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    Description:  The primary source of the most-serious terrorist funding is America’s terrible imported oil policy. What will we do when our oil supply is cut off?

    “You steal our wealth and oil at paltry prices because of your international influence and military threats. This theft is indeed the biggest theft ever witnessed by mankind in the history of the world.” - Osama bin Laden

    Osama bin Laden and 9-11 terrorists

    Osama bin Laden interview March 1997 (after the 1993 al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center and other attacks on U.S. interests worldwide, but before 9/11/2001):

    “It is known that every action has its reaction. If the American presence continues, and that is an action, then it is natural for reactions to continue against this presence. In other words, explosions and killings of the American soldiers would continue. These are the troops who left their country and their families and came here with all arrogance to steal our oil and disgrace us, and attack our religion.”

    FBI Intelligence Report:“... plans exist (for Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda) to continue attacks against the global petroleum sector. Al Qaeda plans to weaken the petroleum industry by conducting additional sea-based attacks against large oil tankers . . . such attacks may be part of more extensive operations against port facilities and other energy-related targets, including oil facilities and nuclear power plants.”

    Gail Luft, Executive Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, in Washington D.C.: "By hitting oil targets overseas, terrorists can hit us here at home, achieving the same destabilizing effect as an attack on American soil, . . . Dependence on foreign oil is America’s Achilles heel."

    We were warned many times, but America ignored the warnings and failed to connect the dots. The Christmas 2009 terrorist attack PROVED that we still do to this very day.

    Yet another warning: Saudi Arabia's main oil terminal at ras Tanura exports about 10 million barrels of oil PER DAY – A terrorist attack (in a small single-engine private airplane) could shut it down for months or years, only to be destroyed again after it is rebuilt. The impact on the western nations' economies (especially America) might be beyond repair.

    If 19 suicidal terrorists with nothing but box knives can bring down the World Trade Centers, and successfully attack the U.S. Pentagon in broad daylight, then explosive ras Tanura oil tanks are a VERY-EASY TARGET today. INTERNATIONAL OIL PRICE COULD TIPPLE IN A DAY. How secure is our badly-oil-addicted nation?

    large oil refinery

    The money being sent to other countries to pay for U.S. oil imports is the largest transfer of wealth in human history, AND the worst threat to American security in our nation’s history.

    Burj Dubai - World’s Tallest Building – Built With Money From Foolish USA Oil Imports:

    Burj Dubai - World’s Tallest Building

    Could America make better use of the Trillions Of Dollars that we are STILL spending on ever-increasing imported oil?

    Should the U.S. government enforce our “Buy America Act” , and REFUSE TO BUY ANY ENERGY FROM OUTSIDE USA?

    Should we continue to INCREASE OUR OIL ADDICTION, instead of developing off-the-shelf clean, green, free-fuel Zero Emission alternatives to past-peak fossil fuels?

    How much longer will USA continue this unbelievable transfer-of-wealth INSANITY?

    What will suicidal terrorists do with our oil-import dollars next month?

    Is THIS the ludicrous legacy that we want to leave to our grandchildren?

    We can trace the great decline in America’s national security to our ignoring:

    (1) M. King Hubbert’s accurate 1956 predication of U.S. Peak Oil Production,
    which happened exactly as he had scientifically predicted in 1971,
    (2) Exporting U.S. oil in the 1960’s at ONE TENTH THE PRICE WE PAID TO BUY IT BACK IN 2008,
    (3) OPEC Oil Embargoes of 1973 through 1979 - 600% increase in pump price in only 6 years,
    (4) President Reagan canceling President Carter’s 8-year Energy Independence Plan, and
    (5) Republicans heavily subsidizing the big oil companies who import foreign petroleum, and who pay for their election.

    US Oil Production American Oil Production vs Imported oil

    America is continuing to invest heavily in drilling for more oil, BUT our Past Peak domestic production MUST continue to decline. We are finding far less new oil than we are burning up inefficiently in our internal combustion engines every day.

    The Summer 2008 Speculative Oil Crisis, which triggered the beginning of America’s September 2008 Economic Bankruptcies, was only a small indication of the predictable much-deeper disaster in our near future. The more USA keeps INCREASING OUR ADDICTION to imported foreign oil (by buying inefficient cars, SUV’s, trucks, trains, airplanes, ships, heavy equipment, heating oil, electricity from diesel power plants, and pervasive petrochemical disposable plastics, pesticides, herbicides, etc.),

    (1) the more we will damage our delicate environment,
    (2) the less-secure our nation will become, and
    (3) the faster our economy will decline, due to us being much-less-competitive than more-efficient nations that do NOT waste three gallons per person per day.

    Oil-rich nations and those that lend us money CONTROL America’s future. We have to borrow from OPEC, China, and Japan, just to provide funds for our UNSUSTAINABLE short-sighted inefficient waste of oil, leaving Trillions of Dollars of New Debt to our precious innocent grandchildren. We must pay them interest on the money we borrow, which increases our total cost.

    Here is an interesting American political legislation self-contradiction. USA has many companies that supply technology, parts, equipment and services to our huge military industrial complex. U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations ( ITAR ) legislation prohibits any company that supplies our military from discussing any related technology with non-U.S. citizens. For example,
    a U.S. military supplier cannot even request a price quote for technology (like a common LCD display) from a potential future enemy (such as Communist China). HOWEVER, China is laughably the Number 1 financier of U.S. debt.

    Ancient Wisdom: “The borrower is servant to the lender” - Proverbs 22:7

    America can NOT impose its will on any nation that provides the funding for our stupid immoral runaway deficit spending.
    If China or OPEC want to wipe out the U.S. economy, all they need to do is to stop lending us money, so we could no longer satisfy our suicidal addiction to foreign oil and unjustified oil-related war.

    In 2010, China told their banks to reduce the rate of lending, raising questions about their future financing of U.S. debt.

    In 2010, China became "furious" with America when we violated a 1982 treaty with China and agreed to sell Taiwan $6.5 Billion dollars worth of military rockets, etc. The deal is good for U.S. military industrial jobs and revenue, BUT such outrageous violations of existing critical treaties are aggravating the lender, to which we are their "servant."

    China could easily stop lending USA money, recall their loans to us, and bankrupt us with only a few words to their banks. If China divests itself of U.S. Dollar-based assets, the rest of the world will immediately follow, like a bank run. No one will sell us oil or anything else. We will not be able to transport anything. We will starve, because we have ignored free fuel energy.

    Today, China needs income from American consumers, so they have so far elected to not destroy us. However, China is rapidly developing global marketplace non-American consumers. When they reach a critical point in worldwide sales, they will no longer need the U.S. economy to exist. One simple email to their banks could then destroy our foolish nation.

    America is no longer the economic powerhouse that we once were. We are a declining non-learning nation of poorly- educated trailing-edge technology followers, led by proven greedy, corrupt, shortsighted profiteers who care nothing about the American jobs they outsource, or the unsustainable suicidal legacy they are leaving their own children.

    As America borrows more money, declines and has massive unemployment, China's GDP increased a stellar 8.7% in 2009. China has many serious flaws, but shortsighted sheer stupidity is not one of them.

    We own stock in forward-thinking China clean-energy zero-emission manufacturing companies. It significantly increased in value when the U.S. market collapsed. We are patriotic Americans, but no one in the USA is doing some of the "right things" that China is doing today. We certainly HOPE that Emerald Eco-City will quickly turn this situation around for America.

    Remember, the 1973 OPEC oil embargoes (that drove up the U.S. pump price of gasoline 600% in only 6 years) BEGAN when oil-rich nations got mad at USA for supporting Israel in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. Our dependency on imported oil while ignoring free-fuel energy has created our worst international enemies of today. Borrowing money from known-and- potential enemies (and terrorists) is SPECTACULAR STUPIDITY. How crazy are our counterproductive U.S. foreign policies?

    Oil is THE Primary Reason for our Multi-Trillion-Dollar middle-east military conflicts (which are getting worse, NOT better). The more oil we import, the more we drive up international oil price (as oil supply declines), the more wealth we will transfer to other nations, (most of which do NOT have America’s best interests at heart).

    Suicidal terrorists feel that USA is stealing their oil resources at paltry prices, and then they use the huge sums of money that we send them to do us great harm. Every time you fill up your gas guzzler, YOU support this outrageous foreign policy.

    We are only 4.5% of world population, but we inefficiently waste 25% of its scarce resources. The unstable price of oil, our endless exploitation of finite unsustainable polluting petroleum, and our uncontrolled deficit spending, are all sources of TERRORISM against USA, which has become a huge homeland defense burden on the American economy. The total cost of our moronic addiction to imported foreign oil is AT LEAST THREE TIMES THE PUMP PRICE OF GASOLINE.

    Part of the solution to international terrorism will be Objective Zero: Zero Emissions, NEVER BURN ANYTING. All future energy development must support Energy Independence, using Abundant Clean, Emerald-Green, Free Fuel Energy. We must never again subsidize the construction of anything that burns anything. Some more-intelligent nations have already imposed a 100% sales tax on the purchase of any vehicle that burns petroleum. U.S. Congress is truly clueless about Truth. Ignoring well-documented FACTS does not make them cease to exist - It just makes the ones who reject the Truth look stupid.

    9/11/2001 was NOT THE END of worldwide irrational religious terrorism, but rather a clear signal of things MUCH WORSE to come on the predictable horizon. Dick Cheney's unjustified bloody attack on Iraq (to gain access to their oil, NOT because of any WMD) has made suicidal terrorists much madder at us. Is it an effective foreign policy to return violence with violence?

    In the 1960's cold war, this formal eye-for-an-eye tooth-for-a-tooth policy was called M.A.D. - Mutually Assured Destruction. It is impossible for anyone to WIN a nuclear war - everyone loses. It is impossible to end terrorism by killing innocent non- combatant women and children. The Ten Commandants does not mention any such thing as "acceptable collateral damage."

    Shall we destroy ourselves with our unsustainable, suicidal addiction to deadly foreign oil and immoral deficit spending? Does military might make anything right? Is oil-related war ever justified, when we are ignoring abundant free-fuel energy?

    Emerald Eco-City Is A Cost-Effective Rapid Way To Help Reduce Oil-Related Terrorism. Our practical demonstration of Abundant Living with Zero Emissions, NEVER BURN ANYTHING will totally-eliminate our city’s need for ANY fossil fuels from any source. AND, it will prepare a high-speed highway for others to quickly follow our Path to Prosperity in Harmony with Nature. Just like the Sun, our Emerald Eco-City lessons learned will freely belong to the entire Earth.

    We MUST stop destroying the only habitable planet in the nearby universe, and start demonstrating worldwide sustainability.

    Anything less is clearly a Dead-End Dirt-Road Detour To Disaster

    “Drill Baby Drill” (short-sighted increase in our unsustainable deadly addiction to oil) and “Mine Baby Mine”
    (exploitation of dirty coal), are spectacularly-stupid support for “Burn Baby Burn” = “Kill Baby Kill”

    We are simultaneously enraging, and funding, our worst future enemies, who are using our own oil-money to pay for their pursuit of nuclear power against us. We failed to stop nuclear proliferation in India, North Korea, and Pakistan (where al Qaeda now lives).

    Iran has orbited their first satellite. The Soviet Union "Sputnik" scared John F. Kennedy into spending 6% of our federal budget - $125 Billion in today’s dollars – to win the space race, and keep CCCP from sending nuclear weapons into orbit above us. Is anyone concerned that Iran has now done what nuclear-armed CCCP did in 1957? Or, are we now a non-learning nation?

    One orbiting Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Bomb passing 300 miles over Kansas, could wipe out almost everything electrical (and all spare parts) in the 48 states for many decades. No communication. No transportation. No fuel. No food or water from farther away than you can walk. It would be like living in the 1800’s BEFORE the days of gasoline, electricity, refrigeration, radio, telephone, and there would be NO operating computers or Internet.

    Knowing full-well that worldwide past-peak petroleum production has begun to decline, and growing oil demand is exceeding available supply, why don’t we use existing off-the-shelf proven Zero Emissions, clean, green, abundantly-available free fuel (from sunshine, wind, geothermal, etc.) to power our replacement Emerald Eco-City immediately, if not sooner? Why don’t we show the entire world that they have no reason to ever burn any fossil fuels, since clean FREE energy costs far less?

    Emerald Eco-City is the only rational solution to the endless problems and crises we have created.

    PERHAPS our non-learning nation will eventually wake up and smell the green trees, AFTER the next major terrorist attack, or AFTER our coastal cities fall below sea level.

    Apparently, subtle scientific warnings and suggestions, OPEC embargoes, 9/11/2001, PLUS thirty-years of proven DOE and Zero Energy Design demonstrations have not been enough motivation YET. Is anyone ready to stop talking, and start doing what we should have done after the first 1973 OPEC oil embargo?

    Humanity MUST reinvent almost everything we know about energy, Living in Harmony with Nature, AND with each other, or DIE - As all previous hominid species on Earth have already done long ago.

    20 species of human-like Earthlings have come and gone since the first ape man on Earth (millions of years ago). Homo Sapiens are the very last hominid still alive. We have badly damaged the Earth, and killed each other.

    How much longer will Nature allow the inventors of the atomic bomb survive?

    Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is ineffective against suicidal terrorists, who want to receive their promised 72 virgins, after becoming a martyr. What once worked with Russia can NOT work with radical suicidal religious fundamentalists. Culture Shock is beyond American understanding. It is outrageous to make terrorists MAD, and send them Billions Of Dollars to “steal” their precious past-peak oil.


    Homeland INsecurity - Federal Government Refuses To Enforce Existing Immigration Laws

    Jose Manuel Gonzalez Sandoval repeat violent criminal alien

    July 2010, liberal Immigration Judge, Bruce Taylor of Florence Arizona ILLEGALLY released Mexican citizen Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Sandoval, who has a long list of ongoing crimes in Arizona. Jose has been repeatedly arrested and released again and again. According to, Sandoval is a repeat violent offender including: three Driving Under the Influence (DUI’s), speeding over 100 mph, driving without a license, domestic violence, criminal trespass, property damage, threatened injury, assault, assaulting a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, unlawful flight from law enforcement, etc.

    After Judge Taylor violated U.S. immigration law and released the criminal alien Sandoval, Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies pursued Jose multiple times at over 100 mph (but had to end the chase to protect their citizens).

    Sandoval participated in a gun battle shoot out, attempting to kill two deputies who tried to arrest him.

    As of August 18, 2010, Sandoval was still known to be an “armed and dangerous” alien violent-criminal fugitive from the law.

    Sandoval had previously obtained a “green card” to be in the U.S. legally. Our immigration law clearly states that a green card must be revoked for three criminal offenses of any type or severity. Immigration Judge Bruce Taylor broke that law, let Sandoval keep his green card, and as is so often the case in America today, the corrupt judge released a well-known repeat violent criminal to continue his potentially-deadly multiple-crime spree. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN, but it often does.

    Judge Bruce Taylor should be sent to Federal Prison for his refusal to perform his oath of office. Do you think that he will ? Should Americans demand that our government rigidly enforce existing immigration law, or continue corrupt politics-as-usual ?

    More than 15,000 people were killed in 2010 in the Mexican drug wars. 70% of the guns that have been confiscated originated in the United States. The Republican base constituents that advocated widespread unregulated distribution of assault weapons designed to kill many humans are directly responsible. This cannot happen in civilized nations like England and Australia that ban private ownership of guns altogether, just as Emerald Eco-City will do from day one.

    Any person who points a gun at another human IS A TERRORIST, who should be prosecuted with extreme prejudice, without the opportunity for parole. There will be NO GUNS allowed in Emerald Eco-City, just as guns are not allow on airplanes today, for exactly the same reason.


    Zero Tolerance For Any Crime

    Emerald Eco-City's pervasive security systems will enforce a Zero Tolerance policy for ALL criminal offenders. The above common repeat-violent-crime scenario will absolutely NOT even be possible.

    America's refusal to comprehensively enforce our immigration laws means that anyone who can walk and duck under a poorly- maintained fence can enter our country illegally, find a job, and conduct any kind of covert crime or terrorist activity that they want. Millions of illegal-alien criminals have assimilated into our society in every one of our states, including multiple terrorist cells. They do not need to bring funding from the outside, since they can easily find countless jobs with criminal American employers.

    News anchor Chris Matthews of "Hardball" simply states that: Republicans want low-cost criminal alien workers, and Democrats need (legal and illegal) alien votes to stay in office. Government corruption and failure to enforce clearly-written immigration law is making America much less secure every day, as the high-cost of illegal criminal aliens is bankrupting us. Some criminal "sanctuary cities" have local laws that PREVENT their police from enforcing federal immigration laws.

    How long will we allow millions of illegal-alien criminals to pay no income tax at all, and receive many free expensive benefits ?

    How long will Republicans-and-Democrats continue to REWARD illegal aliens for committing immigration crimes ?

    Will maniacal morons once again give criminal aliens amnesty (as Ronald Reagan did), and allow illegals that are here now ahead of those good people who are waiting outside America to immigrate here legally ?


    For half a century, Ray Stevens has entertained millions of people with his
    quirky sense of humor, and music videos.
    Ray won 11 Grammy Awards.

    We don't agree with all of Ray Stevens' politics, but we strongly believe that
    "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."

    If we can snicker at the silly things our stupid society has grown accustomed to, then humor
    can be the first step toward breaking down resistance to change. Laugh along with us, at us!

    (Ray dedicated this funny video to the hard-working American citizens who
    were born in other countries and chose to Come To The USA the right way)

    Come To The USA (The Illegal Immigration Assistance Program by Oak Nut)




    Good immigrants have always been essential to the growth and diversity of our nation. The American Dream has inspired many intelligent immigrants to get a good education, create jobs, and improve national prosperity. BUT, criminals are driving us bankrupt.

    How many more times will we allow a 9/11-type of internal terrorist event to happen before we Wake Up and DO SOMETHING ? A single such event could cost us thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars - Is cheap illegal unmonitored alien labor worth it ?

    Today's extremely-obsolete cheap-paper social security card is extremely easy to forge. A child can easily do it on a computer. President George W. Bush's under-age daughters had forged ID's, so they could drink alcohol illegally. How secure are we ?

    Our government has invested a lot of effort in making our paper dollars difficult to counterfeit, but pervasive legislative corruption has consistently blocked all efforts to do something similar for our critical social security and immigration cards.

    The first step toward an immediate low-cost solution would be a low-tech biometric social security card, linked to the existing eVerify Internet system (like instant credit-card validation). It would quickly eliminate racial profiling, since EVERYONE would have to carry one, and it would be frequently validated for various types of transactions. Emerald Eco-City will do much more.

    Many Republicans and Democrats strongly oppose such a logical solution (for selfish illegal corrupt reasons stated above).

    We need an effective large prototype demonstration of precisely HOW it should be done at minimal cost with large social and national benefits.

    Is the powerful motivation behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    Click here to see our specific proposals to reduce crime and terrorism

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities TM


    Homeland Security - Americans fighting terrorist invasion since 1492

    We invite constructive suggestions and collaboration from our deeply-concerned new friends