We bonded together in small tribes and prospered - no longer isolated, no longer alone.”

    Egyptians invented the first written communications “Ages later, the Egyptians invented the first written communications, complex language of hieroglyphic pictures and symbols. With the creation of papyrus scrolls, came the world's first piece of paper. Now, without ever leaving their palaces, pharaohs could deliver proclamations and decrees to subjects across the land.” Islamic wise men 
    . . .

    “Islamic wise men preserve ancient wisdom and weave a rich network of new knowledge linking
    East and West.”

    We now consider the time before the development of written language “prehistory.” The “ Cradle of Civilization ” grew outward from the central core of written history, durable human communication, covenants, contracts, culture, trade accounts, recorded scientific wisdom, and valuable educational materials.

    The Challenging Goal Of This Section About Human Written Communication

    This section is a partial introduction to the potential great value, and many sad tragedies, of written human communication.

    It is NOT a story of never-ending continual improvement of the accumulated wisdom of mankind. It is often a story of one step forward followed by two back. Those tyrants who feel that their authority is threatened by widespread knowledge of the Truth have a history of burning books that presented alternative points of view.

    It is not reasonable to discuss the history of written human communication without recognizing the role of religion. Most human cultures matured around a belief in the way our world came to be, and what happens to us after we die.

    Humans know that we are all going to die. However, if we judge by the way we live, few seem to grasp the implications. As death approaches, many cry out for more time to relive their life they way that they should have in the first place. Plato said that the study of philosophy was the way to prepare oneself for the moment of death, and beyond. Written communications give us philosophical and religious insight into how we should live our finite life in harmony with God.

    Native American Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh:

    "No evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death" - Plato

    Ancient Egyptians believed that the Pharaoh du jour was their god. Ancient Greeks had many God's and demigods. Citizens of the Greek Empire could pick and chose from various temples and oracles that might meet spiritual needs.

    Monotheistic religions believe in an omnipotent Great Spirit that was The Creator of the Entire Universe.

    Democratic forms of self-government rarely last more than two centuries, but Theocracies have lasted thousands of years. Several enduring great human religions now have over a billion followers each. Whereas, the American democracy experiment only has about 300,000 residents, who are now badly divided by partisan politics and a declining economy with a crumbling infrastructure, poor education, and a huge unprecedented unpayable debt burden being passed on our grandchildren. There is now no reason to believe that we'll be able to avoid the problems that have ended all previous democracy attempts.

    This section illuminates some often-overlooked elements of holy written religious scriptures, and their historical use to influence the behavior of civilization. We do NOT intend to show favoritism of one religion over another. That is based only on your personal beliefs, which we respect. We are not evangelical. We do not want to convert anyone to our own spiritual beliefs. The Creator of the Universe gave you Free Will, and we will always defend your right to choose to believe whatever you wish, as long as it is peaceful-and-non-violent in harmony with Nature and your fellow residents that share the same Earth.

    With a million residents, Emerald Eco-City has powerful motivation to live in harmony with Nature, AND WITH EACH OTHER. We intend to tolerate, facilitate, and encourage PEACEFUL, non-violent, religious-and-cultural diversity.

    To achieve this challenging goal with a million people from widely-varying, Nature-loving, Universally-Conscious backgrounds, we feel that it is imperative to understand what we can about the history of cultural intercommunications. Emerald Eco-City will need something similar to the first written multiple-religion constitution from six centuries after Jesus, plus the very-best we can do with modern social engineering, based on what has, and has not, worked well throughout written human history. We feel that we should NOT attempt to reinvent this wheel, but rather build our future on the proven wisdom of the ages.

    What was written on the earliest scrolls? What did the wisest ancients think was the most-important civilized aspect of their evolving culture to preserve for the benefit of posterity?

    Ptolemy II was the ruler of Egypt after Alexander the Great in the third century BCE. He was a great patron of learning, and founded a library in Alexandria, Egypt, which is believed to have contained about five million hand-written scrolls on many different subjects. This repository of ancient human wisdom is known in history as The Great Library of Alexandria.

    It was most-likely the largest single collection of written human wisdom in the ancient world (about 2300 years ago). The Library of Alexandria was one of the greatest cultural adornments of the day. Its scrolls contained Greek, Hebrew and Mesopotamian literature, art and artifacts of ancient Egypt. The earliest maps of the known world were there.

    Diagrams of technologies such as aqueducts, water pumps, structural columns and arches, "arch-itecture", solar-heated buildings, earth cooling chambers, sailing ships and even Persian windmills were probably all on the shelves at Alexandria, as humans accumulated ever-increasing new knowledge over many centuries of time.

    Imagine the great joy of being a wise man with access to the written wisdom of the ages. There must have been professional librarians who dedicated their life to organizing millions of scrolls, and helping others find what they were looking for. This knowledge was as valuable to the users of the Great Library as Google is today. They had to Learn to Discern what written wisdom was valuable, and what was not. Library users paralleled what we are going through on the worldwide web since 1993.

    Sadly, there were four devastating intentional human destructions of The Great Library of Alexandria:

    (1) Julius Caesar's Fire in The Alexandrian War, 48 BCE

    (2) The attack of Aurelian in the third century CE

    (3) The decree of Coptic Pope Theophilus in CE 391, and

    (4) The Muslim conquest of Egypt in CE 642

    Some historians believe that this Great Library was burned down by Amr bin Aas at the behest of the Second Caliph, Umar, (who ruled from 634 through 644 CE). They fed the numerous bath furnaces of the city with scrolls from the Alexandrian library.

    There was an often-quoted remark by Caliph Umar when he decreed the destruction of the library, “If these writings of the Greeks agree with the book of God, they are useless and need not be preserved; if they disagree, they are pernicious and ought to be destroyed.” It was decided that the scrolls were contrary to the Quran, and the whole library was sorrowfully burned down, without even reading (or preserving in any way) the ancient wisdom in millions of priceless volumes.

    Equating the burning of Alexandria Library with that of Hitler's 1933 Nazi purification policy, Joseph Barnabas wrote: “The arguments of Caliph Umar and the Nazi book burning are not without explanations.” A Hindutva theorist, B.N. Jog, was more emphatic and clear: “Many people are surprised that Caliph Umar burnt down the huge and rich library of Constantinople. The urge for him to do so was, however, provided by his (outrageous-and-foolish, non-learning, ethnocentric) religion.”


    Lost Ancient Geological Wisdom

    2300 years ago in ancient Greece, Eratosthenes created the Greek term "geology" and the modern system of latitude and latitude (used by our precise hand-held satellite-based GPS navigation systems).

    Eratosthenes was the first human to accurately calculate the circumference and diameter of our nearly-spherical Earth. That ancient knowledge was very-sadly lost to most of the world for millennia after the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

    When Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, Europeans thought that the few who supported Columbus were insane. They "knew" that Columbus would sail off of the western edge of the Flat Earth, and disappear into a great black abyss.

    Columbus himself and his own peers did NOT know what Eratosthenes knew hundreds of years before Jesus was born. Columbus badly underestimated the circumference of the Earth, and the distance / time to sail west from Spain to India. Even after he landed on, and returned from, the Americas, he incorrectly thought he had been to eastern India - The Fool. The name "Indian" STILL ambiguously applies to the natives that Columbus erroneously thought were from eastern India.

    Columbus had no navigational knowledge of Eratosthenes' 2300-year-old system of longitude around our spherical Earth. Columbus had to reinvent the wheel - and it came out rectangular - just like the AIA USGBC LEED is doing today - The Fools.

    No one can design an effective solar building or city without precise knowledge of the exact location of the Sun in every season, as related to climate-specific solar heating and cooling requirements.


    Zero Energy Community Planning: State Of The Art – 2400 Years Ago

    Ancient Greeks understood the importance of orienting ALL of their buildings to take advantage of equator-side sunshine in the winter, and then to avoid solar radiation in the summer. Hippocrates’ Air Light Treatise documented their essential knowledge, gained by basic powers of observation over time. Entire ancient cities like PRIENE and ZIPPORI were laid out on the southeast side of slopes, so Every Building Faced the Winter Sun. See " Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. "

    It is interesting to note that the word "architect" was coined in ancient Greece. Architects had to understand the role that the Sun plays in comfortable building-and-city orientation, planning, design, AND durable, safe, cost-effective construction.

    It is extremely curios that the modern American Institute of Architect members have trademarked the greek word "Architect", BUT the AIA does NOT have a clue about the precise path of the Sun, or how critical it is to building and city design. AIA has most certainly lost the wisdom of the ancients that was well-documented in the Library of Alexandria, destroyed by fools. You can however see it in the ancient ruins of PRIENE today (which AIA still ignores). There is no large modern community so well laid out to this day. THERE IS NO MODERN CITY THAT SHOULD BE IMITATED IN THE FUTURE. Teaching young architects bad-design-as-usual should be considered a felony - It causes permanent brain damage.

    There are only a few hundred Zero Energy Design passive solar buildings that have demonstrated ancient wisdom for 30 years. If AIA Architects had imitated Zero Energy Design & DOE recommendations, USA would now spend $250 Billion less each year.

    We live in a world dominated by intellectually-oppressive non-learning fools who behave as if they already know everything.

    Avatar (2009) - Jake: "I'm here to learn." Psychic response: "It is hard to fill up a cup which is already full."

    Socrates: "As for me, all I know is that I know nothing." ... "An honest man is always a child." ...
    "Employ your time in improving yourself by other's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for."

    We have much to be relearned from the ancients, which should then be combined synergistically with modern technology.

    Modern American high school (and many college) graduates do NOT understand 3D Solid Geometry Mathematics to perform the 2300-year-old Eratosthenes calculations. They do NOT even have the Scientific Powers Of Observation to gather the data. They most-certainly do NOT understand how to use 30-year-old zero-emissions proven solutions to solve our energy crisis. Those who refuse to study, preserve and apply the enduring wisdom of the ages condemn themselves to repeat many errors.

    It is ever so sad when we raise our own children to have no desire whatsoever to learn anything from the wisdom of the ages. The more smart cash registers and smart telephones we deploy pervasively, the dumber our students and TEACHERS become.

    Ask an American high school graduate or dropout: "What is 8 x 7?" ... "What is the sales tax on a Big Mac and fries?" Before the days of hand-held calculators and smart cash registers, 8th graders could perform these calculations in their head.

    We must be more diligent in the future that addiction to technology does not continue to make our children and teachers dumb. If the current devastating education trend continues, there will be very-few intelligent people with any problem-solving potential, and the majority of myopic mediocre minds will obstruct every progressive thing that scientists and engineers try to do.

    Do you think Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin or Christine O'Donnell can calculate the circumference of the Earth? America has fallen to almost last place among civilized nations in diverse knowledge of science and mathematics usage. We are led by greedy corrupt capitalistic morons who think we should slash education budgets and eliminate the Dept. of Education. In Texas, ethnocentric bigots are rewriting American history in textbooks with their own brand of quasi-religious BIG LIES.

    books burned in the streets Conquering tyrants have often thought that wisdom was a threat to their oppressive power. In 1933, Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Press and Propaganda proclaimed an "Action against the Un-German Spirit." 25,000 Un-German books that did not support Hitler’s Mein Kampf manifesto were burned in the streets. Nazi’s evoked Martin Luther and the historic burning of Un-German books on the anniversary of the posting of Martin Luther's 95 protestant theses.

    Nazi’s called for an intolerant "pure" national language and culture. They attacked Jewish intellectualism, which led directly to Hitler’s intolerant Anti-God Genocidal Holocaust.

    Are book burnings rational intelligent human behavior? Are there lessons to be learned from peaceful diversity?

    Those who ignore history are forever condemned to repeat its very-worst deadly errors. We do not have to agree with flawed historical documents, but does that imply that there is nothing to be learned from the many successes and failures of our ancestors? People who do not agree with you help you Refine and Purify your own view of the Truth. Criticism has value, even when your worst arrogant non-learning critics are totally wrong. Thank God for criticism from mediocre majority fools.

    I do NOT agree with every word found in any single ancient book, but there is most-certainly a lot of time-tested accumulated human wisdom therein. I often quote (and believe) wisdom found in the Torah, Christian Bible, Quran, Tao de Ching, Buddha’s teachings, Native American philosophy, modern scientific writings, etc. I do NOT take any one source as the whole-and-complete Absolute Provable Truth about anything, but taken as the cumulative body of work of many human minds, we can all begin to see common threads about Nature, Universal Consciousness, and the Creator of the Entire Universe.

    Where they align, it becomes easier to believe. Where they are in violent disagreement with each other, we should be skeptical.

    For most of its two millennia of history, Christianity not only did NOT inspire scientific learning, but in fact, The Church had an official policy to violently suppress education of the masses. Popes and Crusaders were responsible for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of classical Greek and Muslim scrolls. For example, in 391 AD the celebrated Great Library of Serapis at Alexandria was burned on the direct order of Coptic Pope Theophilus. Scientific Wisdom of the Ages was Actively Suppressed.

    The guiding principle of evil Pope Gregory was: “Ignorance is the mother of devotion.” The foolishness of widespread ignorance of the masses has been OFFICIAL Religious Policy, since the Pharisees interpreted Hebrew writings into Aramaic (during the time of Jesus), and recently, Catholic priests gave Mass in Latin, because it is a language that the masses did NOT understand - Only the Illuminati could comprehend God's Will for the masses. This official policy of knowledge suppression gave each priest the authority to interpret God’s Will any way he wanted – even to justify his own outrageous sexual abuse of innocent children. Power ALWAYS Corrupts. Ignorance is oppressive suppression of people.

    Socrates: “The only GOOD is knowledge, and THE ONLY EVIL IS IGNORANCE.” Hundreds of years later, The Church fought very hard to suppress such intelligent ancient Greek philosophical ideas.

    According to papal principle of maintaining the ignorance of the masses, Pope Gregory burned the precious Palestine Library founded by Emperor Augustus, destroyed the greater part of the writings of Livy, and forbade study of classic ancient wisdom.

    Popes’ Crusaders destroyed the splendid library of Tripoli and reduced to ashes many of the glorious centers of Saracenic art and culture. Ferdinand and Isabella put to flames all of the Muslim and Jewish works they could find in Spain. The Inquisition burned many bold people who wanted to share knowledge of the Truth with the masses. It is one of many reasons that most modern architects cannot even read a sundial, or precisely predict where the sun will be in each of the seasons of the year.

    When Observation of Nature’s Laws, Science, Learning, and Scientific Critical Thinking Skills finally began to increase in Europe (in spite of deadly resistance by The Church leaders who fought to maintain ignorance), widespread knowledge of the Provable Truth was accompanied by a rejection of the authority of the badly-flawed Church that claimed the name of Christ (but most certainly rejected most of his valuable loving teachings). European science became completely secularized – outside the domain of The Obsolete Flawed Church, and science remains so in many of the most-repressive religions to this very day.


    Science Is TRUE Love-Of-God's Nature Religion

    "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." – Albert Einstein

    "Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: Ye Must Have Faith. It is a quality which the scientist cannot dispense with." - Max Planck - Nobel Prize in Physics - Father of Quantum Physics, “Where Is Science Going?”

    "As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most-clear-headed science, to the study of Matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: ... All Matter originates and exists only by virtue of a Force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most-minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this Force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind."... "I regard Matter as derivative from consciousness." … "Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness." – Max Planck

    Whatever Intelligent Consciousness Set The Universe In Motion, We Call "God" - All of Nature is the handiwork of our living God.

    Science is the study of God’s Nature. How can any scientist deny the majesty of the Creator of the Universe?

    Conversely, how can any religious person deny God's Universal Proven Scientific Laws of Nature?

    True Science and True Religion enhance each other synergistically ( 1 + 1 = 3 ).

    When an ancient written misinterpretation of Nature clearly contradicts both itself and provable modern science, I will tend to believe provable science, until shown otherwise. When science offers no evidence of life after death, I will turn to God.

    Science Is Provisional – it changes every year with new discoveries. God’s immutable Laws of Nature DO NOT.

    The Laws of Physics that controlled the theoretical Big Bang are still in effect today, BUT, our human understanding of them is continually evolving. Science MUST change. Religious misinterpretation of science must also change with new science.

    2,000 years ago, almost everyone thought that the heart was our source of human emotions. It still permeates our highly-flawed language today. We now know that our heart is just a blood pump. If you receive a heart transplant, your emotions do NOT change. Many references in the Bible to decisions made by the heart are now well-known to be Scientifically Incorrect.

    Galileo was labeled a heretic and enemy of The Church (for writing Scientific Truth and an alternative explanation of the path of the Sun in the sky). The Church foolishly rejected the PROOF presented by Galileo’s new-technology telescope invention.

    Non-learning religious bigots still reject much of Provable Science today. Is any rational scientist surprised about why?

    Those who profit from ignorance-as-usual fight against truthful enlightenment of the mediocre masses to this very day. They want to modify textbooks and rewrite history to match their own bias. Some ultra-conservative Texans want to change the explanation of the American Civil War, and deceptively teach innocent children that it was only about “states rights.”

    Tea Parties want to slash education funding, and eliminate the Department of Education, when America has already fallen to number 35 among civilized nations in basic mathematics. Why do they want public education to be even worse than it already is? They do NOT want the provable Scientific Truth to be taught to their own children. Ignorance of the easily-manipulated masses provides great power for greedy profiteers, and those who want you to believe their endless misinformation.

    Jesus battled against ignorance. He embarrassed the Pharisees of His day by learning the ancient knowledge embedded in the Hebrew scrolls, and then confronting them with: “have ye not read …” When self-appointed interpreters of the Will of God, (or our nation’s Founding Fathers) lie, be ready to confront them with Provable Scientific Truth. Know more than the bigots.

    NEVER accept biased lies by blind faith. Know WHY you believe what you believe.

    “PROVE ALL THINGS; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.” - 1 Thessalonians 5: 21, 22

    The Greek New Testament word used for “prove” is “dokimazo”, which means: to test; examine; scrutinize (to see if something is genuine or not, such as precious metals like gold); to recognize as genuine after thoughtful examination by all available means; to approve; to deem worthy; TO DISCERN THE SCIENTIFIC PROVABLE TRUTH FROM ENDLESS BIASED LIES.

    The definition of "Scientific Method" is: "a method of investigation involving observation and theory to TEST (prove or disprove) scientific hypotheses."

    True Science and True Religion are exactly and precisely one in the same thing

    There is NO Conflict between them WHEN they both pursue the Observable, Provable, Absolute TRUTH of God's Universal Immutable Laws of Love and Nature. Human understanding is constantly changing, but our timeless loving God (who existed before space and time) does not. Unlike humans, our unchangeable living omnipotent God (who knew all things past, present and future while creating the universe) is NOT Capricious or Arbitrary.


    We live in a world where there is powerful, greedy, profit motivation to produce Trillions of dollars of counterfeit everything. Even the coins minted by our government are counterfeits of things that used to have value (like pre-1964 silver coins). It is now easy to make imitation gold. Many fools have purchased what they incorrectly thought was solid gold, only to watch it turn green with slime over time.

    How are YOU going to “PROVE ALL THINGS”? What mental process will you use to determine if what you are hearing is PROVABLE SCIENTIFIC TRUTH, or corrupt, misleading, Biased Big Lies from evil self-serving bloviating bigoted buffoons?

    If a NASA PhD climatologist warns us about potentially-catastrophic man-made climate change, and Rush Limbaugh says it is a "political hoax", who are YOU going to believe? What is their source of knowledge, background, and motivation?

    Will you “wait and see” until coastal city basements and subways fill with salt water? What will wake YOU up to the Truth?

    Just because a flawed human speaker, preacher, or politician (with ulterior motives and a greedy hidden agenda) tells you WHAT to believe, the Bible says that it is up to YOU to Wisely Discern If It Is TRUE: “PROVE ALL THINGS”– Develop Your Critical Thinking Skills. Do not forgo the use of reason that the Creator of the Universe gave you.

    When religious fanatics preach that they should train 12-year-olds to be suicide bombers, should millions support them?

    Should Hitler-like Nazi genocidal holocaust be used for ethnic cleansing? Is war ever justified?

    Should America declare unjustified O.I.L. War in Iraq to gain control of another country’s petroleum reserves?

    Is intolerant partisan politics, disharmony, bigotry, and lack of civility the way to run a crumbling country?

    We must NOT accept things on the basis of unscientific faith in false dogmatic doctrine, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, or any inaccurate religious-or-political deception with a hidden agenda. Our own parents taught us false fairy tales, but when (if) we grow up, we must Learn To Discern. How bewildering it is when we finally learn that those who said they loved us, lied to us. When many people try to tell us WHAT to believe, HOW do we know who to believe? Do you tell false fairy tales to children?

    Do YOU think that The Church should have murdered heretics during the Inquisition? Should Galileo have been persecuted for saying that the Earth rotates around the Sun? Is any single source always correct about everything religious and scientific?

    Do YOU believe everything you hear in all advertisements? Greedy profiteering companies spend trillions of dollars on commercials knowing that many easily-manipulated mediocre minds are non-learning fools that will believe Big Lies.

    Manipulative partisan politicians spent $4 Billion in 2010 to present their misinformation to gullible, lazy, uncritical voters. One of the common Big Lies by Obama haters was that Barack had Increased their taxes since taking office. The MAJORITY polled after they voted believed this Big Lie. The truth is that nationwide, taxes declined during Obama's first years in office.

    If YOU do nothing to verify the biased misinformation that is considered "common knowledge" YOU WILL SUFFER BADLY. No nation can solve its most-serious problems on the basis of Big Lies that are funded by greedy self-serving profiteers. Communication is just a starting point. The receiver must follow it with discernment through critical-thinking-skill reasoning.

    "Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything” - Alexander Hamilton

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time”
    - U.S. President Abraham Lincoln

    Do you believe everything that biased Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Meg Whitman, and Coo Coo Christine O’Donnell preach? If Sarah endorses Christine, does that mean either one’s words are always True, or valuable to you?

    Do you really believe Fox News advertisements that they are: "Fair and Balanced"? Do you watch Fox News' endless obstructionist Big Lies? Is PROGRESS a good or bad thing?

    If someone tells you with a straight face that their lies are true, does that change the FACT that they frequently tell Big Lies? For thousands of years, corrupt politicians have shouted that they alone are speaking the truth. If they say it loud enough, and often enough, easily-manipulated mediocre minds will believe even their biggest lies.

    Fools blindly accept the folly of loud-mouth repetitious bloviating barbarian buffoons. Do you?

    Endless Big Lies are common in self-serving politics (and in some radical fanatical religions).

    PROVE ALL THINGS. Do you know ANY politician in any contentious political party who always tells the Truth? NO!

    We must all Learn How To Discern, OR our thoughts and actions will be ruled by the loudest, greedy, profiteering, virulently-ignorant, raving lunatics with selfish hidden agendas.

    “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”
    - Plato

    Do you think that INCREASING OUR SUICIDAL ADDICTION to clearly-unsustainable oil is a GOOD idea? “PROVE ALL THINGS; hold fast that which is good.” REJECT THAT WHICH IS UNSUSTAINABLE - In Deadly Disharmony With The Laws Of Nature.

    In 2004, Exxon Mobil Corporation had a trademarked catch phrase: "Meeting the World's Toughest Energy Challenges." AFTER the 2008 crisis, they changed it to "Taking on the World's Toughest Energy Challenges." - See the subtle difference?

    Exxon refuses to reverse the deadly addiction to oil that THEY created, and which fills the pockets of their fat cat executives. Exxon has NO incentive to eliminate the deadly use of obsolete, unsustainable fossil fuels. The corrupt profitable oil-industry supports political idiots who endorse "Drill Baby Drill." Solving our current energy crisis challenge is NOT a tough problem. The U.S. Department Of Energy and Zero Energy Design® demonstrated precisely how to do it THREE DECADES AGO.

    The tough problem that Exxon Mobile is struggling to solve is how to maintain profit from oil, which is clearly unsustainable. They pay themselves huge salaries, knowing full well that their industry MUST collapse very soon, but fools still buy SUV's.

    In 2009, the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed Resolution 2454 American Clean Energy and Security Act with a wide margin. Only 40 extremely-oil-corrupted Senators blocked its implementation with an unconstitutional overused minority-party filibuster. One more Senator's vote and HR 2454 would have become the law of the land, and we would be well on the way to a rational, sustainable, energy policy for the first time in U.S. history. HR 2454 wasn't perfect, but it was long overdue.

    Instead, climate-changing CO2 greenhouse gas is now increasing annually at an unsustainable deadly pace of .6% per year. Climatologists warn us of irreversible impact to biodiversity and sea level - A billion coastal residents may become homeless.

    Gasoline pump prices are soon going to soar above the 2008 $4-per-gallon rate, which triggered the worst American Recession since the 1930's - It blew a $15 Trillion hole in our economy. Our current crisis is NOT a simple economic cycle downturn - No lasting American economic recovery is possible without sustainable, abundant, clean, green, free-fuel energy. We should be phasing out dirty, expensive, oil, coal, natural gas, biofuels, and all radioactive nuclear waste sources. The problem is: The world's most-profitable business (Big OIL), is also the world's most-powerful political corruption lobby.

    An economic-and-climate catastrophe is now likely to happen before 2020 - much worse than 2008 was. When the oil-corrupted "Drill Baby Drill" Republican Party won control of the House in November 2010, it almost guaranteed that the 2010's Great Oil Catastrophe is unavoidable, due to total partisan gridlock about Clean Energy Security. And yet, the majority are oblivious to it.

    Communication is the first step toward enlightenment, to be followed immediately by intelligent discernment, rational thought processes, and critical thinking skills.

    Quite often, majority opinion is incorrect (as in “the Sun rotates around the Flat Earth” or "Oil is good"). Sometimes, more-accurate new scientific insight is buried deep in a pile of pure poop. How are we to Learn How To Discern? We must learn HOW to think, not WHAT other fools want us to think is true, when it clearly is NOT. If corrupted people say: "Offshore Drilling is safe and environmentally friendly" (as Sarah Palin often does) do YOU believe them? If a Big Lie is told loud enough and often enough will YOU finally believe what is clearly false?

    The title of “teacher” does not guarantee correctness. (In fact, some are very unenlightened about many important things.)

    The title of “politician” almost always implies selfish manipulative lies. We MUST communicate well, and Discern The Truth.

    Ancient Written Human Wisdom and Communications

    The Dead Sea Scrolls are 972 real-world archeological artifacts about the history of humanity and some people's belief in God. They are the oldest remaining evidence of the Hebrew Bible - hand written between 150 BCE and 70 CE.

    Early Egyptian writings (and the Ten Commandments) were laboriously carved into stone. “Papyrus” is a reed that used to grow near the Nile (but it was destroyed by human overuse). Papyrus is the basis for the English word “paper.” Papyrus came to mean “that which belongs to the house of the pharaoh.” Egyptian papyrus scrolls may date back
    as far as 6,000 years ago. Only a few elite could read the early scrolls, and even fewer could write.

    Illiteracy (and thus a general lack of ancient wisdom) ruled the easily-manipulated mediocre majority (as it still does to this very day). Those who know how to read, seldom develop their intellectual potential for assimilating the wisdom of the ages.

    The virulently ignorant majority pay a very-high price to laboriously acquire knowledge by endless trial and error. They often repeat mistakes that were solved long ago - Forever reinventing rectangular wheels that just do not roll. The conservatively fear and resist innovative progress, because they have such a poor track record of previous changes.

    Many solutions to widespread pervasive problems are now well-documented on the worldwide web, IF people could only discern the critical difference between scientific provable Truth, versus manipulative lies and human corruption. "Employ your time in improving yourself by other's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for."
    - Socrates

    Some web browsers that observe evil viral attacks label certain web pages with: "This website may damage your computer." What we may need is a Truth Search that says: "These lies may damage your brain." But, who will decide what is True?

    In an autocratic dictatorial society, pharaohs used easily-transportable papyrus scrolls to mandate the behavior that they imposed on their subjects. Later, scrolls were used to document negotiated covenants and mutually-agreed contractual terms and conditions. In 2010, evil American politicians spent $4 Billion to convince voters of their Big Lies.

    Four hundred before Jesus was born, Ancient Greek "sophists" taught philosophy, reasoning and rational logic to help their students discern Truth from lies. Jesus came to be the Prince of Peace for the Hebrews, but they rejected his message and put him to painful death on the cross. It was Greek scholars and sophists who recognized the value of what Jesus preached, and wrote the New Testament in ancient Greek (not the Aramaic language the Jesus spoke to His disciples). Truth or Lies?

    Our grid-locked argumentative modern partisan-political dishonest world has much to learn from 2400 years ago.

    Ancient Wise Men From The East

    Before the birth of Jesus, The ancient Greek Empire fell to the aggressive Romans. They assimilated much of the ancient Greek wisdom about architecture, aqueducts, governance experiments, academics, language, mathematics, medicine, etc.

    When Jesus was born, Rome occupied the land of Israel. The Roman Senate made Mark Antony’s General Herod the local king.

    To the east of Jerusalem was the Parthian Empire (Persia) and Medina (in what is now Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran). Parthians were mostly Arab Muslims and descendents of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

    Roman Caesars recognized that they could not productively extend their empire farther to the east, and thus,
    after the initial Parthian War, Rome wanted peace with Parthia, rather than ongoing unproductive military conflict.

    Matthew Chapter 2: Verses 1 - 3 “Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king,
    behold, there came WISE MEN FROM THE EAST to Jerusalem, Saying, ‘Where is he that is born King of the Jews?’
    … When Herod the king heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.”

    Christian nativity scenes only depict three wise men from the east, but that is an oversimplification (so it will fit on the lawn
    of a local church). Josephus (an ancient secular historian scribe at the time of Jesus) wrote that a treasure caravan bringing expensive offerings to Jerusalem from Parthia traveled with "as many as ten thousand men." It was necessary to travel with a full military complement to protect the extremely-valuable treasures that they brought with them. They also required food, cooks, game keepers, people to take care of clothing, tents, etc. They could not travel quietly. Everyone had to take notice.

    Regardless of the actual number in the wise man caravan (to the birthplace of the prophesied Prince of Peace), it was clearly enough to trouble powerful king Herod, and all of Jerusalem with him. Herod and Jewish leaders of the day felt threatened by the great respect that the Magi had for the infant king born in Jerusalem. The wise men that visited Jesus were NOT just three simple men in turbans with a few trinkets in their saddle bags. The many Magi that came to Judea were influential and wealthy Persian nobility, priests, and the very best scientists of their day.

    How did the Magi become “wise men” over two thousand years ago? The obvious method is that they lived in a wonderful time of accumulating wisdom of the ages. There was no longer a need to keep reinventing the wheel. The Persian wise men merged ancient prophesies with their own contemporary scientific observations of the Earth and heavens, and the signs of the times.

    "Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily
    what others have labored hard for."
    - Socrates - Ancient Greece, over 400 years before the birth of Jesus

    Persian wise men built their leadership ability on a foundation of knowledge from ancient Greeks, Romans, scientists, inventors, mathematicians, herbal-medicine physicians, and religious writings about how to live a good life in harmony with God’s Will, handed down from many other wise men. They lived when almost everyone else was illiterate. (It was not until the 1450’s that Gutenberg printed his famous early versions of the Bible.)

    As human communication improved over centuries, small tribes and empires began to accumulate in larger urban areas.
    The historical view of one tribe or empire often disagreed with others nearby, resulting in deadly war and constant conflict.

    If you could study one thing from the wisdom of the ages that our ancestors understood
    (but we have lost in modern times), WHAT WOULD YOUR TOP PRIORITY BE?

    Today, we live in a world of endless back-and-forth wars of revenge
    Can diverse humans learn to live in peaceful harmony on Earth?

    The Misunderstood Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - I'm not a Muslim, but there is ancient wisdom for us to learn from them

    Over 600 years after the wise men from the east visited the newborn Jesus, the Prophet Muhammad negotiated his PEACEFUL written "Covenant of Median", in northern Persia, east of Judea (in what is now wealthy Saudi Arabia).

    Muhammad grew up surrounded by Arabian Muslims and descendants of the tribes of Israel, plus some Christians.

    Muhammad knew about the exemplary life of Jesus. Muhammad believed that Jesus was the prophesied Hebrew Messiah. (In one sense, some have even controversially suggested that the Muslim Prophet Muhammad was a Christian believer.)

    Muhammad quoted Jesus in his own writings. Today, there are roughly a billion humans who claim to be Christians,
    and nearly twice that many who base their religious faith on the peaceful writings of Muhammad. Why is he so popular?

    Muhammad wrote that "Jesus is alive and with God." Unlike Jesus, Muhammad did NOT claim to be God. The Prophet Muhammad knew that he was a mere mortal. He wrote that he did not know what Allah would do with him after he died.

    Muhammad negotiated the Covenant of Medina, which is a written contract that allowed warring Muslims, Persians, Jews, and a few Christians to live peacefully side-by-side in Medina. It is the foundation for peaceful Islam, in line with the Quran.

    Life-Critical Lessons From Ancient Medina

    Unlike some radical present-day Islamists, Taliban, and al Qaeda, Muhammad established the first Islamic state in Medina as a multi-cultural PEACEFUL federation that extended to ALL religious minorities the peaceful rights that are guaranteed to them in the Quran. NO BLOODSHED WAS ALLOWED IN MEDINA - NO killing of "infidels" - NO teaching terrorists how to suicide bomb. 

    Islamic Medina was as different from today's radical fanatical Taliban terrorists, as Jesus was from evil Inquisition murderers.

    Muhammad’s Medina was based on a real, legally-binding, written social contract that everyone was an equal citizen of Medina.

    Nearly twelve-hundred years later, the U.S. Constitution hypocritically stated that "all men are created equal", but black slaves and native Americans were excluded from equality. In this sense, Muhammad's Covenant of Medina was somewhat superior to the original form of the U.S. Constitution (before subsequent amendments).

    Medina citizens enjoyed the freedom to choose the legal system they wished to live under. Jews could live under Islamic law, or Jewish law, or pre-Islamic Arab tribal traditions. There was no compulsion in religion, even though Medina was an Islamic state.

    The difference between Muhammad's Medina and today’s radical fanatical Islamic states is profound. The Covenant of Medina was based on Allah's divine law, which was applied in consultation and with consent of all citizens, regardless of their faith.

    In contrast, contemporary Islamic states apply Islamic law without consent or consultation, and often through deadly coercion. 

    It is a sad commentary on some modern Islamists that while democracy is a challenge to contemporary Islamic states, diverse self-government was the Foundation of the FIRST Islamic state in Medina, as established by the Prophet of all Islam.

    Conflict between the Prophet Muhammad, and the ruling Quraish tribe of Arabia was primarily due to Muhammad’s teaching that beliefs which support cultural traditions, or norms in societies that are EVIL, or rooted in evil, as well as OPPRESSIVE authorities, are HINDRANCES TO A SOCIETY. (Jesus had similar problems with the Pharisees and Sadducees of His day.)

    The Quran teaches that the tyrant, the oppressor, wicked-and-corrupt leaders are illegitimate in the eyes of Allah, who according to the Quran, confers authority only on the just and righteous. The authority of a corrupt-and-wicked leader is considered a hindrance, since it cannot result in, or sustain the necessary respect, trust, cooperation, unity and stability required between the state, the individual, and the society, which is needed for enduring success.

    Evil leaders are considered a hindrance, since they neither accept nor promote virtue, and in fact through their immoral practices, encourage corruption, disharmony, and rebellion. They set a bad example, and demand faithfulness to a corrupt feudal lord, based on the people’s misguided acquiescence to materially-and-spiritually detrimental practices and beliefs.

    Compare Modern America to Muhammad's Peaceful Unified Medina - What can we learn from ancient wisdom?

    The majority of Americans now believe that our U.S. government (and most of our self-serving tyrannical politicians) are evil, oppressive, wicked, corrupt, immoral, and illegitimate hindrances in the eyes of God. We do NOT live in a democracy with a virtuous Medina-like “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” But rather, America is now a Foolish HYPOCRISY, which is on a rapidly-declining, selfish, short-sighted path toward the 21st century Suicide of Humanity.

    Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Lao Tse, and many others might say that America needs a radical revival of virtue, morality, compassion, respect, trust, cooperation, stability and UNITY, in order to survive for very much longer. Great religious prophets, wise men, and legitimate leaders have seen what corruption has always done to the cultures and countries ruled by evil men.

    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” ...
    “People who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”
    - Plato

    Continual “partisan political pendulum swing” between one corrupt political party and another equally-evil group of self-serving politicians is clearly NOT the solution to the many man-made worldwide problems that we face today.

    We must study what has, and has not, worked in the past, and STOP repeating the worst of corrupt human history.

    “If a man can be properly said to love something, it must be clear that he feels affection for it as a whole,
    and does not love part of it to the exclusion of the rest."
    - Plato

    Can you truly love only part of one person's body and not their whole being? Those who think they can will be very unhappy.

    Universal Consciousness: No one can reasonably claim to love God, and also hate any portion of God’s Natural Creation.
    Do you love or hate your neighbor? Make someone happy, and you will be happy too. Learn How To Live In harmony.

    Music as a Powerful Communication, Teaching, and Memory Aid

    Plato: “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.”

    Music was considered one of the Seven Great Liberal Arts - To be taught to EVERY intelligent person. Einstein liked to relax by playing his violin. I used to enjoy writing songs and playing in popular bands. (See

    We use a simple song to teach children the alphabet, and they remember it for a lifetime. Some adults still need to “think” the pre-school song to find things alphabetically.

    Humans appear to be unique in this respect in the animal kingdom. Our human central nervous system is "wired" to integrate our mind / body experience with music. From the celestial spatial dance of galaxies, down to the way humans rhythmically walk, our heartbeat, our brain waves, and the minute pulsations of trillions of syncopated neurons and biomolecular processes, our entire body and universe undulates endlessly with regular rhythms, good vibrations, and the music we make in our minds.

    High-speed athletes often "sing a mental song" to synchronize and maximize their mind / body performance. When dancers practice, they MUST do so with mental music - coming in through their ears, or merely imagined. I know that my own favorite dance songs put an extra kick in my steps as I just walk along the street with a smile.

    Humans have a brain that weighs about 1400 grams. Chimpanzee brains are only about 400 grams. Chimps don’t seem to dance, or have a sense of rhythm or melody. Other great apes do not sing or make musical instruments, not even simple drums.

    "Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast" The Mourning Bride, by William Congreave 1697. This verse is often misquoted: "Music soothes a savage beast" but that is NOT true - Try playing Stairway To Heaven the next time a lion tries to eat you !

    Music CAN slow the human heart rate and keep it from pounding so hard from an adrenalin rush (from emotions, fear or fright). In contrast, war songs and war drums can INCREASE self-generated adrenalin flow, heart rate, and anger. It is all perception.

    Humans remember the songs we hear during puberty for a lifetime. Music is most-definitely linked to human romantic bonding.

    Have you ever repeated a catchy commercial jingle again-and-again, long after you heard it? Advertising profiteers know how music easily manipulates many mediocre-and-intelligent minds. Madison Avenue often uses older number-one songs from the time that their target consumers were adolescents.

    The neuron interconnections in our human brains become hard-wired for life from "The Age of Language Acquisition" through our teenage years of independence and formulating our first romantic relationships. Widely-popular music from that era can slice through our rational sales-resistance logic, and appeal directly to our hard-wired mental foundation.

    The melodies are different for each generation. Advertisers would not use a number-one modern rap song to try to sell things to baby boomers, who would be turned off by such unpleasant sounds.

    Large stores often play easy-listening music (from the time of the youth of the majority of their desired customers), to get them to slow down, be patient, have a pleasant experience, and spend more time shopping for products that they do not really need.

    Crowded high-rise elevators have frequently played calming melodies, to help people with a bit of claustrophobia. Significant research has been invested into understanding what music works well, and what does not in each situation.

    Just imagine what would happen if you entered a creaky old elevator playing Twilight Zone "Tower Of Terror" music. Imagineers know that music can make you feel serene, OR encourage you to scream (for those addicted to adrenalin). Disney's music-enhanced Tower Of Terror is designed to project the screams of its riders to draw in thrill-ride junkies.

    The rhythmic, imaginative, human brain is one very-powerful Music-Manipulated Emotional Learning Machine. Those buds in your children's ears are programming them to be more-easily manipulated for the rest of their lives.

    Plato was correct 2400 years ago: Music can help us integrate our mind / body / spirit / soul / virtue. Music can be useful human communication media. A modern movie would be dead without highly-emotional music. Even old black-and-white soundless movies were presented with local live music. The scientific experiments with peoples musical emotions have been going on for over a century. A movie played with theater-quality sound has a different emotional impact than watching the same movie on a television or iPhone with a tiny speaker. 3D movies are interesting, but GREAT MUSIC IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT. Before the widespread availability of pervasive color television, the very-best radio dramas relied heavily on stirring interactive music.

    The ability to "feel" music and sound effects in your chest makes a noticeable difference. Native drums have always imitated the human heartbeat. Tiny ear buds just are not the same thing. When early swing dance was evolving in Harlem before WW II, live bands became familiar with the athletic aerial maneuvers of regular competitive patrons. Lead instrumentalists would play a real-time flourish in sync with enthusiastic happy high-flying dancers. It drew top movie stars from Hollywood to Harlem.

    Recorded music can be wonderful to dance to, but a LIVE improvisational jam band can be so much more. A Techno Trance DJ interacts with the emotions displayed by the crowd. When an improvisational classical flamenco guitarist and dancer interact on stage, it can be a very-emotional experience. The best music is integrated interactive music that energizes your whole being.

    A senile senior citizen who cannot talk, may sing a familiar old song. Those that cannot walk can tap their feet, and perhaps even dance to a song from the time when they first fell in love. Deep-seated positive emotions and decision-making models are without a doubt often linked to good music from our youth. Good music can help us stay young and vital as we joyfully age.

    Special-education teachers use many songs to help intellectually-challenged students remember basic essential things. Even Ozzie Osborne, who annihilated most of his delicate brain cells with massive amounts of illegal drugs, could still sing.

    Many older people feel that obscene gangster rap is beyond appalling. Does angry evil music amplify anti-social behavior, violence, and even murder? Do criminal words set to snappy music influence innocent minds toward self destruction?

    Most of the things invented by humans can be used either for great good, or for sinister evil. So can emotional music.

    How many modern public school teachers have a clue how to integrate good music into an effective learning experience?

    Here are three of our unprofessional feeble attempts to use music to enhance the message that we want to convey
    We will appreciate further suggestions and feedback from our new friends
    Emerald Eco-City will eventually use experts to improve the quality of our integrated music


    All of life is merely a magical movie. Without well-integrated good music, your life is not going to win an Academy Award.

    Who will remember you as well as they remember the alphabet? There is wonderful music in the study of math and science. In fact, all great creative musicians are intuitive, pragmatic mathematicians (whether they call it that or not). Music can impart mystical emotional meaning to an otherwise chaotic environment. When the rhythm of internal music stops, our life will be over.

    In the previous material we have discussed the great importance of greatly-improved inter-human communication. We will now discuss our beyond-state-of-the-art communication technology approach, and integrated man / machine interfaces.

    Superior Telecommunications Infrastructure Foundation

    Since John Kennedy's 1960's Man on the Moon "impossible" Apollo Project, computers and telecommunication technology has been steadily advancing by ever-unprecedented unpredicted leaps and bounds. Gene Roddenberry imagined that sometime in the future (perhaps the 23rd century) when humans could travel to distant stars at warp speed, Captain Kirk would have an audio-only flip phone. Today, our wireless flip phones have video cameras, GPS navigation, and thousands of nearly-free programmable applications. The of future high-speed telecommunications is no longer what it was once thought to be.

    In 1965, Intel cofounder Gordon E. Moore observed that number of components in integrated circuits had doubled every year from the invention of the integrated circuit in 1958 until 1965 and predicted that the trend would continue through 1985. Moore's Law now guides the semiconductor hardware industry as a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    One serious lack of industry foresight is that software developers design programs (that will still be running years in the future) to use TODAY'S hardware, instead of what will be available when their software development project is finished, and beyond.

    In only a few short years, hardware will be FIVE TIMES more powerful, smaller, less expensive and more pervasive in our lives. At Zero Energy Design® Emerald Eco-City, we call this the 5X Principle. Everything we develop today will assume 5X. Look at the most-advanced piece of technology you can find today. Turn the crank Five Times - That will be Emerald Eco-City.

    prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior. … examples can be found in literature as far back as ancient Greece and ancient India.”

    The Near Future of Intelligent Glass


    Self-Fulfilling Prophecy From Wikipedia

    “A prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior."

    Abraham Lincoln predicted the need for a Transcontinental Railway, and despite the ravages of the terrible American Civil War, Lincoln’s federal policy plus American entrepreneurs made it happen for the coast-to-coast betterment of our growing nation.

    “Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between OBSTACLE and OPPORTUNITY, and are able to turn both to their advantage.” - Niccolo Machiavelli

    After leading USA in the Second World War, President Dwight Eisenhower saw the need for an Interstate Highway system (with the ability to land the largest airplanes on it in the event of a future war). He committed ten times more than the entire U.S. annual budget to make it happen, and it did. Where would American transportation be today without such a self-fulfilling prophecy? This type of publically-funded project required widespread public support, and many workers, with fewer profiteering entrepreneurs. Our U.S. Interstate Highway system does not charge any direct usage fees, other than fuel tax. Our Interstate Highways are business-and-jobs stimulus programs, just like free FAA service is for airlines.

    You may thank Eisenhower's far-sighted self-fulfilling prophesy for the food that your family eats every day.

    During WW II, the French railroads were destroyed by German bombs. They foresaw the need to rebuild using modern ELECTRIC railway technology (without coal or petroleum). Today, France has one of the world’s largest, most-successful, extremely-efficient, on-time, clean, safe electric railway networks, while America’s crumbling railroad infrastructure is still based on Lincoln’s unsafe, dirty, 1860's technology.

    U.S. RR’s only average about 23 miles per hour, with terrible horse-and-buggy-days RR crossings.

    Beijing’s modern 270-mile-per-hour maglev trains have NO grade-level crossings.

    Why is America rapidly declining while other international competitors are leaving us far behind?

    SOMETIMES a catastrophic crisis is the mother of long-overdue innovation (like the bombing of the French railroads).

    What is now necessary is a compelling USA vision of a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. We should ignore business-as-usual status-quo reality, and ask our best Imagineers: “What SHOULD our immediate future look like?”

    How can we implement a real-world plan for a superior future cost effectively with widespread popular political support? We must learn to recognize that today’s “impossible” OBSTACLES are really wonderful OPPORTUNITIES.

    BEWARE: There is a dark side of self-fulfilling prophesy. If a jealous spouse merely thinks that a marriage is going to fail, it surely will, even if there is no hint of infidelity to fuel false-assumption suspicions. Negative thought encourage negative results. If a person is afraid of the dark, they turn on the light and the fear goes away – “Proving” to them that the unrealistic fear was justified (when it clearly was not). This is common among most undesirable unproductive phobias.

    This dark side principle worries us a great deal. We are very-much convinced that IF historians project all of the current unsustainable trends going on in the world today, a reasonable person would conclude that we are on an accelerating downhill path toward The Suicide of Humanity.

    By all means, we do NOT want suicide to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. "I told you so" is no fun if there is no one left to tell.

    No person who has repeatedly rejected the Scientific Truth ever wants to hear "I told you so" anyway. They will hate the source of the Truth that exposed their Big Lies, and do everything they can to defeat the Truth from coming to light. The fossil-fuel industry provides large grants to people who will say the "man-made climate change is a hoax." Unscrupulous scientist can be purchased, just like greedy self-serving dishonest politicians.

    We must all learn to discern each other's primary motivation. Our own Zero Energy Design® materials discuss the world’s most-negative trends - only as self-actualized CONFRONTATIONAL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM that we MUST reverse all of our UNSUSTAINABLE trends immediately TO AVOID THE SUICIDE OF HUMANITY. Our urgency is scientifically provable.


    Zero Energy Design® makes no profit from selling poisonous pollution of any kind.

    We do what we do out of love for Nature, and our precious posterity.

    We charge nothing at all for the decades of integrated science and philosophy that we freely offer on this website.

    Fear of a non-existent problem is bad, but fear of an eminent threat is what has always kept all animals alive long enough to procreate. Our lives, and those of our precious children, most definitely depend on realistic real-world fear of avoidable, unsustainable, predictable problems. We must mitigate the documented risk, NOT make it happen.

    When the USSR (that had nuclear bombs) launched Sputnik into Earth orbit in October 1957, it nearly scared Americans to death. We did NOT want the potential self-fulfilling prophecy of Communist Weapons of Mass Destruction raining down on us at a moment’s notice with a simple push of a single button. President John Kennedy REVERSED the suicidal prophecy. In 1961 he set us on the “impossible” Apollo Project task of sending Men to the Moon and returning them safely back again, which we proudly did right ON TIME by 1969.

    America would still never have set foot on the moon yet, IF we had let the limitations of status-quo reality thinking override John Kennedy’s NASA science-fiction imagination. We might have all been speaking Russian today, OR worse yet, all of humanity might have destroyed itself with mutually-assured destruction (MAD) nuclear war. Who knows for sure what might have been?In a world with an increasing number of potentially-nuclear-armed suicidal terrorists, it may still happen.

    Unthinkable, unusable, nuclear weapons must somehow be banned from the Earth.
    Every new nuclear power plant makes this goal even more difficult to accomplish.

    ALL SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECIES ARE INITIALLY FALSE. They are an insight about what MIGHT happen, IF certain trends continue, or predictable breakthroughs are achieved in the (unknown) future. Prophecies are based on imaginary fiction about our potential, NOT established facts about our future. We CAN change prophecies.

    Our future is no longer what some silly speculators used to think that it would be.

    "Somehow I can't believe there are any heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C's. They are Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy, and the greatest of these is Confidence. When you believe a thing, believe it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably." - Walt Disney

    “Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it.
    But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it, even if I didn't have it in the beginning.”
    - Mahatma Gandhi

    “If you think you can do a thing, or think you can't do a thing, you're right.” - Henry Ford

    “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” - The Little Engine That Could (Children's easily-understood morality story)

    In the 1960’s, long-distance telecommunication was largely based on expensive copper wires. The July 22, 1960 issue of Electronics magazine suggested: "Usable communications channels in the electromagnetic spectrum may be extended by development of an experimental optical-frequency amplifier." By the 1990's, there was a glut of broadband fiber-optic telecommunications across America.

    The 1960 invention of the LASER created the unpredicted revolution of sending high-speed digital computer bits through transparent fishing line (fiber optics). It was a way-above-trend improvement in the cost / performance of emerging widespread computer-based telecommunications - Nothing like analog switching.

    Internet was first demonstrated in 1972. It tied dissimilar high-speed computer network protocols together worldwide. (1) Moore’s-Law accelerating solid-state computing technology was combined with (2) explosive-growth laser-based fiber optics to create an overabundance of high-bandwidth communication capacity. It created the Wall Street "Irrational Exuberance" highly-speculative ".com" bubble, which burst in 2000, in part because we had far-more fiber-optic high-bandwidth capacity than anyone could sell. The most-aggressive fiber optics companies collapsed. Enron ran optical fiber through their existing pipelines, but couldn't sell it.

    In 1993, American classrooms did not even have one telephone in them. Clinton / Gore called for the Information Superhighway, with personal-computer Internet learning tools in every public school. They did not have any money to make it happen. They merely created a self-fulfilling prophesy of something whose time had come, and again, entrepreneurs made it happen for the betterment of the entire world. It was prophetic policy, NOT public funding, that made the Internet pervasive around the world.

    The time required to implement the Internet in every U.S. public school was about the same amount of time that it took to send Men to the Moon – roughly eight years, after we agreed to the visionary prophecies. Most businesses of the day missed out on the implied OPPORTUNITIES, because of their anti-entrepreneurial foot-dragging perception of surmountable OBSTACLES.

    Historically, only a hand full of enlightened far-sighted entrepreneurs have been able to read the trends, and act accordingly. The same thing is happening today. How many personal success stories like Steve Jobs do you know?

    Overpaid, short-sighted major corporate CEO’s are still ignoring many very-predictable unsustainability trends. Instead of acting accordingly, they try to use political bribery to PREVENT long-overdue innovations. This maximizes today’s nearsighted bottom line, at the expense of their own corporation's long-term future. Their compensation packages encourage this outrageous stupidity. Apple and Google are obvious far-sighted self-fulfilling prophesy successful exceptions. What is your future vision?

    Is your own company still selling many unsustainable things? If your paycheck is based on myopic mediocrity, then you want all of your customers to remain as dumb as possible, even to the point of their own suicide.

    Do you provide funds to companies that buy-or-sell unhealthy food, unsafe drugs, tobacco, petroleum, coal, natural gas, biofuel, or produce dangerous radioactive nuclear waste? If you lose your job and home you SHOULD know why.

    Is this the future you want for your children? Al Gore’s father raised tobacco. Al’s sister died of lung cancer from smoking. Most non-learning Americans reject the irrevocable Universal Law of Unsustainable Lifestyle Cause and Effect.

    When the OPEC oil embargoes hit America in 1973, unsustainable government policy and Detroit intransigence did essentially nothing – They foolishly thought it was just an economic cycle, and things would soon recover to the “good old days.” (as if)

    Japan saw Peak Oil, and the OPEC oil crisis as a huge OPPORTUNITY. They rapidly overcame many OBSTACLES and tooled up to become the world’s largest manufacturer of efficient, reliable automobiles by 1980. (Once again, it took roughly 8 years.)

    When it comes to long-overdue radical reinvention innovations, EIGHT YEARS IS A MAGIC NUMBER, AFTER a
    self-fulfilling prophecy is accepted by creative, motivated entrepreneurs who believe they can make it happen.  

    Reasonable Prophetic Vision is much more important than the stifling limitations of reality. 

    “We are what we imagine. All that we will become begins with our imagination.
    With our images we create the world.”
    – Buddha (three millennia ago)


    Failed Much-Needed Prophecies – Ending Unsustainable Suicidal Behavior 

     “There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things.  For the reformer has enemies in all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order, this lukewarmness arising partly from fear of their adversaries, who have the laws in their favor; and partly from the incredulity of mankind, who do not truly believe in anything new until they have had the actual experience of it.” - Niccolo Machiavelli

    IBM mainframe executives thought that the whole world would buy only 5,000 PC’s.
    Few people were interested in an iPhone until AFTER they held one in their own hands. 

    It has always required a compelling, visionary, self-fulfilling prophesy to bring about long-overdue improvements (like transcontinental rail service, interstate highway, high-speed electric railroads, Man on the Moon, integrated-circuit computer explosion, fiber-optics, pervasive Internet, etc.). Obviously, eight U.S. presidents failed to provide what was necessary to bring about lasting Energy Independence. Is it too late for us to avoid unsustainable energy suicide?


    Emerald Eco-City is a long-overdue reinvention of megacity everything.

    The way YOU react to our proposal MAY help make it a self-fulfilling reality.

    5X computer / communications technology is an essential piece of our self-fulfilling prophesy puzzle

    In 1965, Intel’s insightful CEO Gordon Moore foresaw annual doubling of integrated-circuit computer chip density through 1985. Moore’s Law steady self-fulfilling prophesy has obviously continued much longer, for reasons that Gordon did not understand in 1965. Can we learn anything from the oversights of successful people from our recent past?

    Chips are built in 2-dimensional layers. Recently, multiple-layer chips have greatly improved density and processing power, while lowering power consumption and cost (per transistor). Double-layer DVD's did something similar for digital laser discs.

    1960’s integrated circuit designs were laid out by engineers and draftsmen using antiquated computer-aided-design (CAD) software. They produced photomasks that were visually inspected and then used to etch the circuit diagram in the silicon substrate coatings.

    Today, humans no longer design, or even visually inspect, the I.C. layouts. Design engineers feed a list of requirements into artificially-intelligent software. The output is passed on to chip manufacturing machines, which make the incredibly-tiny elements on the I.C. chips (using 22-nanometer 2011-process technology). If there is a problem with a new chip, they fix the bug in the design software, which gets progressively more intelligent with every new generation. The software knowledgebase is smarter than any individual human engineer today. This is already far-beyond Moore’s limited speculative imagination in 1965.

    The base value of Intel is not just its manufacturing plants and brilliant people, Intel’s core competency is embodied in the accumulated knowledgebase of it’s A.I. design-and-manufacturing software.

    This is also true of companies like Boeing aircraft. Decades ago, they stopped designing new airplanes with pen-and-ink on a drafting board. Today, they use A.I. software that does the complete structural engineering based on a list of requirements, not human calculations. They no longer have to build prototypes of every detailed part to ensure that they will fit properly when assembled for the first time. That is now done by A.I. software, which replaces human design errors, and does the job cheaper, faster and almost flawlessly. The only time the software does make a mistake is when it is doing something for the very-first time, for which there is no precedent or physical example to use in the knowledgebase. One such example was the huge new engines on the 777. The software made a mistake that was not detected until the engine was evaluated on a 747 test bed. The software was corrected, and that particular error will never occur again.

    In contrast, if you train a human well, they will forget part of it and repeat old errors. If you do not train new humans well, they make far more life-critical mistakes. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the endless deadly iatrogenic errors made by overburdened medical doctors.

    The A.I. knowledgebase-driven design software concept has a fundamental flaw. It assumes small incremental changes to existing technology. It does NOT lend itself well to radical reinvention technology breakthroughs.

    For example, Boeing’s A.I. design software in all cases assumes obsolete “tube-and-wing” structure that first appeared in the post-World-War-Two 1949 de Havilland Comet. We now know that this inefficient assumption should be phased out. The 1988 billion-dollar Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber “Flying Wing” (which was based on the 1949 jet-powered Northrop YB-49 flying wing, plus advanced avionics) is 20% more efficient than tube-and-wing aircraft (including the newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner).

    The reason that the 787 is not some sort of more-efficient “blended wing” structure is that the software they use does NOT accommodate the latest aerodynamic engineering principles (and probably will not for a number of years. The “core competency” tube-and-wing Boeing design software is over two decades behind efficient aircraft technology.

    Boeing is America's largest exporter. They fell three years behind schedule in delivering a safe, reliable 787 Dreamliner. They are probably a decade away from delivering a 20%-more-efficient blended wing commercial airliner. When the price of jet fuel rises and stays above $4-or-$5 per gallon, Boeing will probably go bankrupt. What will that do to USA GDP and balance of trade?

    While Boeing’s huge software investment gives them an advantage over pen-and-ink drafting and prototyping, it is also what is now holding them back from revolutionary breakthroughs in aircraft performance efficiency.

    One of the more-difficult things to design into large-knowledgebase A.I. software is FLEXIBILITY. Just like "human experts" poorly-designed A.I. has inherent resistance to significant revolutionary change.

    There is another even-more-serious flaw in the Boeing design software – It assumes 1949-style petroleum-powered jet engines. The life expectance of a 787 is about four decades. Do YOU think there will be affordable jet fuel available 15 years from today? We do NOT. 2008 $4-per-gallon jet fuel started bankrupting all airlines. Soon we will be above $4 fuel, and commercial jet air planes (like the 787) will no longer be able to fly. We believe that this point will arrive very soon. Do you?

    Petroleum-powered anything is UNSUSTAINABLE for very long. Who would be crazy enough to invest money in an inefficient tube-and-wing jet-powered aircraft, with a 20+ year amortization? The only people who do are backward-facing wake-watching fools, with NO understanding of the implications of very-predictable energy supply-and-demand price trends. (Rising demand, falling supply – clearly unsustainable and deadly)

    Future air transport is likely to be very-different than today. High-speed electric rail will replace most domestic air travel. The only commercial air transport may be lighter-than-aircraft, using non-petroleum, non-biofuel, zero-emissions (electric) motors, perhaps powered by abundant free sunshine. They may be more like an ocean liner cruise ship than a modern jet airplane. Spacecraft may be lifted into orbit with an electric space elevator on a carbon nanotube cable, instead of expensive inefficient chemical rocket engines that are being used today. This will make orbital transport, Moon, Mars, and Beyond Colonies much less expensive and pervasive than is remotely possible today.

    Our realistic sustainable future is no longer what status-quo people once thought that it would be

    If you are going to build your future business on complex 5X software, it MUST be able to accommodate radical technology breakthroughs, with significant new assumptions. Otherwise, you may soon have to discard your core competency, and start all over again from scratch. More-agile competitors will easily defeat you - Successful business-as-usual leads to future loss.

    Intel’s design software is like Boeing’s – it does NOT accommodate predictable new technology assumptions. Intel’s design software assumes 1958 2D silicon-wafer technology. Today’s best I.C. chips are built with 22nm technology. Intel may be able to turn the crank and bring that down to 8nm or 4 nm, but then where will they go? It cannot be less than zero.

    Is Gordon Moore’s famous self-fulfilling prophesy about to come to an abrupt end, very soon?

    We do NOT think so, and here are some reasons why. Moore's Law will continue, but Intel may soon fall far behind.


    Integrated Circuit Size, Density, Power and Heat Limitations

    In the 1980’s, ten-million-dollar IBM 3080-based mainframe computer systems filled a computer room that was half-a-city-block long. They had less computing power than a modern iPhone, but they consumed a huge amount of electricity, and generated a great deal of heat. To rapidly remove the heat from the central processing unit (CPU), they required large water pumps and water cooling towers. In colder climates, some 24 / 7 computer centers used this to heat their entire building, with no other heating source.

    For critical real-time computer systems, battery backup systems had to accommodate the air conditioners, water pumps, and cooling towers. It was amazingly expensive, compared to today. Only a small number of people had a clue how these “hot” mainframe computer systems really worked inside. Developers were true professionals, NOT trial-and-error code hackers.

    Heat is a silicon-wafer I.C. chip killer. The substrate should never rise above roughly 200 degrees F. That is why computers say that they should not be used above 90 degree room temperature. Mainframe computer rooms had to be so cool that most operators wore a sweater, even in the summer.

    The chips inside the IBM 3080 mainframe were tightly packed in an aluminum-block thermal conduction module, with water pipes running through it to dissipate deadly heat. Very-few people realized that the $10 million 3080 mainframe I.C. chips only had about 4K transistors per chip. The CAD software used to develop mainframe computer I.C.’s was no-where-near state-of-the-art technology. IBM stock owners naïvely thought that IBM was a world leader. The truth is that IBM most-certainly was NOT. They are masters of trailing-edge technology, at best.

    In contrast in 1989, Intel’s 80486 processor chip had 4 million logic gates (1,000 times more than 3080 CPU chips). They ran at mainframe-class 40-million instructions per second (40 MIPS), but the 80486 only cost a few dollars per personal-computer, and it could be cooled with a 3” muffin fan. A.I.-design software was evolving much faster for P.C.’s than stogy-old IBM mainframes could possibly do. IBM's business-as-usual billion-dollar successes led to their downfall in future computing.

    Most IBM executives were clueless about the implications of Moore’s Law. IBM helped create Intel, which then became one of their worst competitors. IBM also helped create Microsoft. IBM executives argued that the whole world would only buy 5,000 P.C.’s. They blindly agreed to let Intel and Microsoft have that “tiny” P.C. market. IBMers “knew” that the real money would come from their antiquated mainframe hardware business. (as if)

    IBM’s inept prophecy of the future was VERY wrong. Is your image of your sustainable future much better than big-business-as-usual IBM or today’s unsustainable oil companies? They are riding high today, but rapidly approaching a deadly cliff.

    To maintain economic stability, you must constantly change.

    To improve your economic performance, you must change even faster, based on a Realistic Prophetic Vision.

    Are IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Boeing prepared to change fast enough, or are they locked into obsolescence?

    We believe that most of big-business-as-usual is very nearsighted today. They refuse to acknowledge their unsustainability.


    What will soon replace 2D silicon-based I.C. chips?

    Silicon chips are today where copper wire was in the 1960’s. A radical revolution is predictably on the near horizon. It will soon do for pervasive computing what fiber optics did for telecommunications.

    Silicon-wafer technology is very heat sensitive. This limits the MIPS that you can pump through a chip. More instructions per second consume more power, which produces more destructive heat. With exponential advances in demand for portable computing technology, we most-certainly need chips that consume less (battery) power, and produce less heat, so they can go faster and farther than ever before.

    Demand drives innovation. Combine that with the Moore’s Law expectation and a futurist can see that 2D silicon-wafer technology can NOT deliver what we need in only a few years. A company like Intel, whose core competency is in A.I. software for 2D silicon design, is currently very-poorly positioned for the second half of the 2010’s, when we expect a computing technology revolution to take place.


    Diamonds To The Rescue

    Pure-carbon crystalline diamonds conduct heat more than ten times faster than does silicon. With proper mounting, diamonds can be evenly heated safely to 2,000 degrees F. People used to think that diamonds were rare and expensive. That is a FALSE misperception created by the De Beers diamond cartel. De Beers recently lost large lawsuits over the price-fixing monopoly that they tried to create and maintain for decades.

    We now know that diamonds are “cheap.” Multiple manufacturing plants can now make flawless diamonds for only about $4 per carat. They cannot be distinguished from mined diamonds, except that they are consistently colored and have no perceptible flaws. The technology is already working well in small labs. It merely needs to be scaled up.

    In the next decade, diamond substrates may become the perfect replacement for silicon, allowing much higher MIPS, with lower power consumption and heat generation. Intel has NO software to aid them in this revolution. The playing field is wide open to those with a realistic self-fulfilling prophecy of the future of diamond-based computers. There are other nanotechnology materials (like “grapheme”) with similar future potential. Nano materials are poised to radically change our near future.


    How about 3D “Cubic Computers” to replace 2D flat integrated circuit chips?

    Today, we have 22nm chip technology in 2D. Imagine a near-future 4nm “cubic” technology, with equal logic-gate density IN THREE DIMENSIONS. Imagine something roughly the size of a sugar cube that could store more data than is currently on the Internet worldwide web, AND have more processing power than the sum total of all of the largest supercomputers in the world combined. Image that it fits in a case the size of an AA-battery flashlight. It might use nanotube technology energy storage, which is recharged by free sunlight.

    If you were a futurist with such a cubic computer in your hand, and it cost less than $100, what would YOU put it in?

    Remember, not long ago very-few people thought that telephones would have GPS navigation apps, etc.

    A low-cost cubic computer could have a billion times more logic gates and memory storage cells than a human brain and central nervous system. In theory, there would be nothing that a human can do, that such a cubic computer could not do faster, to more depth, and more consistently than any human can do, in more problem-solving knowledge domains than any single human can master. There is nothing in quantum physics that will keep it from happening relatively soon.

    Of course it could do massive calculations, graphics, and sensory processing at lightening speed - faster than a human can. But it could also be taught the essence of creative imagination - to discover radical new solutions that humans could not think about in an entire lifetime. It would do a better job of dreaming about “what if” than humans do. It would communicate faster with others, and be totally tireless, never needing to sleep or be fed.

    Such a system could not possibly be programmed by Microsoft-style buggy hard-coded hacking techniques. To take full advantage of its almost-unimaginable computing power and flexibility, it would HAVE to have self-learning Artificial Intelligence knowledgebase construction capability. Instead of programming difficulty-to-change lockstep-logic “IF THEN ELSE” rules, we would merely want to give it clearly-defined goals and objectives, and let it simulate and experiment with unlimited configurations of existing off-the-shelf components to discover what would work well, and what does not, all things considered.

    It would have full high-speed parallel access to many worldwide websites simultaneously. We would have to “teach” it how to learn how to discern truth from lies, misinformation and errors made by others. When it makes a mistake, we would have to explain why, so it would not make that type of mistake again. It would have to be better than any human at chaotically-complex non-linear philosophy and multiple-viewpoint rational reasoning - All of which become feasible with predictable technology.

    This type of knowledge-acquisition machine learning would be done by “teaching” it powers of observation, Socratic philosophy, reasoning, logic, and critical thinking skills. Remember, it would have the hardware capacity to do more than the best human brains can do today. The problem for a cubic computer mentor is to teach it how to acquire knowledge and to reason for itself. This has been the goal of Artificial Intelligence for four decades. Moore’s Law is bringing us closer to the necessary hardware capacity every year. Exponential hardware innovations should precipitate exponential A.I. software.

    It is beginning to appear that the best way to mentor a knowledge-acquisition cubic computer is to show it many examples of how the best humans sort through good-and-bad information. It appears that one emerging way of training a multiple-discipline cubic computer will be to develop a tightly-coupled man-machine interface, and carry it around, letting it understand why the mentor decides to do everything every day. It would notice inconsistencies and ask endless questions about "Why?"

    Imagine a world-class Emergency Room diagnostic physician training a smarter-than-human computer assistant over a year or two. Multiple such doctor mentors could ask their cubic computers to collaborate to find inconsistencies, and fill-in-the-blanks from one to the other – becoming much better than any one doctor anywhere in the world. For $100 worth of hardware, every doctor in the world could have one available as an over-the-shoulder real-time diagnostic advisor – lowering costs, improving quality, and saving many lives from the pervasive iatrogenic errors of today. Doctors carry the Physicians Desk Reference on their telephones today, why not a world-class expert diagnostic and treatment advisor tomorrow? A.I. gurus prototyped the idea in the late 1970’s. Cubic computer hardware could soon make it a pervasive self-learning reality.

    Many other alternative computer-mentoring methods have been suggested, but NONE of them would be even remotely similar to today’s “IF THEN ELSE” (SWITCH / CASE) lockstep computer logic programming.

    Today’s expert “programmers” (code hackers) would have an enormous amount to UNLEARN. It may be much better to start with successful philosophers and logicians, and teach them how to become cubic computer mentors.


    Knowledgebase Hygiene

    When humans are exposed to new unfamiliar information, we filter it through our lifetime of experience – formal and information education. Filtered short-term new memories are temporarily stored in our dynamic hippocampus, and then merged with our long-term stereotypical abstractions at night during rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep. We awake the next morning with slightly-altered new insights and “heuristics.”

    Heuristic: Simplified abstract model of plausible reasoning "rules of thumb" for use in a particular context.

    When humans were raised to believe that the Earth was flat, at the center of the universe, and the sun orbited the sun, almost all of them filtered out plain evidence to the contrary (like the curvature of the horizon and the shape of the moon). They died with their false self-centered over-simplified center-of-the-universe ethnocentric view.

    Authoritative fools persecuted Galileo when he contradicted dogmatic dictatorial false doctrine and used his new telescope to PROVE that the Earth rotates and orbits the sun.

    When Columbus sailed west from Spain, the vast majority of non-learning fools “knew” that he would fall off the edge of the Earth into a black abyss.

    This is the flawed nature of most non-learning humans. Future Emerald Eco-City self-learning A.I. 5X computer systems can NOT be allowed to be so very stupid.

    There is an old 1940’s saying about the early WWII computer systems: “Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO).” We can NOT allow this to explode in the 5x world of chaotic complexity. Our A.I. Knowledgebases MUST VERY VERY CLEAN. Superior future expert-system knowledge acquisition automation will help us achieve this elusive goal.

    When we develop self-learning computing-and-telecommunication systems, we must have filters that can differentiate provable scientific Truth from Big Lies, traditional misunderstanding, and intentional misrepresentation by evil doers. This has been a huge challenge for the leading-edge A.I. community since the 1970’s. Today’s Internet proves how important it is to Learn How To Discern. People AND self-learning intelligent computing systems have a common need to formalize their knowledge acquisition filtration, and knowledgebase-hygiene cognitive processes. Fantastic near-future computing power has the theoretical potential to outperform that best human scientists and philosophers, IF we can teach these man-made machine new Knowledgebase Hygiene Methodology.

    How do you teach a machine to learn from observation, without being programmed with buggy Bill-Gates-generation primitive Microsoft-style lock-step IF-THEN-Else logic? When Bill and his friends formed Microsoft, their goal was to build a “BASIC” computer language interpreter. Later, they tried to run an enterprise with their stupid Visual Basic.

    In the 1970’s “Structured Methodology” guru Edsgar Dijkstra wrote: “Teaching the BASIC programming language should be considered a FELONY, since it causes permanent irreversible brain damage.” We strongly agree. Large-scale, hard coded, flawed, hacker lockstep logic is brittle and nearly impossible to debug.

    Our predictable 5X future mandates a superior, agile, robust, zero-defect system development methodology solution that does NOT tolerate any bugs at all.

    How can a computer function better than a human scientist or philosopher, even IF sufficient computing power becomes available in the next decade of Moore’s Law?

    Human logic and rational thinking is based on historical / traditional knowledge and ancient wisdom filtration. When new science proves some “common knowledge” to be wrong, how can an A.I. computer network recognize the implications and change the recommendations that it previously made, based on now-obsolete elements of logic?

    If an A.I. “expert advisory system” makes a bad suggestion, we definitely need the diagnostic ability to ask it “WHY?”

    When we help a self-learning intelligent system to understand its own mistake, we also need it to be able to perform a “sensitivity analysis” to comprehensively locate everywhere else that the new knowledge will impact many other previously-made suggestions and conclusions. Advanced multiple-dimension graphical interactions will be used to accelerate the sensitivity-analysis knowledgebase-hygiene process.

    Unlike humans whose egos are easily bruised, the A.I. knowledge-acquisition process should invite constructive suggestions, and be able to realize that previous errors in judgment must be corrected in multiple different contexts. This is a simple (often overlooked) process of walking through many interdependent abstract decision trees. Intelligent machines should greatly reduce the human effort that is required.

    Sensitivity analysis interaction between the machine and multiple human experts should frequently discover subtle differences in applying new knowledge to multiple chaotically-complex, non-linear interacting heuristics and commonsense rules of thumb. Human experts will be expected to regularly spend time with the A.I. and ask it “What have you discovered recently, and what are the implications of this new knowledge?” Just like a graduate student on a research project, human experts will help the computer network think through the things that it has discovered, before they are published to the world.

    When the best human experts disagree (which frequently happens in the real world), the FUN really begins. The A.I. sensitivity analysis can help ensure that what humans conclude to be correct is consistent across all other related knowledgebase domains of expertise (which seldom happens quickly in the real world). Those with a registered need to know will be automatically notified about what is being considered. This will help illuminate subtle issues that are often overlooked by narrowly-focused domain experts. The A.I. expert will be a master of more domains than any single human can possibly ever be.

    Self-learning A.I. will have many implications for our ongoing education programs that depend on the new, improved, heuristic rule logic. Thus, Emerald Eco-City education programs must be closely integrated with all of our self-learning, ever-evolving artificially-intelligent comprehensive computing systems (after human experts clean up the rapidly-evolving knowledgebase).

    Automated student-driven self-study training programs will be able to use expert-advisory-system domain-specific knowledgebases to create innovative state-of-the-art education / knowledge-communication programs. There will also be an expert system in “How Humans Learn” that will measure its own performance and continually improve the quality of the education that it presents.

    It will be a mixed-initiative system that can lead the student toward specific goals, or allow seekers of knowledge to ask questions and pursue their own path of learning.

    It will evaluate a student’s level of understanding and learning rate, and adjust material appropriately, based on individual student performance. Students can click on unfamiliar terms and have them described at a level that is appropriate for them and the context.

    The system will have endless patience, doing everything possible to make the learning process fun and entertaining. See Emerald Eco City- Zero Dropouts


    The Process of Creativity is ALWAYS IRRATIONAL and ILLOGICAL

    Innovation requires breaking through the limitations of what has been incorrectly thought to be True, and doing something different, which violates business-as-usual status quo.

    If we use the same old obsolete evaluation criteria forever, nothing new or different will ever be done. At first glance, intransigent thinkers always think that innovations are “WACKO.”

    “The thinking that created today’s problems is insufficient to solve them.” – Albert Einstein

    “New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually-inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point, which is his whole world for the moment.” – Max Planck – Nobel Prize in Physics – Father of Quantum Theory

    Tomorrow’s future computer hardware will have MORE capacity than any human brain.

    How can we teach them the learning and creative ability of Einstein and Max Planck?

    We already have the ability to interconnect billions of computers at high speed. How can we get 5X computers to cooperate with each other synergistically (1+1=3)?

    If we want our future intelligent computers to assist us in discovering new innovation possibilities, we must teach them illogical “imagination”, and “how to dream big dreams of what SHOULD be” WITHOUT being limited by the lock-step-logic of what is now incorrectly thought to be “the best way to do things”?

    When A.I. brainstorms a "virtual dream" of what should be, its own sensitivity analysis can help us quantify the cost / benefit evaluation. We can give it a set of critical quantification factors and let it work tirelessly to optimize its innovation suggestions, based on what we want to improve the most.

    Old-fashion lock-step-logic hacker-programmed computing systems will repeat the mistakes that were hard-coded in them forever (until the chaotically-complex interacting software bugs are diagnosed and corrected manually by endless ongoing bug-fix hacking, which frequently introduces new subtle bugs). Today’s Microsoft operating systems are so poorly designed (without using zero-defect methodology) that they contain more subtle software bugs than there are grains of sand between the Earth and the Sun. They will NEVER all be removed, before the next release introduces a whole new set of software design flaws and chaotic bugs. This must NOT be imitated.

    Computing software development has remained essentially the same extremely-flawed process of repetitive transmogrification since the 1970’s.

    Transmogrify: To alter, change, transform, mutilate or mutate with grotesque results.

    Our near-future hardware will have the capacity to be “smarter” than any lockstep-logic human hacker.

    Our challenge is to “teach” these powerful machines how to learn on their own, without being hard coded by flawed human beings.

    In 1997, IBM's Deep Blue Supercomputer played a fascinating match with Garry Kasparov - the reigning World Chess Champion. Deep Blue outperformed the human. Today, Moore’s Law has made that much computing capacity available in an affordable desktop computer. Tomorrow, cubic computers should be able to outperform humans in many different domains of specialized scientific-and-philosophical knowledge. Hardware will NOT be the limitation. The challenge is radical reinvention of computer learning.

    Emerald Eco-City will invest heavily in this unprecedented A.I. Research and Development effort

    We have already begun our challenging 5X dynamic-knowledge-acquisition system design

    Emerald Eco-City will lay the groundwork for such a next-generation future
    5X is only a first step toward our never-ending self-learning A.I. goal

    Our Advanced Communications Infrastructure will assume that by the time our first Emerald Eco-City is ready for occupancy, computer-and-communication systems will be at least five times faster, have five times more memory capacity, and will cost 1 / 5 of what comparable computing-and-communication capabilities cost today THE 5X RULE. Things that very-few state-of-the-art software developers are demonstrating today, will be inexpensive and pervasive in 5X time.

    The Emerald Eco-City Superior Telecommunications Infrastructure Foundation MUST be 5X beyond today's state-of-the-art.

    We discuss portions of our 5X Plan in Zero Dropout Education and Zero Crime

    After the 1973 OPEC oil embargo economic disaster drove the pump price of gasoline up 600% in only six years, EVERY U.S. PRESIDENT HAS PROMISED TO END IMPORTED OIL, BUT FAILED:

    Nixon 1/30/74: "We will break the back of the energy crisis. We will lay the foundation for our future capacity to meet America's energy needs from America's own resources."  (Predicted U.S. Energy Independence by 1980. Nixon also planned conversion to the SI International Metric system by 1980. NEITHER ONE HAPPENED.)

    Ford 1/15/75: “emergency energy programs to achieve the independence we want” (Energy Independent by 1985)

    Carter 7/15/79: “This intolerable dependence on foreign oil...” (Energy Independent by 1988 - only eight years)

    Reagan 2/18/81: “We will continue supportive research leading to development of new technologies and more independence from foreign oil.” (BUT, Reagan Ended Carter’s Energy Independence Plan and removed Carter’s White House solar panels.)

    Bush 8/18/88: “There is no security for the United States in further dependence on foreign oil.” (Pure claptrap political rhetoric - America’s oil-addiction infrastructure insecurity is rapidly increasing, making us far less safe than ever before)

    Clinton 6/28/00: “We need a long-term energy strategy to maximize conservation and maximize the development of alternative sources of energy.” (Clinton and Gore set ineffective goals for advanced clean technology cars, but did not follow through)

    Bush 1/31/06: “This country can dramatically improve our environment, move beyond a petroleum-based economy, and make our dependence on Middle Eastern oil a thing of the past.” (He proposed only a 75% reduction in Mideast oil imports by 2025 – Far Too Little, Far Too Late - Was NOT backed up by meaningful government policies)

    Obama 6/15/2010: “For decades, we have known the days of cheap and accessible oil were numbered ...  NOW is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash America's innovation and seize control of our own destiny.”
    The U.S. House passed Resolution 2454, but it was blocked by 40 extremely-oil-corrupted U.S. Senators' filibuster.

    With the gridlock created by the divisive partisan November 2010 election, no Energy Independence solution seems forthcoming from our do-nothing U.S. Congress.

    Communicating The Documented Truth - The reason we have not responded correctly to the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargoes

    This tracks the source and the corrupt receivers of reported congressional political bribes for the 110th Congress (at the end of the fossil-fuel-corrupted Bush / Cheney Administration). This list does not include the unreported illegal scandalous supply of prostitutes and illegal drugs to the now-publicized Bush / Cheney U.S. Department of Interior Minerals Management Service, which led to unenforced regulations that contributed to the BP Oil Gushers in the Gulf of Mexico. It also does not include the billions of dollars that they spend on advertising for each election to manipulate the mediocre minds of millions of voters.

    These are the most-powerful monetary manipulators of our very-corrupt U.S. Congress:

    Source: Southern Co (Coal) $344,615, Koch Industries (Oil) $339,400, Exxon / Mobil (Oil) $264,286, Chevron Corp (Oil) $212,650, Duke Energy (Coal) $187,650, Anadarko Petroleum (Oil) $171,700, American Electric Power (Coal) $163,500, Peabody Energy (Coal) $161,800, Occidental Petroleum (Oil) $160,900, Marathon Oil (Oil) $160,375, Entergy Corp (Coal) $156,979, Valero Energy (Oil) $156,850, Murray Energy (Coal) $149,260, Dominion Resources (Coal) $148,099, Pilot Corp (Oil) $146,700, Conoco / Phillips (Oil) $145,950, Pinnacle West Capital (Coal) $128,800, Foundation Coal (Coal) $113,450, Scana Corp (Coal) $112,105, Sunoco Inc (Oil) $105,800, FirstEnergy Corp (Coal) $102,495, Independent Petroleum Assn of America (Oil) $102,000, BP (Oil) $91,800, DTE Energy (Coal) $91,500, American Gas Assn (Oil) $89,500, Devon Energy (Oil) $88,800, Chesapeake Energy (Oil) $86,200, Constellation Energy (Coal) $85,050, Arch Coal (Coal) $78,250, Williams Companies (Oil) $77,500, Halliburton Co (Oil) $70,750, PPL Corp (Coal) $65,042, Progress Energy (Coal) $59,750, Edison International (Coal) $56,800, Royal Dutch Shell (Oil) $56,400, CONSOL Energy (Coal) $54,800, Bass Brothers Enterprises (Oil) $53,700, Tesoro Petroleum (Oil) $52,500, Ameren Corp (Coal) $51,000, TECO Energy (Coal) $49,400, AGL Resources (Oil) $47,600, NiSource Inc (Coal) $46,800, Murphy Oil (Oil) $45,450, Allegheny Energy (Coal) $43,250, Petroleum Marketers Assn (Oil) $42,000, Drummond Co (Coal) $41,300, Mirant Corp (Coal) $38,800, American Petroleum Institute (Oil) $38,550, National Propane Gas Assn (Oil) $34,500, Alliance Resource Partners (Coal) $34,000, and NRG Energy (Coal) $31,600.

    The largest receivers of fossil-fuel industry corrupt bribes, who fight the hardest against sustainable clean energy laws are:
    Cornyn, John (R-TX) $734,300, McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) $659,550, Inhofe, Jim (R-OK) $538,000, Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA) $398,050, Landrieu, Mary (D-LA) $391,458, Dole, Elizabeth (R-NC) $289,267, Coleman, Norm (R-MN) $270,720, Wicker, Roger (R-MS) $253,300, Barrasso, John (R-WY) $244,350, Roberts, Pat (R-KS) $235,245, Sessions, Jeff (R-AL) $228,115, Rockefeller, Jay (D-WV) $220,750, Voinovich, George (R-OH) $186,647, Baucus, Max (D-MT) $183,342, Domenici, Pete (R-NM) $175,600, Alexander, Lamar (R-TN) $172,150, Smith, Gordon (R-OR) $164,900, Stevens, Ted (R-AK) $157,300, Enzi, Michael (R-WY) $156,400, Sununu, John (R-NH) $156,050, Pryor, Mark (D-AR) $139,150, Specter, Arlen (D-PA) $130,650, and Hutchison, Kay (R-TX) $122,750.
    This list is made up of mostly Republicans, plus a few Democrats from fossil-fuel producing states.

    When wicked politicians speak, you must understand who "owns" them, and why they fight so hard against sustainability.

    When the pump price of gasoline predictably rises and remains above $5-per-gallon, it sure seems like we are on track for a major economic catastrophe in the 2010’s, due to nearly four decades of ignoring the implications of OPEC 1973, combined with widespread ongoing fossil-fuel industry corruption of our self-serving evil government officials.

    Can we immediately reverse this frightening suicidal prophecy? What YOU do today, will influence our common future and legacy. Should you continue to fill up your inefficient SUV with unsustainable dirty petroleum, and thus kill your own children?


    The ONLY real-world answer is that the wicked deadly oil industry is the most-corrupting influence on gridlocked partisan politics in the history of the world. Consumers with no critical thinking skills accept whatever oil companies tell them to do.

     Greedy capitalistic profiteering lobbyists triumph over rational science-based decision making.


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