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    Description: Emerald Eco-City (world’s largest construction project) MUST NOT ALLOW the many avoidable mistakes that are widely tolerated by today’s greedy industries

    Engineering Disasters


    All humans make mistakes every day, BUT, Outstanding Zero Defect Quality Assurance MUST BE RIGIDLY ENFORCED WITH NO EXCEPTIONS in all Emerald Eco-City life-critical situations - to prevent an unthinkable deadly catastrophe - NO COMPROMISE! Safety and Quality must be PRIORITY ONE.


    DEADLY ERRORS occur when the goals of QUALITY and SAFETY are overridden by SCHEDULE and BUDGETARY CONSTRAINTS. Less-than-perfect architects and engineers often design for less than 99% of real-world possibilities, assuming that worst-case multiple-simultaneous calamities will never happen (but these images, and many others, PROVE without any doubt that they often DO happen within a single human lifetime).

    Design-and-construction teams frequently discuss Safety and Quality Tradeoffs with Budget and Schedule Priorities. When quality and safety are anything less than Absolute Top Priority, people are likely to DIE during construction or after occupancy. Emerald Eco-City is so very large and mission-critical to the survival of humanity that WE CANNOT ALLOW or TOLERATE ANY DESIGN or CONSTRUCTION ERRORS AT ALL – NO COMPROMISE!

    Flawed Space Shuttle Management

    NASA specifications demanded that the U.S. Space Shuttle be designed so it could be launched well-below freezing.
    These original specs were ignored – IT WAS NOT SAFE TO LAUNCH NEAR FREEZING TEMPERATURES.

    Roger Boisjoly (the designer of the Morton Thiokol booster-rocket o-ring seal that failed catastrophically on the Challenger) informed his management in writing that the o-rings were failing at colder launch temperatures, which could lead to an unprecedented Space Program disaster.

    Budget and Schedule concerns caused Boisjoly’s plea (to NOT LAUCH Challenger at below-freezing temperature) to be ignored by his outrageously-STUPID mismanagement. America lost a billion-dollar-plus spacecraft, AND the entire Challenger crew, including our first “Teacher In Space.” This national disaster unfolded in real-time – Watched by the astronauts' own families, and millions of devastated young school children around the world .

    The Morton Thiokol gross mismanagers who covered up the DEADLY TRUTH were then REWARDED for their MANSLAUGHTER with future contracts to continue delivering booster rockets – Government subsidized business-as-usual. Does this sound familiar? The thinking that created today’s problems is insufficient to solve them.


    Last Challenger Crew

    STS-51-L Front Row: Michael J. Smith, Dick Scobee, Ronald McNair; Back Row: Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe (Teacher In Space), Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik. May this tragic image burn in everyone’s mind forever. It does in mine.

    It is far better to lose your job and become well-known in your industry as a NO-COMPROMISE CREATOR OF QUALITY AND SAFETY, than to do what stupid managers require of you, which you know may kill innocent people.

    ALL life-critical jobs MUST DEMAND ZERO DEFECTS. If a defect ever appears, IMMEDIATELY STOP and FIX THE FLAWED PROCESS that allowed it to be overlooked in the first place. Do NOT Just Fight Frequent Fires: PREVENT THEM – DO NOT WAIT UNTIL PEOPLE DIE to Take a Noble No-Compromise Stand for what is mandated for Superior Safety and Quality.

    It is NOT too brutal to INSIST on 100% Safety and Quality Assurance. Anyone who suggests that QUALITY and SAFETY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE, or that they take too long to deliver in a competitive international marketplace, should be convicted of FELONY MANSLAUGHTER AGAINST HUMANITY.

    Sadly, NASA manslaughter mismanagers did NOT learn this life-critical lesson after the Challenger Disaster.

    When I built my unique, innovative, cost-effective, near-zero-energy indoor-swimming-pool home in 1979, I was the elected president of the NASA Industry Technical Advisory Board / Integrated Programs for Aerospace-Vehicle Design (ITAB / IPAD) Relational Information Management Group. I was a non-NASA energy research scientist at one of our nation’s most-successful energy research labs.

    I worked on software for storing Space Shuttle energy-management design data (including the black-and-white insulating surface tiles, etc.). My system was used to pass spacecraft engineering / design data among all Space Shuttle subcontractors.

    I saw many engineering-drawing incorrect-versions make their way into production. And then, they caused serious errors and problems in outer space (like the Shuttle’s retrieval of the inoperative Solar Max, which happened during one of our large ITAB meetings).

    The first time a Space Shuttle landed with some of its life-critical light-weight fragile insulating tiles missing, I was QUITE ALARMED. Thermal Protection System integrity had been seriously compromised. The program SHOULD have been halted until the process that allowed this life-critical defect was corrected.

    I was astonished that NASA mismanagers did NOT fix it. They had learned nothing from the Challenger disaster.

    When insulating-foam broke off of the liquid hydrogen / oxygen tank, and damaged life-critical delicate thermal tiles, I was no longer working with NASA ITAB, but I knew that the problem had to be immediately corrected, or we would lose yet another Space Shuttle.

    NASA monitored the well-documented growing loose-foam problem, but NASA manslaughter mismanagers failed to insist of ZERO DEFECTS.

    Hydrogen / oxygen tank insulating foam knocked life-critical insulating tiles off the leading-edge of Columbia’s left wing during STS 107 launch. I watched the proud bird lift off with my naked eyes from Florida – Never to return. How extremely sad.

    There was no way to detect or correct this PREDICTABLE deadly problem while in outer space. Its orbital mission was a success. During atmosphere reentry, the exposed STS 107 aluminum wing structure melted at 3,000 degrees F.
    The wing fell off catastrophically at roughly 17,000 mph, spreading debris over several states.

     breaking news shuttle ColumbiaLast Columbia Crew

    STS-107 Crew Left to Right: David Brown, Rick Husband, Laurel Clark,               
    Kalpana Chawla, Michael Anderson, William McCool, Ilan Ramon (Israeli Air Force hero)

    These were REAL best-and-brightest, brave astronaut HEROES who were mercilessly murdered by gross-mismanagement non-learning NASA executive idiots with a 99% Quality Assurance mentality.

    Unrealistic-Space-Shuttle-cost-estimates, plus budget-and-schedule pressures caused NASA managers to refuse to invest what is required for No-Compromise ZERO DEFECT operations.

    How EXPENSIVE was the loss of Challenger and Columbia? Was saving money on Safety and Quality good management?

    Know this forever: Low quality is the MOST-EXPENSIVE form of business.

    ZERO DEFECT Quality Assurance is the LOWEST-OVERALL-TOTAL-COST option of all.

    Bridges Are Life-Critical Infrastructure Elements

    USA Bridge Inventory  575,583
    Bridges Known To Be Structurally Deficient  118,563 (21%)
    (On average, one-out-of five bridges you cross could fail catastrophically soon)
    Cost to Eliminate Current Bridge Deficiencies  ONLY $78 Billion
    Backlog of Deficient Bridges  199,277 (35%)
    Functionally-Obsolete Old Bridges  80,714 (14%)   
    Average Annual Cost to Just Maintain the Current Terrible Status Quo  $5.2 Billion  
    Average Annual Cost to Eliminate Existing-and-Accruing Deficiencies $8.2 Billion   
    Current National Expenditures on Bridges (falling farther behind) $5.0 Billion  
    Funds Currently Available to Replace / Rehabilitate Bridges (ISTEA)  $2.7 Billion   
    Other Federal-Aid, State-and-Local Funds   $2.3 Billion

    October 27, 2009, 5,000 pounds of metal broke off the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and crashed down on traffic during rush hour. One near-miss survivor said: “I have lost so much confidence in the experts, the millions of dollars that are being spent to reconstruct and build a new bridge . . . I just find it shocking and unacceptable.” (So do we all)

    Low-budget myopic government agencies KNOW for certain that we have HUGE life-critical quality-and-safety infrastructure issues, and yet they provide LESS funding that what is required just to maintain the status quo. 120,000 known structural deficiency problems are getting WORSE ever year. We only need less than $100 Billion to fix them all. 15.5 Million Americans need a good job. Another 15 million are underemployed. Why is this so impossible for crooked corrupt legislators to see?

    They found a Trillion Dollars to bail out greedy mismanaged corporations who blew a $15 Trillion hole in the American economy in the Fall of 2008. Taxpayer bailouts subsidized greedy economy mismanagers, so they could maintain their $5 million to $10+ million salaries, despite their terrible performance.

    Patriots MUST take a noble stand and begin to defend our failing nation against the crooks who REFUSE to believe that maintaining the quality-and-safety of our life-critical infrastructure is important.

    We subsidize fossil-fuels to increase our nation’s addiction to unsustainable suicide, but
    we do NOT fund safe roads and bridges that petroleum-powered vehicles must have to transport us all.

    President Obama: We Have Failed To Invest In Our Roads, Bridges, and Rail
    YES BUT, Where is your plan to correct the obvious ongoing safety and quality issues?
    Where are the tens of millions of NEW infrastructure jobs that we so desperately need?

    America’s DEADLY 1860’s Railroad Infrastructure

    Multiple Trains Running on the Same Track In Opposite Directions
    Trains, Trucks, Cars, Crossings and Bridges – Many Human Errors:
    Bored, Tired, Inept, Careless, Poorly-Monitored Drivers and Controllers

    September 12, 2008 Chatsworth CA - L. A. METROLINK:
    Full-speed head-on train-into-train wreck
    Driver was texting young railroad enthusiasts – He Missed The Red STOP Light

    Chatsworth CA Train Wreck Boston Green Line Crash

    Boston Green Line Crash May 8, 2009                
    Operator was texting,              
    just like the deadly Chatsworth crash               

    Washington D.C. MetrorailTrain Wreck



    Washington D.C. Metrorail June 22, 2009 - National Transportation Safety Board notes that railroad crashes are increasing (for predictable human-operator-error reasons) – Operator knowledge and quality assurance have mostly spiraled down the toilet.

    Truck Crash
    Mixing big trucks and cars on the same road is predictably FATAL

    Railway Stop

    1862, when America was BANKRUPT, Abraham Lincoln created the Transcontinental Railway System, which greatly boosted the growth of USA Industry. For a century and a half, American politicians have allowed Lincoln’s now-obsolete RR infrastructure to rapidly decline.


    2010 American Freight Trains STILL Averages
    ONLY About 23 Miles Per Hour.

    In 1954, the entire U.S. Federal Budget was only $54 Billion. Dwight Eisenhower insightfully proposed our $500 Billion Interstate Highway System. Myopic Mediocre-Minded Taxpayers thought “Ike” was insane, BUT where would America be today, without our vital Interstate Highways? What new infrastructures are we building today for OUR grandchildren?

    We Spend Far Too Little on our essential future infrastructure. Shortsighted corrupt “leaders” are trying to squeak by with an unsafe, uncompetitive, rapidly-deteriorating infrastructure, but they can find many billions of dollars for the pet pork projects.

    USA’s 1860’s SNAIL RAIL Infrastructure Can NOT Support High-Quality, Super-Safe, Modern, 300 mph,
    Zero-Emission, ELECTRIC Rail Service – With NO RR CROSSINGS AT ALL.

    Idiots say: “We cannot afford a high-quality, safe, modern electric transit system.”

    Todays train crossing

    The Absolute Scientific TRUTH is the exact opposite: America can NOT afford to continue its unsustainable, crumbling, extremely-inefficient infrastructure.


    In stark contrast to today’s unsafe, low-quality, highly-polluting, expensive petroleum transportation system, our Emerald Eco-City internal transportation will be the safest, most-reliable, integrated, optimized, lowest-cost megacity transit system in the world – 100% NO INCREMENTAL RAPID TRANSIT USAGE FEES – As easy-and-fast to use as pushing an elevator button.


    Robot Messengers will deliver commerce objects anywhere in a city of a million people in a matter of minutes, with
    no charges or tips. 100% Quality-and-Safety will be ensured by outstanding radical-reinvention Emerald Eco-City,
    Objective-ZERO, No-Compromise Design, Integration, Optimization, and Zero Defect Construction.

    Traditional Defective Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management

    B-25 BOMBER crashes Empire State Building

    Saturday July 28, 1945 at 9:49 a.m., a TEN-TON B-25 BOMBER smashed into the north side of the Empire State Building . It was a serious navigation error in totally-overcast foggy skies without radar.

    The majority of the B-25 hit the 79th floor, creating a hole in the building 18 feet wide and 20 feet high. The plane's high-octane fuel exploded, hurtling high-temperature flames through hallways and stairwells down to the 75th floor.

    The well-engineered Empire State Building withstood the horrific assault and still stands proudly to this very day – An outstanding credit to its structural engineers and construction management. It was a No Compromise achievement driven by Quality and Safety FIRST.


    World Trade Center Collapse In stark contrast, on September 11, 2001, two commercial jets (piloted by suicidal terrorists with small box knives) smashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers. They both withstood the initial impact, but marginally-engineered steel design failed when fires lasted only about 15 minutes.


    Specific post-mortem-investigation details were intentionally covered up by government officials. 99.7% of the WTC steel was rapidly recycled WITHOUT being fully tested.


    (Potentially valid) conspiracy theories abound. The public has been forever blocked by the Bush / Cheney Administration from knowing exactly what caused the structural failure, BUT one thing IS irrefutable: Two marginally-engineered tall NYC buildings DID COLLAPSE in exactly the same way, under circumstances that were very-similar to the B-25 Empire State Building crash.

    WTC 1 completely collapsed in 11 seconds. WTC 2 took only 9 seconds (as precisely documented in many video recordings). That is approximately the same time it would take for a ball to fall the same distance, if there was NOTHING UNDERNEATH TO SLOW DOWN ITS FALL. The WTC sudden collapse looked exactly like controlled demolition in unsupported free fall. The structural connection between the horizontal floors and the vertical supports was obviously EXTREMELY WEAK and undoubtedly under-engineered - unable to withstand predictable reality (like the B-25 crash).

    Unlike the well-engineered, super-safe, Empire State Building, the WTC’s pancaked one-floor on top of the next, with essentially no resistance and instantaneous structural failure.

    The construction industry, building code writers, and (often corrupt) building inspectors that still allow this type of weak-design under-engineering to continue to be built today should be imprisoned for committing predictable manslaughter, but instead, they are given “Architectural Excellence” awards from non-learning insane, non-caring Architecture organizations.

    Budget and Schedule are top priorities for CHEAP CONSTRUCTION. Quality and Safety have fallen much lower on today’s priority list, as PROVED beyond any shadow of a doubt on 9/11.

    We are now extremely-vulnerable to repeated suicidal terrorist attacks, and the growing possibility of war on American soil from those who hate us (for way we have robbed their resources at militarily-enforced low prices, and gluttonously damaged the entire Earth with our extreme inefficiency, and selfish total disregard for all nations and our own future generations).

    Not so in No Compromise Emerald Eco-City, where World’s-Best Safety, Quality and Efficiency will always be PARAMOUNT.
    It is NOT an action plan for austerity – It is Abundant Living in HARMONY with Nature.

    What Makes Skyscrapers Collapse?

    It is NOT just airplane collisions. Many commercial buildings have failed catastrophically worldwide during construction, and some of them AFTER being occupied.

    Why? Here is a partial explanation of only a few of the countless reasons:

    Modern engineers are given tight budgetary and schedule constraints, which are based on recently-completed low-budget CHEAP under-engineered projects that had minimized their safety margins. Engineers must now meet-or-beat the construction cost of other precedent-setting, very-bad buildings, in order to stay in business.

    Can you imagine any greedy modern financier saying: “Design the safest building possible – Money is no object.” ? ? ?  NO!

    They say “Make it even cheaper than the last building you designed. If your last building didn’t immediately fall down, then you can probably get by with even less.”

    That is exactly what happened in the progression from the super-safe Empire State Building, until the under-engineered, unsafe, deadly World Trade Centers. Suicidal terrorists triggered the 9/11 event, but the financiers and engineers built the bomb.

    When a person books an airplane flight do they say: “I want the safest possible flight” ? Or do they say: “I want the cheapest flight possible”, which has resulted in a radical reduction in flight safety and ticket prices, since 1978 Airline Deregulation .

    Airplanes have multiple redundant systems for hydraulics, radios, etc. If one fails in flight, most passengers will never know when pilots shift over to a backup system. BEFORE airline deregulation with fixed ticket costs, American Airlines had one in-flight system failure for every ten flights. AFTER airline deregulation, AA had to substantially cut back on Preventive Maintenance, in order to compete with deep-discount airlines like the very-successful Southwest Airlines. NOW, AA averages MORE THAN ONE IN-FLIGHT SYSTEM FAILRE PER FLIGHT. Deregulated competition has forced drastic cuts in quality, service, and SAFETY. Many U.S. airlines went bankrupt after fuel prices hit $4 per gallon in the summer of 2008. High fuel prices also contributed to reduced transportation industry safety margins.

    Commercial Jet Burned out

    To further reduce airplane maintenance costs WFAA reported that many commercial airline mechanics cannot speak or read English maintenance manuals. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors study computer databases of after-the-fact failure statistics and then fail to make needed field trips to see how bad airline preventive maintenance has really become. There are well-documented cases of non-English-speaking mechanics connecting cables incorrectly, resulting in avoidable tragic, deadly commercial airplane crashes. Low-cost, poorly-trained, unregulated (sometimes illegal) immigrant labor and rapidly-declining industry standards are killing American passengers.

    Any process, which requires that humans never make mistakes, is guaranteed to fail especially if the people who do it are poorly-trained, poorly-supervised nepotism illiterates.

    If cables CAN be connected a right way and a wrong way, they surely WILL eventually be connected the wrong way. Maintenance errors have made jumbo jet engines fall off during multiple airplane flights.

    If Quality Assurance misses one minor life-critical flaw, PEOPLE WILL DIE. Poorly-designed maintenance procedures and poor supervision of mechanics who can NOT read maintenance manuals GUARANTEES ONGOING AVOIDABLE DEADLY DISASTERS. Where is the public outrage?

    Zero Defect Computer Software

    One of the large arguments between Bill Gates and IBM was over SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE. IBM insisted on IMPROVED QUALITY (using Zero Defect 1970’s development methodology). Bill Gates arrogantly insisted: “People buy features, not quality.”

    I only wish he was wrong, BUT we live in a non-learning world of defect-tolerant people.

    If someone is wealthy, they do NOT deserve your respect until after you know the details of HOW they acquired it. If the myopic mediocre majority buys a bad product, that does NOT make it good.

    Microsoft maintains a 100% track record of producing some of the buggiest software in the industry. Executive STILL reject 1970’s Zero Defect development techniques. But tolerant consumers still buy their profiteering crap.

    There is an Information Technology Productivity Paradox that since the 1980’s computers SHOULD have made use very productive, but avoidable complexity, and the pervasive software defect problem precedent that Bill Gates set for his industry, have had a negative impact on us all.

    “Dealing with complexity is an inefficient and unnecessary waste of time, attention and mental energy. There is never any justification for things being complex when they could be simple.” Edward de Bono (Contrast Microsoft with Apple customer satisfaction.)

    I would certainly NOT want a buggy Microsoft digital heart pacemaker – It would surely give you the “Blue Skin of Death.” (chuckle). Anyone would have to be insane to use Microsoft for any life-critical computer applications.

    Would you like the latest version of Microsoft code involved in controlling nuclear missiles, or airplane flight controls?

    Serious Defects Are Guaranteed when Quality is anything less than Priority One.

    We knew how to build Zero Defect software in the 1970’s BEFORE Microsoft was created. Zero Defect thinking MUST be built in from the first day of project conception. It can NOT be added after-the-fact.

    The curious thing is that Zero Defect software costs LESS to create than the Bill Gates’ “Don’t give a damn about quality – Get it done quickly” approach.

    Thoughtful Zero Defect formal reviews catch design errors BEFORE they are implemented in code. Microsoft coders hack out impossible-to-debug junk very quickly.

    Zero Defect Software Methodology Testing goes much faster. Zero Defect Modules are assembled into near-zero-defect systems, and there are very few defects to correct late in the development process.

    No large piece of complicated Microsoft spaghetti code has EVER been fully debugged, all because their CEO actively REJECTING 1970’s Zero Defect Methodology, which pervades small-scale-thinking Microsoft thought processes to this very day.

    Teaching coders to develop Non-Zero Defect Systems should be a FELONY, since it causes IRREVERSIBLE PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE.

    The Microsoft approach to ignoring Beta Test problem reports and grudgingly-dealing with the most-frequent bad bugs AFTER Production Deployment, can NOT be used in any life-critical application – Such as one-time-use launch software for a multi-billion passenger-carrying spacecraft – A Microsoft “Blue Screen of Death” is simply unacceptable no matter what – You have no option to “reboot” launch control after liftoff.

    I was Chief Architect and Mentor for Zero Defect Life-Critical Software Methodology for Top Secret billion-dollar-plus development projects. I also produced the flawless critical central component of the world’s-most-successful IBM mainframe software package, which generated $60 billion of hardware and software revenues.

    Microsoft tried to hire me as the Director of their Distributed Common Object Model (DCOM) – I rejected their offer because of Bill Gates’ refusal to embrace 1970’s proven Zero Defect Methodology – A career decision that I am quite proud of to this day.

    Take a noble stand – Some things MUST be more important than mere money.

    MODERN TOLERANCE OF DEFECTIVE EVERYTHING IS AN UNSUSTAINABLE SUICIDAL TREND that must be reversed very soon. Small improvements are Too Little, Too Late.


    Is the powerful "Objective Zero" behind Emerald Eco-City becoming obvious yet?

    We sincerely wish all of our readers an Abundant New Life In Harmony With Nature

    Lifelong Learning In An Ever-Expanding Universe Of Endless Possibilities.

    We invite constructive suggestion and collaboration from others
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