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    Readers Comments:

    Description: : Emerald Eco-City will introduce many crime-and-terrorism prevention innovations. Most common crimes will not even be possible.

    the fire triangleFiremen teach elementary school children about the FIRE Triangle:

    1) Heat, 2) Fuel, 3) Oxygen

    Together they produce FIRE - Remove one and no fire

    Crime is similar to the FIRE Triangle, but more complex

    Crime requires:
    (1) A criminal,
    (2) A voluntary act or omission (actus reus), accompanied by
    (3) A state of mind or intent to commit a crime (mens rea).

    store holdup

    Most of us have seen televised security camera videos of a robbery:

    (1) A masked criminal uses a gun to intimidate,

    (2) Money is stolen from the cash register,

    (3) Criminal rushes out to a get-away car, and speeds away free.

    NONE of these things can happen in Emerald Eco-City

    – (1) No Lethal Weapons Allowed – (2) NO CASH Used In Emerald Eco-City (All Transactions Are Electronic)

    – (3) No Get Away Cars In Our Eco-City – Guaranteed Crime Detection, Apprehension and Conviction

    Only completely-insane idiots would attempt crimes in Emerald Eco-City. Such fools should be banished, and locked up in an institution for the criminally insane (outside our city), with no future biometric access to Emerald Eco-City, or chance to commit a second crime in OUR city. Acts of adolescent vandalism / graffiti, etc. are guaranteed to be dealt with immediately – Hopefully we will discourage our youth from pursuing a path of crime.

    A rational criminal must believe that the rewards of crime exceed the risk of being caught, convicted, punished, or killed. (Most criminals are not rational – Many are just plain STUPID – No criminal dummies will be allowed in Emerald Eco-City.)

    One way to raise criminals is to teach children that most laws are not well enforced. This is what high-crime cities do. When reasonable laws are poorly enforced, there is a good chance that most of the time criminals can get away with certain types of crimes (like cheating on tests, lying, violating traffic laws, using illegal drugs, minor violence, vandalism, graffiti, etc.).

    Richard Nixon declared "The War On Drugs" in 1971. It is the longest war American has ever been in - and WE ARE LOSING. In the last decade, deadly illegal opiate use has increased 34.5% and cocaine 24%. It is difficult to enforce laws when most of the recent U.S. Presidents admitted using illegal drugs. One particularly-immoral President was a "cocaine vacuum sweeper" while in office. We've have spent trillions of dollars, and illegal drug abuse has continued to increase.

    Many Americans have died violently because of illegal drugs. American drug-addict money provides trillions of dollars of funding for murderous drug lords in Mexico, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. This wastes enormous economic and military resources, and fills up our prisons with incorrigible drug addicts and pushers.

    Are illegal drugs good for any nation? Some insane idiots preach that we should surrender to the drug lords and make harmful drugs legal. WE STRONGLY DISAGREE. ILLEGAL DRUGS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN EMERALD ECOCITY! Pervasive sensitive detectors will immediately document any type of smoking anywhere. Illegal drug sellers and users will forfeit any rights to live in Emerald Eco-City. They will be banned from our ecocity, and prevented from returning with our biometric identification systems.


    Once a child begins the path toward criminal behavior with simple things, their corruption can sadly progress to other more-serious crimes.

    We strongly believe that CRIME PREVENTION is critical in Emerald Eco-City.

    FAILURE to enforce laws, and allowing criminals to get rich (while receiving welfare handouts), is the way to TEACH young would-be lawbreakers that it is ACCEPTABLE to commit any number of felonies, as long as they are NOT CAUGHT.


    How many adults get upset when they are caught for violating traffic laws? Australia has speed-and-stoplight cameras in most urban areas. Traffic violations are rarer around Sydney than in most of America. Aussies KNOW they will be caught, so they just do not violate the traffic laws that are strictly enforced. Most believe that this is good public policy (unlike the USA, which teaches drivers to violate traffic laws).

    Americans know that traffic fines are hundreds of dollars. They know that traffic violations increase the risk of violent injury and death - They see it on the news every day. U.S. drivers know that traffic tickets increase their insurance rates. BUT, they have been trained by poor law enforcement that most of the time they can get away with traffic law violations. They become habitual criminals who hate law enforcement.

    Is this the way our future should always be? Just because it has always been true, does not mean that it has to. Australian traffic cameras prove the point. New technology can improve our future society. Emerald Eco-City will be the state-of-the-art set of long-term social system problem solutions.

    Guaranteed criminal apprehension and conviction are powerful teaching tools. If children get away with a simple crimes, they may begin a journey that can result in a terrible, anti-social, immoral life. It is the laziness of society that TOLERATES and thus ENCOURAGES CRIME. Emerald Eco-City will use advance security automation to be vigilant against crime. If it is illegal, it will not be tolerated. We will enforce our laws consistently, (or change them).


    Some states (like Nevada) have made immorality legal. They advertise that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Does that make such behavior moral? Is it any less of a violation of the Ten Commandments? Las Vegas was beyond any shadow of a doubt built by organized criminals. If you seek a life of immorality or crime, you will NOT like Emerald Eco-City. Criminals will be immediately detected and ejected.

    Small rural villages used to work together to prevent anti-social behavior. In stark contrast, modern megacities have been lazy, and PROMOTED Illegal Behavior among youth gangs. Rich criminals become role models for fertile minds. Detroit is the epicenter of a badly-failed, costly, social welfare experiment that clearly does NOT work well.

    In Emerald Eco-City we WILL make it immediately clear that Crime Does NOT PAY. The capital investment in Emerald Eco-City Crime Prevention Technology, and our restrictive policies, will be more-than-paid-for by reduced expensive scandalous activity, and by superior environmental training of our most-precious asset: OUR CHILDREN.

    Don’t YOU want your family to be safe and secure?  Are you a good, moral person who loves Nature and would like to be around similar people? Then YOU will love Emerald Eco-City.

    Down with Crime

    Emerald Eco-City residents, guests, and visitors MUST AGREE to measures aimed at CRIME PREVENTION, safety, security, justice, and the overall happiness of all.

    NO LETHAL WEAPONS WILL BE ALLOWED, just like airports, secure buildings, and theme parks. Even security guards and law enforcement officials can NOT have any lethal weapons inside Emerald Eco-City, This works well in England, Australia, and other MORE-CIVILIZED NATIONS around the world. We will become a role model for the rest of America to understand.

    Reservations are REQUIRED for access to Emerald Eco-City, including an electronic security check, credit check, and a Homeland Security automated “E-Verify” check:

    Crime Prevention is Paramount in Emerald Eco-City

    NO KNOWN CRIMINALS, ILLEGAL ALIENS, OR VAGRANTS ALLOWED INSIDE - Reservation and security check required and biometrically enforced.



    Faraday Cage

    Emerald Eco-City will have the world’s-largest electronic Faraday Cage, to protect against: lightning strikes, solar flares, coronal mass ejections from the sun, and terrorist high-altitude electromagnetic pulse bombs (HEMP).

    These hazards are powerful all-frequency electromagnetic wave radiation. They can destroy all types of unprotected electronic devices, from the power grid to electric motors, computers, electronic-and-communication equipment, and all spare parts (whether the devices are connected and turned on, OR disconnected, on-the-shelf, and turned off).

    What is a Faraday Cage? Think about the door on a microwave oven. Inside the oven is powerful electromagnetic wave radiation (that can cook flesh). The oven cavity is surrounded by a Faraday Cage. The door is designed to allow electromagnetic light out, so you can see the food inside while it is cooking. The door attenuates the internal microwave energy down to a level that is safe for nearby humans.

    A citywide Faraday Cage that can block HEMP has a much-higher level of attenuation (db's) than a microwave oven door does.

    A well-grounded Faraday Cage blocks all forms of wireless electronic signals. If you are somewhere that a cell phone or radio operates, your electronic equipment is vulnerable to damage by common lightening, rare solar activity, or HEMP.

    Our Emerald Eco-City protective Faraday Cage will block (or greatly attenuate) almost all types of external wireless communications, so we will have our own state-of-the-art broadband wireless and fiber optic communications infrastructure, for internal, Internet, and external broadcast-and-two-way audio / video / data transmission capability.




    Our advanced communications infrastructure will assume that by the time our first Emerald Eco-City is ready for occupancy, computer-and-communication systems will be five times faster, have five times more memory capacity, and will cost 1 / 5 of what comparable computing-and-communication capabilities cost today – THE 5X RULE.

    Inside our Faraday Cage, we will have our ownEco-City Positioning System (EPS) that is more precise than the Global Positioning System (GPS) – It will be able to precisely track your location in 3D within a matter of inches – EPS will use the pervasive Eco-City high-bandwidth fiber optic backbone, and then have wireless nodes (within our Faraday Cage) that ensure excellent cell phone coverage, and accurate EPS EVERYWHERE inside our city.

    We will provide emulators and translators that allow rapid 5X EPS integration of popular mobile device apps (from Apple iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry Torch, and even-more-advanced 5X future mobile systems).

    All Emerald Eco-City residents and visitors will REQUIRE a 5X shirt-pocket EPS unit with high-resolution 2-way audio / video communication-and-optimized-EPS navigation device. It will be used for identification-and-access control to all of our facilities. The EPS unit will display the assigned user's photograph for store clerks to see, and provide a link to other biometric information data, for secure large-transaction authorization. Paper transactions and signatures will be obsolete from day one.

    Your 5X EPS can optionally provide narrated tour information at all points of interest, and answer frequently-asked questions in various supported domestic-and-foreign languages. Apps like "Google Goggles" 5X camera will read foreign languages. Our advanced 5X devices will have Artificially-Intelligent Self-Learning Capability and adapt flexibly to your individual needs.5X will also support tomorrow's state-of-the-art high-definition interactive 3D display and camera technology.

    Your Emerald Eco-City EPS-based device will have speech recognition that starts out 99+% accurate. Like modern voice dictation systems, it can be “trained” to be more accurate with each individual user’s language, accent, and vocabulary. iPhone applications (like Google World Navigation) already respond to voice requests. Our 5X EPS will be far more advanced. Our EPS system developers will ensure that we always keep up with (or lead) state-of-the-art intelligent mobile innovations.

    Eco-City Positioning SystemThe EPS unit can be used as a “universal translator.” It will allow a user to speak to it in one language, and have it translate to another language of someone nearby, or on the phone, similar to the current Jjibbigo iPhone app. Your spectrographic voiceprint can also be used for security systems protection, so your assigned EPS cannot be used by someone else.

    Emerald Eco-City will have roughly a million (low cost) 5X digital color video cameras that will continuously monitor every square foot of our public areas, and all business areas that want security cameras. Each camera will be connected to 5X central computers with motion detection, and 5X Artificial Intelligence that correlates EPS tracking with images of the movements of individuals (without less-reliable human monitoring being required).

    All of this technology is available off-the-shelf today – No new miracles required – It will just be 5X better (and more pervasive) by the time we are ready to occupy Emerald Eco-City.

    Suppose you would like to voluntarily make a movie of your movements through Emerald Eco-City. Simply select Monitor MeThe EPS location / communication system can track precisely where you are, and record your movements past roughly a million fixed security cameras located in every Eco-City public (and secured) area. It can optionally record everything you say and hear (if you like) – creating a comprehensive digital movie of your Emerald Eco-City experience.

    Parents could use the Monitor Me mode to optionally keep continuous track of their children (nanny cam, day care, school, etc.).

    A simple single-touch EPS device alarm can cause 911 human-monitored emergency service to see-and-hear your Monitor Me image in real time. (Why should 911 be voice only?) If you feel threatened, ill, injured, etc. for any reason at all Emerald Eco-City human-monitored security will be state-of-the-art, with rapid response from the closest assistance volunteer, security, police or heath care unit. It will also provide rapid help with "I've fallen and can't get up" injuries.

    With very-low (non-existent) crime rates, we believe that most of our human security assistance will be provided by well-trained, part-time, quick-response volunteers, who will be compensated for their public service.

    (Except for infants) everyone MUST carry a valid Emerald Eco-City 5X EPS Locator in public areas. When an EPS device is assigned to an individual, a quick 5X biometric scan will be performed (photograph, voiceprint,  hand scan, fingerprint, facial features, iris, etc.). New biometric technologies can be easily added with software, as they become cost-effective in the future. 

    hand scan device finger print scanner


    Today's Off-The-Shelf Cost-Effective Biometric Technology

    For many years now, Walt Disney theme parks and others have used biometric scanners to eliminate fraudulent use of annual passes. Tens-of-thousands of visitors are quickly processed every day at every park. Computers and cell phones offer built-in biometric scan options (but the USA is slower in implementing modern security technology than many other nations). Republicans want cheap illegal alien workers, and Democrats want illegal alien votes to get reelected. Government corruption is the only thing that prevents cost-effective biometric security and fraud elimination in America today.

    In 2011, India used off-the-shelf biometrics for their nationwide census. They created a National Population Register, which is now the world's largest biometric database with 1.2 billion people's: name, 12-digit unique identification number, picture, complete fingerprints, and other census-related data. This information is used by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for online authentication of all types of transactions, such as employment, voting, welfare benefits, etc. Indians do not even have to carry an ID card. Biometrics recognize every registered citizen. This system replaces the need for all other previous ID cards. Fingerprints, facial recognition software, and historical data can all be used in real-time for many crime-elimination and secure-access purposes. It is just as fast as a modern American credit card transaction.

    How much did India's comprehensive biometric population database solution cost? it was estimated to be $4.60 (in USD) per person. It actually cost only $448 million, less than half a dollar per person!

    Can America afford biometrics? Would it be worth a few dollars per U.S. resident to eliminate hundreds of billions of dollars of fraudulent crime every year?

    It is truly insane for America to NOT follow the leadership of technology-savvy India in the use of biometric identification of EVERYONE.

    Consider America's current expensive illegal alien problems. They significantly contribute to the U.S. trillion-dollar-per-year budget deficit. Shortsighted inept politicians have proposed spending $100 billion to build a fence along one of the USA borders. Even if they construct twin 50-foot-high electrified fences with a moat and alligators between, it will NOT begin to solve the problem that a one-billion-dollar biometric system would immediately solve.

    40% of America's undocumented aliens entered the country legally, and then just overstayed their visa. No fence will solve this problem. A southern fence will not block terrorists from entering via the northern border, or along the east-or-west coastlines. A border fence will not remove the 12+ million undocumented criminal aliens who are currently illegally receiving the benefits of U.S. residency. A LOW-COST BIOMETRIC SECURITY SYSTEM CLEARLY CAN!


    For high-value financial transactions, Biometric Iris Recognition technology is even more accurate than fingerprints. It is much better than a signature. Iris scan takes less than ten seconds to register or identify a subject. It is currently used in U.S. prisons for positive identification. It will inexpensively make Emerald Eco-City far more secure, and potentially save billions of dollars in crime, fraud, lost jobs and illegal benefit payments nationwide.

    In our Emerald Eco-City 5X world, iris scan may even be done inconspicuously in the future, as people merely walk past an entry door.

    Portable Iris Recognitionn

    Stolen EPS locators will be instantly detected, easily tracked, and recorded. The EPS thief will be monitored and convicted. 40 years ago, stolen credit cards sometimes sold for $50 or more. Instant credit-card validation systems ended this practice. In the same way, the elimination of the use of cash inside Emerald Eco-City will eliminate the possibility of stealing cash.

    Motion-detection security-camera software will track everyone inside Emerald Eco City with-or-without a valid EPS locator. Monitor Me will be activated, and law enforcement dispatched in suspicious situations. If a crime is reported, the perpetrator and nearby witnesses will be tracked, and exit doors secured. Who would be stupid enough to even try to commit a crime?

    Access to certain secure areas, jewelry stores, etc. will require a registered, active EPS device, plus at least one type of biometric scan (photo, automated face recognition, voice, hand scan, fingerprint, iris, etc.).

    EPS units will have long-life batteries, plus unobtrusive inductive EPS-battery-charging stations will be everywhere. Transit pods, elevators, etc. will NOT operate, if anyone onboard does not have a valid EPS locator. It would be easy to do a quick hand scan, or fingerprint scan as one enters a transit pod, without any security delay.

    Authorized parents may ask our systems: “Where is my child?” Security people may ask: “Who is that person?” The concept is exactly like existing FAA airplane-tracking transponders have done very effectively for decades.

    Without a valid locator, access to secured areas and businesses will be denied and any failed attempt will activate Monitor Me

    If a Silent Security Alarm is activated, nearby police or security volunteers are immediately dispatched. Everyone in the area (with or without an EPS locator) is monitored, and suspects are NOT allowed to use any Emerald Eco-City transit system.

    Criminal Escape Will Be Prevented, which should be a very-powerful deterrent – No smash, grab, and run is possible.

    Implementing these concepts as a citywide afterthought in a modern megacity would be disruptive and cost prohibitive. BUT, integrating and optimizing them universally from the ground up will be VERY COST EFFECTIVE. The countless benefits will far exceed tomorrow's low 5X technology cost. It is quite sad, but very-few business-as-usual city planners are allowing their imagination to think 5X ahead of yesterday. The often-ignored automation trend became obvious in the 1970's.

    If crime is guaranteed to be detected and prosecuted, the risk of crime should plummet. You should feel very safe and secure inside of Emerald Eco-City (unlike almost every other megacity in the world today).

    Criminals will be biometrically prevented from returning. Emerald Eco-City is NOT FOR EVERYONE. People on the "No Fly List", known criminals and terrorists will NOT enter ever enter Emerald Eco-City. People with no criminal history, who attempt their first crime in our city, will be detected and ejected.

    Emerald Eco-City will be an incorporated city. We will write and enforce our own laws. Bad laws will be removed, replaced, or refined. Laws on the books WILL BE ENFORCED CONSISTENTLY. The integrity and performance of all enforcement agencies and officers will be closely monitored and improved as necessary. Corruption will NOT be tolerated.

    To get past airport security today, you must have a Boarding Pass. Entering Emerald Eco-City will require a RESERVATION with prior security checks. A reservation is a binding contract to abide by all of our published laws. This contract has a morals clause. Criminals will be ejected and biometrics will not allow them to return – No second chance to commit a serious crime. (Some exceptions for one minor juvenile crime of the child of good citizens – IF they learn their lesson – All crime WILL be detected and dealt with quickly and appropriately, with special attention to quickly correcting youth crime.)

    No one is above the law. If Barack Obama visits our Eco-City, he will NOT be allowed to smoke anywhere inside. (Zero Emissions – Never Burn Anything)

    My wife and I both have Federal Security Clearances (to work on secure systems). My Top Secret Classification required an expensive ($70K) “Extended Background Investigation” (FBI / EBI), and periodic Polygraph (lie detector) reevaluation testing.

    To obtain my security clearance, I had to sign away my normal right to privacy. At any time in the future, our government has every right to monitor everything I do, by any means available. I would go directly to Federal Prison if I ever were to violate my contract. I did not have to accept this contract. I entered a voluntary contract, forever promising to never reveal any secrets, and to live a life of high integrity. I have nothing to hide. I never accepted any assignment that would require me to lie, or to
    maintain any type of false cover story.

    Why shouldn’t ALL high-level public officials have to do the same things?

    Most crooked politicians and CEO’s could NOT pass an EBI, OR a Polygraph Test today. Emerald Eco-City officials will be held to a HIGHER standard than our U.S. Congress.

    Corruption is the ONLY reason we have not already solved many of today’s serious social problems.

    Absolutely ZERO Tolerance for ALL illegal behavior - ALL laws enforced consistently. If a law is bad, replace it. If a crime occurs, fix the loophole that allowed it to happen.

    Don’t run around putting out fires – PREVENT them from happening in the first place.

    We will remove the elements that are necessary for Fire AND Crime to happen.

    In America, over 50 million people cannot find a decent job that pays a living wage for food, clothes, transportation, housing, day care, and health care for their families. Many feel justified in committing non-violent crimes, just to survive.

    Emerald Eco-City will provide a Good Living Wage for ALL of its employees. Everyone who works here will be able to live here comfortably and safely, in harmony with Nature.

    We hope to greatly reduce (and eliminate) the questionable “need” to commit crime, just to provide for one's family.

    We hope to also deal with crimes of GREED by providing unprecedented absolute government transparency.

    Unlike the corrupt U.S. Congress, Emerald Eco-City law enforcement will apply equally to EVERYONE, regardless of status or job title: NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Government and public-corporation officials should have no choice but to be open and transparent. A security clearance, WITH periodic polygraph testing, and tighter-than-average contractual morals clauses should be REQUIRED for all positions of leadership.

    The source of legislation, and all votes will be published. Special-interest-group lobbyists will NOT write the laws (and then bribe officials to enact them). Public officials will be REQUIRED to allow electronic scrutiny. Bribery and embezzlement attempts will be easily detected and published for all voters to see (after conviction). If you have serious things to hide, do NOT run for office, or become an Emerald Eco-City corporate executive.

    People with access to view-or-modify crime-detection computer systems, must pass a security clearance, submit to monthly polygraph tests, and agree to having ALL of their personal transactions closely monitored, with frequent third-party audits.

    Our goal is to become a role model of high-integrity for the world. We cannot legislate morality, but we can publish criminal conviction of immorality. We may fall short of perfection, but it is better that we set our goals high, and make mid-course corrections and legislative repairs as needed when systemic problems are detected. Crime prevention is much more cost-effective than dealing with the aftermath, prosecution and incarceration.

    With all funds transfer done electronically, and no criminals allowed in Emerald Eco-City:
    1) All jobs will be Fair, Documented, and Legal
    2) All jobs MUST pay an Emerald Eco-City Living Wage that is tied to proven motivation & productivity
    3) Equal pay for equal work – Better pay for better work

    President John F. Kennedy: “… man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life. And yet, the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe.”

    We want to ELIMINATE any perceived "need" to commit crime. Not everyone will qualify to be an Emerald Eco-City resident. A moral lifestyle, good education and useful skills are essential.

    People with financial resources will be able to retire comfortably in Emerald Eco-City, but we do NOT want life to be based only on welfare entitlement programs. 40% of Americans pay no income taxes at all. The lower 50% of wage earners pay only 3% of U.S. taxes. 40% of American residents are on some tile of welfare entitlement program (many of them in this country illegally). Vagrants, criminals and free-loaders will be blocked from entry into Emerald Eco-City.

    Disabled relatives of productive people will be very welcome, but our overall goal will be a MAJORITY of Prosperous, Productive People Living Comfortably and Abundantly in Harmony with Nature, while contributing to overall community goals. Deserving partially-disabled people, patriotic veterans, and other qualified people who have a skill to offer our Nature-loving community will be guaranteed a stable job with a living wage. Anyone with an Emerald Eco-City job can afford to live there.

    Emerald Eco-City will be a PRIVILEGE to strive for, NOT an entitlement or a place that tolerates deadbeats, criminals of any kind, or terrorist activity. Our morals clause will facilitate rapid ejection upon conviction.


    Right To Privacy Is Already A Non-Existent Illusion

    More-than-a-century-ago, small rural towns knew almost everything about almost everyone. A moral, high-integrity lifestyle was much-more common back then. U.S. President Jimmie Carter came from that environment.

    In today’s crowed crooked world, immoral criminals want to commit their ongoing crimes privately behind closed doors. Dick Cheney's January 2001 Energy Task Force (which planned the Iraq attack long before 9/11) is a classic example of high-level organized crime and crooked corruption behind closed doors.

    Privacy is already becoming progressively-more-difficult to maintain, as invasive technology becomes pervasive. If you are a high-integrity person with nothing in your recent past to hide, then you have nothing to worry about.

    In 1981, the new Reagan Administration installed the IBM Professional Office System (PROFS email, which I helped design in the 1970's). Eventually, PROFS backup history files documented Reagan's unconstitutional criminal activity and public lies in the Iran / Contra affair. Oliver North shredded his hardcopies, but failed to understand the proof that was stored on PROFS. The criminal Reagan administration allowed loyal North to become the scapegoat, for which he went to prison (instead of self-serving, documented liars: Reagan, Rumsfeld and Cheney). Disclosure of the documented truth did not seem to matter.

    Many conservative obstructionists still naively believe that Ronald Reagan was America's best president ever. Do YOU?


    The 9/11 Commission Report documented how Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld ignored the intelligence they were given about the approaching 9/11 terrorist attack. Even the leaders at the top are losing their privacy, and they also TOOK YOUR'S AWAY.

    Nothing in our Emerald Eco-City electronic security systems will take away any privacy that you did not already lose long ago.

    Big Brother Cheney is Watching YOU Since the October 26, 2001 enactment of the Bush / Cheney Administration “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism" Act of 2001 ( U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act), any “Right to Privacy” that Americans thought they once had has almost completely gone away.

    Before 2001, it required a Court Order, and a telephone-company technician to attach a special device to establish a legal “wiretap.” This is no longer true. Since the 2001 Patriot Act, all that is needed is for National Security Agency (NSA) covert agents to type a command into their computers, which are connected to our nationwide public telephone network Digital Switching Systems. NSA can instantly monitor ALL incoming and outgoing telephone calls to any particular telephone number in real-time.

    NSA has the world’s largest set of cryptographic supercomputers that can essentially break any known encryption scheme. NO electronic communication is private or secure today. If Big Brother cares, he can already listen to everything you do TODAY.

    For a few clues about how Big Brother is ineffectively spending over $60 Billion per year of your tax money to watch YOU, see the frightening PBS NOVA program called: "The Spy Factory"

    An al Qaeda operative bought an Inmarsat satellite telephone phone in New York for use by Osama bin Laden. For a period of time, NSA was able to listen to all of Osama’s international phone calls, until deadly news-media insanely leaked the fact that his conversations were being monitored.

    NSA’s supercomputers can optionally use Artificial Intelligence to listen to all telephone conversations (regardless of the phone number) looking for certain red-alert words, which then draw more-specific attention to the numbers that they came from. There is almost no doubt that occasionally, NSA computers have already listened to YOUR private innocent phone calls.

    Abuse of Wiretaps: John Edgar Hoover was the founder of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He became frustrated with many government officials who often disagreed with him. Hoover used unauthorized, illegal wiretaps and burglaries to consolidate significant political power, by collecting huge files of compromising and potentially-embarrassing information
    on many powerful Americans, especially politicians from presidents on down. There can be absolutely no argument that evil people with access to private information can and have used it for their own selfish goals - Your taxes at work against privacy.

    The Bush / Cheney Patriot Act made the potential for future abuse of privacy thousands of times worse than Hoover could do. One partially-effective strategy is to never do or say anything that you would not want the future J. Edgar Hoover to know about. We doubt that very many corrupt politicians or corporate executives meet that criteria today.

    If you use employer-provided telephones or computer systems, your company has the right to monitor everything you do, including to-and-from phone numbers, Internet addresses, email ID’s, websites, every word of every conversation, email, and everything you upload or download from the worldwide web. If the company approves, supervisors can request detailed reports about communication activity on ALL of their employees.

    If you use any kind of wireless services, anyone with the right kind of inexpensive, off-the-shelf radio-frequency equipment can easily monitor your location, and everything you do. Private individuals recorded and published a cell-phone conference call between then-House-Speaker Newt Gingrich, Majority Leader Dick Armey, Whip Tom Delay, Congressmen John Boehner and Bill Paxon discussing possible responses to Ethics Committee charges against Gingrich.

    Wireless communication devices have NEVER been secure. NSA can quickly descramble all encrypted voice scramblers.

    Easily-monitored wireless service not only includes the obvious mobile phone and laptop computers, but also microwave signals, which can be monitored with land-based or satellite listening systems (legally or illegally).

    Suppose you are in a building that has absolutely nothing electronic or electrical inside. A private individual in a car across the street can point a special-purpose laser system at any window and “listen” to all of the sounds that are striking the glass from the inside. It is off-the-shelf, inexpensive, decade-old, amateur spy technology.

    If you use a credit card, or store discount card, companies can (and do) easily monitor-and-record every purchase you make as an individual. It is easy to monitor what you watch on your television set. This type of information is used for marketing
    campaigns (and for other legal-and-illegal purposes).

    Most stores, and a growing number of public areas, already have security cameras recording your every motion. Some stores have even been found liable for parking-lot violence, where they did NOT provide brightly-lit security-camera monitoring. You must assume today that if you are in a public place, everything you do is being recorded for future security scrutiny. On network news, you can already see security camera recordings of crimes almost every single night. We appreciate security.

    In tomorrow’s 5X world, there will surely be a billion more inexpensive security cameras in place. The million video cameras in Emerald Eco-City public-and-business areas are not going to take away any privacy that you did not already give up long ago, BUT, they will provide far-better safety and security than any other megacity in the world does today.

    The people who have access to our Emerald Eco-City security system information must pass a security clearance, and submit to monthly polygraph tests, to guarantee no fraudulent abuse of our systems - No future J. Edgar Hoover allowed !

    If you live in an apartment or condo today, your residential unit probably already has centrally-monitored smoke-and-fire detectors. Tomorrow’s 5X trend will be to add VIDEO monitors that can be turned on remotely IF an emergency alarm is activated. An audible alarm, and bright-light signal will guarantee that you know when a security camera is turned on.

    Would this be an invasion of your (non-existent) privacy, OR a valuable safety feature for all?

    Today’s 911 service is mostly audio only. With so many cell phones that now have digital camera’s, why not have audio PLUS Video 911 Service (especially in tomorrow’s 5X world)?

    Today’s GPS cell phones and smart phones can already be used to navigate, and to track the location of your children. How much more useful will they become 5X from now? The safety and security of our children is precious to us.

    Nothing in the Emerald Eco-City electronic security systems will take away any privacy that you did not already lose long ago. Most people have things in their past that we do not want widely publicized, especially unproven false allegations. Voters forgive presidents for youthful indiscretions. We will ensure ongoing absolute privacy about defamatory false things.

    BUT, CONVICTION of ongoing crimes of the present WILL be published, especially for those leaders who should be held to a higher standard than those that they lead. Embezzlement of public funds, bribes, and crooked corruption of public officials and political candidates WILL BE MADE KNOWN TO VOTERS. Criminal CEO activity will also be made known to shareholders.

    Immoral people who would rather give up their safety and security (so they can live a life of covert crime) will NOT want to live in Emerald Eco-City. We seek people of high-integrity who have nothing serious to hide today. Surely, there are at least a million of them left in America today, who want to live a Moral Life in Harmony with Nature.

    We hope to motivate-and-encourage our children to avoid a life of crime. Emerald Eco-City safety-and-security systems will ONLY monitor what our residents want us to, but ALL LAWS WILL BE CONSISTENTLY ENFORCED.

    The super-strong Emerald Eco-City outer shell will be hardened against most types of violent external terrorist attacks. Our unprecedented 5X security systems will do everything that is feasible to prevent terrorism from the inside – 100% of the time.

    Crime and Terrorism Will NOT Be Tolerated

    Any breach will cause us to fix the source, not just the symptom


    The Very-High Cost of America’s Ineffective War on Terror

    After the OPEC Oil Embargoes drove the pump price of petroleum up 600% in six years, President Carter implemented a plan to end the import of foreign oil in eight years.

    Catastrophically, Reagan terminated Carter’s Energy Independence plan, and subsidized INCREASED imported oil addiction. That one event (arguably more than any other) set in motion the path that funded the rise of al Qaeda, and the terrible War on Terrorism that rages on to this day (longer than World War II).

    Reagan, Rumsfeld and Cheney also covertly supported the Afghanistan Mujahedin, many of whom later migrated to the Taliban and al Qaeda, using political support and weapons that were provided by the extremely-corrupt Reagan Administration (as is now well-documented today).

    The Reagan Administration arranged to sell Bell and Hughes crop-dusting helicopters to Saddam Hussein, and the chemicals that he used to kill 50,000-to-100,000 Iraqi Kurds (for which Saddam was eventually hanged to death by his own people).

    Such chemical weapons are banned by international law. What did America do to those who provided them to Saddam? Of course Cheney “knew” that Iraq had illegal weapons of mass destruction – HE had arranged to sell them to Saddam.

    In violation of the U.S. Constitution AND International Law, the Reagan Administration then sold weapons to Iran, contributing to the death of over a million (mostly innocent) Iran / Iraq people. Reagan lied openly when he said: “We did not - repeat, did NOT - trade weapons or anything else for hostages, nor will we.”

    The Iran / Contra documents PROVED what dishonest crooks the Reagan Administration leaders really were, and that Reagan had tried unsuccessfully to cover up their many crimes. Later, Reagan admitted his deadly lie, and took responsibility.

    Many in Reagan's administration went to prison as scapegoats for the true criminals (Reagan, Rumsfeld and Cheney), who lied constantly to selfishly avoid prosecution. They unscrupulously allowed patriots like Oliver North to go to jail in their place.

    Rumsfeld and Cheney later created the unjustified, ongoing, current war in Iraq, under the Bush Administration, which has provided enormous fuel for millions of new terrorists who now hate the USA more than ever before.

    Insane international energy-and-war policies created America’s own worst enemies today. Cheney’s lies about Iraq to Colin Powell before he spoke at the United Nations sent USA to unjustified war in Iraq, which was actually based on Cheney’s Halliburton-profit-motive, NOT on bringing unwanted, ineffective democracy to Iraq.

    In Truth, Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Hussein had NO active program to build nuclear weapons, despite Cheney’s endless lies. Cheney STILL insists that he made no mistakes in office. Millions of non-learning idiots still believe him, and thousands pay to hear him continue his endless lies in public, despite the many well-documented articles of impeachment that were filed against Bush and Cheney while they were in office. Our spineless Congress failed to prosecute them.

    Cheney profited greatly from his Halliburton stock options, which is the true reason that he sent USA into an evil war against Iraq. See the PBS Frontline story documenting Supreme Sinister Evil of Oil-Related Lies, Death and Destruction with over 400 interviews: “Bush’s War”

    Osama bin Laden interview March 1997 (after the 1993 al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center and other attacks on U.S. interests worldwide, but before 9/11/2001):

    “It is known that every action has its reaction. If the American presence continues, and that is an action, then it is natural for reactions to continue against this presence. In other words, explosions and killings of the American soldiers would continue. These are the troops who left their country and their families and came here with all arrogance to steal our oil and disgrace us, and attack our religion.”

    Pacifist Bill Clinton failed to take decisive action to deal with the growing al Qaeda terrorism threats. AFTER 9/11, our DUMB "intelligence agencies" have continued to NOT connect the endless dots - Clearly demonstrated on Christmas 2009.

    Our oil-related war in Iraq has only fueled the growing radical reactionary terrorism inferno. Millions of people around the globe now feel that AMERICANS ARE THE WORLD’S WORST TERRORISTS. Criminal, unconstitutional, corruption from our U.S. presidents on down is a primary reason why.


    Devaluing Human Life

    If a young American parent dies in an airplane crash caused by a mechanical failure or pilot error, the courts often award the grieving family multiple millions of dollars for lost income potential, etc.

    When corrupt Baby Boom politicians send patriotic soldiers into harm's way (to fight an oil-related war based on lies about non-existent weapons of mass destruction), and a loyal soldier dies in the line of duty, the spouse (if there is one) gets a $100,000 "death gratuity." Soldiers' children get NOTHING until they are 18. Grandparents left to raise children get nothing.

    The social cost of killing and mutilating American soldiers is much larger than our government admits. The Sixth Commandment says: "Thou shall not kill." It does NOT say that there is an "acceptable level of collateral damage."

    The wealthy old politicians who send young people to die in unjustified war devalue human life, and HIDE the true cost of war that they declared to preserve the profits of powerful oil companies who import foreign oil, and who pay to elect the politicians that they "own."

    The My Lai Massacre proved what can happen when misguided Americans devalue human life. This mass murder was conducted by the proud U.S. Army 11th Brigade Charlie Company on March 16, 1968. 504 unarmed South Vietnam civilian citizens (mostly women and babies) were beaten, tortured, gang raped, mutilated and brutally murdered by young American soldiers, under the command of war-criminal tyrants.

    "I would say that most people in our company didn't consider the Vietnamese human." - Dennis Bunning

    America entered Vietnam to PROTECT the innocent South Vietnamese - NOT kill them. The inhuman unjustified massacre was covered up. Commanding officers described it as a military victory that had resulted in the deaths of 128 enemy combatants, which was an unforgivable bald-faced lie. After the Truth was published along with photographs, 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader William Calley was convicted (as a scapegoat) of premeditated murder for ordering the shootings. He claimed he was commanded to do so by Captain Ernest Medina. Calley only served four months in prison, and no one else was punished.

    The net result of the My Lai Massacre was that America lost all international moral authority for our Vietnam "police action", which led to our embarrassing defeat and withdrawal in shame after such a heavy loss of precious American lives. My Lai proved that USA soldiers could commit evil atrocities as bad as any human tyrant had ever done before in human history.

    How quickly we forget critical lessons of the recent past. Ignoring history condemns us to endlessly repeat its worst mistakes.

    Similar stories emerged about Dick Cheney's unjustified oil war in Iraq, based on his lies about non-existent WMD, where
    a million innocent non-combatants died or were mutilated, in what has been called an: "acceptable level of collateral damage."

    "A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy." . . . "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley (Author of "Brave New World")

    If we add the huge subsidizes that USA pays the most-profitable companies in the world to import foreign oil, and the high military cost to defend our access to oil from other countries, then the true replacement pump price of gasoline should be WELL OVER $10 per gallon today. An oil war should be paid for entirely by oil taxes (Not borrowed from our innocent grandchildren). The soldiers who fight in unjustified oil wars should ONLY be those who profit greatly from importing foreign oil! (NOT our innocent patriotic young people who must leave many loved ones behind)

    In 2008, $4 gas caused large changes in American behavior. IF the true price of $10 gas was not hidden by corrupt politicians, consumers would make more-intelligent decisions about their transportation options, and heating their homes with foreign heating oil, which provides funds to middle-east terrorists. We must end our addiction to $10 oil, which devalues human life.

    There is 10,000 times more FREE FUEL energy available from the sun and wind, than ALL fossil fuel being burned today. There is absolutely NO NEED TO EVER FIGHT ANOTHER OIL-RELATED WAR, other than extreme political tyranny! The technology to use free fuel cost effectively is readily available "off the shelf" TODAY - NO technical miracles required.

    Emerald Eco-City will clearly demonstrate to the entire world precisely HOW to Live in Harmony with Nature, and with each other


    Poverty and Lack of a Good Education

    How do innocent children become terrorists? It is now well-documented that 90% of today’s Taliban-trained suicidal terrorists are between the ages of 12 and 18 years old!

    Impoverished Muslim parents who cannot afford to feed their precious children send large numbers of them to Taliban schools so they will not starve to death, and so they can receive traditional religious education. In these sinister evil schools, their impressionable fertile minds are taught that they will go straight to heaven and receive great rewards, IF they die while killing infidel Americans. Brain-washed children are then "happy" to sew a bomb into their underwear - Honestly believing they will soon be in paradise with Allah. What a terrible perversion of innocent religious faith. It is paid for in large part by oil-export money for gas-guzzling inefficient American SUV’s!

    Remember this every time you buy anything that burns petroleum. Part of every gallon of gas that YOU buy, INCREASES money sent to Taliban terrorist schools. Shall WE continue to sponsor the training of teenage terrorists forever? When will we stop burning foreign oil? If not THIS YEAR, then when?

    Multiple all-electric cars will be available in volume production by the end of 2010. Other nations (like Israel, Denmark, France and Japan) are adding huge taxes on petroleum vehicles. We will soon need non-fossil-fuel, zero emissions, Abundant FREE FUEL Electricity (from the sun, wind, geothermal, ocean currents, tides, and micro hydroelectric). Emerald Eco-City will NEVER BURN ANYTHING (No petroleum, coal, natural gas, or deadly biofuels) - All-electric transportation ONLY.

    The Bush / Cheney unjustified oil-war in Iraq has raged on much-longer than World War II – Killing far more Americans than died on 9/11, and killing, amputating and permanently mutilating over-a-million innocent non-combatants (mostly women and precious children). The images of the avoidable injured innocent make us cry.

    Many of the Muslims who have watched what American guns, smart bombs and drones have done to their truly innocent feel strong motivation to do whatever they can against the USA, INCLUDING self-destructive suicide bombing. Their endless response against arrogant U.S. military actions has drawn large funding and support from many enraged Arabs, and state-sponsored terrorism from Iran (which was Iraq’s former enemy).

    It is clear that Iran is close to becoming a nuclear power (like Pakistan and North Korea already are). They have the material and the technology. We have seen Iran successfully launch missiles into orbit, which could rain down terror anywhere in the
    world with a simple push of a button.

    Is America's ongoing War on Terror doing ANYTHING GOOD?

    The Bush / Cheney wars committed over $4 Trillion U.S. taxpayer dollars (borrowed from our own grandchildren), if we include all of the long-term veteran’s benefits, nation rebuilding, etc.

    Arrogant U.S. Baby Boom legislators have placed far too many young people in harm's way for far too long. They value the money they receive from petroleum lobbyists, MORE than the future of our young soldiers. Not only are we killing and mutilating a million people, but we are stealing the future from our own children.

    For the same $4 Trillion dollars, we could have fed, clothed, AND educated many millions of precious poor children around the world for decades into the future ! (without sacrificing any young American lives)

    Was the $4-Trillion-dollar burden that we are leaving our innocent children well spent? Did it make their safety, security and economic future Better or Worse? OR, did oil-war make them MORE addicted to unsustainable, suicidal, imported oil?

    The 2004 - 2006 U.S. house price inflation explosion was made worse by America sending plywood and other building materials to reconstruct Iraq homes destroyed by our "Smart Bombs." That was part of the reason for the housing bubble that eventually had to burst, causing widespread 2007- 2010 American home foreclosures, which bankrupted the U.S. Financial System, requiring Trillion in taxpayer bailouts. Was bombing worth the high cost?

    Good education, good jobs, and a permanent end to poverty could eliminate the current strong motivation for terrorism.

    Is USA’s War on Terrorism ending it, or making it much worse? Can terrorism be terminated with bombs?

    Future seeds of terrorism against USA have now been planted in many poor Muslim children, who may hate us until they die.

    Is might always right? Do YOU want an arrogant, selfish bully as an ally? Should Arab nations rely-on or trust America?

    Should USA continue to spend Trillions of dollars on dead-end, unsustainable, suicidal oil-related wars for our 86%-inefficient gas-guzzling SUV internal combustion engines (based on 1890’s technology)?

    The highly-predictable, unintended consequences of unjustified war are HUGE. If Iraq had no oil, Cheney would NOT have sent troops to die there in the first place.

    We have NOT fought against widespread modern genocide in non-oil-rich countries. We did NOT invade Pakistan or North Korea when they were developing nuclear weapons. Oil is the ONLY Reason Cheney declared unjustified war against Iraq, bankrupting USA.

    How STUPID can we be? Osama said it is America's continued Arabian presence that motivates terrorism.

    Can we END terrorism by killing innocent people for their oil?

    OR, should we immediately build the Emerald Eco-City Prototype Community Of Tomorrow, to demonstrate HOW the well-educated, abundant-life eco-cities of the 21ST Century can ALL live cost-effectively in Harmony with Nature, around a more-cooperative world WITHOUT BURNING ANYTHING?

    If Muslim children are educated in their own eco-city dedicated to Living in Harmony with Nature, they will NOT become terrorists - They would help make the world a better place for everyone.

    We must learn how to seed the world for GOOD, and STOP Motivating EVIL. Who will take a noble stand to STOP returning violence with worse violence?

    We cannot turn a blind eye to evil genocide holocaust, but we also must immediately STOP unjustified oil-related wars waged by sinister selfish wealthy corrupt tyrants.

    “Man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life”  -  John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address – 1961

    For half-a-century, America has been insanely making the WRONG CHOICE. We have waged unjustified oil-related war, INSTEAD of Investing in Living in Harmony with Nature. The keys to end terrorism include sustainability education that helps eliminate poverty. Educating women and giving them equal rights are also proven ways to reduce over population.

    We MUST have a working prototype of precisely HOW to Live in Harmony with Nature.

    Radical elimination of our unsustainable fossil-fuel addiction is long overdue. Anything less is suicidal.

    Emerald Eco-City will lead the way to the demonstrable TRUTH, and help educate the entire world about HOW to Live in Harmony with Nature.

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