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    Description: Our extensive “No Compromise” Objective Zero policies will ensure that we do no harm, and leave Earth better than it was when we started

    For multiple good reasons, we WANT to build Emerald Eco-City in a nearly-sterile mostly-dead desert with essentially no significant population of plants or animals. We do not want to do anything that might impact endangered species in any way. We do not want any pre-existing infrastructure based on any fossil fuels or nuclear waste. We want to build our own unique infrastructure and environmental habitat from an essentially-sterile, dead desert. Our Eco-City infrastructure and the over- 4-million new trees we will plant every year will create our own beautiful environmental desert oasis and Emerald-Green sustainable habitat for plants, animals and people in Harmony with Nature. We believe that the majority of our one-million residents will be enlightened environmentalists, with over 400,000 ecologically-responsible new jobs that we will define.

    Emerald Eco-City’s NEVER BURN ANYTHING policy means that we will not burn any non-renewable fossil fuel resources (coal, oil, natural gas), or ever emit any byproducts of combustion. We will contribute nothing negative to man-made climate change. Our role-model Eco-City will help REVERSE the damage being done by our non-learning suicidal society.

    Every Emerald Eco-City resident will sponsor planting at least four trees every year. The fees from visitors will pay for one labeled tree per visitor. Come back years later and see it grow. The many millions of trees we will continually plant will help improve local-and-global climate. Instead of turning green forests into asphalt deserts and global-warming urban heat islands,Emerald Eco-City will turn a sun-scorched sterile desert into a beautiful Emerald-Green Garden of Eden Forest Oasis.

    We will NOT damage the environment by drilling, spilling, mining, or stripping the surface of green CO2-sequestering forests or environmentally-devastating tar sands, which are a major source of U.S. oil imports:



    Emerald Eco-City will NOT consume any form of nuclear fission energy, which generates radioactive waste that pollutes the Earth for many thousands of years, and has the potential of a Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster that left Belarus uninhabitable.

    We will NOT use any agricultural resources (land, water, equipment or labor) to produce any kind of biofuel, or emit the carcinogenic “aldehydes” that are produced by burning biofuels, such as deadly ethanol and biodiesel.

    Once our water systems are charged (from the annual July-August North American monsoon), we will be able to recycle all of our water (the same way that the international Space Station does today, and our 21ST Century Moon and Mars colonies will eventually do). Thus, we will not deplete or pollute Earth’s scarce fresh water resource, or do the kind of environmental damage that coastal desalination systems can do.

    Multiple Emerald Eco-Cities may be located near each other, since one city will not impact the environment or use up the resources needed by another. There will be SYNERGISTIC POTENTIAL for nearby Eco-Cities to share common resources (entertainment, food production, advanced software, lessons learned, workers, etc.). Efficient electric rail service will interconnect nearby ecocities - Absolutely NO fossil fuels or internal-combustion-engine roads allowed.

    Conventional megacities become LESS cost-effective as their size increases. They are a huge DIS-economy-of-scale. Not so with our ecocities, which will demonstrate mutually-supportive Economies of Scale. We expect rapid growth to make the cost of ecocity luxury living in harmony with Nature to DECLINE over time. (Unlike today’s chaotic megacity complexity, inefficiency and extremely-high cost of living.)

    All of our energy will come from daily-renewable, clean, green, safe, non-polluting, FREE-FUEL sources like the Sun, Wind, and possibly Geothermal (if available locally cost effectively). Due to the threat of likely 21ST Century sea level rise, we will not be located next to the coast, so we will not use free energy from tides or ocean currents.

    Emerald Eco-City’s need for energy will be drastically reduced by 70% to 90% compared to what clueless “GREENWASHERS” (like USGBC LEED) are now erroneously calling “energy efficient.” Our thirty years of proven Zero Energy Design® experience will be integrated and optimized in everything we do.

    No new technology miracles are required. We will not have to reinvent any wheels. It is merely a matter of integration, optimization, and innovative solution scalability of readily-available off-the-shelf modern technology (intelligently applied).

    Changing the temperature of things is generally the most-expensive energy waster in most homes and commercial buildings today. Our Eco-City Thermal Buffer Zone (TBZ)  solar-heating-and-cooling technology will eliminate most energy requirements to maintain a comfortable, healthy environment for a million people to live and work in harmony with Nature.

    All other energy consumers (cooking, bathing, washing, appliances, electronics, business machines, entertainment, etc.) will use state-of-the-art innovative technologies. Many will be manufactured to custom Emerald Eco-City specifications. Our size will give us unique economy-of-scale buying power. We hope to set “No Compromise” product trends that the rest of the world will soon follow. We will be continually evolving and demonstrating state-of-the-art advanced luxury-living products and services, in harmony with Nature.

    Emerald Eco-City will NOT kill trees – No wood or wasWood building materials or tree-killing products like furniture, floors, cabinets, fireplaces, paper, etc.

    We will be a totally-electronic paperless society, with state-of-the-art integrated, interoperable, optimized information technology everywhere it is reasonable to do so. We will build on the 5X Principle:By the time we are ready to occupy Emerald Eco-City, tomorrow’s computers will be five time more powerful and cost one fifth the price of comparable computing capability today. Automation and artificially-intelligent solution configurators and logistical problem solvers will assume state-of-the-art zero-impact 5X computing technology, with mobile apps that are 5X systems well-beyond the successful Apple iPhone, and others. See our description of 5X Future Technology

    We will be a highly-productive, advanced-technology, internationally-competitive, rapidly-evolving, self-contained HAPPY Think Tank demonstration of the No Compromise very-best that humanity can offer today, with no unsustainable resource depletion, emissions, waste, landfill, pollution or negative impact to the environment.

    Today, Americans generate over 1600 pounds of useless waste every year. It consumes huge unsustainable resources and energy to produce endless disposable things. It consumes even more finite resources to collect and dispose of disposable things. "Out of sight, out of mind" landfill garbage disposal is NOT SUSTAINABLE.

    It is impossible for earthlings to throw anything away – THERE IS NO “AWAY”! All we can do is to transport trash a few miles down the road, or into our delicate air or water.

    In the poorly-planned, terribly-mismanaged corrupt Chicago suburbs, there are miles of methane-producing mountains of old garbage, covered with grass. Residential neighborhoods have grown up around the pollution that they will produce for centuries. Shall we turn the entire world into a huge, uninhabitable smelly garbage dump? Overpopulation, urbanization, and exploding landfills are terrible trends for our precious children.

    No Emerald Eco-City resident will be allowed to produce ANY disposable waste. EVERYTHING will be designed for Cradle-To-Cradle continuous sustainability. See our section on Zero Waste . We will have NO LANDFILL AT ALL. IF someone were to generate disposable waste, they would have to keep it in their living room!

    All that it takes is the creative imagination to break our terrible American addiction to status-quo unsustainable disposable lifestyle.

    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    "Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities" TM

    We invite constructive suggestions and collaboration from our new friends
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