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  • The Physical Ecocity
  • Sociological and Healthy Ecocity
  • The Environmental Ecocity
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    Readers Comments:

    Description: Everyone who works in Emerald Eco-City can afford to live there with a Fair Living Wage: Equal pay for equal work; Better pay for better work

    Working on the construction of Emerald Eco-City, or a permanent job inside will require background checks, including criminal activity, credit report, Homeland Security E-Verify (legal to be in the country). Every employee must meet the basic integrity, lifestyle and skills requirements, and have their resume validated.

    Intern programs will help future employees acquire any required unfamiliar skills.

    Some students may pay for their Emerald Eco-City studies. Some may be on work / study programs. All full-time employees will receive ongoing paid-time training. All children of permanent residents will receive outstand education that will prepare them for state-of-the-art Emerald Eco-City emerging innovative job requirements.

    Since so many things in Emerald Eco-City will be new and different from what potential employees have ever done before, TOP QUALITY TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION SKILLS are a critical element of ALL Emerald Eco-City jobs. All employees must be able to express themselves clearly-and-fluently with proper grammar. They must be quick learners, with demonstrated ability to quickly acquire new skills and abilities. No criminals, deadbeats, or lazy non-learners invited or allowed to stay. Employment test will be extensive. Qualified individuals will receive outstanding job training, supervisory mentoring, and career-path guidance.

    All job-related communication will be only in English (plus some jobs as translators for international guests).

    Since our requirements are well-above average, so our salaries and benefits will be a fair living wageand higher. We seek loyal, trainable, highly-productive business associates at all levels. Unlike the heart of most crowded megacities today, EVERYONE who qualifies for Emerald Eco-City employment will be able to afford to live there in a comfortable residence, with fresh locally-grown food, nice clothes, no-incremental-usage-charge rapid inner-city transportation, education, unprecedented entertainment, and high-quality universal health care, with a strong focus on disease prevention.

    Most residences will be leased to employees (and retirees). It will be easy to upgrade to larger living space when your family grows or salary increases. Lease rates will be favorable to our employees – No surprise rate increases. Lease rates will never increase any faster than employee compensation percentage. Once you are shown to be a productive Emerald Eco-City employee, you may feel quite secure.

    Salaries will be linked to productivity, and community-wide prosperity. When a business does well, ALL employees will be fairly compensated (unlike the decline in family income and huge job losses under the Bush / Cheney administration, while worker productivity was increasing).

    Individual investments do not have to be exposed to the unpredictable real estate market, difficulty to sell at certain times, or mortgage foreclosure. “Empty Nesters” will be able to conveniently move within our city to smaller living quarters, if they so desire when their children move away, or into their own quarters.

    When two individuals enter into a committed relationship, we will make it easy to upgrade from two smaller residential units to one larger unit.

    We will encourage strong family values and provide counseling services for couples, but we realize that sometimes there are reasons for a divorce. If that does happen, Emerald Eco-City will make it easy to move from one unit, to two smaller individual units, if so desired.

    It will not be necessary to maintain empty bedrooms for rare occasional guests. All of our residential units will have nearby short-term-rental rooms within a few feet, or transit pod ride. These rooms can be reserved by residents in advance, with priority over tourist room rentals.

    There will be a certain amount of floor plan reconfiguration flexibility designed in, so that two adjacent residential-or-commercial units can be easily modified in less-than-a-day into a larger unit. Commercial units can be converted into residential, and vice versa, to meet ever-changing people-oriented floor-space requirements.

    Our Emerald Eco-City goal will be 100% full employment. If a qualified worker with a good track record needs to find another job, we will find or create one as needed. Once you pass our strict entrance requirements, and establish yourself as a good employee, we want to ensure that your valuable training and potential contribution will not be lost.

    Emerald Eco-City is focused around good people living in harmony with Nature. (NOT greedy profits above all else)

    We will treat everyone as we would want our own children to be treated.

    We want EVERYONE to feel safe, secure, comfortable, and HAPPY.

    Resident and worker satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE JOB.

    It is our sincere hope that the prosperity of Emerald Eco-City’s Abundant Lifestyle in Harmony with Nature will be a shining inspiration and strong motivation for young people around the world to get a good education and to live a high-integrity productive joyful life.

    Having demonstrated specifically “HOW”, we will offer our many Emerald Eco-City Lessons Learned our Emerald Green Training Center for TomorrowTM.


    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities.

    We invite constructive suggestion and collaboration from others
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