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    Readers Comments:

    Description: 9/11/2001 PROVED how very easy it is to do – Unprecedented (anthropogenic) conditions can quickly destroy man’s misguided monuments to mortality

    We know for sure that our tallest buildings have already become primary terrorist targets. We also know with scientific certainty that (predictable) earthquakes and storm surge can sometimes make tall buildings fall over. How can we make our future new megacities much-less vulnerable, more-reliable, sustainable, sturdy, AND survivable?

    world trade center collapse Building Collapse

    Tall buildings are engineered to survive SOME predictable historical weather conditions, (like 150 mph winds), but they can NOT endure the extreme never-before conditions that are becoming increasingly probably as a result of man-made climate change Pendulum-Swing Climate Change Chaos .

    There has been a large upswing in the frequency of Atlantic hurricanes, beginning in 1995. This corresponds directly to an increase in tropical North Atlantic Ocean surface water temperature, which is very-likely the Earth’s natural response to increasing man-made (anthropogenic) greenhouse gases, overpopulation, urbanization, deforestation, methane release, and huge megacity urban heat islands. (Only 11% of all powerful tropical storms occur in the Atlantic, the rest are in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.)  

    It is important to note that the late-summer and early-fall tropical Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico surface water temperature closely follows the Northern Hemisphere "Mean Surface Temperature" (including land). The deadly never-before hurricanes Katrina and Rita, were undoubtedly fueled by a chaotic anthropogenic surface water temperature increase to an abnormal 93 degrees F.

    The direct measurable relationship between recent land-and-water temperature increases makes it unlikely that regional Atlantic Ocean climate phenomena are affecting tropical ocean surface temperatures (and thereby increasing tropical storm intensity) on time scales of more than a few years long. In particular, there is no pre-human paleoclimatic geological evidence for “natural cycles” of either Atlantic hurricane activity or tropical Atlantic Ocean surface temperature.

    The number of worldwide tropical-storm hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones has remained about the same over time, (at roughly 90 per year), BUT man-made Global Warming has caused the energy released by the average tropical storm to increase about 70% in the past three decades, corresponding to approximately a 15% increase in the maximum wind speed, and a 60% increase in storm duration – doing far-more damage over much-larger areas than most of the smaller tropical storms of only 30-years ago.

    If this increasing storm intensity trend continues to get worse (as NASA scientists predict it will do in the 21ST Century), the worst-case engineering design specifications of almost all tall megacity buildings may be far exceeded.

    The highest recorded wind speed ever on Earth remains at 231 mph. Essentially, NO modern tall buildings can withstand 231 mph, which we know full-well is infrequent, BUT PROVEN TO BE POSSIBLE.

    If we add a mere 15%, you get 265 mph. How will very-tall, spindly, egotistical skyscrapers (that were only designed to survive 150 mph winds) perform in a 265 mph UNPRECEDENTED 21ST CENTURY ANTHROPOGENIC WINDSTORM?

    It won’t happen very often, but when it does, the buildings that collapse will NOT be because of a “random act of God”, but rather because of the myopic minds of poor human architecture, lack of predictable “worst case” consideration, and insufficient durable structural engineering. We see it today in insufficient buildings and bridges all of the time.

    We would be extremely surprised if multiple megacity buildings did NOT blow down catastrophically in such a possible future 200+ mph climate-change event. It may be quite rare, but climate-caused catastrophes WILL eventually be far worse than 9/11 or Katrina were.

    In stark contrast to yesterday’s megacity buildings, Emerald Eco-City will NOT have any isolated, tall, spindly skyscrapers. Our fully-enclosed mutually-supportive internal buildings will ALL be interconnected, integrated, and optimized structurally in THREE DIMENSTIONS, with a well-engineered uniquely-powerful Diagrid Pyramid superstructure – Having many characteristics that are similar to the ancient Great Pyramids that have endured powerful desert sandstorms for thousands of years.

    Instead of an ugly, inefficient, high-surface-area, New-York-City-style skyline of isolated buildings,
    Emerald Eco-City may look like a large tree-covered hill on its East, North and West sides:

    Emerald Eco-City

    A direct impact by a fully-loaded world’s-largest jumbo jet, (or a never-before 300 mph windstorm), will NOT make any of our interdependent Emerald Eco-City buildings collapse. It might kill some trees and dent the shell, but that is about it. Our innovative enclosed Pyramidal Diagrid structural support is far stronger than any tall, skinny skyscraper ever built before.

    (The jumbo jet threat will happily go away soon. When the price of all sources of jet fuel spirals higher than ever before in the near future, almost all petroleum-powered aircraft will eventually be permanently grounded, except for a few military applications. We can quickly recycle all old-and-new commercial aircraft as scrap metal for other useful construction purposes, until aluminum is superseded by more-cost-effective innovative carbon nanotube structural materials in the 21ST Century. The myopic mega-mismanaged companies that recently purchased jets with a 40-year expected life span will of course ALL go bankrupt, when they cannot afford any fuel – This is predictably NOT a good time to own any airline stock at all.)

    Any young child that has ever played with building blocks knows that a tall slender structure is inherently unstable. An earthquake or sufficiently-strong windstorm can make ANY skyscraper sway, exceed its tipping point, and topple over, like a tall stack of alphabet blocks.

    Now, let’s take the cubic area of a skinny skyscraper, and redesign a same-usable-space building that is less than one third as tall, with a wider base. We can use an “L” or “U” shape floor plan that is extremely-difficult to topple over.

    A “U” creates a low-cost, easily-covered courtyard for a Central Park Solarium, food-growing greenhouses, solar-heated indoor swimming pools, etc.

    A cubic, bandshell arch, or pyramidal shape will be MUCH stronger than any slender skyscraper.

    “U” shaped buildings inside of a strong exterior wide-base shell (with a vertical southern glass solarium wall), can be optimized in three dimensions to very sturdy, provide sweeping views of Nature, and thus, maximum huge citywide benefits to all, with very-high structural integrity and survivability.

    Using superior structural design is easy, grade-school logic – You just have to get away from the foolish “My spire is taller than your spire” adolescent egotistical mentality. A taller building is a measure of higher-cost per square foot with much more wasted elevator-shaft space, etc., which is NOT of higher value to the building owners or occupants.

    (With the exception of the egomaniacal Burj Dubai – World’s tallest building in a useless desert) taller megacity buildings are usually influenced by very-high land costs. Unlike New York City, that will definitely NOT be the case in Emerald Eco-City, where the undeveloped desert land (which we PREFER), will be nearly FREE, when we first get started.

    We will have NO economic reason to build higher to reduce our inexpensive real estate footprint. This gives us complete freedom to optimize our holistic system integration in 3D. It will be much wider and shorter (and therefore much stronger) than today's inefficient Megacity skinny skyscrapers. It will NOT have the cascading "pancake" weakness that brought down both of the World Trade Center twin towers on 9/11/2001.

    Pragmatic construction techniques, lower cost, superior thermal performance, less floor space required for elevators, and more-reliable structural integrity are all worthwhile benefits that Emerald Eco-City will depend on to improve our luxury standard of living in harmony with Nature, at a lower initial capital investment, AND much-lower ongoing operating expenses.

    Even more valuable safety features: A terrorist High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb [HAEMP] detonated at the optimal height, (or a never-before huge lightning bolt), will have their entire deadly electrically energy safely dissipated into the ground by our unique, new, citywide, hardened, earth-covered  Faraday Cage citywide shell. Emerald Eco-City will survive anything less than a direct-hit large-scale nuclear attack.

    If the air is foul outside (like a lethal increase to 1% CO2, mega-volcano super-eruption emission, radioactive fallout, or a biological weapon of mass destruction), we can quickly hermetically seal Emerald Eco-City and live WELL on continuously-recycled, plant-refreshed clean air indefinitely.

    We will not require ANY fresh air intake in this self-contained, fully-encapsulated, enclosed mode – Just like the Moon and Mars colonies will HAVE to do in the 21ST Century. In fact, we will share our pragmatic, practical, cost-effective citywide enclosure lessons learned with Moon and Mars development groups - To accelerate and lower the cost of their extraterrestrial human-colony learning curve, while synergistically increasing the high probability of the shared success for us all.

    Emerald Eco-City’s 250,000-tropical-tree-equivalent plants and food crops INSIDE our protective citywide enclosure will generate enough pure oxygen for a million comfortable residents – All living a luxurious, self-sustaining, prosperous lifestyle, in Harmony with Nature.

    Imagine the wonderful fragrance of year-round multiple-variety indoor orange blossoms:

    Orange Grove

    Abundant Sustainable Life In Harmony With Nature – Absolutely NOT AUSTERITY

    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities

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