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    Readers Comments:

    Description: Anything burned in the atmosphere emits deadly toxins.
    We MUST eliminate all hazardous byproducts of combustion.

    Top Three Rules for Emerald Green Living in Harmony with Nature:

    Rule 1: Zero Emissions - NEVER BURN ANYTHING

    Rule 2: Claiming that burning anything in Earth's atmosphere can ever be Clean or Green
    is Prima Facie PROOF of "GREENWASH" Criminal Fraud

    Rule 3: See Rule 1 - NO EXCEPTIONS - NO COMPROMISE

    IF YOU DISAGREE, then don't waste any of your finite non-learning neurons on this website. You may be confident that YOU are a member in good standing of the myopic majority. People who think Zero Emissions will be too expensive, do not understand FREE Sunshine and Wind.
    Light up a big cigar. Turn on the Rush Limbaugh show. Send a campaign contribution to Senator Jim Inhofe. Take a frivolous jet plane flight. Shop for a gas-guzzling SUV (they are on sale right now). Buy stock in a coal mine. Support converting our nation to natural gas, and deadly biofuels. One form of unsustainable suicide is as good as another.

    Burning Ethanol Generates DEADLY Aldehydes

    Never Burn ANYTHING policy: No wood, No coal, No oil, No gas, and especially NO deadly biofuels that emit cancer-causing aldehydes. Emerald Eco-City will have a NO Compromise, Objective Zero, Zero Emissions mandate. We will never allow biofuels to rob starving people of agricultural resources or the clean water that is necessary for life.

    We will have a huge city-wide construction savings by NOT ever building roads for anything that is petroleum powered. No gas stations. No expensive imported oil. No black asphalt streets or highways that absorb hot summer solar gain and heat up the surrounding climate – See Urban Heat Islands

    The only way to get to Emerald Eco-City will be on our proprietary access-controlled electric train system. All rapid transit and robot messengers inside Emerald Eco-City will be zero-emissions all-electric systems, powered exclusively by clean, emerald-green, free-fuel Abundant Energy in Harmony with Nature® that we will generate ourselves from the sun, wind, etc.

    We will produce an over-abundance of electricity that we will profitably sell back to other local communities, and eventually to the emerging USA “ Smart Grid"

    Flammable things and ignition sources (like matches and lighters) will NOT be allowed past our security checkpoints. There will be No real fireplaces (although video-display solar-heated ZED Virtual Fireplaces will be encouraged).

    Construction welding will be done electrically.

    No interior charcoal-or-gas BBQ grills, No smoking materials of ANY kind (legal or illegal), No candles, and No high-proof, brain-damaging, highly-flammable alcoholic beverages will be sold (red wine is fine).

    - Zero Emission -

    Never Burn Anything Part 1 Never Burn Anything Part 2

    Smoke, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide detectors everywhere will ensure a swift response to any combustion of any kind anywhere inside Emerald Eco-City. An occupancy contract "morals clause" will guarantee monitoring, detection and REJECTION of ANYONE intentionally starting even the smallest kind of fire, anywhere inside our Zero Emission Eco-City. Disabling smoke or fire sensors will be dealt with harshly, just as in all commercial airplanes today.

    If smoke or fire is detected, a bright light and audible alarm will come on and the area will be brightly illuminated, showing that video cameras and microphones are being activated for immediate fire-safety determination. Smoke and fire will override normal personal privacy rights, but occupants will always be notified by the bright light and alarm when the video / audio monitors in private areas are turned on.

    Stealthy invasion of privacy will not ever be allowed. People with access to cameras in private locations will require a high-level security clearance, and monthly polygraph tests to ensure privacy integrity. Private-area cameras and microphones will be hard wired so they can NOT be activated without turning on the bright light and audible alarm. If they are disabled, security guards will be dispatched to investigate why.

    Rapid response to kitchen fires, etc. should be greatly appreciated by all residents. If a kitchen fire (etc.) is detected, a remote security officer can selectively activate the appropriate localized fire retardant system, and monitor all surrounding areas.

    But in any case, no kind of fire will be permitted inside Emerald Eco-City – No Compromise.


    The essential key to radical reinvention society innovation is a clearly-understood COMPELLING VISION OF THE FUTURE.

    Conveying our vision is far more important than the specific details of "HOW" it will be accomplished, but
    Without a powerful vision the people WILL perish. For example . . .

    Consider the mindset of mediocre non-learning leaders of failing industry (like Rick Wagoner, GM CEO), and
    fossil-fuel-corrupted legislators (like Senator Jim Inhofe). They are uninsightful "wake watchers." They note that
    for a hundred years most transportation has been fossil-fuel-powered dirty internal combustion engines.

    Therefore, we should continue to waste billions of dollars building more things that burn unsustainable,
    expensive, highly-polluting, imported energy to fuel future internal combustion engines.

    When the government requires slightly-higher mpg, the car companies can charge much more for smaller cars
    and little internal compustion engines that require less material and labor to build. Great for greedy profiteers!

    If it was good enough for grandfather (when the pump price was $0.20 per gallon), it should be good enough
    for our grandchildren (when pump price is $20.00 per gallon, USA is bankrupt, and sea level is 20 feet higher).

    Right? - Wrong, WRONG, W R O N G !

    A small improvement in internal combustion engine mpg years in the future is almost useless, when our
    Compelling Vision MUST BE Never Burn ANYTHING. Why waste the time, effort and money on a dead-end path?

    Israel has strong motivation to completely phase out dependence on expensive Arab oil.
    They just can NOT afford to keep sending money to enemies sworn to destroy their nation.
    With a clear and compelling vision in place, the "HOW" is much easier for everyone to accept.

    January 21, 2008, Israel imposed a 72% TAX on all new petroleum-powered vehicles.
    They have arranged with Nissan and others to provide all-electric cars (like the new Leaf).
    Israel is investing heavily in 500,000 electric-vehicle recharging stations across their country.
    (Much-larger USA only has about 170,000 gasoline stations.)

    Unlike slow-moving, non-responsive USA, Israel has a Compelling Vision AND a practical plan
    to eliminate internal combustion engines in less-than ten years. - GREAT IDEA ISRAEL !

    France is making a similar infrastructure investment to support the 2010 Nissan Leaf and other EV's.

    March 2008, more-aggressive Denmark implemented a 180% TAX on new petroleum vehicles,
    with ZERO TAX on electric vehicles. USA's small increase in future C.A.F.E. mpg is a silly joke.
    It gives a false illusion of progress, but will soon bankrupt most of gas-guzzling America.

    The United States is certainly NO Zero Emissions leader. We will not even be considered a trailing-edge
    follower, until we have a serious, practical plan in place to phase out ALL internal combustion engines.

    Zero Emissions - Never Burn ANYTHING is the vision, but so far it is NOT compelling in declining USA.

    Emerald Eco-City will go far beyond European and Asian all-electric cars. We will become the practical,
    cost-effective demonstration of Zero Emission EVERYTHING.


    Is the powerful "Objective Zero"behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities

    ZED has all of the Zero Emissions answers – What are YOUR questions?
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